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TITLE: Penguinbob

STORY: It all started when Bethany decided to act all big and tough and threaten a guy in her class. Bethany, only standing about 5'2, was dwarfed in size, but continued to run her little mouth. The boy, brent, having enough of the little girl tried to turn around and leave, but when Bethany followed him and then tried to command him to listen, Brent decided he would teach the girl a leson. So, to assure his lesson would be tought, he needed a way into Bethany's house and needed the trust of her parents. After thinking about the possibilities, Brent decided that the best way in would be to offer his services as a volunteer tutor. Because he was an Honor student would stright A's and because Bethany made C's and was failing some classes it worked perfectly. Brent deposited a letter into their mailbox after school on tuesday, and that night, he recieved a call to set up appointments. The tutoring would take place at Brent's house for the time being because he could walk there from school. Although his parents weren't home after school, Bethany's parents trusted him and relented. At the first session, Brent slipped Bethany mild sleeping pills in a glass of milk that made her drowsy and an ecellent patient for hypnosis. Using a technique he learned from a book he was reading, Brent hypnotized Bethany to wet herself whenever she saw a variety of triggers. Also, he told her to answer the question of why she wether pants by saying that babies don't have to use toilets and she doesn't want to either. Then, she was to poop herself. All this was to start when she got home. Because he knew her parents would ask, he also told her that they did introductions and he assesed where she needed help. When Bethany got home, she wet herself almost immediately. Watching TV before dinner, a huggies comercial came on and when her mom stepped out of the kitchen to check on her, she found her 14 year old daughter sitting in wet pants like it was nothing. Furious, her mother demanded to know why she wet herself. Without thinking, Bethany replied what she had been programmed to, "babies don't have to use toilets, niether does she." Then, Bethany squatted and pooped in her panties. Furious, her mother grabbed her arm and pulled her up and dragged her to her the car. Then, she told her to get in the car and not to get the seat wet. The drive was silent. Pulling up to the local drugstore, a look of horor crossed Bethany's face as she started to snap out of her trance. She began to plead and cry, but to no avail. Her mother dragged her inside to the baby aisle, there she purchased huggies size 6, wipes, powder, rash ointment, pacifiers, bibs, bottles, formula and jars of baby food. Taking all of it to the front, Bethany was looking down and sobbing when she her giggling and looked over to see one of the girls in her grade looking at her. Dejected, Bethany cried more. When they got home, Bethany was stripped, spanked, diapered and informed of the rules. She was not allowed to use the toilet. She would be chaned by the adult in charge (including schol). At home she was to crawl and speak baby talk. This would last as long as necessary. When her parents went out, she was to have a babysiter who knew the rules. Bethany was still crying when her mother announced that she was going out and would call the babysitter to get them aquainted. As Brent picked up the phone and heard Bethany sobbing in the background, he knew his plan had worked.

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