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Anna's Lucky Break
BY: bedlamboy 2012

‘Those are for accidents only Becky, you know that now go and get me the wooden spoon’. Becky slowly crept into the into the kitchen dreading what was to come. When Becky returned to her room, the change mat had been laid out and wipes were sitting on the bed. Anna reach under Becky’s skirt and pulled the sides away from the totally saturated pull-up placing it in the rubbish bin before grabbing the wooden spoon out of Beckys hand. ‘Turn around, hands on the bed’ Anna demanded. Becky moved quickly. Anna raised Beckys skirt and delivered three sharp blows to her back side. Becky burst into tears with pain and humiliation. The wooden spoon was a rare event. Anna undid the Becky’s skirt and it fell to the ground, Anna turned Becky round and guided her down to the change mate on the bed. Becky sucked on her thumb crying as Anna wiped her hairless peach, she then applied a generous amount of baby powder before she began to speak. ‘I’m sorry Becky but you need to sort yourself out, you are getting worse and if it doesn’t stop you are going to have to start wearing thick nappies, I am so surprised that pull-up didn’t leak’ Becky interrupted whimpering through her tears ‘they’re not pullups they are drynites’ Anna was quick to reply ‘they are pull-ups, they just call them drynights so that 20 year olds who can’t control themselves don’t feel the little folk who typically use them and anyway that is irrelevant you are meant to be working towards getting back into undies during the day not nappies, so I’ve been through your drawers and I have found some of your thick overnight nappies and I have decided that you need to be reminded what they are like so you can consider whether or not you want to be in them all the time. You are going to wear them for the rest of the day’ Becky thought about this for a moment ‘but we are going out this afternoon to do the shopping and stuff aren’t we?’ - ‘yes we are Becky so you will get to see what it’s like to have to wear them out too’ Anna began to unfold the nappy, Becky cringed as she heard the plastic outer crinkle, it was loud, it would have been fine had they not been going out. ‘lift up sweet’ Becky lifted her bottom up just enough for Anna to slide the nappy under, she then bought the front up between Becky’s legs and fastened it as tight as she could. ‘Up you get missy’ Becky stood up, the thickness was so great that it spread her legs out, she went to walk, it was going to be impossible to walk like a lady in them. ‘What are we going to dress you in Anna asked Becky’ anything but pants please not pants’ Anna laughed ‘well actually, I was thinking those black tights you like to wear would be good’ Becky’s heart dropped ‘you aren’t serious are you’ Anna smiled ‘yeah I am actually’ Becky’s face filled with fear ‘Oh come on Becky I’m not that mean I was thinking them with that cool dress you got the other day, I think it’s longer enough JUST and the tights will reduce some of the crinkling’ Becky thought about it for a moment ‘yeah that sounds good’ Becky and Anna had become very close, despite all the orders Anna was in fact 6 months younger than Becky but you wouldn’t have known it. Becky’s small frame, with her blonde hair and her cute face made her looked much younger than twenty especially next to average sized Anna with her sophisticated look, well developed breast and brunette hair.

All of this had started a few months earlier, Anna was very bright girl who came from a loving caring working class family. She had never gone without essentials but was far from privileged. Becky on the other hand was the opposite, she came from very wealthy family, she lived with her father and his wife. Becky’s mother had passed away when she was very young and as a result she had spent most of her life with nannies, her step mother took no interest in her and her father tried but he was far too caught up in work and money to be worried about such precious things as children. Becky was academically bright but very very immature otherwise.

Anna desperately wanted to be the first in her family to go to university in order to do this she need to work and save. She worked as a checkout operator at the local supermarket and she had also picked up a second job on the the weekends as stable hand on the Harris estate looking after Mr Harris prize race horses. The race horses were a hobby for Mr Harris to escape his other business ventures, due to this he spent quite a bit of time in the stable. He was very impressed with the way in which Anna worked with the horses, how she treated them and how she cared for them. She often chatted to Mr Harris while he was down at the stable, so he became aware of Anna’s dream of going to law school and the struggle that she was going through to try and get there. Late one sunday afternoon Mr Harris came to the stable and asked Anna if he could have word with her. This caused immediate concern for Anna, she needed her job. She went out to the stable gate were Mr Harris was standing they both leant against the gate and Mr Harris began speaking.
‘Anna I am thinking of making you an offer that I think you won’t be able to refuse but I do want you to consider it thoroughly as all is not as it seems. I know that you are desperate to go to law school, as you know I have daughter your age Rebecca and it is also our ambition for her to graduate with a law degree. Unfortunately Rebecca has lived a somewhat sheltered life beginning constantly supported by a nanny of some description and is incapable of fending for herself in the city. So what I am proposing is that I would purchase an apartment in the city for you both to live in , I would supply you with a motorcar, pay your tuition fees and of course give you an allowance you would comfortably be able to live off. The catch to this is that you would be looking after Rebecca. I need you to understand this is not a straightforward task but one I am sure you are completely capable of, now I don’t what your answer straight away but I do want to know if this is something you could be interested in?’ Anna was shocked but excited ‘ahh well yes of course Mr Harris I am really interested’ Mr Harris smiled ‘I was hoping you would say that, next question, Lana, Rebecca's current Nanny is going away this weekend and it happens that Helen and myself have booked the weekend on business. Would you be interested in holding the fort so to speak and of course keeping an eye Rebecca, I think it could be a great chance to see if my proposal could work?’. Anna could hardly contain her excitement ‘Of course Mr Harris, name a time and I will be there’ Mr Harris smiled ‘4pm Friday then’

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