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Mary had had her punishment explained to her, now she just had to wait for it to be carried out. She had been sent to the den to wait. She sat on the couch with head hung low and her chin pressed into her chest in a defiant pout. Without saying a word her mother passed through the den and laid a baby blanket out on the floor in front of her. Another blanket was set on the couch next to her. Mary's heart began to rush a bit as mom walked across the den and out the other side. Soon she returned with baby powder and diapers. OK off come the pants and lay down on the blanket. Mary was both embarrassed and anxious. Her mom knelt on the floor and set her items down; it looked like she had two or three diapers. Her eyes riveted on the diapers, Mary stood from the couch and with a quick glance to her mother began to take off her jeans. Placing them over the chair she sat down on the blanket with her knees tucked underneath her facing her mother but still staring at the diapers. There were three of them.

Nope, sit all the way down on the floor and then lay back.

Mary shifted to her bottom and then began to lay back.; the coffee table and chair made for tight quarters. Almost subconsciously she pulled her T-shirt lower to cover her panties.

Why don't you just pull that up a bit and out of the way?

Mary took a deep breath and pulled her T-shirt up towards her ribs. Now flat on her back she stared at the ceiling. She felt her mother's hands against her.

Lift your bottom and off with the panties. Mom took hold of the waistband and began to slide the panties down. Mary lifted herself off the floor just a bit. She began to bite her bottom lip. Her mother lifted Mary's feet and slipped the panties off. Holding up a diaper for her to see, mom explained that she wasn't sure that the disposable kind would still fit her but in case it didn't she had a cloth diaper and plastic cover that she would wear instead. Even though she was lying on the floor half naked, she noticed that the disposable diaper had some sort of cartoon characters on the front of it. She imagined what she would look like in a matter of minutes and as the diaper disappeared from her view she let her gaze return to the ceiling. She could hear the diaper being unfolded and smell it's perfume heavy in the air.

Lift your bottom for me.

Mary let out a sigh and pressed her heels against the floor, lifting herself up. She felt her mother's hand under her.

Higher please.

Mary arched her back a bit.

Good girl. Back down now.

There was a slight crinkle sound as she came to rest; the diaper was under her.

Legs apart now.

Mary drew her knees up allowing her legs to part a bit. The powder felt cool and mom used plenty of it. The sweet scent masked the perfume of the diaper and burned her nose.

Keep `em apart for me.

Mom pulled the diaper upwards and then back towards Mary. While one hand held the front of the diaper to her tummy, the other opened the tape, which though snug, reached the cartoon covered front. An attempt was made at the other side but it was obvious that it wouldn't reach. This diaper wasn't big enough for her.

Sorry to do this to you but this one won't fit; seems you're a little bigger than you used to be. Let's take this off and try the other one.. Mom unfastened the singular tape. Lift up for me.

Mary arched her back as she had before and the diaper slid out from underneath her. Mary let her bottom rest on the floor again and propped herself up to her elbows to see what was happening. At some point she had stopped biting her lip. Mom put the disposable aside and then held up the plastic pants for Mary to see.

These go on over your diaper for a little extra protection. She set them down next to the spent disposable. She picked up the fresh diaper. Lay back again for me. Mary reclined and felt the blood rush to her cheeks as she was about to be diapered a second time in just a matter of minutes. Lift your bottom for me. Again Mary lifted her hips upwards. That's a good girl, back down now. The cloth diaper felt different and made no sound. You're OK with the powder, mom mumbled under her breath.

Legs apart.

Mom pulled the diaper upwards and back towards Mary tightly between her legs. Mom's hand pressed the soft cloth against her tummy as the other hand pulled the flap around and fastened it in front. First one side and then the other. Mary looked down to watch mom smooth out the fasteners. Mary started to sit up. Ah, ah.the plastic pants first. Feet up. Mary looked at her questioningly.

Mom picked up the pants and repeated: lift your feet up for me.

Mary lifted her feet and in the same way she had taken off her panties a short while ago, mom slid the plastic pants over Mary's feet and up towards her diaper.

Lift your bottom.

Mary obeyed and soon the pants were pulled on. There you go; all set.

Mom half stood up to one knee. Mary sat up and looked down at the diaper. At least there were no cartoon characters..

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