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Part 1

It began the way it usually did, on a Friday.

"Please don't make me go in there!"

"Why not? It won't take more than a few minutes and think of the benefits" "What if someone recognizes us?

"Look, we've been though all this before. We picked this store because it's out of the way. Besides, doesn`t the possibility of being recognized turn you on?"

"I just feel so embarassed about all this."

"Yea, but remember the stuff they have! This is the only store in town that carries real diapers and plastic pants. And remember how nice the saleswoman sounded on the phone this morning?"

I had a point! Of course I always had a point when I carried on this conversation with myself. No matter how many times I came to a medical supply store to buy my "special supplies" it still took close to half an hour before I could convince myself to go in and look around. The combination of fear, embarassment, and sexual thrill always made me feel very giddy and on the edge of passing out. I could not deny the massive sexual rush I felt when thinking of a woman helping me pick out diaper supplies. Sometimes however, the fear of being recognized and the embarassment of telling a woman I wore diapers, even though I made it appear I had a legitimate medical excuse, over came my sexual rush and forced me to drive away without going in. Today however was going to be different, or so I thought. After all, the saleswoman sounded great on the phone! Never before had one taken the time to talk about all the types of diapers and incontinent products. She sounded so sweet and concerned when I described my "medical problem" and she was the one that suggested that real diapers might be the only practical solution to my bedwetting problem. Most of the other saleswoman that I had spoken to had treated me like I was sick or just plain laughed.

This one however suggested I come right over and look at the diapers and rubber pants they had to offer. She actually used the words "diapers and rubber pants". She was sure they had what I needed. To top it off, she had tantilizingly mentioned that even if they didn't have it, she knew about some special places where she could get the things I needed to control my problem. So here I has, in the parking lot of MCM MEDICAL SUPPLIES, trying to get up the courage needed to fullfill my innermost sexual desires. Yes, today would be different I told myself as I timidly openned the car door. It would be different allright, but little did I realize then what a massive and ireversilbe change in my life it would make.

Upon entering the door, I immediately noticed three things. First, and much to my relief, there were no other customers in the store. Secondly, off to my right behind a counter were three, very pretty, young women none of whom to my destress, seemed very busy. Lastly, was the very large display of incontinent products ie. "diapers and rubber pants". Most stores have a very small display with a limited assortment of adult diaper supplies. Even worse they put it off the back of the store as if it was an unmentionable personal problem. This store was incredible! I found myself just standing there and staring at what had to be the most comprehensive, varied and desirable display of adult diapers I had ever seen. I was so amazed I couldn't even focus on the boxes. I just keep scanning the display barely recognizing products that I had only heard vaguely mentioned in the infantilist magazines and newsletters I routinely received. I was totally dumbfounded. There were even boxes and products I had never seen or heard of before! Finaly, after what must have been two or three minutes, I caught myself and with suddenly very week legs moved the last 20 feet to the display. I could not believe it, I had no idea where to start! All I could do was run my eyes accoss the familiar and delightly unfamiliar supplies. It was like being 8 years old and being placed in front of the biggest assortment of your most favorite types of toys. All thought of maintaining the composed, concerned image of an adult with a temporary "medical problem" which necessitating the purchase of some incontinent supplies, vanished from my mind. I was totatly overwhelmed. I openned every box I could, gazing wistfully upon the desired contents.

Thinking about it now, I realize that in that lustful search I probably had no concern for guarding the look of emense pleasure that must have been on my face. I am sure it was easily visible to the women at the counter. In fact, I am also sure that it dictated what occured next.

It all happened so suddenly and took me so completely by suprise that even now I have trouble remembering what exactly happened. I had just openned a box which contained a pair of real rubber pants. Just the kind I have always dreamed of having. You have to understand that rubber pants are the biggest part of my infantilism fantasy. Even after searching for about 10 years I had never been able to find a single pair of adult rubber pants. Now, not only did I find a pair of rubber panties, but if I read the label over that section of the incontient display correctly, I had found a whole section of rubber pants and accessories. I was dumb struck! My mind refused to function properly, which is probably why I missed her approach.

"Can I help you?" she asked for the third time. Finally it sunk in!

"Wh..what, ... I'm sorry I didn't hear you" I managed to respond.

"I just wanted to know if I could help you, you seem quite confused about our products." she said. All of my mental preparations, all of the plausible stories about accidents, medication, all of the usual things I say to salespeople to convince them I am just an unfortunate who, due to medical problems, must wear incontinent garments, faded from my mind. She was very pretty and I was very overwhelmed. I could tell she sensed this and her responce confirmed it.

"I just wondered if I could answer any questions about our products or perhaps help you find something in particular for any special problem.". Still, I couldn't get my mind to formulate an answer. She smiled a wonderful, comforting smile and said, "You men are all alike, you have a little embarassing problem and you can't deal with it". When she saw that this did little to comfort me she said, "My name is Barb". "If it helps, I 've helped dozens of men deal with incontinence problems, it's no big thing, honest".

Finally, I managed to respond. "Thanks, I guess I am embarassed and was trying to get this over with quickly, I didn't hear you coming. I had hoped to get something to help and get out before I felt too funny".

"Well," she said with a smile "if we let you get out of here too fast we might not be sure we have helped with your problem, would we?" "The last thing we want is for you to leave and not have obtained the necessary things to control your problem. I can assure you we have a quite a bit of experience dealing with wetting problems".

It was just a subtle thing, and I didn't figure it out till later but "my incontinence problem" from then on in became my "wetting problem". Little by little as the "shopping" went on the terms would become gentler, more direct and more infantile.

However, I had all I could do to maintain some semblence of composure. I needed more time to pull myself together so I decided to try a different approach. "Ah... Barb, you are very nice to offer, when I called this morning I spoke to a Diane. I discussed my problem with her and I think she may already have something." I hoped that Diane might be gone for the rest of the day and I could have alittle more time alone to find something and leave. What happened though was not what I expected. Barb looked crestfallen at first but very quickly regained her composure and said she would try to find Diane. I will never forget the pained look on her face as she walked away. It was then I realized that all of the women at the counter had been watching our conversation. What I had hoped would be a breathing spell to allow me get my act together just became more of an upsetting situation.

Barb walked up to the other women was soon involved in a very intense and very quiet discussion. Finally all the women looked up and smiled at me. A very attractive and well built woman broke away from the group and approached me. All I could do was stare at her as she approached me. That's probably why I missed seeing Barb move to the door and put the closed sign in the window. It didn't matter, with each approaching step of the other saleswoman my mind turned more and more to the consistancy of oatmeal. I was rapidly losing it all! Finally, when she got to me she held out her hand and said, "Hi, I'm Diane, we spoke this morning, and you are?"

What followed was my first fatal mistake! Before I could even think about it I said, "I'm Robert Morgan". "No you fool don't give her your real name, what are you crazy??" Unforturnately, that thought came three seconds after it had been done.

"I'm glad you remembered me" she said. "You're kind of cute!" That was it, the oatmeal became pudding and began leaking out my ears. All sembalence of control was gone, I was lost. Still the battle was not over.

"Ah,... thank you, so are you... I mean, ah you are very... ah, well I think you know what I mean".

"I hope so!" she said with a coy smile. "Well, you really didn't mention much about your specific wetting needs on the phone". Again that word. "What are you wearing now?" she asked as she patted my bottom. I hold it to my credit that I didn't pass out that instant. Instead, I even managed to hear her next statement. "I can hardly tell you're wearing anything!" "It can't be very absorbant if its that small" she said. The thing was, I wasn't wearing anything. I had a strong fear of wearing any of my "things" out in public and rarely did. Again she patted my bottom as she said "What is it?"

"Well, I'm not wearing anything now" I said. The strange look on her face caused me to add "I don't need anything right now." She smiled again and said "Oh you're a bedwetter then, thats good". "Oh, I don't mean it's good like that" she blushed and giggled. "I mean bedwetting is easier to deal with than wetting your pants during the day. We have some great diapers and rubber panties for bedwetters".

Again, had I been more than comatose I might have been able to detect the trend that both she and Barb had subtly begun to use. All I could manage however was "Ah... yes I wet my bed, pretty bad and ah.... all I need is some disposible diapers and I can leave... I mean I don't want to waste your time or anything!" She smiled that warm wonderful smile again and gently laughed.

"Believe me, you're no trouble at all! And like I said, you're cute." Diane told me later that that was when she made her decision. The one that would end up changing my life.

"Tell you what, you look at the display for a minute while I get some literature and samples." she said.

"Samples?" the thought of getting samples of any of these diaper supplies cut through any resistance I still could have mustered. "Yes, that's fine, I'll...look for what I need and bring it up to the counter."

"Oh, no" she said as her facial experssion became more firm, "You look now, I'll be back and then we'll go through everything together and get you the right kinds of diapers and rubber panties to control your bedwetting problem." She added, even more firmly, "Do you understand?"

Due to the condition I was in, and the look on her face, I said "Yes ma'am" before I could even think.

She smiled that wonderful smile again and said "Good, I'll be right back, I suggest you start looking in the heavy diaper section, there are some very good night time diapers there". Then she walked quickly to the register and began talking to the other women.

"Barb, keep a close eye on him. If he makes a move toward the door tackle him! Jean, take a look in the parking lot and see if you can figure out which car is his, I have to call Doc" Diane said to the group at the counter.

"Is he a 'good boy'?" Barb said trying to look disinterested.

"No doubt about that, he's a 'very good boy'" and so as to leave no doubt as to her claim, Diane added "and he is all mine girls, finally I found mine!! And did you see the erection he's trying to hide, it's huge". Then Diane added with more urgency "Now quick, before he loses all his nerve and leaves, lets get him traced, Please!" "Dee Dee, check the phone book for a Robert Morgan, he said that was his name and I believe it." With that done Diane reached for the phone and called Doc.

"Dr. Jamie Sheridan here".

"Doc, this is Diane down at the store, I think I finaly found my 'good boy'! I'm so excited, let me give you this fast I think he is losing his nerve and may leave before we trace him. He said his name was Robert Morgan and , ah hold on a sec." Jean handed her the licence number of the only unaccounted car in lot. "Chances are his licence is FBG- 415"

"Diane, I'm so happy for you. How long can you keep him there?" Dr. Sheridan asked.

"I'm not sure, I can't read him too well, he's very scared though, I'm afraid he might make a run for it"

"Well, do your best, I just sent Bambie and Thumper out to the store to follow him, and our people here are checking the information you gave me"

"Make sure you let Bambie know who to follow" "I suggest you get back to him and keep the indoctrination going, just like we taught you"

"Don't worry Doc, if I have to follow him myself I'll get him. I know he's the one Doc, the one I've been waiting for."

"I'm so happy for you Diane, see if you can get any inconamine into him now if you can". "Also, see if you can 'demonstrate' any diaper supplies in the exam room, try to get it all on tape"

"Don't worry Doc, I remember all the procedures, and I don't want to lose him".

"You allways were my best student, Diane, now go get him, he's yours!".

All of this was happen while I was still trying to take in all the things on the display. At the same time I was trying to figure out whether or not I should just get out. My fear and disorientation were going wild but my lust for the diaper supplies was turning out to be stronger. I think what really cemented my fate however was the next couple of things I found on the display. One was a very heavy cotten flannel diaper, something I had never seen at any of the other medical supply houses. It was not unique simply because of that. Rather it was the way it was supposed to be attached to the wearer. It had thick nylon strings on the sides which as best as I could tell met in the back where they were tied or something. It looked as if it was meant to be put on and not taken off easily. Since the ties were in back it could not be put on by the person wearing it. That meant that "Good Lord, the thing was meant to be tied on to someone who did not want to wear it by someone who wanted them to" I thought. "Oh my gosh Morgan, I've got to have one of these, but we only brought $15. I figured one package of disposible diapers and out! An look we haven't even looked at the rubber pants yet. Why not use our credit card. What, are you crazy, they'll find out who we are? Not quite fool! If you'll remember we already told them our name! I couldn't help myself, did you see her she's gorgous, and that body! Yeh, which might just get us hung!" I always have conversations with myself like this, I have a terrible fear of people finding out I am a infantilist. At the same time I have a terrible desire to tell some very special woman, one whom I hope will understand me and take care of me. This situation felt so good, but my fear of discovery and humiliation were getting stronger. It's during these conversations that any sexual thoughts I have, along with any erection, disappear. It was at that point that I realized I had been 'leaking' the fluid I usually do when I get excited. It was starting to come through my pants.

"That's just great you jerk!. Now everyone will know we're a pervert. That does it we have to get out of here before something happens". Once again, it shows I lead a naive life. It had already happened. At this very moment, my complete life history was being researched simply because I had given them my real name. And at that same moment a polaroid picture of me was being shown to Bambi and Thumper who were waited outside in a car. They were having fun giggling about the noticable wet spot on the front of my pants. Well, more about them later. But right now, although I didn't know it, my biggest challenge, in the form of a very, very determined Diane, was returning from the counter. I never saw her coming, since I was still dividing my time between trying to convince myself to run and taking in all the sights on the counter.

"Hi, I'm back." "Did you get a chance to look some things?" "We've just about every thing here, and what we don't have we can order or make." "I'll have to show you the catalogs after we look at everything here."

I have to admit that I was in a bad way when she came up, and as an excuse was very nervous. That's why she startled me so much I did something I never usually did unwillingly and that was wet my pants. Not much, but it was noticable. I felt gratefull that Diane seemed not to notice. Later, I found out that not only did she see it, I mean every woman in the place saw it, but that it would be one of the high points of her life.

"Well, I know you're a bed wetter and from what you say you wet quite a bit. So lets skip the pads and disposible diapers and go right to the cloth diapers and rubber and plastic panties. We have quite a selection". It was then that she pointed to the tie on diaper I had been holding in my hands. "Oh, I see you found some of the diapers already!" giving me a conspiritorialy wink and grin. I hope you won't need something like that!"

"Something like this?" I mumbled, "I don't understand."

"Oh, well, let me explain. That diaper is made to be tied on so that the person wearing it can't get it off. They have to wear it until their wife, or whom ever, takes it off. It's made for someone who doesn't really want to wear diapers but should! For example, Barb's last boyfriend wet the bed. Well, Barb told him that she wouldn't sleep with him unless he wore diapers. He didn't like it but aggreed. So she'd put him in diapers at night when they went to bed. But he'd only wear them until she went to sleep. Then he'd take them off. Just like you'd expect, he'd wet their bed after he fell asleep. Well, she didn't mind at all taking care of diapering him but she wanted it to keep the bed dry! So she started making these diapers for him. Once she tied them on him, and put a good pair of rubber pants on him, the bed stayed dry for the night. They worked so well, the store commissioned her to make some for us. You'd be suprized about the big demand for them from the wifes and girlfriends of bedwetters".

My mind reeled, I thought I would faint! It rarely occured to me that there were may other men out there that wore diapers, let alone that some of them had woman who understood and took care of them. It had been a life long desire of mine to find someone to do that for me, even though I was not a "real" bedwetter but rather one by choice. It was becoming too much, I was reaching overload. All I could say was "Are there many bedwetters out there?"

She laughed softly, "Of course, how do you think we stay in business". "You men, you're so silly, you each think that you're the only ones to have this little problem. Why three of my last boyfriends were bedwetters! One of them had to wear diapers all the time. And you seem to think we woman can't handle it! What a joke, I mean really, we diaper you from the time you are zero to about 3 years old. It's what we're supposed to do, dummy! It's so natural, I think we miss it when you finally grow up. Of course some never do, and that's nice too". She smiled that encompassing smile again when she said that last statement. "You men think you're so macho, like having to wear diapers will gross women out, like they won't want to make love with you or anything."

Well, there was no doubt now, I was going to faint. I could feel it coming. Total overload! My mind whirled. I had serious doubts I could continue standing up. The look on my face must have mirrored my distress. Diane began to look very concerned, "Are you alright? Let me get you something". Now she looked very concerned and I figured I must be worse off than I thought. "Stay right here I'll be right back", again the firm, but still concerned look. She didn't really have to say anything. My mind was screaming "RUN", but my legs wouldn't move. I had all I could do to keep from falling. Diane was back in a flash with a cold glass of water. I took it and drank it right down. Looking back on it now, I know that had I been anywhere in an anywhere more normal state of mind, I would have detected the slightly bitter taste in the water. Later, I would find out that there was more than just water in my water, but for the moment none of that occured to me.


"Here sit down and I'll get some things to show you"

"Thank you I think I will it must be the heat and the fact I haven't eaten yet today" Well, finally I was begining to think again. "Calm Morgan, keep calm. Since we can't get ourselves to go we might as well try to enjoy it, just please, try to remember all this later. This will be a fantasy I can think about for years".

Diane soon returned with several different types of diapers. I couldn't believe that she had 6 different types. "We have a very good selection, in addition some of us are constantly experimenting with different designs and styles. There are so many different requirements these days. This pink one is one I designed".

"Pink" I said? "Well, it was the only material I had at the time" besides she said smiling "it's cute isn't it? And look at how thick it is, this diaper can last though a whole night". She didn't have to tell me to look, pink diapers had always been a fantasy of mine and this one was unique. It was so thick in the area between the legs that it was obvious that anyone wearing it would have trouble walking. That was something I loved. I always padded my diapers so I'd have to walk like a baby when I wore them. It added to the effect.

"Here feel it, see how soft it is? There are 10 layers of flannel in it, along with some sponge foam. I designed it with my ex-boyfriend in mind. He really wet, it was so embarrassing for him, especially when I changed him."

"That's funny" I thought, "something like that should have wiped me out again, all I feel is more sexual excitement. Maybe I am getting better at this."

"Great" Diana thought after seeing my responce, "it's working, now that he'll keep calm the rest of the indoctrination will be easy! Finally I'll have my own little baby".

"What happened to him" I said, thinking at the same time that it was an especially bold thing for me to say.

"We had other differences, besides, he didn't like how I handled his bedwetting problem". "Bring him in gently", she thought to herself. "Let that be the last active statement til he says something positive"

"But here what do you think of this one?" she said holding up a compact contoured white diaper. "These can be made in your size and the legs can be elastized. They are very absorbant, ride high and tight to keep from leaking, and hold their shape well under rubber pants". "We also have terry cloth and birdseye diapers in straight, prefold and contour."

I remained silent through out the next 20 minutes as she discussed the virtues of cloth diapers over disposible, especially for heavy nighttime wetting. Finally I couldn't help myself anymore, I had to know, and besides I felt pretty good. I asked "Pardon me, I hate to bother you but you said your boyfriend didn't like the way you handled his problem."

"You mean his bedwetting problem?" she responded with a small quizical look.

"Yes, that, what did.. ah.. what did you mean by that. Didn't you like it" "Please" I prayed, "she's so beautiful, don't let her be turned off by it all!"

"Well, thats it" Diane thought to herself, "you've got him now. Looks like the medication is working fast, must be he hasn't had anything to eat and that means he'll get drunk fast! Perfect! Now, don't blow it, pull him in slowly, remember your lessons."

"Oh, no!" she laughed again, "in fact quite the opposite" "Now", she thought "let him ask, before you answer."

"Oh god, does she realy mean what I hopes she means, oh, oh she's not going to say. Quick, don't let her drop it ask about it causally. Don't seem anxious" "What.. ah, .. what do you mean by that, I mean the opposite?" I said trying to sound casual when I knew I wasn't.

"Well, no doubt now, I hope the other medication takes hold soon. That'll be a nice suprize for my new baby. OH lord I'm happy, well I can think about it later. Now it's time for the critical answer and to set the rest of things up. I want my new baby home by tonight! There's too much work and training to do to waste anymore time. He probably has a thousand bad habits I'll have to break. Then there's the problem of getting him "fixed". Oh well, lots of time for that later. Now, go get him.!!!"

About that time Barb walked over, "Diane, I have an answer on that request you made earlier. Its been checked and everything's fine. In fact, it seems that it's better than you thought! You might want to talk to Miss Maple for just a second."

What all that meant was that they had checked and found out I really was Robert Morgan, they had my address, and they had found my name and listings in several of the infantilist newsletters and organizations I belonged to. It also indicated that this was a very professional organization I was becoming involved with. Not that it mattered to me I was feeling great. Drowsy, warm, calm, almost sensual, and definately sexually aroused.

"I'll be right back," Diane said. Then she stood and moved over to a rather tall and well built woman that had entered the shop. It struck me that she looked very atheletic and strong. Big too, almost 6'2" if I could figure right.

Barb looked at me and smiled and said "Oh, I see you found the discipline diaper I made". I was still holding the tie-on diaper I had first picked up. "I hope you don`t have to be put in one of these, I hope you're a good boy about these things!"

Had I not been under the effects of the medication Diane had slipped me, I would probably have been shocked by that comment. It probably also would have occurred to me that I was in no ordinary Incontinent supply house. But as it was I felt too good to worry about it and to my suprize replied to her "No not me, I always put my diapers on when I have to!"

"You are a good boy! Let me show you the plastic pants that go on with those diapers. They also tie...."

As this conversation was going on with Barb, Diane was having an entirely different conversation with Bambie Maple. "We have a confirmation on his name and address. Fortunately, he is an infantilist. I want you and Thumper to go to his place and check out all of his supplies. Make sure you take pictures of everything and find out his preferences for diapers and pants. See if he has any active girlfriends we'll have to deal with and ..."

"Relax" Bambie said "remember Thumper and I have done this hundreds of times already, you've only done this once! We'll handle it all just perfectly. We'll even deal with any other females. You just go back over there and finish his indocrination. You're lucky, he's cute, everything a good mommy could want". It was impossible to miss the sadness with which the last statement was made. Like all the others, Bambie had waited a long time for a baby of her own. "Don't worry Bambie" Diane consuled, "I'm sure Doc will figure a way to break Mark. Mark was the man Bambie hoped she could "infantilize" but had had little success to date. "Well, anyway" Bambie said changing the subject "you get back to your cutie and just concentrate on bringing him over, don't worry about us, we`ll take care of the rest.

Diane realized she was right, Bambie and Thumper were very good at doing what they did. They had already helped several of her friends obtain babies.

"Hi, I'm back" Diane said. Barb was just in the process of showing me some incredible rubber pants. They were made of the smoothest rubber I had ever come accross. They had elastic rubber gathers at the waist and leg openings. Most of the other rubber pants I had, did not have leak seals at the waist and legs. "These panties (she kept using the word panties and I kept getting a bigger erection) are custom made for us. You won't find them anywhere else. We highly recommend them for bed wetters." she said. "Oh Hi Diane, I was just showing Rob the rubber panties".

"Thanks Barb," Diane said dryly, "I can finish up his order from here".

"Just trying to help, you know me" Barb smiled.

"Thats right, I do! Thanks for your help" Diane said while trying to motion Barb away.

"Ok, I'm sorry for the interruptions, now finally, lets get you some bedwetting things."

"Morgan, don't be a fool, don't ask her. But I really want to know, I'll ask her in such a way that she won't see the pattern. Are you kidding me, you ask her again about her taking care of her boyfriend and she'll know you're a pervert. Yea, but just think about it, what if she really does change guys diapers, or even if she doesn't if she can just accept it. Well, she does make diapers, that's a good sign! Yea, see it could work out ok, maybe she would make something for us. Dream on fool, but go ahead and ask, just don't act stupid" again, the conversations I have with myself can be long and drawn out.

"Ah, excuse me but before you left you mentioned something about not responding well to your boyfriends problem", I said trying to draw her out.

"My EX-boyfriend, and thats not at all what I said", Diane said somewhat sternly. "Great, he's trying to find out how I feel about diapers" she thought. "It's show time Diane, make it reasonable and believable, this could cement the introdoctrination and pull him in tight"

"What I said was, he couldn't handle the way I dealt with it", she said while thinking, "Ok, now wait for him to get in deeper".

"Ah, well, ah, how did you deal with it" I said noticing I was feeling hotter and hotter, a sure indication that I was blushing.

"Well, that's just it, I did deal with it, he couldn't!", Diane said noticing that I was indeed blushing. "You know" she thought, "I bet if I do this right I can make him come in his pants! He's got to be right on the edge. Thank heavens for the medication, I bet he never would have been able to deal with all this with out it. I wonder when the inconamine will take hold."

"I don't..ah, don't understand." was all I could get out.

"Better not pull it out too long, he looks like he's cracking again, wonder if I should give him another dose"

"He couldn't deal with the fact that he wet both the bed, and as it turned out me! He would try to ignore it or blame it on drinking. Finally I couldn't take it any longer and brought alot of things home from the store for him. We had a real bad fight the first night I tried to diaper him. The big baby couldn't face his problem. He kept trying to put me off. Finally I had to tell him that if he wouldn't wear diapers and rubber panties he couldn't sleep in my bed, and that meant no sex! I even tried to link our love life with diapers. I would make sure I either masturbated him or made love with him each time I changed him. But he still resisted wearing diapers and kept wetting my bed. I finally had to give him an ultimatum. Either he wear diapers while at my house or break off our relationship. I guess he wasn't enough of a man to deal with his problems. I certainly did every thing I could." Then Diane seemed to pause for a second and continued in a soft voice almost to herself "I loved to take care of him. It made me feel so wanted, so needed, and god, it was satisfying!". At that point she noticed me staring at her. She blushed and quickly changed the subject. "I'm sorry, I don't normally tell people my most intimate secrets. I don't even know you, at least not yet. Well, anyway just think about it, learn to deal with your problem, and needs." She said that last part with small smile. "You mentioned that you're also a heavy bedwetter is that right?"

"Ok Morgan, try to regain some of your dignity. Tell her its your back acting up again" I thought. "Ah .. well sort of you see it's just a temporary problem. Ah... I have a chronic back problem, and every time it acts up the doctor gives me painkillers and muscle relaxers. I don't have any problem with them during the day, but at night I ah.. don't seem to wake up when I should" I said trying to make it into a little joke.

"OH, I see, so you don't bedwet all the time, just when you are taking your medication" Diane said.

What she was thinking however, was quite different! "Yea, when donkeys fly, I bet you have a large collection of stuff at your place. They all use the same stupid story, medication, just temporary, yea, you've probaby had this "little problem" every night of your life! Men, they all think they can fake us out on this stuff. How stupid, if they'd only admit it and tell us they love to wear diapers right from the beginning. I bet they'd be amazed to find out how many woman want to put their men back in diapers. Well, you can bet I'll have you straighted out soon Mr. Morgan. But then, from the look of your pants you look straighted out already. I bet if I reached out and touched your penis now, you'd come right in your pants. Well, in the mean time lets just get you into some diapers and work on the rest later.

"Oh, I see, well that's more common than you think, we have maybe 20 to 30 men in here a week with similar problems. In fact I bet you'd be suprized to know just how many men have a bed wetting problem from a variety of reasons. You know about 40% of men have some kind of wetting problem." she said. "I wonder if he'll buy that?" she thought.

"That many!" I said, genuinely amazed. "You're kidding, I figured that there weren't many at all." "I can't believe it", I thought. I was stunned! Could it really be 40%?

"Oh, oh, keep him going before he figures out you're lying" "Yea, how do you think we stay in business?" "Today has been very unusual, usually the placed is packed on Friday with guys picking up disposible diapers for weekend trips." "During the week we sell alot of cloth diapers and rubber and plastic pants. Funny though, it's mostly their wifes and girlfriends that pick that stuff up. I guess the men are embarrassed to be seen in here and the women are tired of sleeping in a wet bed!" she said laughing. "Like I said, you men are all alike, alittle problem and you come all apart."

"Well, do really think that it's very fun to have people know that you have to wear diapers?" I responded.

She just laughed gently and said "Well think about it dummy, what do you think mens underwear are? Think about it, they`re made from soft, absorbent cotten, they're white, they have multiple layers in the normal diaper area, and they have elastic waist and leg openings. All they really are just modified training pants. So when you think about it, all you macho men have just been wearing training pants all along. It's just another example of how women really know whats best for you" she said coyly.

"I'd never thougth about it that way to tell you the truth." I said.

"You know she's right, now that I think about it" I thought.

"Of course not, you men don't like to think that way. You have to be so tough all the time, so competitive. You never really get a chance to let lose and have fun".

"Diane, I hate to bother you again" Barb said.

"Yea Barb, thats ok what is it?"

"Well, Miss Maple called. She said she went to that place you inquired about and they have great news. She found alot of the supplies you want. Also, it seems that they will deliver only to you, no one else, at all. She also said it looked as if they had been in business for a long time! She'll get you a copy of all the info. Hope that helps."

Diane smiled and said "That is great news! Tell her I figure that I'm about to seal the contract. Also, ask her if she can drop off about 3 to 6 of the major contracts at my place. I'll need them later I'm sure. And tell her thanks alot".

"You seem very happy" I said.

"You would be too. I think I'm about to close what will be the best sale of my life. I've been waiting for a long time for this one"

Since it was not very well discussed, I didn't get the meaning of her little discussion with Barb. Basically what it meant was that Bambi and Thumper had gotten into my apartment and found all my diaper supplies. They had also found all of my diaper magazines, newsletters and personal letters. The letters explained that I had always been an infantilist and prefered to wear diapers and rubber pants when I could. Most of that Diane had already figured out. The most important part of the message to her was the part that explained that I had no wife or girlfriend who could interfer with her plans for me.

"Well, I hope it works out well for you" I added sincerely.

"Don't worry, it will, I don't have any doubts about it now." she said with a big smile. "Now back to your supplies. Since you wet so heavily and at night we can forget the pads and pants liners. Also, unless you really need the convenience I recommend that you don`t use disposible diapers. They are great for heavy wetting during the day but none of them, not even Attends or Curity contoured have elastic in the waist. That means you would have the same problem that babies do when they wet laying down. It would leak out the top of the diaper. So we may want to get you some of them, of course that would be the Curity, but just for emergencies." she said. I didn't notice it but she said most of it to herself. "Do you have a rubber sheet for your bed?" she asked.

"Ah, no I don't.... but let me tell you, I don't have much money with me. I really only came in for some disposible diapers" I said nervously.

"Oh, oh, he's getting antsy again." she thought.

"Don't worry I'll set up an account for you and bill you. Also, we have a program inwhich we give men different types of diaper supplies and let them try them out for awhile free. All we ask is that at the end of about 2 to 3 weeks you fill out a questionaire about the samples and return it to the store. Right now we are testing out cloth diapers in the program. We have a new highly absorbant, leak proof diaper that we are trying to test and patent. Ah, here it is" she said moving over to the counter. All you need with a dozen of these is some good rubber pants and it just so happens we are testing a new design there too. Here we are." she said picking both diapers and rubber pants.

I couldn't believe it. The diaper had about 8 layers of cotten flannel with a foam rubber core soaker. It was heavy, I knew right then that I had to have some of those. Just from the look of them I knew that anyone wearing them would have a hard time walking right. I love it when the diaper I'm wearing is so thick that it presses my legs apart and I have to walk baby-like.

"The diaper is designed to be a 'once a night diaper' so that it doesn't have to be changed till morning" she said while putting half a dozen in my arms. "And feel how soft the rubber panties are!" as she attempted to hand them to me. Then noticing that I couldn't take them because my arms were full, she giggled and lightly brushed them accross my lips and cheek. "The leg and waist seals are also rubber. We guarantee they won't leak, particularly at the waist. Your wife should like that!" she said smiling. At the same time however, she was carefully watching my face for any tell tale reactions. She must have seen something she liked because a wonderful smile suddenly lit up her face.

Part 3

"I ah.. don't ah have a wife" I said nervously.

She smiled, "Well, then your girlfriend, you're too cute not to have a girlfriend and I can't believe she lets you wet her bed."

"Ah, no.... I don't have a girlfriend". "Was she kidding, did she have any idea how long I'd been longing for a woman to tell my interests to. One that might actually be able to understand my desires. I'd never told any woman about my interests, I never felt I could trust them. I mean even I wasn't sure how 'wrong' my wanting to wear diapers was. Almost everytime I had finished an orgasm by masturbating in diapers, a wave of disgust came over me. Often times I would get so disgusted with myself that I would throw all my 'stuff' out and it would be several weeks before my diaper desires would surface again. Then I would go buy some stuff and start all over. I had to. For some reason I associated diapers and rubber pants with sexual stimulation. My ultimate fantasy was to be able to share that sexual responce with the right woman, one who could understand, participate and in my wildest dreams, LIKE to do that with me.

"No, I don't have a girlfriend, even if I did I don't think she would understand, I mean men don't wet their beds." I said very sheepishly.

"There you go with that macho crap again, and I thought you were different. Well, if you don't have a wife or girlfriend, then who diapers you?" she said looking peeved.

"What do you mean, I diaper myself, women don't like to diaper men!" I said. I must have looked suprized because she got a puzzled look on her face.

"Ok Diane, handle this carefully, this could clinch the whole indoctrination. You've confirmed his relationship status. Now bring him into the idea gradualy, don't spook him now. When is that damned inconamine going to work, don't tell me he's immune to it. That'd be great! What'll I do then? Well, don't worry about that, attend to the matter at hand." she thought quickly working things around in her mind.

"Don't be silly, men can't change diapers. They're terrible at it. My ex-boyfriend tried that for a while. He got a terrible case of diaper rash and his diapers and rubber pants leaked all the time. Finally, close to the end of our relationship he fould that he had to let me do it for him" she said shyly smiling. Then, with obvious sadness she added "He just could never learn to like it though, even when I tried to make it 'special' for us."

"Special, what...what do mean special? I said, hoping beyond hope it was what I thought it was.

Diane looked at me and for the first time blushed. "What do you think I mean dummy, I made changing time special" she said with obvious embarassment. Then rapidly trying to change the subject "Well, thats over, now how about us letting you take a half-dozen of the heavy night diapers, and two pair of the new rubber pants. Use them for about 2 weeks and then lets get together again. You can tell me then how they work and suggest any changes that might make'em better. Ok, you've already got six diapers" she said noting the load in my arms, "and here are the pants." "Lets see, you're 36" in the waist aren't you?" "Look at these things" she said excitedly, "that rubber is so soft and a nice color too." "Oh, looks like your hands are full, here," she said once again rubbing the pants on my cheek and lips. "Don't they feel good" she squilled. "I found the distributor for these rubber pants myself and got them in stock!"

Well, even thought I had unknowingly been "tranq'ed to the gills" I started to feel faint. Emotional overload! Embarassment, desire, fear, lust, and humiliation were all taking their toll. To compound it a new emotion was beginning to make itself felt, one I had never really felt before. One that I would only later recognize as being the beginnings of love. This was a beautiful woman, a wise woman, an understanding woman, one that seemed quite capable of dealing with a PROBLEM. Yea, but then I reminded myself, "She's used to dealing with "real" problems. Mine was not real by any stretch of the imagination. I wore diapers and rubber pants because I wanted to, not because I had to. What do think she would say if she knew that. Please don't let me lose this, so what if you don't really wet, why does she have to know, fake it! Because, eventually she'll find out, and hate you for it. Maybe not, maybe she'll understand, by then I'll know how to break it to her. Be serious, women want real men, not wimpy diaper wearers. There's got to be someone out there who does, there's got to be!. Maybe so but not her, look at her, she is pretty enough to have anyone she wants and I'm willing to bet it's not an infantilist!. Alright, alright so it's not her, lets just get some stuff and get out of here then." I said again arguing with myself.

"Oh, oh, something happened, I'm losing him, I can feel it, and look at his face" Diane thought. "Do something fast before he leaves and is gone forever."

It must have been a combination of things, the emotion, the medication, the fear, but it was probably the depression that I felt after the last discussion I had with myself that finally set it off. They all undoubtibly contributed to what happened next that would make all speculation and doubt by both Diane and myself academic. At that moment I felt a gentle pressure in my abdomin, and them proceeded to fully finish wetting my pants.

I was too stunned to even move as my pants filled and wet ran down my legs. I couldn't believe it. I never had any warning, it just happened. Due to the diapers I had in my arms Diane couldn't see what had happened. However, the look on my face must have been all she needed to figure it out.

"Well, it's about time! Must be the inconamine doesn't work very well on him. Well, I'll just have to get him fixed sooner than I had planned!" She though to herself.

"What's the matter dear?" she said. Then seeing the mess I was leaving on the floor "Oh, no, you poor dear". "Here let me help you" she said taking the diapers and rubber pants from my arms. "Oh, you're all wet, you poor thing!". "Well, come on lets get you out of those wet pants!"

I was stunned. I hardly noticed when Barb came over and said "Oh, you poor thing. Diane why don't you take him into the fitting room and help him get changed. Joan and I will up clean this little mess".

Diane took me by the arm and sort of lead me and dragged me into the "fitting room". I could barely move let alone think, which is probably why I could do little about what would happen next. "Here" Diane said handing me a plastic bag "take your shoes and socks off and put them on the floor, then hold the bag open"

Numbly I began to do what I had been told, then I said "What are you doing, I can't do that, I'll just go and ....." I said agitatedly.

"Well, now you've got him Diane, keep him off guard, don't let him recover at all. If you do this right your new baby will be sleeping peacefully at your breast tonight, and he'll be wearing nice thick diapers!" she thought.

"Yea, you'll go outside with wet pants for everyone to see. Won't that be nice, to let everyone know that you wet your pants" watching my expression as that thought sunk in. "I'm a registered incontinent technician, and I do this all the time, so just shut up and stand still" she said as she began to take my pants down. Then she added quite sternly "Beside I wouldn't press your luck, after all I'm pretty mad at you right now!"

"Mad?" I thought anxiously. "Why is she mad at me? No, please no, don't be mad."

"Why are you mad at me?" I said in a worried voice.

"Well" she said as she finished removing my pants and putting them in the bag "you lied to me!". "You said you never wet during the day. You men, I'll never understand you! Don't you realize we can't help you unless you tell us your problems. I might have let you out of here without helping you deal with your daytime wetting. Just think if this had happened during a business meeting or something. Nice touch hey?"

Then she started to remove my shirt. I was dumbfounded, what if this had happened during a meeting. "Wait a minute, I've never wet during the day before, it must be the strain." Just as I thought that, some more urine squeezed out. "What is happening to me?" I asked myself almost frantically.

"There see, nice problem." Diane said pointing to my wet underwear." I have never been closer to actually passing out as I was when Diane then reached out and carefully pulled my underwear carefully over my erection.

Then her face softened and she smiled and said "Cute! Why didn't you tell me? This isn't so bad is it?"

From the feel of my face I must have turned five shades of red! At that moment Barb looked in the room and said "We've got it all cleaned up. Oh how cute. Diane, do you need our help with anything". She kept looking at my erection but nothing I could do could get me to cover myself up.

"That's ok Barb" Diane said giving her a 'get lost look'. "If you could just bring in that stuff I set down out there". "Oh yea, if you can, see if you can find some cover pants in 36, a tee shirt and slippers."

"Nothing else" Barb said as she continued to stare at me.

"No Barb, that's it" Diane said, a little coldly.

Diane then took a soft white cloth from a large set of drawers located next to the wall. She came back to me and stared to wipe my legs and crotch dry. "Ok" she then said as she put an underpad on what looked like a large changing table accross from the drawers, "hop up here and lay down". I was still too stunned to argue and layed down on the table.

"Here you go Diane" Barb said as she handed her the diapers and rubber pants I had been holding, "anything else".

"No, Barb, just the cover pants, I can handle it from here! Bye!"

"Well, ok" Barb said with a little pout and walked off.

"Barb" Diane said "tell you what, why don't you take the things in the bag and take care of them. After they're all set you can bring them over, understand?"

"Oh yea!" she said picking up the bag again "thanks, see you later, have fun!"

"Well now, lets get your pants changed young man." She finished drying off my diaper area. Then she turned, picked up one of the diapers and moved back to the table I was laying on. She carefully laid the diaper on my crotch. Then she went back to the drawers and removed several items. When she was back at the table she said "Ok, I'm going to put the diaper under you. You'll have to lift up. You're a bit to big to pick up" she said smiling. Then with practiced motions she slid the diaper underneath me as I arched up. "Just a sec, let me spead it out just right. There, you can let down now. Good." "You know its funny, you don't have any diaper rash. You must be changed often. I'll tell you one thing though, it would make it easier if you had the hair removed." "Ah, well, I haven't wet in a long time, its just a temporary problem" I said, tring to think of an excuse.

"Uh, huh," she said smiling "and it rained on the floor out there right! You men, why not just admit it, I mean its stupid. Besides isn't it kind of nice to be babied once in a while. Now spread your legs so I can get the diaper fitted right. That's good." "Now let's get you protected" she said as she picked up a bottle of baby oil.

No matter what I thought about, whether it be little kittens being killed or being kicked in the nuts or global nuclear war, nothing seemed to do anything to reduce my erection. I was harder than I ever thought I could be. Diane politely seemed not to notice it until she rubbed oil on the skin directly under it.

"Thanks for lifting up" she giggled. "Or am I just doing a good job?" she said with that wonderful smile.

"Oh, that feels good" I said weakly.

"Of course it does, see, there're a lot of benefits to telling me all about your problems. Isn't there anything else you want to tell me" she said as she began to rub oil on my penis.

"Now, tell her, tell her everything, oh that feels great, better than I could ever have hoped for" I thought to myself.

"Well, ah, I , ah I ah like this, very much you see I'm a...." I began to say.

But then my conscience acted up again "No you fool, she'll just use it against you!" Don't tell her anything!"

"Yes", she said while stroking my penis with oil "you're a what?".

"Ah, nothing, nothing, I was going to say I am grateful for your helping me" I stammered.

"Oh!" she said as she abruptly stopped. She was looking alittle hurt. "Alright, well lets get you dressed and then figure out whats going on". The she pulled the diaper rather tightly between my legs.

"I mean, I've never had a woman do this, I guess I'm embarrassed its just kind.."

She smiled lightly and brushed my penis through the diaper "I understand, its ok. You don't have to be embarrassed, it can be fun. Especially when you're cute. Now let's get the diaper pinned in position. She very carefully pulled the sides together one at a time and double pinned them. Then she adjusted the leg gathers for a good seal. Once the diaper was on she opened the box and removed the rubber pants. They were beautiful, smooth and amber with rubber seals at the legs and waist. She carefully dusted the whole pair, inside and out, with baby powder. "Rubber pants are the best for wetting, but you do have to be carefull with them. I make sure I always dust them." Then she moved back to the table and began dusting my legs. "This will do nicely. Now lift your feet and put them through the holes." I lifted my feet and she professionally slipped them on. Then she carefully pulled them up to my waist while I arched my back again.

"Oh, oh," she said while looking at the pants. "Now thats going to be a problem" she giggled. I still had such an erection that the diaper and pants tented away from my waist. "We won't have much of a waist seal like that. I know you men, you just want more attention, just like little baby boys. Ok, I guess there's just one thing to do!" She went back over to the dresser a got a few things. She came back to the table and put a small underpad on my stomach. Then she began pulling on a pair of rubber gloves.

"We want my hands to be smooth for this. Now arch up again." She pulled the top of the rubber pants down over the diaper so that they inverted over my legs. Then she carefully unpinned one side of my diaper and folded them away from my crotch."

"What are you going to do" I asked with both excitement and embarassment making my voice quaver.

"You just be a good boy and lay back. I'll take care of everything."

Then she began rubbing baby oil on the gloves. Once they were throughly saturated she again began stroking my penis.

"There now doesn't that feel good"

"Yes" I said again in that quavery voice.

"Yes, what?" Diane said and tighted her grip slightly.

"Yes ma'am"

"Thats better. Now just relax and I'll fix our problem."

I became more excited with each stroke. "Oh, that's great" I moaned.

"See, I told you I can make it special." " Now be a good boy for me an come in my hands."

That was all it took. Being so keyed up and excited, I came, almost violently. It messed up the underpad on my stomach. "You really let go when you come don't you" She said smiling.

Well, as it usually does, once my desire has been fullfilled my conscience usually cuts in. "What in the hell are you doing? " I thought to myself. "Are you crazy, get the hell out of here. I can't believe you just did that you pervert! How disgusting"

"Please, I have to go" I whined. "Please".

"Oh no darlin', I know all about that feeling" she said as she again tighted her grip on me "you just stay right where you are. It'll pass in just a sec and we'll get you fixed up tight again"

"No really, I have to go, honest!" I pleaded

There was an unmistakable increase in pressure, not so much as to be painful, but definately enough to settle me down.

"Just lay there, think about getting into a warm bed with cotten flannel sheets and snuggling down. It's ok, believe me its ok! Besides you don't want Barb to have to clean up the floor again do you?"

"No" I answered weakly.

"No what?" she said replied firmly but softly.

"No ma'am."

Then it struck me, and I began to panic.

"How am I going to get home, I can't wear my pants home, they're soaked. OH, great! Now what am I going to do." Then I noticed the bag that had my wet cloths in it was gone. "What happened to my clothes?"

"I sent them home with Barb, she's going to wash them and then bring them to my place"

"Thats just great! Now what! All my keys are in those pants, my wallet, how am I going to get home?" "I sure as hell can't walk home wearing these!" I said pointing to the diapers and rubber pants.

"Good, his fear has replaced the POID (Post-orgasmic infantilism depression) now just work it a bit and he's cinched." Diane thought, very pleased with herself.

While very gently stroking my penis she said, "I have that all figured out for you." Then she added smiling "I'm going to take you home with me. I thought I would fix you a nice dinner, a little wine and we could talk about your problem. I have alot of knowledge on the subject. I also wanted to take some measurements so that I can make you some custom fitting diapers." Then she brought her face close to mine and added conspiritorialy "There are a couple of other designs I have been working on and I need a model". "I figure you'll work fine". "Barb is going to bring your cloths over to my place anyway so they'll be there and you can get your things back". Then she added to herself "Course you won't be needing them anyway. Once I get you home you'll be staying there!"

"But, I don't know.. I .. ah". Fortunately the depression I had after my orgasm was short lived. Once again desire, and the possibility of my ultimate fantasy happening, over came my good sense. "Well, if my things will be there, I can always get them and go"

"Of course you can darling" Diane said, while thinking "Once you're home dear you won't want to go anywhere!"

"But I can't go home like this. I don't have any pants"

"Don't worry, we're trying to locate some cover pants for you. No one will notice"

"Sorry to interupt". It was a different woman. I tried to cover myself but had little luck. "Looks like things are going ok. Do the diapers fit him ok, I could get some others. Barb asked me to bring these in here" She said handing Diane a pair of funny green pants and some thong like slippers.

"Oh, thanks Jean. They fit fine. Take a look." she said as Jean came over to the table. Jean reached out and pulled the diaper a little tighter in the crotch ignoring my vivid blushing..

"Oh, yea, that's fine, they fit just great, do the rubber pants seal ok?" Jean asked.

"Ah, we were just checking the seal when I noticed a rather large 'waist leak'" Diane said smiling.

"Looks like you were just finishing taking care of it when I interrupted" Jean said with a big smile. "Ok, I'll leave you to finish up. Oh by the way Diane, those picture catalogs you wanted just came in. They are great, when we get a chance we'll send a copy to the Institute."

"Ok, make sure I get a copy! I may need it!" Diane said.

"From the way it looks, I seriously doubt it, but we'll put one in your car just in case! Have a great weekend!" Jean added as she was leaving.

As with several other of the conversations going on I had no idea that an under lying message had just been passed. In essence, Jean had just told Diane that the whole "changing" scene had been caught on vidio camera. Several copies had already been made. The "Institute" (more on this organization in later stories) would receive a copy to be used as a training film and Diane would receive a copy. Diane's copy was to be shown to me in the event I actually did prove to be "uncooperative" as a sort of blackmail. In the event Diane could not "coax me back into the cradle" the threat of showing the film to friends and business associates would be used to "put me back in the cradle", forcibly if necessary.

"Nothing but interruptions" Diane said smiling again "its a wonder I ever got these diapers on you in the first place! Well, lets finish up and get you dressed. No telling when you'll wet again and I don't want to clean the floor." She very quickly finished pulling the diaper up again and double pinned it. "Ok, lift up one more time and let me pull the rubber pants up, that's good. Ok, now let me get these cover pants on." The cover pants looked like green surgeons pants with two major differences. The whole length of the inner side of each leg was held together not my stiching but rather by snaps! The waist also was held together by snaps. It occured to me I had seen baby cloths that worked the same way. To get them on me Diane unsnapped the legs and then fastened the waist around me. Then she pulled the legs into place and fastened all their snaps. I lay there passively as she rather expertly finished that.

"Ok, hop down and we,ll check everything" Diane said.

I did what I was told and she pulled the front of the pants down. She checked the fit of the rubber pants and said "Well that looks fine, it should hold you for awhile anyway". Then she added laughing "Of course you wet so much I'll probably have to change you again when we get home, you men!" Then she noticed that the diapers and rubber pants were again beginning to tent out from my waist. She said with a delightfully wicked smile "You know, I almost think you like this". Then very quitely, so that I almost didn't hear it "Hope so, cause I do".

"I just don't understand. Do you think she actually enjoys it." " Well, she might like the sex, but once she finds out you really don't need to wear diapers.... Don't imagine she likes perverts." "Yeah, but she's so pretty, why does she do it for us? She could have anyone she wants". "I don't know, but if I were you I wouldn't let her find out!" "But you are me!" "Well then don't mess up". "What about going home with her". "Don't have much choice, do we. Basically get your stuff and go, fast". "Ok"

"Ok, just slip your arms into this tee shirt and we're about ready". Put the slippers on. Now lets look at you. Good, you look fine, you can barely notice the pants." she said patting me on the bottom again.

This time I enjoyed the patting until I saw my reflection in a mirror near the door to the examination room. Not only did you notice the pants, but it was impossible not to instantly recongnize what they were for! I felt ill again.

"Is everything in my car?" Diane asked Jean.

"Yes, everything is ready for you to have a nice weekend! You too Rob" Jean said. Then when I couldn't see she winked at Diane.

Then a strange thing happened. Diane flashed me a look that I hadn't seen since I was a child. It was the look my mother used to use to let me know I had forgotten my manners. The response it prompted was unthinking and instinctive "Thank you ma'am".

"You wait here while I bring the car up!" Diane said.


"Yes, what?" again the look.

"Yes ma'am."

"That's good, I'll be right back"

How could she do that? I had no idea, but there I stood, looking out at the parking lot. My car was there, I had a very strong impulse to rush to it and attempt to get in. I should run, I knew it. But there I kept standing there. What in earth was going to happen to me? Didn't matter, I doubt I could have run if I was being shot at.

"Wait here a minute dear" Jean interrupted my thoughts. "I'll just check quick." She opened the door and looked out. "It's ok no one but my husband John." At that moment another man walked into the store. I probably would have died except for one thing. Under his rather loose fitting jeans was the unmistakable outline of a thick diaper and a tight pair of waterproof pants. For about the hundredth time today I was stunned. It was the first time in my life I had ever seen another man in diapers!

"Johnny, I'd like you to meet Rob. Diane is trying to help him with his problem like I helped you" Jean said while patting John's bottom in greating.

"That's great, Diane is very helpfull. Are you ready to go now, if not I'll just wait in the back room."

"I'll be just a little while". Then another strange thing happened. She put her hand down John's pants and said "Well, looks like I had better change you first, you're all wet again."

John smiled sheepishly and said "I'm sorry". Problem was he didn't look very sorry.

"Well, there's Diane, just go out and get in the car Rob! I'm sure everything will work out great. See how well my husband is adjusted to his problem. Once you accept it and understand it, it can become very special for you, listen to Diane"

I had no idea what she was talking about. But at about that time Diane honked the horn and I went to her car. She opened the door from the inside and I noticed an underpad on the passenger seat. "Don't want you wetting on the seat. Lets go."

Diane chatted all the way to her house about things like the relative merits of disposible verses cloth diapers, the high number of men that had to wear diapers, and lastly, some nebulous comments about a place she kept calling the Institute. At last we got to her apartment complex. It was nice! Looked very expensive!

"How do I get to your place without being seen?" I said as we pulled into the underground garage.

"Don't worry about it you can't even notice the pants, besides nobody cares. Even if they do they know where I work and that I work with men that have wetting problems. They understand, believe me. Several of my best friends in the building have husbands that wear diapers all the time."

I didn't know it then but she wasn't kidding. If anything she was underestimating the number. You see, as it turns out this building was owned by the "Institute". All of the woman who lived there either had infantilist husbands like myself or were actively searching for one. It made it very convenient to have them all in one protected place. I'd find out latter that it always meant you had someone to babysit for you (again this subject will be covered in another story).

Diane parked the car and I nervously got out and looked around.

"Come on", she smiled and and flashed me a reassuring look "the elevator is over here". I followed.

"Come on now, don't be nervous, you look just fine". At that moment she did the same thing Jean had done, she put her hand down the front of my diaper. "Well, you're still dry". She sounded almost sad. As she was taking her hand back out she paused to grip my erection again and said "but I can still take care of that!" Her smile returned. I blushed bright red, something she seemed to enjoy. " I wish you'd get over being nervous, we're going to have some fun, you know how to do that don't you?"

All I could do was stammer "Ah.., yeesss, I gu...guess so."


"Yes ma'am", I said instintively trying to please.

At point the elevator door openned. Much to my chagrin it wasn't empty.

"Hi Judy"

"Hi Diane, who's the cutie?"

"Oh, Judy, this is Rob. I'm helping him with a problem similar to your husbands."

"Oh, he wets?" she said to Diane. "Well, you're not alone" she said to me, indicating a basket of wash she held in her arms. "I just finished washing over 3 dozen diapers and 10 pairs of plastic and rubber pants. My Davey wets all the time. Men! Well, better diapers than bed linens and furniture." Then back to Diane as if I wasn't there "Diane, he's so cute where did you find him? Did you get him through the Institute?"

Diane hurriedly interrupted her "Judy, Rob is just a friend I met today! I'm just trying to help him understand and deal with his problem. Like all men he's trying to convince himself he doesn't need diapers." Then directed to me she said "But every once in awhile they have an accident and it just proves them wrong. I hope I can help him deal with it better."

"OH, I understand, well I'm sure you can." Then Judy said to me "Diane is one of the best technicians. She knows what she's talking about so you listen to her, understand?"

"Yes.." then the look from Diane " ma'am".

"Cute and well mannered, you're lucky Diane".

Diane smiled "Thanks Judy, here's our floor. Maybe you and Davey can come down sometime".

"We'd love to" then Judy flashed Diane a conspiritorial glance, "just let me know when you can have visitors again".

Let me appologize for a sec. No I'm not stupid. Had I just listened to any of the conversations held around me on that day I am sure I could have figured out what was going on. Nothing said was couched in strong code. But to tell you the truth all I wanted to do was let my mind just go. Just to believe and accept. I mean, I had wanted something like this to happen all my life. A miracle! I thought if I questioned something, it would all fall apart and be gone. Even worse, I would be exposed as a pervert. So I just let everything go merrily on. Besides, some of the facts I held dear had been decimated that day. For example, lots of men wore diapers, not just me. I had even seen one! The lady in the elevator had a whole bushel of diapers that she said she put on her husband. A woman, a real woman, not a fantasy one like I imagined when I changed myself. Most importantly, a good woman, Diane, actually seemed to like changing diapers, not just tolerate, but like. It was too much to keep considering. Besides, I had a bad feeling that if I thought about it too much it would all just disappear.

We got out of the elevator and headed down the hall. Just as we were approaching one of the apartment doors, it opened up. A man and woman walked out. The woman was pretty and well built but it was the man that first drew my attention. He was dressed as I was in a nice tee shirt and the same type of snap open pants and thongs. He also appeared to have on a very thick diaper. So thick in fact that he appeared to have to walk bowlegged. I tried not to look at the bulge in his pants but one thing made me stare. There was no mistaking the small portion of rubber pants that projected slighlty from the top of his pants. What really startled me was the fact that they were pink. He noticed me staring and blushed bright red.

"Hello Trudy, where are you and Sam off to?" Diane greated her.

"The best news Diane, we worked out all the details and I'm finally taking Sam in to the Institute to get fix..."

Once again Diane interrupted quickly, "Trudy, I'd like you to meet Rob". We met today! Rob came into the store to get some help. I was fortunate enough to wait on him. It took me awhile but, I even finally talked him into coming home with me for dinner."

"Oh, I understand, Hello Rob. Sorry to hear you have a problem like Sam. But Diane is one of the best technicians around. She'll help you deal with it. It took Sam a long time to finally realize that it wouldn't go away and that it just had to be dealt with. Right now we are going to the doctor to get special help for Sam. When he gets back it'll be easier to take care of his needs. You should ask Diane about it, the procedure might help. Well you have a nice weekend, we'll see you later." With that statement she picked up a large bag which looked much like an oversized diaper bag. Then she took Sams hand and led him off down the hall. He turned and smiled faintly. When he did that I could see that not only where his rubber pants pink, but they appeared to have ruffles.

"What did Trudy mean by that" I asked Diane.

"Don't worry, we'll talk about it later. It all depends upon how much and how often you wet. But we'll work that out later. We're here now lets get inside and just get settled. There's lots of time to talk about things later." Then she did something that really suprized me, she stopped opening the door, then turned to me and very gently kissed me on the lips. "I hope you didn't mind that. I didn't mean to be forward but the first one is always the awkward one, now that it's out of the way we can do it more often." then she opened the door and said " I hope you like it here." The apartment was just like Diane. Beautiful, clean, fresh and exciting.

"Here, let me check you again" she said as she put her hand down my pants again. "Well, you're still dry" again with the slight sound of disappointment. Then brightening, "Let me get you a drink, what would you like?"

"Ah, bourbon and coke if you have it please"

"Sure do, ah, sit down here if you would"

I sat in the chair she offered and heard the unmistakable sound of soft plastic rustling.

"Well, I shouldn't do it so soon but I think I'll medicate him again. The more times I can change him tonight the easier it'll be to break his bad habits. Trudy's lucky, Sam wanted to get fixed (more about this in another story). Depending upon what they use to do it, he won't have any control left. I have a feeling that Rob won't wet by himself now. I'll have to get him loosened up a bit more. Besides, a little more medication, and a few drinks and he may confess. With the confession out of the way we can talk about having him fixed! Then I'll finally have myself a real diaper husband!". Diane was working all this out while she fixed the drinks. Needless to say, my drink required a little more "fixing".

When she finished she brought the drinks in and put them down. "I bet you can use this, must have been a hard day on you. Don't worry though we'll fix that. Here drink this down and I'll get another."

She didn't have to ask, I needed the drink. I finished it in three gulps. It tasted great, it seemed a little strong but then I needed it.

"Wow, I guess you did need that. Here I'll get another." Diane rubbed my head lightly as she took the glass and went back into the kitchen. "I think I'll make this one just a little stronger." When she came back she said "Here now finish this one too, it'll relax you. You make me nervous when you seem so uptight. Haven't you been in a womans apartment much?"

"Ah, well..."

"Don't talk just drink" she said as she held the glass to my lips. Something in the way she said that just make me do what she said. As I started to drink she keep tipping the glass up. She didn't stop till that one was also empty.

"Well, how about if I show you my apartment before dinner?"



"Ah, yes ma'am"

"Good, I like a man with manners." Then she looked at my pants and thoughtfull look crossed her face. "That will never do" she said "I can't tell if you're dry or wet." Then she looked into my face and said, "We're home now so lets get rid of those cover pants" and reached down to undo the waist snaps. The pants fell to the floor and once again my diapers and rubber pants were fully visible. I felt funny again, and nervous. I had never had someone see me in diapers before, let alone a pretty woman, particularly one I liked so much.

"Ah, wait.. ah why can't I wear them, ah, when will Barb have my clothes back so I can take off these things and get dressed."

"Barb lives in this building and will have them back soon. But in the mean time look around you!"

I looked at the apartment. It was spotless. Then I noticed the rug, long shag.

"Do you seriously think that I want an accident like the one that happened at the store on this carpet. Not a chance." "As long as there's any possiblity of that happening, you'll continue to wear your diapers!" she said with a very serious expression. Then her face softened again "You still haven't learned, have you?. This thing can be very good for both of us". Then she again slipped her hand down the front of my diaper and lightly carressed my penis. "It doesn't bother me that you're wearing diapers, in fact I kind of like it, it gives you sort of a vunerable look. I like that in a man rather than the false bravado of the macho type." "Besides," she said taking hold of my penis, "you're cute!"

Involuntarily I moaned and shuddered. "There see, you like it too". Then she kissed me again. "You don't wet very much do you. You've been dry for about 2 hours now!"

In fact I had to go to the bathroom very badly. This time though I seemed to be able to control the urge and did not mess my diaper.

"Well," she thought, "pretty soon the drinks and the medication will take hold and nothing you do will stop you from wetting all night! Then my pretty I'll have you. If I get you to confess and accept the situation tonight I might be able to get you fixed within a week or two and then nothing you do can keep you from wetting all the time! Well, I better not press it, just having you stay here is enough. Just need to break your spirit alittle more. One more good accident should do it. I guarantee that you will wet the bed tonight! Even if I have to pour water down your pants to do it!"

She slowly removed her hand and said "Well let me show you the rest of my place. Lets start with the kitchen and I can fix you another drink."

"Are you sure I can't get my cloths? I feel funny like this, especially in front of you."

Suddenly she became very cross. "Aren't you listening to me, I said that as long as there is the possibility of another accident you'll continue to wear diapers in my apartment! That's That!". Then softening again and putting her arms around my neck "Look, it just looks like you have shorts on. Besides you have great legs and I always was a leg woman. Keep up the good work and you might even get lucky tonight!"

Must be Diane has a great sense of timing because it hadn't been more than two minutes before that the rush of the medication and alcohol had once again numbed my brain into addled acceptance of everything. This time I didn't even flinch, no rattle of conscience from the grown up part of my brain. It all just started to sound great to me!

"Well, I guess..."

Diane put her finger to my lips and said "That's better, now lets look around". Back in the kitchen, against my arguing, Diane fixed me another drink. "Take that with you and lets go".

"You've seen the living room, and there is the dining area. But here is the best part, the bedroom."

It looked nice like everything else. There were only two strange things. One wall had very large, plain dresser, and a large space. The space was only strange in that it was apparent something had recently been there. Again, had I been more thoughtfull, and perhaps less drunk, I would have realized it was the same size as the dressing table at the store.

"Look at the bed" she said as she took my hand and led me to it. "It's king size, this is my side" she said as she patted one mattress. "And that side is for visitors, try it out, lay down" she said more as a command than a request. I sat on the visitor side. Two things were again apparent. The first was the white cotten flannel sheets. The second was the again unmistakable sound of soft plastic russling.

Diane rolled over on one elbow and asked "Nice hey?. Think you might like it?"

All I could do was look at her and say "Yes.. ma'am".

"Good, well lets look at the rest of the home shall we." Again she took my hand and led me to the master bathroom. Everything looked normal except for small things. First, there were two hose attachments to the shower head that looked like those used to connect shower massages. Problem was, only one hose ended in a shower head. The other was about 7 feet long and ended in something that looked very little like a shower head. Secondly, two large white pails stood beside the door. One was marked DD and one CD. Since there alreadly was a waste basket, I couldn't figure out what they were for.

"All the modern conveniences" Diane smiled. "Ok let me show you the guest bedroom." she said as we walked out the door and down the hall.

The guest bedroom also held a few suprizes. The first was the position of the bed. It was pushed up against the wall. Part of he space which had been occupied my the bed contained the missing changing table, set up and ready to go. Next to the table however, was something that made me get hard again. It was an open shelf unit with stack upon stack of diapers, rubber and plastic pants, underpads, strange clothing, and bottles of assorted baby oil, lotion and cream.

"All of this used to be in my room when my ex-boyfriend stayed here." Diane said sadly. "Oh well, onward" she said closing the door. "Now let me show you my work room. I do all my designing and fabricating in there." She opened the door to next room down the hall and the wavering feeling came back despite the drinks and medication. This room contained a whole fantasy for me. In one corner was an industrial sewing machine and flat fabrication table. In a second corner were stacks of different types of rolls of plastic, rubber, cotten flannel and birdseye. Many of the rolls were nice soft pastile colors or cute baby prints. There were assorted ruffles and animal aplicays. The third corner away from the door contained a desk. On it were stacked several pencil drawings of men and boys in diapers of strange design. On the walls over the desk were more drawings and even color pictures of more men in diapers and what looked like baby clothes.

"This is where I make alot of the stuff you saw in the store. I work it out here and submit it to the Institute for testing." Diane said proudly. Then she thought to herself "Lets see if he picks up the bait, he's heard the Institute mentioned several times today. Lets see if he asks about it. Look at that erection. He better wet soon! If nothing else I need to change him and this next changing is for my benefit not just his!!"

Of course I fell for it. I felt great again! The booze and the medication had taken all the edges off reality for me. I had no fear. "Ask her", I told myself.

"Diane, you've mentioned the Institute a couple of times today. What is it?" I said trying not to sound too interested.

"Oh, that, well come over here" she said as she moved toward the window. "See that big building over there, that's the Institute."

"What is it?"

"Well, they study problems like yours there. They are trying to develop methods and supplies which will help men deal with the problem. Sometimes they even find cures for the problem. Mostly though they just try to help men cope."

"Diane you almost always say that men have the problem and not woman, why?"

"Careful Diane, get him off this track" Diane thought. "Well, women have similar problems but they seem be more easily cured. With men, and their more complex urinary system its harder to cure. So, men just have to learn to deal with it, effectively. It also means that the wifes and girlfriends of men with wetting problems also have to be taught to deal with and help deal with their mans wetting problem. Thats what the Institute helps do, it trains both men and woman to cope with wetting.

"But enough of that, here finish your drink and I'll get you another" Diane said as she pushed the drink up to my lips.

We were going back down the hall when I noticed an open door and closed door. "What are these rooms" I asked.

"Well, the room with the close door is private and I don't want you going in there, understand!?"

"Yes ma'am"

"Good, the other room is the guest bathroom."

"Great, I need to use it, do you mind?"

"Use it for what?" she asked looking puzzled. She thought to herself "Well, here it comes. A major turning point. Time to test the extent of my control. I hope the drugs are working. Keep him in line. Remember what Doc said 'If you can control his use of the bathroom and make sure he obeys the restrictions you've won him over, whether he knows it or not!!'. Be firm and stern, but logical. Hope I can fake him out again"

"I, ah need to go to the bathroom, if I do I won't have an accident. Isn't that what you want."

"What I want is for you to begin to deal with your problem" Diane said in her best gradeschool teacher voice. "You have to come to grips with the fact that you have wetting accidents and therefore need to take steps to deal with them. Those steps are wearing diapers. I want you to become comfortable wearing them, especially in front of me. You have to realize there is nothing wrong with it. It is the only logical thing to do."

"I realize that, but shouldn't I try to keep from having accidents. If I go now I won't have one."

"Now maybe, but what about later? You still don't have the right frame of mind to deal with it. I'd rather you use your diapers and get used to the feeling. When wearing them becomes second nature to you to control the problem then we'll work on a kind of modified potty training. Of course it will have to be within the bounds of your physical disability. It may be that you will never overcome the need to wear diapers. You have to realize that and accept that possibility. Next week I'll make an appointment at the Institute for you to be examined. They'll be able to tell whether your problem is permenent or if you'll recover." Then she moved over to me and put her arms around my waist and continued, "In the mean time, particularly since I hope you'll be spending more time with me, I want you to plan for the worst. So get used to diapers. Besides I can show you all the tricks for taking care of yourself. We don't want you to get diaper rash do we."

"The Institute, I hadn't planned on that. A good physician will be able to tell in a few minutes that I don't really have a problem. Then all this will be over when she finds out I'm just a pervert who likes to wear diapers. Now what? Great, and now I really have to pee."

"OH, oh maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the Institute visit. He's worried they'll figure out he's not really incontinent. Well, lets see if we can use the fear."

"Tell you what. If I think that you are really, sincerely dealing with your wetting I won't ask you to be examined. But I better see results. After all I feel responsible for you now! Ok?"

"Thank god!" I thought. "What do I have to do?" I said thankful for the way out.

"Well, forget the bathroom. It's off limits to you while you're here, understand? And like I said I want to see results!"

"Yes, ma'am"

"Good, now let's get a start on it, come with me!" she said in a firm voice.

She took me by the hand and led me into the master bedroom and over to a large floor to ceiling mirror on a closet. Then she went to the dresser and took out an underpad.

"Here, stand on this. Now, face the mirror." She moved behind me and put her hand on my crotch. I could see both my full reflection and her face. She smiled when she felt my erection. "Now, all I want you to do is to wet. Do it slowly, in short streams. Try to make it start and stop. You'll help your control that way. Go ahead."

Try as I might I could not go with that erection. "What's the matter" she asked gently.

"I can't do it"

"Why, because I'm watching, I want you to get used to people watching. It's going to happen in public when you have to go.

"No, I just can't go when I have ah, well when I..."

She laughed, "You mean when you're so tense!" Then she added facisiouly. "Well, here let me help". She reached down and pressed on the area between my legs. Then she squeezed my erection firmly, but not painfully. My erection immediately went down. Just as immediately I wet uncontrollably. It soaked my diaper. Filled it to capacity and then started to bulge out the rubber pants. To their credit though I have to admit that the leg seals held most of it in until the diaper was finally able to sponge most of it up. Only a small amount leaked down my legs.

Unbenonst to me, after all I had my hands full wondering if I'd flood out the downstairs neighbors, a strange thing was happening. Diane kept one hand between my legs as I wet. I couldn't see the other one. I did however feel a strong shudder run through her body as it pressed against me. It wasn't till later that I found out the shudder was actually a violent orgasm. I just stood there, some wet was dripping down my legs but most of it was still contained in the pants. Diane's hand was still between my legs gently caressing the bulging mess. There was a far away vacant look in her eyes, and it was several moments before they cleared.

Suddenly she moved with a start and noticed where her hand was. She removed it quickly and said "Ah, well, at least you were able to let go, but I guess we'll have to work on control. We both laughed. She turned me around and kissed me. "I'm proud of you. See that wasn't bad, was it?" she said and added to herself "especially not for me!!"

Then she reached down the front of my pants and got a pained expression on her face, "I HAD hoped to have you wear a wet diaper for awhile to get used to it. But... looks like this one's a total loss!". "Come on, lets get you changed" she added as she took me into the master bathroom and into the shower.. "This thing's so wet" she kept saying as she patted the front of the diaper "that I'll have to empty it out before I take your pants down. Darn good thing you weren't wearing your street cloths and standing on my living room rug."

Once I was in the shower she pulled on the leg seals and alot of urine streamed out. "Good grief!". "When you let go you let go, don't you!" "Ok, I guess we'll just have to get you all dry stuff." she said as she pulled the rubber pants down my legs. She had me lift my feet one at a time to get them lose then threw them in the pail marked CD. Next she unpinned one side of the diaper and slipped it down my leg. "Ok, step out. We'll just rinse it off while I rinse you down." She then adjusted the shower and took the spray head down. She carefully rinsed my crotch and my bottom.

"Ok that looks good, now step on the diaper a few times while I rinse it". I did what I was told and when most of the color was out she twisted the water out and threw it in the pail. Finally she went to the cupboard and got out a big fluffy towel and used it to dry me off.

"Now lets get you in clean pants and find some dinner, what do you say?"


She looked at me and laughed again. I love it when she laughs.

"We'll have to go to the guest bedroom, you can help me move the changing table back in here tomorrow! I haven't needed it here for quite some time." she said wistfully, while wrapping the towel around me. "Now scoot!"

The changing scene was much like that in the store. The only exception was that while I was nicely rubbed with oil, Diane didn't make any attempt to get rid of my erection. Once she finished tucking the diaper into the rubber pants and checking the leg seal she said, "Ok, lets get you fed. Looks like you need another drink too."

We went into the kitchen and she made me one more drink. I was begining to feel quite drunk. I guess I must have also been getting rather bold, that happens when I get drunk, because when Diane turned around to fix her own drink I kissed her on the back of the neck.

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