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Adult Baby Story

Like many evenings, romance had ended prematurely. When Kate had unhooked her bra, Bob Johnson once again had gotten this sheepish look on his face. “I am sorry, darling,” he said, “I just came.” “GodDAMNit!”, she yelled in frustration. Then, she quickly regrouped. “That’s disappointing.” “I can’t help it, sweetheart. You know how sexy you are.” Kate nodded. “Yes I do. And I deserve to be rewarded for it…” She got up with a sigh. “…not punished. Well, enough is enough. Let’s end this problem once and for all. Follow me, please.” “Where are we going?” “To the store. We’ll get ourselves some diapers and that's what we're going to wear until we are behaving like a real man.” “Who, me?” “Do I look like a man to you?” “No… but I mean… are you going to make me wear diapers like a baby boy?” “Yup.” “But I don’t want to!” “You don’t want to,” Kate repeated. “I see. Well, sweetheart, if you don’t want to, you are free to go. But since it is me who makes the decisions around here, I can tell you that our marriage would be over. As per right now.” Bob did not respond. “Much better,” she replied. She took her husband’s hand into hers. “Come on, my pet. Let's get this over with. I don't want to waste the whole evening.” Bob followed his wife to the car and sat in the passenger seat with his head down. “I think Amanda will be working tonight,” Kate said. Amanda, a good friend of hers, was the owner of a drugstore not too far away. “I don’t like Amanda.” “I know you don’t.” Amanda was indeed at work. Kate waved to her as she guided Bob to the diaper section where she picked out a pack of extra large diapers, and returned to the check out line. Amanda settled in behind an unoccupied register and motioned for them to let her check them out. Amanda rang up the diapers. “As you can see,” Kate said. “I bought some items that will bring us joy.” “Oooo, goodie, diapies! Those are always fun. And speaking of joy,” Amanda said, “Remember my nephew Tom, the goodlooking one you asked about? He asked about you, too.” Bob's eyes grew large when he heard this, but when he started to say something, Kate interrupted. “Hush, you, when ladies talk! I didn't invite a comment from you. Show me that you can at least control your tongue.” Kate had only fantasized about being sexually active outside her marriage. She had not decided on this and was unprepared to discuss this with Bob. And at the same time, she felt a strange excitement. In an impulse, she made a decision. “Call him. I’ll be over after I put Bob to bed.” She turned to her husband. “And you, let’s move. Go go go!” She added with a smile: “There is work to be done.”

Not surprisingly, the drive home was tense. Bob had started to ask questions, about the diapers and the date with nephew Tom that had just been set up. But Kate had put a stop to that immediately. “Not now darling. Later,” she had said. When they arrived home, Kate told Bob to bring the bag with the diapers to the master bedroom and wait there. Meanwhile, she went to the kitchen, where she filled a baby bottle with liquid food. Then, she, too, went into the bedroom and placed the bottle on the vanity. She turned to Bob and spoke with am unusually firm tone of voice. “The bottom line, no pun intended, is, that things are going to be slightly different from now on. Please remove your clothes, Bob.” “You aren't really going to make me wear diapers are you? All you have to do is tell me how you want me to be better and I will.” “Well,” said Kate, with a merry smile, “let me tell you what I want. I want you to get those clothes off immediately.” And at last, Bob removed his socks, shirt and pants. “Now doesn't it feel better to get those messy underpants off?” But Bob didn't say a word. Kate reached inside the large plastic bag and pulled out a large changing pad. Placing it on the rug, she motioned for Bob to lie on it face up. She told him to lift his legs and slid a diaper beneath his rear. In a moment it was velcroed in place. “Now,” she said, as she cleaned him up using baby wipes, “We may as well get some fun out of it. I did not tell you this yet, but I am going to dress you as a girl.” She made Bob stand up, and slid the large size pink baby dress over his head, pulled it down, then buttoned it up the back. Finally came the baby bonnet, tied tightly beneath Bob's chin. Stepping back, she walked around her new baby girl. “Just perfect” she said, with a satisfied smile. “Just perfect.” She walked towards the chair next to the vanity, sat down and indicated that Bob should kneel in front of her. Then she took the baby bottle. “Now, my pet, it is time for your first feeding.” She brought the nipple to his face but Bob did not respond. “Oh, come on darling, don’t be stubborn,” she said. “Aren’t you hungry?” Bob got a pained expression on his face but with a slight hesitation, he took the nipple in his mouth and started to suck. “Now here we have a good little girl”, Kate said. “Just keep drinking, no sad faces, just keep drinking and there will be no problem.” Bob continued sucking until the bottle was completely drained. “Good girl. Bedtime is next.” “You aren't really going to go out with someone else are you?” “Well, Bob,” she said, “it is probably best that we talk, before I tuck you in. Let’s take a look at something.” She walked towards the large mirror and motioned Bob to follow her. “Oooops, small mistake, darling!”, she laughed, when Bob got up. “Not like that. On hands and knees, please. Just like my little baby.” When she stood in front of the mirror with Bob at her feet, she rotated her hips in a fluid dancing motion. They both looked at the reflection and Kate could tell that it was having quite an effect on little Bob. “Wouldn’t you say, darling,” she said, ”that my body is built for sex?” “Yes, but you are married to me,” Bob said in despair. “True. But look, darling,” she said, continuing her movements, as she took her breasts in her hands, “my body is like a Ferrari. Isn’t it?” Bob did not respond. “Answer me. Isn’t it?” “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. That’s why I come so quickly. You are irresistable.” Kate knelt down and took his face in her hands. “Bobby, we have never discussed this, but if we want to understand what is going on here, we must. The truth is, that men have always paid me a lot of attention, yes?” Bob nodded. “You have always felt the threat of the men that came on to me, have you not?” Nod. “And you have also felt that I felt attracted to some of these men, have you not?” Nod. “The truth is, Bobby Johnson, that I love you more than anybody and I always will. You know I have always been faithful to you. You know that don’t you?” “Yes.” “But the truth is also, that I feel this hunger inside of me. It’s like a Ferrari, you know. It is made to drive fast. It’s the same with me. Remember that time when your boss, that big muscle guy, Paul, invited me to dinner with him? I wanted him so bad that it almost hurt. My body longs for forceful men like Paul. That doesn’t mean I don’t love you, it means that I want to be loved the way a woman like me should be loved. Do you understand that?” Bob was desparate, but he was no fool. He had always felt his wife’s restless energy and his own inability to soothe her. He nodded sadly. “Now, my princess, get up, I need you tucked in safely. You will sleep in the guestroom tonight. I think that it may be good if I gave you a bit more privacy.” Bob climbed into the bed under the sheets that Kate was holding up for him, and she pulled them up to his chin. “You'll have to go during the night after all that formula,” she said, “but that's what diapers are for.” She left the room and went to what had just become her private bedroom. It gave her a wonderful sense of freedom. She stood in front of the big mirror and took off her blouse. Just for fun, she took off her brassiere as well, and put on her favorite white blouse. She pulled back her shoulders and filled her lungs with a deep breath and watched the delicate fabric tighten around her chest. Goodness, she thought, it is a great body. Suddenly, she thought how she could confront Tom like this. Part of her was shy about this. Perhaps a bit much for a first date, she thought. On the other hand, this was not a time to be modest. She smiled at her own reflection. She decided that she was ready. If one owns a Ferrari, one should show it off! Before she left, Kate looked in on Bob one more time. When she walked up to his bed, Bob noticed her appearance in the blouse. Tears of panic welled up in his eyes. Kate had no desire to make him sad like that, she meant her husband no harm. She got him three sleeping pills and made him swallow them with a sip of water. “Don’t you worry, my baby,” she said, “It’s just physical. Things will work out fine. And who knows. Maybe nothing will happen.” For a while she stroked his hair. When his breath became more relaxed and deep, she kissed him on the cheek. “Wish me luck,” she whispered, but she knew that he was already asleep. Being a married woman, she had always rejected the advances of men who had made themselves available to her, albeit grudgingly at times. But now all these things were about to change. In a little while, with Bob tucked away safely, she might make love to a real man. It made her nervous, but when she walked out of the house, she hummed in anticipation of whatever was to come. Which was, as it turned out, a great deal. During a pleasant evening at Amanda’s, Kate’s appearance made, as it usually did, quite an impression. But this time, she was open to flirtation and perhaps more. Tom, however, was a curteous young man. He knew that Kate was a married woman, and he patiently waited for her to make an advance. When they left Amanda’s apartment together, she told him she would not mind feeling his arms around her. Tom embraced her, and for a few minutes, they stood still, holding each other and feeling the touch of each other’s bodies. It made Kate shiver. Now what, she thought. But Tom, now feeling solid ground under his feet, took care of that. “Would you like to come with me?”, he asked. If I go, there will be no return to the old days, she thought. Probably a good thing. There is only one life to live. “I would like that,” she answered at last, still somewhat shy, but with growing confidence. “Yes I would, sir.” At Tom’s house, he gently lead Kate to his bed. They stepped into his bed and crawled under the sheets. Kate thought of Bob, who was waiting for her to come home. She felt uncomfortable and guilty. That’s natural, she said to herself. Move ahead, silly girl, it will pass. Which it did. When Tom’s hand stroked her abdomen underneath her t-shirt, those feelings started to fade and were replaced by other, much stronger feelings. She felt herself become receptive. She pressed her body against Tom’s and her hands moved across his back. Smooth, Kate thought, and strong. Soft skin. How different from Bob… No, she thought, don’t think of Bob, think of you, think of Tom and you. Her hands explored his body and she felt his hands on her hips, on her buttocks underneath her underwear; on her back. She shivered. Their t-shirts moved up their torso’s. All of a sudden, somehow they had vanished. Kate pressed her breasts against Tom’s chest. Their hands were now all over, exploring, experiencing the sensual touch of skin against skin. She pulled up her legs at both sids of his body. And suddenly, Tom’s erect penis entered Kate’s vagina. “Ohhh…,” she heard herself whisper, “Ohhhh…”. Its thickness, along with the newness of another man’s body and her own nervousness, triggered an incredible hunger inside of her – a hunger that started to grow. She placed her hands on Tom’s buttocks and purely by instinct guided his motions. She felt him moving in and out of her, in and out. I did not know it could be like this, she thought. So full… so… so deep... “I wanted this so very much!”, she whispered. “Me too,” Tom whispered back. “I have fantasized about you so much….” Kate laughed happily and kissed Tom, and he kissed her back. For a while, Kate just concentrated on Tom’s heavy penis inside of her. Then, she felt a deep feeling of warmth flow through her abdomen. Here it comes, she thought, my goodness, here it comes… my first orgasm with a man inside of me… “I’m coming, Tom… my sweet, beautiful boy…you are making me come…!” And at last, her muscles tightened and euforia engulfed her. She screamed. A moment later, Tom came as well. For a few moments they laid still, besides each other. Then, without any words spoken, they began to make love again until they fell asleep in each others arms. But thirty minutes later they woke up once more, finding that their bodies had started whatever had been unfinished. Tom entered Kate again and their bodies, now developing a familiarity with each other, began to move together. This is heaven, Kate thought, sheer heaven.

The following morning, when she woke up, Kate looked at Tom, who was still asleep. She felt her body respond immediately at the sight of his body and the memory of what it was capable of doing. She thought of waking him up. She wanted to stroke her nipple, which was already erect, across his lips and press it in his mouth, just as a tease. But she did not. She just looked at him and waited for him to wake up, and just enjoyed her own arousal build. When Tom opened his eyes, they looked into hers. “Goodmorning,” she whispered with a smile. She extended her hand and placed it on his cheek. “Goodmorning.” Tom approached her and kissed her. They placed their hands on each other’s chest and began to cuddle, awkward and shy. “Kate?” “Hmm?” “I want to make love again,” Tom said, and blushed. So did Kate. She felt a rush of warmth in her abdomen. “I want that, too.” They drew closer and their bodies reconnected. Tom entered Kate once more. “Oh my,” she said. “Oh, my, my, my.” Their bodies moved. “Incredible… it’s incredible…!”, she whispered. “I still can’t believe that this is possible…” They moved slowly. Once again, Kate thought of Bob being locked into his room. Bob… my new baby… And I am here, she thought, in bed with a man… a true man… where I want to be. Where I must be. She held Tom’s buttocks as he continued to move. “Kate?” “Hmm?” “I hope that we will be doing this often and frequently.” “O, yes… o yes!” She pulled him deeper inside of her. “You will be mine for a long time.” A few moments later, she came again with a scream. “A long, long time,” she repeated. She did not feel guilty at all any more.

When she drove home, some guilt reappeared, but also a new sense of identity, a sense of direction, a sense of being grounded. This needs to be done, she thought. We all go through changes, she thought, and this is who I am. A woman. A Lover. A Ferrari that needs to be driven hard. When she arrived home, she unlocked the door to Bob’s bedroom. The sight of him, sly and confused, indeed stiill wearing his diaper just like she had instructed, caused a new hunger in her. I just made love to another man, she thought, and really enjoyed it. Now I will tell my husband about it. And the strange thing is, that I am actually looking forward to it. But when she told of what had transpired, she did so only in general terms. There was no cause for alarm, she explained, because she still loved him and would never leave him. “Now, my love, that diaper must need to be changed.” “No” said Bob, still struggling with the news he had just heard, “it's still dry. I want to use the bathroom.” But Kate felt a desire to be firm, along the new lines that had been established. “No, hon, the only place I will let you go is in your diaper.” She swiftly got up and walked over to Bob, who could not help but stare at her, still braless in her white blouse. She realized how difficult it was for him to see her like that, knowing that she had given not only her breasts, but her entire body to another man all night long. Even though she felt thoroughly satisfied, the memory of Tom’s penis inside of her, triggering orgasm after orgasm, caused her hunger to grow again. She smiled and pushed the thought to the back of her mind. She gently stroked Bob’s cheek. “Come on, hon,” she said, as she knelt down on the rug next to him. “Just relax and let yourself go, and everything will be allright.” But when her soft words failed to yield results, she walked to the bathroom to turn on the water. When she returned, Bob’s need was overpowering and he started to go in the diaper. Kate knew immediately what was happening. She smiled. The trick always worked. “See now, that wasn't so bad, was it?” asked Kate when Bob had finished. “Now we can get down to business, no pun intended.” Kate retrieved her changing items from the corner of the room, told Bob to lie on his back on the changing pad and undid the diaper. Kate got out a baby wipe to clean her husband up. She felt his eyes on her body. “You are so beautiful,” he said. Kate smiled. Tom had used the exact same words the night before. But while Tom had spoken them happily in the midst of passion, Bob’s tone was one of confusion and pain. “Thank you darling,” she said, and involuntarily pulled her shoulders back. “That is sweet of you.” She put a clean diaper in place. “Why don’t you get dressed. I am going to take a well-deserved shower and then I will fix you breakfast.” When she came out of the shower, she prepared a bottle of formula. “Darling, breakfast time.” However, Bob avoided her and looked away. He tried to take the bottle from Kate. But Kate had been prepared for this. Amanda had warned her he would resist, and had suggested that kate gave Bob exactly that what he was most sensitive to. She had thought of a somewhat aggressive approach. When Bob tried to take the bottle, she smiled and said: “Not like that, darling.” She took Bob to the couch and gestured for him to place his face against her chest. And with his face close to her chest, she opened her blouse and brassiere. But when the magnificent breasts presented themselves, Bob stared, like he always did. For as beautiful as Kate was, it were her breasts that had always mesmerized Bob. See how you like this, she thought. She placed a drop of formula on her left nipple. She placed her arm under his head. “Drink, my love,” she said gently. Bob responded precisely as she had expected. He eagerly opened his mouth and tried to take the nipple into his mouth. Kate felt his desire for her and knew that nothing had been lost. How could I be so naieve, she thought, as to think that I could lose him. The child belongs to me. I own him. She smiled. Quickly, she pulled away to prevent his hungry lips from touching the nipple. “Just lick it off - for now.” Trembling, Bob licked the white drop off the dark nipple. She placed another drop on the nipple, which Bob again licked off. For ten minutes, Kate continued Bob feeding this way, pouring formula on her breasts for Bob to lick. But eventually, she allowed his lips to lock onto the breasts to suck. Immediately, Bob climaxed in his diaper. “O, darling, did you have another accident? We must change your diaper once more.” Which she did. In the process, Kate noticed something that she found very intriguing. Even after his orgasm, Bob had an erection when she put the diaper on. And not had she finished diapering him, or he had yet another orgasm. “Maybe we should just let that sit there for a while,” she said. Bob’s face turned red. But he did not protest. She stroked his face and said: “Maybe you were a little bit more of a baby girl than we knew!”

Later that afternoon, she called Tom to ask what he was up to. Thinking of you, he said. O good, she said.

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