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Aunt Mandy
Part 1

Summary: Sixteen year old Gordon Sears is having to have his Aunt Mandy
stay with him while is mother goes on a business trip. Mandy lets him
know who is in charge. (Be patient. There is no diaper content in the
first chapter, but I would rather tell the best story I can than rush
it and ruin it)

"But I'm 16 years old, mother! I don't NEED a - a babysitter!"
Gordon Sears said furiously to his mother.
"Gordon, I told you," his mother, Elaine, explained patiently,
"This is not one of my usual weekend trips I'm going on here. I'm going
to be gone for five weeks. No responsible parent in the world would
leave their child-"
"I'm not a-"
"Would leave their 'young adult'" she said sarcastically, "alone
in the house by himself, Gordon."
"You've already missed my graduation, so why should you suddenly
care about me?" he said sulking. "That's another thing, Mom. I
graduated high school a year EARLY. YOU'RE the one that always told me
I could do anything I apply myself to, and YOU'RE the one who is always
telling me how smart I am."
"You are very smart, son," she smiled down at him, "but smart or
not, you're still a minor, and I am NOT leaving you alone in this house
for five weeks. I still worry about you."
Elaine had reason to worry about her son. It was difficult for
any kid in high school to keep up with the race for popularity. It was
doubly so for Gordon. First of all, the fact that he had graduated a
year early made him an easy target for the ones that picked on smart
kids. Second, he was a bit overweight. Not entirely fat, but enough to
feel self conscious about that too. And lastly, he was only 5'3. Elaine
didn't know it, but most kids at school called him "Brainy Smurf".
"So young man," Elaine continued as she started folding her
business clothes and putting them into her suitcase, "I'M sure that if
you really APPLY yourself, you and Mandy will get along perfectly. As
for missing your graduation, I really wish I could have been there. I
really do. But this business just wouldn't wait. For having my baby
when I was only 17, I've done very well for us, but the point now is
keeping it. Or would you like to start living a more...conservative
She had a point. The clothing line she had started designing
while she was pregnant with Gordon, at 16 years old herself, paid the
bills at first, but today it was a household name. SEARS QUALITY
CLOTHING was one of the biggest names in priced to own clothing for all
ages. Yes, Gordon got his brains from his Mother. Elaine always told
him that he got his height from his father, but never told Gordon much
else about him. Every time he would ask, her eyes would grow shiny, and
she would find something to work on.
"I...I just wish you were here more," Gordon finally said,
sitting down on the bed next to his mother's suitcase. After a couple
minutes, he felt his mother's hand brush through his curly hair.
"I know you do, honey. I'll make it up to you, I promise. But
right now, I want you to promise me that you'll obey your Aunt Mandy
when she's here."
"Mom, she's not even my real aunt!" "Aunt Mandy" was one of
Elaine's old friends. Elaine was a few years older than Mandy, but
Mandy had helped out greatly when she had Gordon. Not many 11 year olds
could have been trusted to babysit little babies, but Mandy had come
through, and today held a very secure place in the company.
"I don't care, she is like my sister, and you will do what she
says, young man," Elaine said dangerously. The tension was broken by a
honk outside. "Well, there's my cab, sweetie. Stand up and give your
mother a kiss." Gordon rolled his eyes, but stood up so his mother
wouldn't have to bend down as far to kiss his cheeks. As Gordon
followed her downstairs and out the door to cab that would take her to
the airport, she was still shouting instructions to him.
"Be sure you help Mandy keep this place clean, young man. And
obey whatever she tells you. Remember, SHE is in charge. And don't look
so nervous! I know it's been a few years since you've seen her, but I
know you two will get along very well. She'll be here around 6:00, so I
guess you can be the Man of the House until then, alright honey?"
"Sure mom, whatever," Gordon said. No matter what, he WAS going
to be the man of the house no matter what some friend of his mother's
said. He waved as the cab pulled away, and when it finally turned out
onto the main road, he went inside and plopped down on the sofa to
watch some TV. He would have been out with friends on such a nice
summer day, if only he had friends.

Gordon awoke with a start. He was still on the sofa, and the TV
was still on, except instead of all the daytime crap, an episode of
"The Simpsons" was now ending. He looked at the clock: 5:45 with the
dot indicating PM. He jumped as there was another knock on the door.
That must be what woke him. As he got up, stretched, and headed for the
front door, he tried to remember what he could about Mandy. She was a
friend of his mother's, but not a whole lot older than him. If his mom
was 33, that would make Mandy only 27. He decided right then and there
that nobody who was only 11 years older than he would boss him around
all summer. He nodded to himself before he opened the door. What
greeted him at the door took him completely by surprise.
He was staring up...and up...and up at one of the most beautiful
women he had ever seen. She must have been at least 6'6, but with a
perfectly proportionate and athletic body. Bright blue eyes smiled down
at him as long, blond, beautiful hair cascaded down her back. She wore
white sandals, short khaki shorts, and a pink halter top that showed
off her toned, muscular tummy. She had a large suitcase in one hand,
and her other was stretched out for Gordon to shake.
"My, my," she said, still smiling, "Gordon, you have grown a lot
since the last time I saw you." Gordon flushed as he took her hand and
shook it. "Are you blushing? Well, aren't you just adorable! You're
almost as adorable as when you were a baby and I was changing your
diapers while your mama was working."
"Umm...ah, please, come in," Gordon said, frowning a bit. He
didn't like being reminded that he wasn't "old enough" to stay by
himself while his mother was out of town on business. He offered to
take Mandy's bag, but when he realized that it was to heavy for him to
lift, Mandy picked it back up, giggling.
"Always trying to be the perfect little gentleman," she winked
with a smile. Gordon forced a smile. Gordon took her to the room she
would be staying in, and then took her on a tour of the rest of the
house. Eventually, they made their way back to the den where Gordon had
been asleep. Sitting across from each other, the made small talk for
most of the night. Gordon couldn't help but admire Mandy's body.
Her shapely legs were powerful, like she might have been in
track. Her arms and torso were also very built, like she must work out
in the gym every day. And her chest was...perfect. Not too big, not too
small...perfect breasts as far as Gordon was concerned. He tried not to
look too much, but it was a battle. Finally, they decided to watch some
TV. Gordon was rather relieved. At least he would have something
besides her body to hold his attention. He just hoped that she wouldn't
notice his...excitement.
As luck would have it, the Sci Fi Channel was having an "X-Files"
marathon, and since it was his favorite show, he asked Mandy if it was
alright with her. She just smiled and let him indulge. After the first
couple episodes, Mandy announced that she was going to bed.
"Good night, Gordy," she smiled. "Don't stay up too late, you
still need your sleep."
"Sure," he said, half frowning. Was she talking to him like he
was a baby? He decided it could have just been in his head as he

Suddenly, aliens were coming down all around him. Gordon was out
alone in a field with the gray aliens chasing after him, trying to
force him to eat cabbage and pudding pops! He could hear them singing
the theme to "The Dukes of Hazzard" in his head as the big robot
trumpet kept everyone in tune.

"God, my dreams NEVER make sense," Gordon thought to himself as
he woke up. He stretched, and then pulled his covers over his face to
try to sleep a few more minutes. That's when he suddenly sat up in his
bed, and wondered how in the world he had gotten to his bed. Just then
his bedroom door opened, and Mandy came in wearing a very short pink
bath robe and a smile.
"Good morning, sweetie," she said quietly. "Did you sleep good?"
she asked as she sat down on the bed next to Gordon.
"Uh...I think so" Gordon was still trying to figure out how he
had gotten to his bed.
"Well, I'm a little surprised," Mandy said, smiling. "You looked
so uncomfortable on that couch when I came back to turn off the TV. I'm
just glad I didn't wake you when I carried you up here," she smiled as
she brushed some of his hair away from his face.
"You - you carried...me?" Gordon asked, dumbstruck.
"Well, you're not real heavy, silly," Mandy laughed. "Anyway,
with as much as I work out, carrying you is like carrying a little
baby." Again, Gordon found himself scowling. Somehow, the look on
Mandy's face was one of being entertained. "Now, why don't you get up,
and I'll make us some breakfast. Then we can decide what to do today."
She then pulled back the covers all the way and left the room. Gordon
couldn't help but stare at her ass as she left the room. He still
didn't like the way she sometimes talked to him, but she was the
hottest woman he had ever known.
As Gordon got up and walked to the bathroom, he suddenly realized
that he was also wearing his pajamas...not his jeans and t-shirt from
last night.

Part 2

Gordon's mind was still trying to wrap around what happened the
night before as he showered. He could not believe that his practically
super-model Aunt Mandy had not only carried him up to bed from
downstairs, but she must have also changed him into his pajamas. He
thought he would have woken up with all that going on. Part of him was
not pleased at all with such an invasion of privacy, not to mention her
treating him and talking to him as though he were a little kid, but
another part of him was strangely excited with this. He was still
thinking about all this as he got out of the shower and started drying
off. He then wrapped a towel around his waist and headed back for his
As he walked down the hall toward his room, he passed by Aunt
Mandy's room. He was trying to creep quietly by, not wanting to feel
infantilized so soon after the episode in his room. As he was slowly
trying to tiptoe bye, he noticed the door was cracked open a little
bit, and what he saw, despite his better judgment, made him stop.
There stood his beautiful aunt with her back to the door, wearing
only a pair of silky pink panties, fastening a matching bra. As she
looked over her shoulder in an attempt to make her task easier, she saw
Gordon. Gordon's heart skipped a beat as Aunt Mandy's eyes suddenly got
"GORDON!", she half screamed, half gasped, "WHAT do you THINK you
are DOING?!" she shrieked as she finished fastening the clasp on her
bra and bounded to the door. Gordon knew he should run to his room, or
apologize, or do SOMETHING, yet his feet and his tongue were stubbornly
not responding to any of these ideas. "Go wait in your room, young
man!" she yelled as she slammed the door. "I'll be there in a minute!"
The slamming of the door seemed to awaken Gordon out of the
temporary paralysis he had been suffering. His face flushed as he
turned and slowly walked to his room. He took the towel he had been
wearing off and got dressed slowly, still shocked at what he had done.
He also didn't know if he was sorry about what he did, or sorry that he
got caught. He had never been a peeping tom before, but he had never
been in a situation like the one he had just been in. He sat on his
bed, fully clothed in jeans, socks and sandals, and a t-shirt when his
thoughts of what might come were interrupted.
"Ahem," came a perturbed voice from his door. Gordon looked up
and saw Aunt Mandy standing in the door. She was wearing a denim skirt
that came to her knees, a black baby doll t-shirt, and black sandals,
and her long blond hair was in an attractive bun on the back of her
head. To his surprise, he could have sworn that under the stern
expression on her face, there was also a hint of amusement.
"Aunt Mandy," Gordon began.
"Shush, Gordy," she said in a stern voice. "I've been in my room
fuming about what you've done." Gordon gulped. "But then I started
thinking that you are a teenager now, so perhaps I should have expected
something like this." Her expression softened as she smiled a little.
"So this is your one 'Get Out of Jail Free' card," she said as relief
spread over Gordon.
"Th-thank you, Aunt Mandy," Gordon said timidly. "I-I am sorry
though. I shouldn't have-"
"It's alright, Gordy," Aunt Mandy smiled as she walked over and
sat next to him on the bed. "It's nice to know I'm worth a peek," she
laughed as Gordon blushed furiously. "But on a serious note, after
breakfast I'm going out to do some shopping. If something like this
happens again, I am going to be prepared with a punishment." She
sounded serious, but the smile had not faded from her face. "Agreed,
"Yes Aunt Mandy," Gordon said in a low voice.
"Good," she said brightly. She then kissed him on the cheek
before saying "Come down to the kitchen and I'll make us some
breakfast. Do you like eggs?"
Gordon had to hand it to Aunt Mandy, she sure knew how to cook
some good eggs. He had seconds, and would gladly have had thirds if
Aunt Mandy hadn't told him that she didn't want him getting sick while
she was in charge.
"Well, I'm going out for a while, sweetie," she called as Gordon
finished washing off his plate and put it in the dishwasher. "I would
ask you if you wanted to come, but I know most boys your age hate
"Well, I don-"
"Besides," she interrupted him, "I don't want you to know what
your punishment could be. Remember, if anything like this morning
happens again, young man, and you will not like what happens."
"Y-yes Aunt Mandy," Gordon gulped.
"Good," she said brightly as she smiled. "Well, have fun while
I'm gone, then." She then bent down and kissed him again on the cheek
and walked out the front door leaving him alone in the house.
Gordon decided to watch some TV after she left. It's not like he
had a lot of friends he could call or other things he could do. He was
trying to find something entertaining in the daytime TV fare, but soon
found himself growing bored. All he could think about was how he had
seen his mother's friend in her underwear, and how perfect she had
looked. As he flipped from worthless show to worthless show, each more
boring than the last, an idea started to form in his mind...
"I can't believe I'm doing this," Gordon thought to himself as he
climbed the stairs up to Aunt Mandy's room. He walked slowly, almost as
if he was afraid he would make too much noise. It wasn't like there was
anybody else in the house. Nobody would catch him. Gordon finally got
to the top of the stairs, walked past the bathroom...and up to Aunt
Mandy's bedroom door. He put his hand on the knob and gave it a turn.
The door opened, and he stood outside of her room for a moment.
"Come on, you're this far...might as well do it now," he told
himself. Slowly, he walked over to the chest of drawers where Aunt
Mandy undoubtedly put her clothes. He found what he had come for in the
first drawer. Upon opening it, he found himself looking down on the
panties, bras, and assorted underwear of this 27 year old goddess who,
luckily for him, happened to be his mother's best friend.
Gordon reached into the drawer with a shaking hand, and pulled
out a pair of purple satin panties. He held them in his hand, caressed
them, held them to his cheek...the feel of them against his skin or the
danger of possibly being discovered was making him aroused. He started
to smell the perfumed-
"What the HELL are you doing?!" Gordon jumped and turned to the
bedroom door where Aunt Mandy stood, bags in her hands, and a look of
disbelief on her face.
"I-I...uh," Gordon stammered, dropping the panties. No words came
to his mind. How could he defend himself against this? He hung his head
and dropped the panties as tears of shame welled up in his eyes.
"Well, I can see that I was right, despite my attempt at giving
you a second chance, mister," she said in that same stern voice as she
dropped the bags she was holding, strode over, and picked the panties
up off the floor. She put them back in the drawer, bent down, and
lifted Gordon's face so that he was looking her in the eye. Amazingly,
he once again saw the stern expression with a hint of amusement.
"Gordon, we are going to have a little talk," she began. She
grabbed his hand, walked over to the bed, and pulled him onto her lap.
Gordon didn't like this arrangement, but said nothing. "Gordy, I know
that you're a teenager with rampaging hormones, and I'm a beautiful
older woman, but that gives you no right to do what you've been doing
today." She paused as Gordon nodded. He didn't like the tone she was
talking to him in. It was the tone one used when talking to a little
"Now, you have two choices," she went on. "You can either agree
to the punishment I have in mind, or I can call your mother and tell
her about today's exploits. Believe me, I don't want to do the latter,
but I also want to make sure that what happened today never happens
again." She paused as Gordon nodded, taking in what she said, tears
still forming in his eyes. "I'm not going to tell you what the
punishment is, but once you've decided what you want, there is NO
turning back...No matter what."
Gordon sat there on Aunt Mandy's lap trying to decide what to do.
He sure as hell didn't want his mother finding out. She would go
berserk and he'd be lucky to see 17 when she got back. He also didn't
like the idea of a mystery punishment, but under the circumstances he
decided he would rather put his life in Aunt Mandy's more forgiving
"I...I'll do what you say, Aunt Mandy," he said quietly.
"I'm glad," she said with a smile. She then picked Gordon up and
set him on the floor before getting up herself. "Now, as for your
punishment...first, I want you know how utterly disappointed I am with
you. I thought you were adult enough to know how to keep this
relationship within it's proper bounds. I was clearly wrong. The only
way I know to make sure that you don't peep anymore is to simplify the
status of our relationship. That said, I want you to take off your
"W-What?" Gordon wasn't sure if he'd heard correctly.
"I want you to take off your clothes, right here, and give them
to me," she said with the hint of a smile.
"But...I..." Gordon stammered.
"But you nothing," she said, now sounding a little more forceful.
"You said you were going to endure my punishment. We cannot call your
mother anymore. That option is gone now. And if you don't want to
undress, I can and WILL do it for you."
Gordon didn't know if he loved or hated the sound of that, but he
slowly undressed until he was down to his underwear.
"I said undress, young man," Aunt Mandy said, and she then
grabbed his underwear on both sides, and yanked them to the floor.
Gordon tried to cover himself, but she slapped his hands away. "You
don't have anything I haven't seen before, sweetie," she smiled, "and
don't worry, you're not going to be...excited for long." She then sat
back down on the bed.
"What the-!" In the blink of eye, Gordon was looking at the floor
as Aunt Mandy had pulled him over her lap. He could feel one of her
arms holding him down.
"This is what happens to naughty little boys who peep at women
and their panties," she said with determination in her voice. She then
brought her hand down hard on his bottom. Gordon let out a yelp of pain
as more tears of shame welled up in his eyes. The slaps came faster and
harder. He quit counting after 10 because he was actually bawling like
a baby now. She finally stopped, lay him on the bed, and got up. As he
wiped tears out of his eyes, he saw her go over to the bags that lay
just inside the bedroom from her morning of shopping, and bring one
"Now, young man," Aunt Mandy said as she kneeled down on the
floor in front of Gordon, "Now, when I said I was going to simplify
this relationship, I meant it. There is one sure way that you will not
peep again, and that is if I am in control of your every movement, and
for me to do that, for the next few months, I am going to be your
mommy, and you are going to be my baby."
Gordon felt his face flush as he looked at Aunt Mandy's beautiful
face. Was she joking? He was 16 years old!
"Aunt Mandy," he began, "I promise I'll never do it again! Please
don't do this!"
"I know you'll never do it again, sweety," she said with a look
of pity on her face. "Believe me, I don't want to do this, but you knew
the rules, you knew you would be punished, and I don't want to hear any
lip about it...unless you want more spankings?"
Gordon hung his head. He knew he was beat.
"That's a good boy," Aunt Mandy said sweetly. "Now just lay back
on the bed, pumpkin, and Auntie will be done in a minute." She then
pulled a package of adult diapers called Attends out of the bag. Upon
opening the package, she pulled out 2 of the large diapers and quickly
unfolded them. Standing up, she lifted Gordon's legs by grabbing his
ankles, and expertly slid both diapers under him. She then pulled out a
bottle of baby lotion, and applied a generous amount to her hand. She
then proceeded to gently rub it in all over Gordon's diaper area.
Gordon squirmed as he tried to fight the feeling of intense arousal
that was coming over him. She then stopped and applied a large amount
of baby powder to him, pulled both diapers up through his legs, and
taped them in place.
"There we go," Aunt Mandy said sweetly, "all snug and comfy in
your diapers, my cute widdle guy." Gordon was still silently crying out
of the humiliation of it all. "Now, from now until the rest of my stay,
you are a baby. You will not be by yourself at all. I will feed you, I
will change you, I will dress you, I will bathe you, I will put you to
bed. Understand?"
Gordon nodded as a tear ran down his face.
"Awww, don't be so sad, widdle man," she said with a smile as she
picked him up off the bed and held him close, "it won't be so bad. In
fact, I tink I saw a widdle guy who wikes being diapered by Auntie
Mandy," she teased. "Now, let's go decide what to do next."
Part 3

Gordon could not believe that he was being carried downstairs by
his beautiful Amazonian Aunt Mandy wearing only diapers. He was trying
to stop crying out of the indignity of it all. He didn't want to be
acting like a baby just because his aunt was dressing him and treating
him that way. He thought the whole situation was unfair and wished that
Aunt Mandy would have just called his mother as Aunt Mandy cooed in his
ear and patted his diapered butt.
"Okay, by sweet widdle baby," she said as she set Gordon down on
the couch in the living room, "you stay right here and be good. Aunty
will be back in a minute, my precious baby boy!" With that, she put a
finger to his nose and made a horribly sick beeping noise before going
to the kitchen. Gordon was wiping the tears from his eyes trying to rid
himself of that obnoxious trembling in his lip.
He looked down in misery at the thick diapers he was now wearing.
Why couldn't Aunt Mandy have picked out a different punishment? He
wondered this as he felt his diapers for the first time. They really
didn't feel really bad, he decided, but he really didn't want to be
treated like a baby. Aunt Mandy was one of the most beautiful women
he'd ever seen, and it really bothered him that she was treating him as
if he weren't even a young adult. As he was touching his diapers, he
suddenly felt his lotioned, erect penis rub against his leg.
He didn't want to admit it, but that felt really good. As he
continued to rub his diapers to feel that sensation again, Aunt Mandy
came into the living room holding two baby bottles in her hands.
"Gordon Sears, what on earth are you doing?" she scolded as she
strode over. Putting the bottles down, she pulled Gordon's arm until
his bottom was visible. "That's a bad baby!" she said as she gave him a
couple light swats on his diaper. "We don't touch our diapers, young
man," she said as let go, causing Gordon to fall back onto the couch
"Come over here, honey, it's ba ba time," she smiled as she sat
down. Gordon didn't know exactly what she wanted, so he scooted down
the couch and kneeled next to her. "Come here, silly baby," she smiled
as she pulled him across her lap, and then situated him so that she was
cradling him, his head resting in her arm. She then picked up the first
bottle and brought it to Gordon's lips.
"Aunt Mandy, please..." Gordon protested.
"Now, now, baby," she smiled, "You're a baby, and babies drink
their ba ba's when their Aunty tells them to. If you behave and be a
good boy, you will get points for good behavior. Now drink, sweety
pumkin." Gordon was still apprehensive, not taking the bottle's nipple
into his mouth. "Baby, you ARE going to drink these bottles...I've got
all day. And to be honest, I wouldn't mind if we did this all day.
You're still such a cute widdle baby," she smiled.
New tears forming in his eyes, Gordon gave in. "Good baby," Aunt
Mandy cooed as he took the nipple into his mouth and began to empty it.
Aunt Mandy stroked his hair and hummed as Gordon looked elsewhere,
anywhere but at his beautiful aunt who was feeding him a baby bottle,
cradled in her arms, wearing only diapers. After what seemed like an
eternity and lots of now warm milk, both bottles were done.
"All done!," Aunt Mandy cheered. "My, my, isn't my widdle man
such a good baby boy. Yes him is," she cooed. She then positioned him
so that his head was over her shoulder, and began to rub his back as
she patted his diapered bottom with the other hand. "Come on, baby,
burp for Aunty," she said sweetly. Gordon rolled his eyes, and let out
a burp.
"That's a good boy!" Aunt Mandy cooed as she brought him back
down to cradle him in her arms. "Well, I promised some rewards, didn't
I, my widdle baby boy," she said with a twinkle in her eye. She reached
for the TV remote and turned the channel to NBC so that she could watch
"Days of Our Lives", and then rested her hand on the front of Gordon's
diapers. Gordon shivered as she slowly moved her hand across his
fluffy, plastic prison.
"Does that feel good, baby?" she smiled. Gordon could only nod.
"Well baby, Aunty knows that older baby boys have something that
happens when they get excited, and it's not good to keep that nasty
stuff inside you, but you also have to do that in your diaper. And
Aunty helps you do it, baby. You are not allowed to touch your diaper
at all," she explained as she continued to caress Gorgon's diapers.
Gordon was wiggling around in his Aunty's lap, moving with the motion
of her hand. The lotion felt so good as she continued massaging him.
"Baby really enjoys this," she giggled as Gordon finally reached
climax and then shook as he erupted into his diaper. "That's a good
baby boy," Aunt Mandy cooed as Gordon could only lay in her lap.
"That's what you'll get if you never, ever touch your diapers again.
Only grown ups can touch my precious baby's didees." Gordon was still
breathing heavy as she leaned down and kissed his forehead. Aunt Mandy
then put a pacifier in Gordon's mouth without much difficulty. He was a
little too tired to care all of a sudden. He then felt Aunty stroking
his forehead and humming a lullaby just as he fell asleep in her arms.

(To Be Continued)

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