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I am a sixteen year old gay DL. My parents were both guys, they adopted me when I was two months old. I was the best man at their wedding when I was nine. I told them I was gay, too, on that day, which made them very happy. I was very comfortable with the situation, and I was very open all the time. Everyone at school knew I was gay. I didn't get bullied at all, because someone would have to be mad to try anything on with me! I was incredibly fit and strong, yet managed to have a nice-looking body, not a got come on to about fifty times every day by girls! My dads took me out of diapers late. I was still in them full time in the second grade. They never stopped giving to me them at night until I was thirteen. Being fit obviously never stopped incontinence! I wore my night-diapers in the daytime sometimes, but no-one ever found out about it.

One day in school was to be a life-changing day in many ways. I got into registration with our form tutor, Ms. Gellar. She handed out notes to all the guys taking Home Ec. They each informed us not to use the toilet at all until the Home Ec lesson that day, unless absolutely necessary. We all exchanged weird looks, but complied. Home ec was right at the end of the day. By the time we got there, most of us were desperate to go. My bladder was almost bursting, and I needed to shit. The teacher, Ms Graham, came in and made us all sit down.

"Hands up all who were still wetting the bed later than... five years old." Most of the class put their hands in the air. "Seven years?" A few went down. "Ten years?" Surprisingly half the class was still volunteering information. She pointed at each of us asked the ages. One guy said he only stopped last year. "OK, then, how many of you have had or do have little baby brother or sisters." The rest of the class put their hand up. "So everyone has had recent experience with diapers?" most people nodded. "Right. Part of a home life is to change diapers, that's what we're going to do today. I'll teach you how to change diapers quickly, cleanly and easily. First of all, everyone fetch one of the dolls between two." Everyone was sitting at a double desk. I was sitting next to a guy I'd had a crush on for ages, George. He got up and went to one of the cupboards and fetched one of the dolls. Meanwhile, Ms Graham walked round with a packet of sized 1 pampers and handed out two per desk. I wished that they were for me... but they wouldn't quite fit! My dick was hardening... Then she said to each take a diaper and fix it on the doll. She walked around watching us. She said mine and George's were excellent. After practicing diapering the dolls, she surprised us all. "Right, put away the dolls, and throw away those pampers. Then everyone strip off." Everyone looked at her very surprised. "Anyone who does not do this course will flunk this class. Strip off for good grades!" She said, smiling. Timidly, everyone got naked. My dick went very hard, to the amusement of everyone else, who had accepted my sexuality. One or two other boys were hard too, including George, who looked cute naked. I thought I caught him looking at me, but it could have been wishful thinking. "Right," said Ms Graham, "I told all of you not to go to the toilet, so you should all be able to do this assignment well. One of you get onto your table." Then she started handing out to people from a bag of Depends! "Diaper each other. Then everyone wet yourself, and if possible, poop, too."

I was very surprised and exited! George was going to diaper me! "Do you want to go first?" he asked.

"Up to you," I replied. He got up onto the table and waited. I went up to the front to collect one of the diaper bags. Inside was lotion, talc, Vaseline, wipes and bags. First of all, I rubbed lotion and Vaseline generously onto George, then I talc'ed him up well. I lifted him easily, and slid the diaper underneath. I fixed it tightly. He sat up. "Finally!" he whispered. I looked at him, surprised. "Uh... I mean... Finally I can pee..." he said. I wasn't sure, but... Then it was my turn. He then rubbed lotion all over me, which was great. The closest thing I'd probably get with him! Then he Vaseline'd me, rubbing a lot on my hard cock. Then he talc'ed me. I had to lift myself up for him to slide the diaper under. He did so, then taped it up nice and tight. I smiled at him when he had finished and got up. "Well then..." I said, "Let's go!" He smiled back, and we both wet. Indication strips appeared on the front of both our diapers. We were both done in a few seconds. "Are you going to shit?" he asked me. "I will if you will." I replied with a smile. He nodded. We both let go, and crapped. When we were done, we sat back down in our shitty diapers. We talked with each other for a while. Suddenly, we made eye contact. It was more than normal... there was a... spark. Soon enough, we had both stood up and were kissing in each other's arms! The rest of the class soon caught on and started to cheer and wolf-whistle. When we stopped, we smiled at each other. I had found a boyfriend and another diaper lover.

We stayed in each other's arms with the whole class cheering. We just smiled at each other. I looked into his eyes and I could tell he had been waiting as long as I had for this. I also couldn't believe our first kiss was in diapers! We sheepishly let go of each other and stood in front of all the people in the class. Everyone else was in diapers, too, clapping, cheering and wolf whistling. When it died down a bit, Ms. Graham said "And next weeks class will be on building a successful marriage!" Everyone laughed. "Well, I hate to break it up, but we are still in a lesson! Has everyone wet the diapers?" All nodded. "Hands up if you haven't pooped them." No-one put their hands up. "Good! Now, follow these cards and change your partner into a new diaper. You can all keep those diapers on, wait for me to inspect you and change back into underwear later." She handed out the cards and fresh diapers. George lay down on the table. "So," I said to him, "I guess we're boyfriends now."

"I guess!" he replied.

We both smiled. I tore the straps on his diaper and opened it. Inside, he was erect. I took the wipes and cleaned his groin. Then I scooped the pit of the diaper and slid it out from underneath him. I rolled him over and wiped him clean with baby wipes. I washed him down with warm water, and then reapplied Vaseline, lotion and talc. I pulled on the fresh diaper and strapped him up. I put the old diaper in a bag with the wipes and sealed it up. I then lifted him up. He was very cute and small, I was cute and big, so lifting him was easy! I checked his diaper and then we swapped positions. He cleaned me up very well, and re- diapered me. "Right then," Ms Graham said, walking up to us. "Let's inspect the happy couple. Hmm, table's clean. Dirty diapers in the bags," she pulled at the sides of our diapers, "Diapers on securely. Well done, you both have an A for diapering! You may leave." We both got dressed again (but kept the diapers on). Then we kissed again. We left the classroom holding hands. It seemed that people who left earlier managed to spread the news quickly. Everyone around us hummed the wedding march!

Part 2

The news of me and George spread quickly. My Dads were very happy for me. But George had to stop his parents finding out, because they were very, very prejudiced. Inevitably, they found out only two days later. They said that we had to stop going out if he wanted to still live at home. He told his parents that we had stopped seeing each other. But then, a week later he was an hour late for our secret date at Pizza Hut. I was so worried about him, I went straight to his house, and knocked on the door. His dad opened the door, and upon seeing me, took a swing at me. I blocked him easily, and hit him right in the face. He went flying backwards. Furious, he threw two huge bags at me, then dragged George out of his room and threw him into my arms. The door slammed behind him. George had tears streaming down his face. "They kicked me out," he sobbed. I brought his face down to my chest, and he cried. I stroked his head, trying to comfort him. "Come on," I said. I picked him up and carried him to my car and dropped him in the passenger seat. I dropped his bags in the trunk and got in. He was still crying. I kissed his head and pulled on his seatbelt. Pulling on my own, I said, "I'll take you home, you can spend the night until we can sort this out." I paused for a second, then said, "I love you." He looked into my eyes, and stopped crying. Tears still streaming, he told me he loved me, too. I gave him a smile then started to drive back.

I opened the trunk and gave him the lighter bag. I took the heavy one and took his hand in the other. I walked him into my house, and sat him in the living room, where my Dads were. "What's the matter," asked James.

"His parents kicked him out."

"Oh no."

"It's OK, he'll spend the night here then we'll sort it out tomorrow."

"You haven't eaten?" asked Ross. I nodded. "I'll go order a pizza." He left.

"George," said James, "You can stay here as long as you want. If it comes to it, you can move in here, rent-free."

"Thank you," he sobbed.

I sat up close next to him and put my arm around him. "We're in love." I told James. He smiled, as I snuggled right up to George and comforted him.

That night, I went up to the attic and got some diapers. The medical company continued delivering them for a whole year after I stopped bedwetting, so we had twelve cases left, of which I had only used a few. I diapered George up, firstly to comfort him and secondly he was likely to wet after such a traumatic day. His Dad had spanked him for ten minutes with a paddle, and he was very sore, the cool baby lotion and diaper helped a lot. I had a double bed, so we slept together (no sex). I was diapered too. We went to sleep in each other's arms.

Part 3

At seven o'clock, my alarm clock went off. I woke up and whacked the snooze button. I turned around in my double bed, and found someone else in there. Yes, I remembered. My boyfriend George was chucked out of his house by his father yesterday for dating me, another guy. He had been punished and beaten by his father before I rescued him. He spent the night with me. He had wet and messed his pants during his beating, so I diapered him with some leftover Molicares I had from my bedwetting three years ago. I diapered myself too, this being a perfect opportunity. I could tell my Dads that I diapered myself to make George feel better. I shook him on the shoulder and he woke. He turned around and saw me, smiling. "Morning, babe," I whispered to him. "Morning. I love waking up next to you." I kissed him on the forehead and got out of bed. I walked to his side and lifted off the covers. I lifted him and unpinned his PJs. I took them off and carried him into my bathroom. I never got rid of my changing table after wearing diapers at least part time until I was thirteen. I took his diaper strips off and opened. He had wet badly, and even pooped a little. "You've wet, G. Do you think this is just a night time thing or are you going to wet during the day?" I smiled at him, trying to make his feel as comfortable as I could. He said to diaper him just in case. I cleaned him up, and re-diapered him. Then I lifted him to my feet, and kissed him. We held a liplock for almost a minute. I hadn't wet, so I kept the same diaper on. I found him some clothes from his bags and dressed him up. Then we went downstairs. It was a Saturday, so no school. My Dads, James and Ross, were downstairs cooking breakfast. "Hey loverboys," Ross said, looking at us. Then he noticed our bulges, "Are you in diapers?" "Uh, George's dad seams to have beaten his control out of him, so I've diapered him with the bedwetting things I had left. I put one on to make him feel better." The first bit was the truth, and the second a half-truth. It seemed to have come off. James had to go to work, and Ross offered to take us down to the hospital to see what was going on. The doctors said that there was just bruising in his bowels and bladder, and he would lose control for up to a month. That wasn't enough to merit putting in a catheter, so he recommended keeping him in diapers. They also got a social worker in, who organized George's release from his parents. She also asked if Ross and James wanted to adopt him, since he would be staying with us anyway. But that would make him my brother, and therefore we'd be committing incest. So the social worker fiddled the system a bit, and George became a kind of foster-kid/lodger of Ross and James, allowing us to sleep together without breaking the law. On the way back from the ER, we stopped off at a drug store and bought two big cases of Molicare. I was so lucky. I had a boyfriend who I lover, and diapers, and both in the same basket! Life is good!

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