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Description: Baby Jennie’s story

Chapter One. The Beginning

Thinking back now on it all, I suppose my childhood was a little out of the ordinary. My mother divorced my father when I was only a few months old, and I grew up never knowing him. Our household consisted of my mother and my older sister, Becky - seven years my senior - and of course myself being the younger. Growing up a male child without a father and living in an entirely female household made me a little ‘different’ in the eyes of other boys my age.

Our mother worked as one of the top hairstylists in a very exclusive, expensive salon - so hairstyles were very important to her. She was also quite strong-minded, and was never one to let the concept of ‘societal norms’ dissuade her from raising her children in the manner she saw fit. She preferred to allow my hair to grow quite long - even though I was a boy, and long hair for males wasn’t fashionable at the time. Since both my mother and sister had hair almost to their waists, I didn't see anything wrong or different about it. I never really gave it much thought.

By the time I turned five, my white-blonde, shoulder blade-length hair and delicate frame had the effect of making me look very much like a little girl! Around that time my mother had on occasion even dressed me up in one of my sister’s old baby dresses, and once we even had our photo taken - which is still in the family photo album to this day! Although I don’t clearly remember the event, it was apparently all in good fun. And according to my mother and sister, I seemed to enjoy the experience immensely!

When my sister turned fourteen she became my designated babysitter whenever our mother was working. We sometimes fought with each other - as siblings are prone to do - mainly because I really didn't like the idea of having to do as Becky ordered when Mum wasn't home. As a result I tended to keep out of her way as best I could. That particular summer vacation I had kept pretty much to myself as far as the other kids were concerned, too. I was still much smaller and thinner than most other boys my age, and if not for the fact that I wore boy’s clothes, I would have looked exactly like a small girl! That may have been one of the reasons that I made very few friends amongst the neighbourhood kids. Most other boys made me feel uncomfortable to be around, (even if they weren't usually teasing me) so I didn't really mind.

Becky often had a few of her friends come over to hang out during the day, so if I wasn't outside playing, I usually hid in my room to keep out of their way. Our mother normally came home from work around late afternoon. Then she would make dinner for us and after, the three of us would usually clean up and then plan something together - like a walk to the park, or a trip to the movies.

One day while I was quietly playing in my room, Becky came upstairs and knocked on my door, asking me politely if she could come in. Previously I had heard Becky and her friends talking loudly and giggling downstairs in the living room for most of the morning. They were listening to loud music, laughing and giggling, and generally having a good time. Becky innocently asked me if I wanted to come downstairs and play a game with her friends for a little while, instead of moping in my room all by myself. While I was pleasantly surprised by her invitation, I was also a little confused - since this wasn't her normal behaviour. Although I didn't understand why three older (to me, grown-up!) girls might be interested in playing with a nine-year-old (and a boy, no less?) I cautiously agreed and followed her as she chatted brightly to me all the way down the stairs.

I was led into the basement rec-room, and I hesitantly asked what sort of game they wanted to play? Then I noticed her two friends Samantha and Jessica, had been pawing through our old family photo albums. Jessica was a tall, slender athletic girl, attractive in a sporty way, with her long, tanned thighs lean and hard for such a young teenager. As she glanced up at me she brushed her mane of thick, honey-blonde hair away from her pretty face, and showed me her even white teeth in an attractive smile that made both her dimples appear ever so briefly. She and Samantha had apparently fixated on one photo in particular - of course! They giggled and told me - between their snorts of suppressed laughter and sardonic glances to each other - that they thought the photo of me when I was five looked so cute, they wanted to dress me up like that again!

I wasn't sure if that was such a good idea, but Becky pressured me into playing along, by threatening to tell Mum when she arrived home that I had been misbehaving. Despite the quiver of excitement I felt at being invited to play in anyone else’s games, I pseudo-reluctantly agreed to let them dress me up. Becky dragged a large box of her oldest clothes out of the bottom of the basement closet, and then she and her friends started sorting through the contents. It turned out that these were very old clothes of Becky’s, because they were mostly sundresses and party dresses such as only toddler girls wear.

But when they held some of the juvenile outfits against my body, they seemed equally surprised when it appeared that a few of the outfits would actually fit me! The girls practically ripped my clothes off, and when I clung to my underpants with grim determination, Samantha distracted me by draping a silky-soft pair of white nylon bikini panties across my red face. The next thing I knew my underpants were being held high out of my grasp by a laughing, jeering Jessica. Clad only in my thin white cotton socks, I reached disconsolately for the panties the grinning Samantha now dangled in front of my face. But she teasingly drew them away, and informed me that I would have to ask Aunty for my panties like a polite little girl! My cheeks were flushed red and my ears were buzzing with humiliation as I tremulously pleaded for the feminine wisp of underwear.

“Oh no!” Samantha snickered in reply, “this little one is way too young to dress herself! Mummy and her Aunties will help you into your pretty outfit!” And so saying, she opened the waistband of the panties and knelt to hold them down and open for me to step into. I was distracted as her low-cut blouse gaped open as she leant forward, revealing a vast expanse of soft tanned breast flesh and her deep inviting cleavage. I tried to cover my shrivelled genitals with my hands as I reluctantly placed one foot - then the other - carefully through the leg holes.

My face was burning as Samantha efficiently pulled the panties up over my knees, and then brusquely smacked my hands out of the way so she could tug them tightly around my tiny waist. Before long I was being dressed in one effeminate juvenile outfit after another, with the three of them taking extreme delight at each change. They thought I was so cute, and repeatedly told me how “adorable!” I looked!

The last dress they chose for me to try on was made from very pale pink cotton. It had tiny yellow and blue flowers embroidered over the shirred bodice, and frilly white lace adorning the collar, cuffs and hemline. The short puffy sleeves had elastic cuffs that Samantha arranged to her satisfaction, making sure that the lace trim sat attractively. When I gazed down I noticed the flared hemline was also thickly lace-trimmed, but the frock was so short, it barely covered the crotch of my shiny white panties. Giggling with delight at my appearance, the girls then decided to style my hair to further enhance my feminine image. Bubbling and chattering excitedly, they dragged me upstairs to Becky’s room.

They carefully led me in so I couldn’t catch my reflection in the mirror, and sat me backwards on the vanity stool. I felt all tingly as Samantha lovingly brushed my hair, while Becky lightly dusted some perfumed powder on my cheeks. Jessica stroked my limbs while crooning reassurances to me about my amazing new appearance. Although all the attention was wonderful, I was growing concerned that they seemed so oddly thrilled to be dressing me up, and I started to wonder when this silly game would finally end. Samantha at last finished brushing and arranging my hair, and then turned me to the mirror to show me my now-feminine appearance.

I was shocked! My jaw dropped at what I beheld in the mirror! I looked like a beautiful little girl! As the initial shock receded, I began to gaze in wonder at the pretty toddler who gaped open-mouthed back at me. The girls had bound my lustrous long blonde hair into a high thick ponytail, and fastened it with a long dangly pink satin ribbon that perfectly matched the dress I had been made to wear. While I was transfixed by my altered image in the mirror, Becky pulled the family camera from her dresser drawer and quickly started snapping pictures of me!

I’m afraid the first few shots must have captured my obvious wonder and delight at my amazing transformation. Samantha wrapped her chubby arms around my waist and cuddled me from behind; her plump breasts warm soft cushions for my head as I nestled contentedly between them. I even giggled when she kissed me on the ear with her full red lips, and whispered to me I was such a cute little girl, she could eat me up! I leant back into her comforting, motherly embrace and smiled happily, my eyes blissfully closed and unaware of the busy camera flash.

Minutes later the camera seemed to have disappeared, and Becky announced that she wanted to try a few more alterations - to make me look “really cute, and try a slightly different look on our pretty little girl!” While I wasn't sure to what she was referring, I was fairly certain I wouldn't like it much - judging by the crafty knowing glances the three of them were casting at each other. I began to feel uneasy, and timidly asked my sister if I could change back into my clothes and return to my room. She laughed - a cruel short bark - and informed me that I would be allowed my own clothes - after they had finished with me!

I squealed in dismay and tried to run, but Jessie simply lifted me under the armpits till my feet were whisked off the ground. She trapped me in her strong wiry arms and squeezed me close, so I quickly quit struggling. Becky then explained that everyone was having too much fun dressing up the baby to stop playing quite so soon, and that I shouldn't be a spoilsport and try to ruin their fun. She also added that the pictures she had taken of the pretty little girl were only meant for fun - but if I gave her sufficient reason, she might start passing them around the neighbourhood!

While I didn't have many friends in the area, there were lots of kids from our school that lived nearby. The thought of some of those embarrassing photos ending up in my class, scared the hell out of me! I reluctantly agreed to keep playing their stupid game, and wondered dismissively how much worse it could be? Becky smiled at my resigned compliance, and Samantha informed me that since I looked so cute in my pretty toddler frock - and that as Becky was still officially my babysitter - they thought it would be nice to see if they could make me look like a real baby!

I didn't understand what they meant - until Becky opened a box of old baby things they had found at the bottom of the basement closet and stashed upstairs. Even then I didn't think that they were actually serious - until Samantha fished out some thick cloth nappies and a pair of crinkly translucent white plastic panties. I saw them all giving knowing looks to each other - when it dawned on me that they must have had this planned from the start!

The childish dresses and the pretty, feminine hairstyle were silly enough - but there was no way that they were going to put me in nappies! I made another mad dash for the door, but was easily caught by Jessica, who lifted me again into a claustrophobic bear-hug. She was by far the most athletic of the three girls, and very strong. She none-too-gently carried me back into the centre of the room, and forced me onto my nylon-pantied bottom. I was powerless to stop them as Jessie eased me onto my back, where she and Samantha clucked and cooed at me to calm me, and held me down while my sister prepared the cloth nappies. Becky lifted the lacy hem of my pink dress to my chin and first removed the tight nylon panties. I wriggled in vain as she slid the thick nappy under me with one hand, while holding my ankles high with the other. In spite of my struggles the girls were far too strong for me. When I eventually realised there was no way of escaping, I went completely limp. I started sniffling and begged Becky not to do this to me, but she and her friends merely laughed at the “Sissy cry-baby!” and cooed consolingly to me in baby-talk while Becky pinned the nappies tightly in place. She worked the tight scratchy plastic panties up my trembling little legs, and then they rolled me onto my stomach. Laughing at the way the puffy plastic panties just fitted over my bulky padding, they pulled the noisy pilchers into place over the thick diaper, then patted the taut package crisply. Not knowing what else to do, I remember I just lay there and cried softly while they ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ over the “beautiful big baby girl!”

Samantha seemed to take pity on me. Sitting on the floor beside me, she lifted me onto her chubby lap and gave me a warm cuddle. She gently but noisily patted my plastic-covered bottom, consoling me like I was an upset toddler. “Don't cry, my baby,” and “cheer up, diddums!” she crooned, babbling assorted baby-talk to try to lift my spirits. She used her scented floral handkerchief to dry my tears, and chucked me under the chin like I was a sulky infant. Gradually my tears dried and she held her hanky to my nose. “Blow!” she commanded, and unthinkingly I obeyed her, letting her wipe my snotty nose like a kind and caring Nanny. “All right now, sweet-cakes?” she murmured soothingly.

In an unconscious response to her warm motherly tone, I felt a shy smile tug uncertainly at the corners of my mouth. She stood and lifted me awkwardly to my feet, where I wobbled nervously - probably due to the unfamiliar bulk forcing my thighs apart. When I stumbled Samantha caught me and clutched my face to her opulent bosom. She held my head firmly till she was sure I was steady on my feet. I was then released, and I wasn’t surprised when Becky started to snap more pictures of me as I waddled awkwardly towards her.

Becky then informed me that if I was a very good baby for the rest of the day and did everything she asked, no one would ever see the baby photos she’d just taken - and they'd even buy me an ice-cream later! Since it was now lunchtime, Becky and her friends decided to take the baby downstairs so we could all have lunch together. With a chuckle Jessica dashed off ahead of us, as if on some prearranged mission.

When Samantha released my hand I immediately noticed that my swaddling was so thick, I could barely walk unaided! In the full-length hall mirror I saw that the wide flaring skirt of my dress was brief to begin with, but now with these thick nappies pinned on underneath… There was no way that the short toddler’s frock was ever going to cover my big diapered bottom! When I tried to follow the girls down the hall, the bulk between my legs forced such a baby-like waddle in my gait, I felt in danger of tipping over! It was all I could to do to maintain my precarious balance!

Samantha gently chided me and told me to hurry up, but I kept losing my balance and falling to the carpet. My sister then innocently suggested to her friend. “Maybe our little baby girl should try crawling, as it seems she's still too little to walk?” I was growing so frustrated trying to stay on my feet, I decided it might be safer if I did just that! Samantha started giggling uncontrollably as I began to crawl like a baby along the carpet after them, and when Jessica returned, she too laughed at my infantile progress.

After waiting impatiently for a few seconds by the stairs, Jessica strode over to me and picked me up in her arms! She clutched me to her breast as if I weighed as little as a doll! Snorting loudly at my obvious dismay, she swiftly carried me downstairs. “What a cute little baby girl you are!” Jessica teased me, bouncing me in her arms like I really was a helpless infant. “My name is Peter! I'm not a girl, or a baby!” I objected indignantly, but my nervous protest rose to a high-pitched squeak, further denying my doubtful masculinity.

“Well, you certainly look like a baby girl now,” chuckled Samantha, her wide, full-lipped smile completely genuine. “And a very pretty one, too!” She leaned over me, her large breasts surging forward and swaying softly, despite the huge restrictive white lace brassiere visible beneath her crisp white cotton blouse. She chucked me under the chin gently and lightly pinched my cheek, cooing to me like I was her own favourite child. I giggled in spite of myself.

As much as I hated to admit it, she did have a point! They had dressed me so prettily and made me up so well, that I looked just like a cute little toddler girl! The nappies that my short pink dress only partially covered merely made me look even more like a baby. And since I couldn't walk very well because of my thick diaper, I had to be carried - or crawl - just like a baby!

Becky quickly made it clear that I was to remain their baby girl for the rest of the day, so I resigned myself to my fate. I wondered dispiritedly what else the girls might have planned for me. Jessica effortlessly carried me into the living room and sat down on the sofa, plonking me across her bony lap. Samantha sashayed over and sat down beside us, her dark chocolate eyes flashing with ill-concealed mirth. Her pretty round face creased into a sly grin, and she began asking me which of the dresses I liked best of those they had tried on me that morning?

“Did baby like the baby-blue frock with the little roses on it best? Or the pastel lavender gown, with the attached white lace pinafore?” Samantha teasingly questioned me. “Or perhaps you prefer the pretty pink number you’re wearing now?” I didn’t know what to say, and when I stumbled and mumbled in response to her questions, they merely laughed. The girls continued to tease and tickle me while Becky fixed our lunch.

This friendly attention and gentle ribbing surprised me, as it was certainly a radical change from the way they'd been treating me in the rec-room - before they stripped me and made me wear the nappies. I had to admit I was enjoying their company after a while, and I almost forgot the odd situation I was in - until my sister returned from the kitchen with a baby bottle full of warm milk! I didn't like the idea of having to drink from a baby bottle, but compared to having to wear nappies and pilchers, it was only a minor additional embarrassment.

Jessica passed me over to Samantha, who helped me onto my back between them with my head on her broad soft lap. Samantha rubbed the warm latex teat across my clenched lips and under her soothing coaxing words, my lips tremulously parted and the warm nipple filled my mouth. She confidently began to feed me the bottle while Jessie strode off to help Becky prepare lunch. After I had drained my bottle, lunch was ready and waiting. Samantha made me stand and then grunted as she carried me into the kitchen - where I found to my horror they already had my old highchair set up! Before I could form an objection, she lifted me into the white painted wooden baby chair, securely buckled the leather crotch and waist belts, and fixed the tray in place! I sat there speechless, mouth agape as they started serving lunch.

While the girls were chatting and eating their sandwiches, I was presented with a bowl of mashed potatoes - which Samantha insisted on spoon-feeding me! No one spoke to me, except to tell me to “Eat up, baby!” or tell me “What “a good little girl you are!” in the most sugary-sweet tones. After being fed my humiliating lunch, Samantha unlocked and removed the highchair tray, then unbuckled my restraints. Jessica carried me into the living room with ease, plonking herself on the big old lounge and then lifting me across to snuggle my head over Samantha’s warm brown thighs.

Samantha smiled down at me with those beautiful, luscious red lips, and her big brown eyes seemed full of affection. She eased my unresisting face more comfortably between her huge, soft cushiony breasts, and when she had me positioned to her satisfaction, she fed me another pink baby bottle filled with warm milk. My sister and Jessica wandered off chatting down to the rec-room, saying something about “making the baby’s room ready.” But the loud sucking sounds I was making as I emptied the bottle drowned out exactly what they said they were planning to do.

When I had drained the bottle it wasn't necessary to burp me, but Samantha still hoisted me up and held me over her shoulder. She gently but firmly patted and rubbed my back, and to my embarrassment, I produced a lusty belch - for which I was warmly praised! She kept the rubbing and patting up for quite a while, and even started humming softy to me. It felt really pleasant and soothing, and after the manner in which this little adventure had started for me, I found this motherly attention very comforting. I gradually relaxed in her warm embrace, and began to feel drowsy. I guess I must have dozed off, because I wasn't aware that Jessica had picked me up and had carried me downstairs until we arrived at the rec-room.

When we entered the dimly lit room, I noticed that Becky and Jessie had put my old crib together! They obviously meant to put me down in my crib! “It’s time for the pretty baby to take her afternoon nap,” stated Becky firmly - in that tone mothers’ reserve for their recalcitrant infants. “If you lie down in your cot and go sleepy-byes for a while like a good little girl, we'll take you out after your nap for that ice-cream I promised you.” This was all starting to take a toll on me, and I started to become upset again.

“I don’t take afternoon naps any more!” I whined in protest. “Even if I still did, I wouldn’t sleep in my old crib!” I started to squirm in Jessica's arms and pleaded with her to put me down. I begged them to allow me to wear my regular clothes again. Becky just smiled superiorly at me, and I felt Jessica's grip on me tighten. Samantha shot me a sad little smile, then reached over and slipped a large pink latex pacifier into my open mouth - effectively muting my protests. She held it resolutely in place while my sister tied the attached pink ribbons securely behind my head! At the slightest sign of resistance, Jessica pulled my arms tighter behind me, and then a chuckling Becky fastened my wrists together with her deceptively-soft pink hair ribbon. When Samantha stepped around to face me, her pretty olive features took on a look of mock-disappointment, as she watched my futile struggles with the unbreakable satin bonds.

“You will lie down and take your nap in your crib like a good baby girl - or I will put you across my knee and spank the daylights out of your naughty little bottom!” Becky threatened, as Jessica lifted me bodily and dumped me unceremoniously on my side in the crib. “If you try to spit that dummy out, we'll give you a bottom spanking you won’t forget! And then we might just tie you up and leave you in your cot until Mum comes home!” I obviously quailed at that threat, and my sister nodded with grim satisfaction. “Just behave yourself and take your nap like a good little baby!” With that she lifted the side rail into position, locked it in place with chilling finality, and dimmed the lights till they were merely a dull glow.

The girls quietly filed out, leaving the door slightly ajar so they could occasionally peek in and check on the napping baby. I felt all alone in my crib. Annoyed, I sucked on the stupid rubber dummy for comfort. Not that I had much choice - it was tied in my mouth too tightly for me to spit out. I was feeling really miserable, and wondered when this humiliating baby treatment would end. I didn't doubt that Becky would make good on her threat to give me a spanking, so I decided it would be better just to do as she insisted.

As I began to doze, I began to feel a sudden urge to do a wee-wee. All that milk I had been fed earlier was starting to take it’s toll on me! There wasn't a toilet downstairs, and if I tried to climb out of the crib with my hands tied behind me, they'd quickly hear me, catch me - and probably spank me! The only thing I could do was wait until they returned to release me from my crib. I waited, the need to urinate growing stronger by the minute. I was starting to become desperate! If they didn't come to release me soon, I was going to wet my pants! Then it dawned on me... I was wearing a nappy!

But- But surely they didn't really expect me to actually use the nappy? The pressure grew steadily worse. And I decided - spanking or not - I had to try to reach the bathroom. Dressing me up and playing these silly baby games was bad enough. But I didn't honestly believe that I would be expected to wet my nappies like a baby! I struggled awkwardly to my feet, and was in the process of clumsily trying to crawl over the top of the side rail with my wrists bound behind me, when the door suddenly burst open and all three girls charged in.

“Just what do you think you're doing, little girl?” My sister snapped angrily at me. In vain I tried to tell her that I urgently needed to go to the toilet, but the pacifier tied in my mouth stopped me from forming any recognizable words! “I warned you what would happen if you misbehaved!” Becky fumed. I know everyone says Becky is beautiful, but at that moment she just looked like a smaller - but angrier - version of my Mum. Her cornflower-blue eyes were blazing, and there were hot red points highlighting her normally-attractive tanned, high cheeks. “You are a naughty little girl, and you've just earned yourself a botty-spanking!”

At that moment fear overwhelmed me. I lost control of my bladder and started helplessly flooding my nappies! I leaned my tummy against the high cot rail and shuddered as the hot stream poured uncontrollably out of my peenie. I was surprised they couldn’t hear the hissing sounds emanating from my panties, but they obviously had other things on their minds. The surprising heat rose around my crotch as the front of my thick nappy became saturated, then I felt the wet warmth gather between my spread legs and creep up around my bottom. Samantha stood by shaking her head sadly as Jessica grinned maliciously and held me firmly by one shoulder. Becky brought a straight-backed chair in from the next room, frowning at me as she placed it in the centre of the rec-room. After seating herself and primly rearranging her short denim mini-skirt to conceal the crotch of her powder-blue panties, she nodded to Jessica.

Jessica released her iron grip on my shoulder and unlocked and lowered the cot side, then hoisted me out of the crib. I was dragged moaning incoherently towards Becky’s smooth brown thighs, still copiously wetting my nappy. Jessica plonked me soundly face-down over Becky’s lap, and held me immobile with my bound wrists pulled painfully high up behind my back. As Becky raised the short lacy hem at the rear of my dress, she immediately noticed the seat of my nappies was yellowed and sagging through the tight transparent plastic panties. Arching one inquiring eyebrow at her friends, she slipped one of her fingers up under a leg opening of the warm, damp plastic panties, immediately confirming her suspicions.

“You really are a baby, aren’t you?” Becky snorted loudly as I whimpered in shame. “Is that why baby tried to climb out of her crib?” I miserably nodded my head, grunting wordlessly in a futile attempt at explanation. “You should have waited for us to come and change your diaper, instead of disobeying us and trying to escape!” She then pulled my plastic panties down to the tops of my thighs, and unpinned one side of my wet nappies. Folding that side back, she began spanking my bare damp bottom.

SMACK! “Naughty baby!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Little girls will do” SMACK! “as” SMACK! “they” SMACK! “are” SMACK! “told!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! It was more embarrassing than painful to be spanked like a toddler by Becky in front of her two friends, but I was crying and sobbing around my dummy just the same. The pacifier in my mouth completely muffled my protests as I begged her to stop, so she carried on regardless.

As soon as my punishment ceased, I was rolled off Becky’s lap onto my back on the floor. My sister stormed out, ordering her friends; “Keep an eye on my naughty baby!” Samantha looked down almost sympathetically at me as I lay on my back, sobbing around the dummy still tied in my mouth. She slid the glistening plastic panties down to my ankles and unfastened the other nappy pin. She carefully pulled the wet yellowed nappy from between my legs, then wiped my damp crotch and bottom with a small towel. In moments Becky returned with some Vaseline and baby powder, as well as another nappy. She handed the items to Samantha, who proceeded to gently but thoroughly grease my bottom and crotch, before liberally dusting me with sweet-scented baby powder. Now I was beginning to even smell like a baby! Finally I was securely pinned into some dry nappies, and then lifted back into the crib.

Becky kissed me on the forehead forgivingly as she wiped the few remaining tears from my face. “Roll over!” she softly commanded. I hurriedly turned onto my tummy, and thankfully felt her untie my wrists. Then she was urging me onto my back again. “Now I know you’re not going to touch that dummy - are you sweetheart?” she cautioned me, as she raised the cot side and locked the clasp. “I'm sorry that I had to spank you like that,” she continued in a more conciliatory tone. “I know you're upset - but be a good little baby girl and try to sleep for a while. When you wake up you'll feel much better, and maybe we'll still take you out for that ice-cream!” She sounded like she was trying to jolly along a reluctant toddler, and as the other girls snickered, I closed my eyes to block out their taunting faces. I was still quite upset, and a few unwanted tears beaded my clenched lashes. I squeezed my lids tightly shut to hold back the tears, and hoped this would all turn out to be a weird dream!

Samantha leaned over the crib rail and when I sulkily rolled away - presenting my back to her - she merely gave a soft, forgiving chuckle. She began humming gently, and I felt my rigid back being tenderly rubbed in that soothing circular motion. In spite of my anger I began to relax, and without meaning to, I gradually drifted off to sleep. I had probably slept for no more than an hour when the girls returned and gently woke me.

“There's our good little girl!” my sister praised me fulsomely, a delighted smile playing around her full pink lips as I drowsily gazed up at her. “I'll bet my baby girl is thirsty by now! If you promise to behave, we can take that pacifier out of your mouth and give you something to drink. Are you going to be a good baby girl for Mummy?” I nodded my head earnestly, and relief washed over me as I felt them untying the ribbon from behind my head. The pacifier plopped wetly out and was immediately replaced by the nipple of a bottle full of apple juice - which I gratefully and rapidly gulped down. As soon as the bottle was empty, Jessica unlocked and lowered the crib rail. She lifted me out of the crib with ease and carried me back upstairs to the living room.

Uncertain of what was to happen next, I just sat dazedly on her scrawny lap and waited. Samantha sat down next to us and gripping one of my hands firmly, started to paint my fingernails with pale-pink nail polish! My sister removed the ponytail ribbon, took a brush, and began gently stroking it through my long locks. She knew I loved it when she brushed my hair! I felt myself relaxing, falling under their spell as they further feminised me. “Since you have been behaving yourself like such a good baby,” Becky began innocently, “we've decided to take you out as we promised!”

I panicked momentarily as I realised that they meant to take me out dressed as a baby girl! But I didn't want to make them angrier by resisting, or they might do something worse! My only hope was that they had done such a convincing job on my appearance, no one we knew would recognise me. I sat rigidly while Becky did something odd to my eyelashes, and dusted some more of that sweet-smelling powder on my cheeks with the tickly soft brush.

“Such a gorgeous little baby girl needs a name that sounds as pretty as she looks,” chuckled Samantha, as I compliantly sat on Jessie‘s lap and allowed them to further feminise me. “How about we call her Baby Jennifer, or Jennie for short?” “Baby Jennie it is!” my sister cackled delightedly, and Jessica laughingly agreed. “Now let’s go walkies, so our gorgeous baby girl can enjoy some fresh air!”

Jessica carried me out into the garage, where I noticed they had cleaned up the old baby stroller ready for my use. Originally bought for Becky when she was a toddler, the big stroller was fashioned from pink-painted tubular steel, with a pink-and-white candy-striped canvass seat. The legs each ended in a pair of large white rubber wheels, to make it easier to push along. I was disgusted to find the effeminate kiddie stroller was still large enough to accommodate me, even wearing my bulky nappies. Once I was settled in and the white leather crotch and waist straps securely fastened, we were on our way. I was mortified that someone might recognise me - but amazingly, no one did! People walking past just smiled indulgently down at me - just like at any other baby!

When we arrived outside the ice-cream store, Becky crouched down next to me and reminded me that I was “just a baby - and babies aren't supposed to talk much!” This was the ice-cream shop where we normally shopped with our mother. If I was recognised, I was sure Mum would find out about this sooner or later - so I decided the less I said, the better! Becky already knew my favourite ice-cream flavour, so there wouldn't be any need for me to say anything anyway. . Jessica took over pushing the stroller and the girls wheeled me inside. The shopkeeper was a really nice old man we'd seen many times before, so he instantly recognised Becky and her pretty smiling friends - but fortunately, he didn't seem to know who I was. When he inquired about his newest young customer, my sister explained that Jessica was babysitting her little cousin, and they had all decided to take her out for some ice-cream.

“My my! What a pretty little thing she is!” he beamed, as he stepped out from behind the counter. He crouched down next to my stroller, his kindly seamed old face inches from my own, and asked in husky little baby voice, “What's your name, sweetheart?” I gave him a nervous smile and murmured “Jennie,” in the smallest little-girl voice I could manage, while trying not to meet his searching, glittering gaze. His bright blue eyes twinkled merrily at my timid response. “What a gorgeous little girl! No need to be shy, child,” he chuckled reassuringly, tweaking my cheek gently as he handed me an ice-cream cone. “I believe this is your favourite flavour... Try not to spill it on that pretty pink dress of yours!”

My sister and her friends let out a collective gasp, and I turned bright red. He knew! My sister and her two shocked accomplices received their orders in stunned silence. After they paid we all started to leave the store, when the old man looked down at my stunned expression with a wide smile, and then he chuckled heartily to my sister. “Don't you worry about a thing! He looks just precious! Any time you girls want to bring little Baby Jennie back, the ice-creams are on me!” With that he held the door open for us, grinning hugely as we stumbled out into the bright afternoon sunshine.

Momentarily I was shocked into silence! I wasn't sure what to think! He obviously knew who I was - but he seemed… pleasantly surprised? Was he going to keep my secret - or would he tell our mother the next time we came in for ice-creams? I babbled my concerns to my sister, but she merely shrugged as if it didn’t matter, and unconcernedly told me not to worry! Confused, I settled back in my stroller and quietly finished my ice-cream, as they wheeled me across the street and into the local park. Becky took a picnic blanket from under the stroller and spread it out on the grass for us, while Jessica and Samantha freed me from the leather restraints. The thick nappies still made walking difficult, so much to the girls’ delight, I had to crawl to the blanket. Quite a few people strolled by, and some even commented on what a pretty little girl I was! But fortunately no one else seemed to recognise me.

Samantha, Jessica and my sister took turns cuddling, caressing, tickling and playing with me over the next hour, until finally it was time for us to head back home. Our mother would be returning within the hour, so it was time to put all the baby things away and clean up the mess they’d made. Becky sat me on Samantha’s lap in front of the TV with “One last bottle for the baby!” We happily watched cartoons as my sister and Jessica tidied the house. When they were finished, Jessica and Samantha both gave me a warm lingering kiss on each cheek, and a ‘squeezie cuddle’ to thank me for making their day so much fun.

As soon as they departed Becky dragged me waddling awkwardly up to her room, where she helped me out of the dress and plastic panties and my (thankfully) dry nappies. After some quick work with a hairbrush and some make-up and nail polish remover, I was soon pretty much back to normal. It felt good to finally have my own clothes back on again, but I realised that I somehow missed the secure feeling that being wrapped snugly in nappies afforded me. Becky had already washed the diaper that I’d wet before taking my nap, so everything was back in its proper place when our mother arrived.

Everything seemed back to normal, and after dinner Mum took us out for a walk in the park - followed by an unplanned visit to our favourite ice-cream store! Both Becky and I felt a little uneasy as the old man cheerily greeted us and our mother, but thankfully he didn't say anything about our earlier visit - until the last minute. As we were leaving, he quietly mentioned to Becky that he had told his wife all about that adorable little girl that her friend Jessica was babysitting - and he wanted to know if she might have Jessica bring her in to meet his wife some day?

I felt my cheeks grow pale as a broadly-grinning Becky promised to pass on the message, and she gave the old man a sly wink as we left the store. “He’s such a nice man,” my mother commented after a few minute’s silence. “Rebecca, which little girl was he talking about?” “Jessica's little cousin, Jennifer,” my sister replied smoothly. “Jessie and Sam brought Baby Jennie by the house today.” “What a pretty name... Do you think Jessie will let me meet her, too?” I felt the blood drain from my face. “Well, Mum… I think she's already gone back home with her parents… But you never know! She might come to visit us again some time soon!”

Behind our mother I almost choked on my ice-cream, but Becky shot me a huge grin and gave me a reassuring hard whack on the back - to clear my constricted throat. In spite of everything that had occurred, it was reassuring to know that Becky drew the line at letting our mother know about our dress-up game. It was kind of weird, after all! Although on reflection my day as Baby Jennie hadn’t been nearly as traumatic as I thought it might have been. In retrospect, I ended up having more fun than I’d ever dare admit to my sister! Knowing her as I did, if I told her I hadn’t minded being dressed up like a baby girl, Becky would have me back in nappies and toddler dresses as soon as she could - because the game seemed even more fun for her and her friends! But when the weekend came, the ‘game’ took an unexpected twist. While we were seated around the breakfast table, out of the blue Mum unexpectedly asked my sister about Jessica's little cousin Baby Jennie again! “I'm not sure when she's coming to visit Jessie again, Mum. But I'll ask her, if you'd like,” replied my sister nonchalantly - all the while watching the growing horror on my face with mounting glee. “Oh don't worry about it, Rebecca! I'm sure that I'll have the chance to meet that cute little girl soon enough!” My mother seemed to suppress a laugh, but a small chortle escaped her lips as she flashed me an enigmatic smile.

Standing, she then placed a yellow film shop envelope on the table. She told us to clear the dishes while she enjoyed her Saturday morning bath in peace. As she was leaving the kitchen, she tossed a casual departing comment over her shoulder. “By the way, children - remind me later to buy some more film for the camera…” After a few moments of puzzled silence, Becky and I looked at each other with mounting horror - and then grabbed for the yellow envelope sitting on the table! Inside were various photos from our last month’s trip to the zoo - and several pictures of a cute little toddler girl, dressed in obvious thick nappies and a short pink party dress!

I couldn't believe it! Becky had forgotten to remove the film from the camera, and my mother went and had it developed! I could hear Mum running the water upstairs for her ritual bath, and fearfully wondered what was going to happen when she returned. “We're in serious trouble, Becky! Mum is probably going to ground us for the rest of the summer - and it’s all your fault!” I wailed in dismay.

“Don't be too sure, Peter,” my sister suggested thoughtfully. “Mum doesn't actually appear to be angry, so just keep quiet when she comes back down. Let me do the explaining.” We finished loading the dishwasher in stunned silence, and then sat down to look through the pictures again. While I certainly remembered some of the photos being taken, it was still hard to believe that it was me dressed up like a little baby girl in the pictures. A rather cute little baby girl, at that! “I'm going to tell Mum that we were just playing a dress-up game, so you just back me up and agree with everything I say,” commanded my sister ruthlessly. “You were the one playing a game - not me!” I snivelled. “I don't want Mum thinking that I wanted to be put in nappies and then be dressed up like some kind of doll!” My sister shot me a mischievous grin, her cornflower-blue eyes twinkling merrily.

“It doesn't look like anyone was forcing you in these pictures, Peter! In fact I'm sure that by the end of the day, you were having as much fun as we were! Don't forget; I'm still in charge when Mum’s not home - and if you don't go along with my story, you'll be sorry once she goes back to work on Monday!” Although I couldn't imagine how she would be able to top what she and her friends had already done to me, I knew she wasn't kidding! She'd think up something even worse if I didn't concede to her demands.

We shuffled into the living room and anxiously watched TV until my mother eventually finished bathing. She strolled into the living room a short while later, all pink and glowing and smelling of flowers, wrapped in a big fluffy pink towel. She had another matching smaller towel wrapped turban-like around her long wet hair. She told us to turn off the TV and sat down in the big overstuffed armchair, patting her damp pink cheeks with her towel.

“So I assume you've looked at the photographs. I was quite surprised when I first saw them! Although Peter looked very cute - and extremely convincing as a baby girl - I know that he couldn’t have dressed so prettily without assistance. Would you two care to explain what happened?” I felt my mouth fall open, but Becky interjected smoothly. “Jessie and Sam saw the picture of Peter wearing the dress when he was five in the old photo album,” my sister began. “They asked him if we could try dressing him up again like that, and he told us he was happy to play along! We were all having so much fun, when we found the box of baby things - we got a little… carried away! But Peter didn't mind at all!” she finished in a rush, “He actually seemed to be enjoying himself!” Mum sat there quiet and thoughtful for a whole minute while my nervousness grew.

“So Peter?” my mother finally asked. “You were just playing dress-ups with your sister and her friends?” I nodded dumbly, my blue eyes wide. “And they didn't force you in any way?” “No Mum,” I shakily denied the truth with a dry mouth. I could feel my sister staring intently at me while I answered. “We were all just playing a make-believe game!” “Well I'm certainly glad to hear that,” beamed my mother. “You must have really been enjoying yourself, if you went all the way to Mr. Jensen's ice-cream store dressed up like that!” I started to panic, not knowing how to respond. “Y-yeah - I mean, yes Mum! It- it was lots of fun!” I stammered awkwardly. I could feel my face blushing hotly as I guiltily ducked away from her searching gaze. Becky immediately jumped in to rescue me.

“We all thought that he made such a convincing little girl, we wanted to see if we could get away with going out for a walk - without anyone noticing,” she explained glibly. “It was all in plain fun!” “And you enjoyed your little excursion to the shops too, Peter?” quizzed my mother, still seeming a little puzzled. I could still feel Becky staring daggers at my back, so I nervously swallowed and nodded agreement. “And was it fun being all dressed up like that?” Again I nodded, even trying to appear eager.

Becky was right about Mum not being angry! It didn't appear that we were going to wind up in any trouble… But I had a feeling that this wasn't going to be the last of it! “Well, since Peter wanted to play dress-up, then I guess there's no harm done,” my mother finally smiled at both of us. I let my breath out and only then realised I had been holding it. “You did look so adorable in that pretty pink outfit, and since it was ‘all in plain fun’ - I have a small favour to ask.”

I began to feel uneasy as I waited to hear what she wanted. Whatever it was, I knew it wasn't likely to be a ‘small favour.’ “Peter, Rebecca - I want to meet that cute little girl that charmed everyone so earlier this week. Would you two consider playing some more make-believe dress-up with Mummy today?” Mum asked us sweetly. “Sure Mum!” Becky responded eagerly, with unrepressed excitement in her voice “We'd love to!”

‘Great!’ I thought miserably. ‘Mum thinks that I like the baby treatment, and wants to see me dressed up for her now!’ She sent us downstairs to “make Baby Jennifer ready,” while she went upstairs to finish drying and styling her hair. When Becky and I reached the basement, she immediately pulled the boxes out of the closet and ordered me to start undressing. After she dragged all the necessary clothes out of the box, I noticed that she had also included the nappies I had previously wet as part of my wardrobe. “Come on, Becky!” I protested weakly. “Mum didn't tell us I had to dress in nappies again, too!” She froze me with a withering glare.

“We have to make you look convincing, Peter! You have to look at least as good as you did in those photos we took of you. And you'd better act like you're enjoying it!” She didn't have to remind me of her previous threat about what might happen to me next week, so I let her finish undressing me. When I was naked I lowered myself to the carpet and let her pin the humiliating nappies on me again. She didn't seem to make the diaper as thick as she had before, so once she pulled the tight plastic panties up over it, I was able to carefully waddle around without falling.

Next came the little pink dress, which was still too short to completely cover my bulky diapered behind. We had to return to Becky’s room so she could finish styling my hair as before, and she rushed to Mum’s bedroom and excitedly told our mother not to peek until we were done. After my hair was brushed, she gathered and tied into a high thick ponytail with the long dangly matching pink ribbon. I watched closely as Becky added a little more make-up to my cheeks to make them look rosier. My lips were painted with glossy pink lipstick, and after a few careful brushes with the black mascara wand, she stepped back, smiling broadly as she took in my new look.

The pale-pink nail polish was once again applied to my fingernails - two coats this time, which seemed to take forever to dry! After a few last once-overs, I was ready to be introduced to our mother as ‘Baby Jennie.’ Becky called down to our mother that we were ready, and we slowly started to make our way downstairs. I discovered that although the nappies weren't as thick as previously, I still had difficulty waddling down the stairs. Becky generously offered to hold my hand to keep me balanced.

Our mother appeared at the bottom of the stairs clutching the camera, and immediately took a picture of her two ‘daughters’ toddling downstairs hand in hand. “Oh my God! He- He looks so adorable!” my mother shrieked with unabashed delight. “Come here, sweetie! Let Mummy take a good look at you!” Once at the bottom of the stairs, Becky released my hand and I toddled unsteadily over to Mum. She crouched and squealed happily and picked me up before I stumbled, and started waltzing around the room with me clutched to her breast like I was a true infant.

“Don’t you make the sweetest little girl? You are so precious! It's been years since we've had such a beautiful baby girl in the house!” she gushed over me. Mum then instructed Becky to start taking lots of pictures of her holding the baby, while she continued to move around with me clasped in her arms. Becky looked like she was really enjoying this latest development, and was more than happy to comply. “You are just the cutest little thing! The photos are lovely - but they don't compare to having a sweet little baby girl to cuddle!” My mother smothered my face with kisses as she cooed lovingly to me.

“Would you like me to prepare a nice warm bottle of milk for the baby, Mum?” asked my sister with a sly grin. “Oh! That's a wonderful idea! Would you like some lovely milk to drink, Baby Jennie?” I was still in a daze from everything so I nodded, not knowing what else to do. Becky rapidly fetched a pink baby bottle from downstairs, and was soon preparing it in the kitchen while my mother sat down on the sofa with me. “You know, Peter,” Mum continued in a slightly calmer tone, “you really are something in that outfit!” She caressed my long ponytail thoughtfully yet lovingly. “Your beautiful long hair makes you look far more convincing as a girl than a boy. I can see why Rebecca and her friends had so much fun with you earlier this week!”

Becky brought the bottle of milk, and my mother lay me back in her arms and eased the warm latex nipple between my lips. She cooed and clucked happily as I obediently suckled for her. Becky took advantage of my infantile pose to snap a few more photos. “She is so cute, Mum! Can’t little Jennie spend the rest of the weekend with us?”

Mum looked thoughtful for a moment, then said that it would be up to me - but she'd certainly love to have such a pretty baby in the house for the whole weekend! Since Mum was looking down at me while I was drinking from the baby bottle, she wasn't able to see the threatening glances Becky was making at me from behind her. “Would you like that, sweetie? Would you be willing to be Mummy's precious little baby girl for the whole weekend?”

I didn't like the idea of being dressed up like a baby girl for the entire weekend, but I knew I couldn't refuse her. Mum seemed to be having so much fun that I didn't want to disappoint her. Besides - if I did - Becky would make sure I regretted it once Mum went back to work. Since I couldn't answer with the nipple still dripping in my mouth, I simply nodded my agreement. Mum appeared extremely pleased with my response, and smiled warmly down at me and gave me another loving hug. The rest of the afternoon passed by in pretty much the same manner. Mum played with me a lot, and occasionally she and Becky would take turns cuddling me and just holding me. Later Mum cuddled up with me on the sofa while we watched a Disney movie together on TV.

After the movie we ate dinner, and fortunately it wasn't as embarrassing an ordeal as it had been for me earlier in the week. Mum didn't have the highchair set up - it probably hadn't occurred to her. For some reason Becky had decided not to mention it - yet! I sat in my regular seat at the kitchen table, but Mum forgot to give me any utensils. She gave a surprised laugh when I pointed that out to her, but then only gave me a spoon to eat with! As expected, I had a baby bottle full of juice instead of a glass to drink from, and part-way through the meal, Mum wanted to try spoon-feeding a little of my dinner to me. Fortunately she only did this for a few mouthfuls, but Becky was quick with the camera to make sure it would be remembered for posterity.

After finishing our meal, Mum didn't have me help with clearing the table as I usually did. She simply carried me into the living room to sit in front of the TV, while she and Becky finished cleaning up. When they were done they told me; “Stay there in the living room like a good baby,” while they took care of a few things downstairs. It sounded like they were moving a lot of things around down in the rec-room, and I was curious as to what they were doing. I heard Mum and Becky made a few trips from the rec-room up to Mum’s bedroom, and then they remained talking in Mum’s room for a long time.

When they finally came back downstairs, Mum announced that she wanted to take us for a walk in the park. She asked Becky to find my old stroller in the garage. Since I'd already had to endure this once before, the idea of it wasn't quite as scary as previously. Mum told me it was growing cooler outside, and insisted on dressing me in little fluffy pink lambs wool cardigan to keep my arms from becoming cold. She then carried me into the garage, where a grinning Becky was waiting with the pink-and-white stroller. As before I was buckled securely in, and then we were on our way. Our route to the park took us past the shopping centre - thankfully quiet that evening. Mum and Becky took particular interest in the baby clothes on display in one or two of the store windows we passed, and made comments to each other about ‘how cute’ certain outfits might look on me. Fortunately we didn't go in!

I wasn't surprised to see we were headed to Mr. Jensen's ice-cream store. Since my mother now obviously knew about Baby Jennie, there wasn't much to worry about this time. My only fear was that being the weekend, there might be a lot of people in there - and possibly even some kids I might know. Fortunately luck was still with me, and there was only one family already there. They were leaving just as we were entering. Upon seeing our little family group, Mr. Jensen waved to us immediately. He seemed a little surprised at seeing our mother with us. He greeted us warmly and then chuckling, asked my mother how she liked finally meeting Baby Jennie.

My mother told him that she was quite pleasantly surprised, but since she was convinced that the children were just enjoying playing dress-up, she thought it was really rather cute. “I asked the girls if it was okay to have Baby Jennie stay with us this weekend, and I'm pleased to say that both ‘girls’ thought it was a great idea!” smiled my mother happily.

“Well, she certainly is a pretty little thing! I was hoping that she'd come back soon so my wife could meet her. Would it be all right with you if I called her down?” asked Mr. Jensen politely. My mother told him she would be delighted, and a few minutes later Mrs. Jensen was crouching down in front of the stroller, obviously amazed and commenting at length on at how convincing and pretty my appearance was. I found myself blushing at her fulsome praise.

“What a cute little girl!” she exclaimed as she tickled me under my chin. “Certainly too pretty to be a boy!” I giggled with pleasure in spite of myself, and was surprised by another camera flash from Becky. “Yes, she certainly is a gorgeous little thing,” agreed Mr. Jensen jovially. “And as promised, ice-creams today are on the house - in honour of our special baby visitor!” Then in spite of my mother’s mild protests, he promptly served each of us a double-scoop of our favourite flavours. It came as no surprise that he didn't need to ask me what mine was!

While the adults were off to one side discussing my circumstances in muted tones, Becky crouched down next to me and ragged me about being such a big hit as a baby girl. “Jessie and Sam are never going to believe this,” she teased me unmercifully. “They're definitely going to want to come back over this week to play with the pretty baby - especially when I tell them you've had all weekend to practise for them!” “Please Becky?” I desperately whimpered back. “I don't want to keep doing this! Someone from my school will definitely find out if we keep this up for much longer!” “Oh come on,” she replied scornfully. “You love all the attention! Besides, no one else has to know - as long as we're careful!”

Mum and the Jensens finished their conversation, then we all said goodbye and left the store. On the way home Mum remembered that she needed to pick up some groceries, so we stopped in at the local supermarket. Mum released me from the stroller and taking my hand, led me waddling into the brightly-lit store. Whenever we go to the grocery store, I always like to stand and ride on the front of the shopping cart. But this time Mum decided to place me in the trolley’s little toddler seat. It was a bit of a squash due to my thickly-diapered bottom, but Mum insisted. I wasn't surprised to hear Mum and Becky making a few playful comments when were passing through the baby items aisle, but fortunately Mum decided not to buy me anything. What was surprising was that amongst our other purchases, she bought twice the amount of milk that she normally does.

I felt a little nervous when we reached the check-out line, sitting there like a stupid toddler in the trolley seat… But everything went as it usually did, and no one seemed to cast me a second glance. The walk home was otherwise pretty uneventful. Other than the fact that I was dressed as a toddler girl, and buckled securely into a baby stroller - nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Unlike earlier in the week, it was different this time. I guess not having to worry about Mum finding out made a big difference, because I found it a lot easier to lie back and relax as Becky pushed me along. When we arrived home Becky let me out of the stroller, and led me by the hand into the living room while Mum put our groceries away.

“You know Peter, Mum is really having a lot of fun playing with you like this,” she chortled when Mum was out of earshot. “She obviously isn't going to make you do this forever - so why not just play along with it for the rest of the weekend?” “Well,” I replied uncertainly, “It isn't as bad as I thought it would be… But I don't like the idea of having to wear nappies all weekend!” “She isn't likely to make you use them - unless for some reason she thinks that you need them! Just try not to wet yourself like you did earlier in the week, and you should be okay,” she smirked.

“That was your fault! I had to go to the toilet, and you wouldn't let me!” Becky just laughed at my urgently whispered protests, and tried to convince me I was only trying to put the blame on her to avoid my own embarrassment. “There was no harm done though, was there Baby Jennie? If you hadn't been wearing your nappies, it could’ve been much worse!” She laughed again at my look of dismay.

Just then Mum returned from the kitchen with a plate of cookies for us, and some milk to go with them. Not surprisingly, my milk was served in another pink baby bottle. After the cookies and milk were rapidly consumed, Mum held me in her lap and cuddled me and brushed out my long hair while we watched some TV. When the program was over she announced that it was time for us to start preparing for bed, and then she stood up with me in her arms and carried me upstairs.

When we reached to the top of the stairs, I was surprised when she headed towards her bedroom instead of mine. But I found out why as soon as we entered. It was immediately obvious what she and Becky had been doing earlier that afternoon. They had brought my old crib up from storage in the basement, and it was now fully set up in Mum’s room! I was shocked, but I knew that I couldn't say anything - because I was expected to play along.

Mum sat on the edge of her bed still cuddling me, and asked whether it was all right if Mummy wanted her precious little baby to sleep close to her tonight? I figured it wouldn't be all that terrible, so I mumbled it was fine with me. She gave me a loving warm smile and started to help me remove the dress for my bath. I suddenly noticed her slipping a finger under the tight leg band of my plastic panties. She looked a little puzzled when she saw me blushing, and then gave a little chuckle. She smiled broadly and apologized, and explained that it was just a mother’s natural instinct - to check if her baby’s diaper needed changing or not.

Needless to say my nappy wasn’t wet, so that probably brought her crashing back to reality. Mum led me into the bathroom and started running the bathwater for me, and then left so I could use the toilet. When I was finished, she returned and had me climb into the tub. Mum didn't usually bathe me - since I was nine - but once in a while she would, and that night she decided to stay with me. I loved playing in the bathtub, and Mum always made bathtime even more fun.

After she washed me and played with me for a time, she told me to behave myself - and then disappeared for a few minutes. When she returned, she lifted me out of the tub and wrapped me in a large fluffy pink towel, then carried me back to her bedroom. I noticed that there were some fresh nappies laid out on her bed. In very short order, Mum had pinned me into them and pulled another pair of baby-blue plastic panties over the top. I was surprised that she wanted to diaper me for the night, but since I had already used the toilet, I assumed it was obviously just part of Baby Jennie’s weekend visit.

Becky wandered in while Mum was patting my hair dry. Suppressing a smug smile, she handed Mum one of her oldest nighties. Again it was pale-pink, and such sheer cotton, you could almost see right through it. As soon as I was dressed in the nightie, I noticed that at least it was a fraction longer than the dress I had been wearing that day, so my nappies wouldn't be constantly on display. Becky couldn't resist one more photograph with the family camera, and then she headed off giggling to have her shower. After Mum finished blow-drying my hair, she braided it into a pair of pigtails tied off with little pink ribbons, and then placed me on my back in the crib. As soon as she settled me under the covers, she cooed that she'd be right back, and left the room for a few minutes.

When Mum returned, she brought a storybook and another warm bottle of milk. I was starting to think that Becky had a point earlier. I really was starting to like all this maternal attention! The book was “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.” I didn’t know it, and figured it was one of Becky’s old books. I lay back and sucked on my warm bottle as Mum’s calm voice washed over me. By the time Becky finished her shower, I had drained my bottle of milk and was feeling really sleepy. Mum had stopped reading to me at some point, and started gently stroking my hair. I remember her humming softly to me until I fell asleep.

Chapter Two. Mummy’s Little Nappy Wetter Although I slept extremely well that night, I awoke to a curious sensation the next morning. I opened my eyes and found Mum standing over me, pulling down my plastic panties. At first I thought that perhaps the baby game was over - but that wasn't the case. I suddenly became aware that my diaper was wet, and she was in the process of changing my nappy! “Ohh! So my Baby Jennie is finally awake!” she crooned warmly down at me. The reality of what had happened hit me, and I started to cry. Mum thought that we were only playing some game for fun, but I ended up wetting my nappies in the night - just like a real baby!

“Ohhh! Don't cry, Baby Jennie! It's okay,” she soothed me. “I probably gave you too much to drink in your bottle last night before bed, so don't you worry your sweet little head about it!” Mum had found the pink pacifier that the girls tied in my mouth earlier in the week, and popped it in my mouth to calm my tears while she finished changing me into dry nappies. I was so embarrassed as I instinctively sucked the soother into my mouth, but also confused as to why Mum wasn't angry with me for wetting my nappy. In fact, she seemed almost cheerful as she eased a clean pair of plastic panties over the bulky diaper - pink this time. “There! That’s better! Now my baby is warm and dry, and ready to come downstairs for her breakfast.”

Mum then lifted me out of the crib and carried me downstairs with her to the kitchen - where my old white highchair sat waiting and ready for me! Becky was already seated at the kitchen table, and had a nasty smirk plastered across her face as Mum placed my big padded botty in the highchair seat without a moment’s hesitation. I knew from Becky’s self-satisfied expression, that she must have brought the highchair up from the basement that morning. I took the pacifier out of my mouth to object, but the way Mum casually spread my thighs wide and pushed me back in the seat so she could reach the leather crotch strap silenced me. After securing the waist strap at the rear of the highchair - well out of my reach - Mum fitted the tray into place and locked it in position. And I remained speechless while Becky and our mother loudly discussed what fun things they should do with the baby that day.

“I think we should do a little shopping this afternoon for some new baby panties for Baby Jennie,” suggested Mum. “Those old plastic panties have little rips and tears around the leg elastic - and we wouldn’t want any leaks,” smiled my mother, with a knowing look at me as I ducked my red cheeks in shame. Before I could comment, Becky gushed excitedly. “That’d be great, Mum! And while we’re there, we could look into some of those stores that we checked out yesterday!” “Yes,” agreed my mother thoughtfully. “They did have one darling outfit I saw in the window…”

While my sister and my mother chatted away about our impending shopping expedition, my head was spinning from this latest development. I practically had to hold onto the sides of the highchair tray to keep myself upright! This was all so confusing! Although I wasn't all that normal a boy - according to the few friends I had - the thought of being turned into a baby girl was just too bizarre to sink in! Yet in less than a week, that seemed to be what was happening! What started off as a silly once-off game with my sister and her friends, was turning into a full-time reality! Although they said it was only for this weekend. Why would they want to go shopping for more baby clothes for me?

Lost in thought, I suddenly became aware of the fact that it was completely silent at the kitchen table. I focused my attention back on my mother and sister, and noticed that they were both staring at me and smiling indulgently. I didn't understand why - until I realised that I had picked up the pink baby bottle full of juice that my mother had placed on my highchair tray, and instinctively sucked down half the contents before I knew what I was doing! I blushed with shame, quickly pulling the rubber nipple out of my mouth with a loud ‘plop!’ and placing the bottle on the tray in front of me.

“What's the matter, Baby Jennie?” my mother asked sweetly. “Aren't you thirsty, honey?” “Well... Yes. I am - I guess... But-” She took the bottle and pushed the nipple between my lips, silencing my protests. She held it in place until I had drained the contents, gently batting away my hand when I tried to hold my own bottle.

“Ohhh! You’re just soooo cute! Don't be shy about drinking from your baby bottle! You’re our adorable little baby girl, and you don't have to worry about a thing!” Mum then wrapped her arms around me and gave me a squeezie hug, kissing me resoundingly on the cheek. She took away my bottle and replaced it with a bowl of muesli - which she insisted on feeding me with a small spoon! At a warning glare from Becky, I obediently opened my mouth and let my mother feed me the whole bowl - like I really was a helpless infant.

At that point I wasn't sure what was bothering me more - the fact that I'd been drinking out of a baby bottle without realising what I was doing - or that I was starting to respond automatically to my feminine name! I didn't even want to think about the fact that it was necessary for my mother to change my nappies that morning! Mum unlocked and removed the tray, then wiped my face with a warm washcloth. She insisted on scrubbing my hands clean before unbuckling the safety strap. She finally lifted me down from the baby chair, handed me a fresh bottle of juice and told me; “Go upstairs with Rebecca, honey, and she'll wash you and dress you for our outing today.” With that she gave my diapered botty a couple of quick pats to hurry me along, my taut plastic panties making that crisp ‘splat-splat-splat’ sound, and then Mum went back to the business of cleaning the kitchen.

Becky smirked and took my hand, and led me toddling upstairs to the bathroom. As she was helping me out of my nightgown, she noticed I was wearing different coloured plastic panties over my nappies than those I'd had on when Mum put me to bed last night. She looked puzzled for a moment, and then the room was filled with her mocking laughter. “Pink panties? You weren’t wearing pink… Did Mum have to change you this morning? Omigod! This is so funny! Wait ‘til I tell Sam and Jess about this!” “No! Please Becky, don't tell them! I didn't mean for it to happen! Honest I didn't!” “Sure you didn't, Baby Jennie! Just like you didn't mean to wet yourself when we had you in nappies before, right? I'll bet you really like wetting your nappies, and are just pretending that it's an accident.” “That’s not fair! It was your fault that first time and I-” I was unable to finish, as Becky picked up my bottle and stuffed the nipple between my lips. Juice gushed into my mouth, and I had to swallow or choke.

“You listen to me! You behave like a sweet little baby girl and don't give your big sister any more trouble - and maybe I won’t mention my new baby sister to anybody else!” She laughed maliciously. “Things will go a lot easier for you if you do as you are told - just like any other toddler! Remember, all I have to do is tell Mum that you wet your nappies earlier in the week, and she might decide to keep you in them for longer than just this weekend! Now you just finish your baby bottle, be quiet, and let me clean you up.”

I worried that she might in fact have a point, and thought it best not to argue with her. I numbly sat on the toilet and watched quietly while she ran a bath for me. After I'd finished the bottle my bath was ready. Becky had me stand up while she removed my plastic panties and nappies. Usually I use the toilet before I bathe, but for some reason I didn't feel the need this time - most likely because I'd already wet so heavily during the night. So I shook my head when Becky grinned and asked me in baby-talk. “Baby Jennie? Does baby need to do wee-wees on the potty?” Then she promptly picked me up and placed me in the warm tub.

Becky had given me a bath once or twice before - when I was a much younger - but it felt really weird this time. I didn't dare complain with her recent warning still echoing in my ears, so I just sat there quietly and let her wash me like I was only two years old! Just as before, my hair was taken down and carefully washed, and then I was wrapped in a large towel and carried into our mother’s room. After laying me on my back on our mother’s bed, I wasn't at all surprised to see Becky coming at me with the baby powder and some fresh nappies. She quickly pinned me into the cloth diapers, and then covered them with the same pink plastic panties I'd been wearing at breakfast.

As we headed back into Becky’s room, we passed our mother who commented. “You are small for your real age, Baby Jennie - but you're still a little big for most of the baby things remaining downstairs in storage. And we’ll definitely have to buy some more nappies and plastic panties for you today.” For some reason that didn't surprise me, but I still didn't want to say anything. The reality of the situation was that even if this baby game with our mother was only temporary, I knew that Becky and her friends could have me dressed up and diapered a lot in the weeks to come. So angering my sister by objecting would definitely be a bad idea.

Becky had chosen a more complete outfit for me this time. A yellow cotton sundress lay on her bed waiting for me, with a mid-thigh flared skirt that tied in the back with a large ribbon. There were also some white tights and the shiny black buckled shoes - which I later learned were called ‘Maryjanes.’ After Becky finished dressing me, she touched up my nail polish and made me keep my hands perfectly still while she blow-dried and styled my hair into a ‘French braid,’ complete with a big fancy yellow plastic clip. I watched her deft hands closely as she applied make-up to my face, and then she turned me to face the mirror.

Once again I was absolutely stunned by the beauty that stared back at me! Although I expected to see the face of a girl in the mirror, at least this pretty girl now looked a little older. Not so much like a cute little baby, but more like a pretty older toddler. I was thankful that the yellow frock fell almost halfway to my knees, and did a far better job of hiding my nappies than the pink dress did - even when Becky pulled the sash tight, and tied it in a big floppy butterfly bow at the back. When I turned side-on to the mirror, my bulging bottom only seemed to protrude a little more than normal. I guess full skirts are pretty good at disguising your appearance if you are diapered!

Although I looked less like a baby, I was still definitely female in appearance. I snapped out of my reverie when Becky grabbed my hands. After checking my glossy pink nails were dry, she marched me back downstairs to show off my convincingly feminine appearance to our mother. I must have been growing more accustomed to waddling in the thick nappies, because I found the trip downstairs easier than previously. Mum smiled happily at my pretty feminine appearance, and complimented Becky on her handiwork with the brush. She instructed me to sit quietly on the couch and not muss up my dress or hair, “and don’t touch your face!” Mum told me I could watch TV for a short time while the two of them dressed to take me out shopping.

They both came waltzing downstairs much later, and we were finally ready to go. Due to the fact that I was dressed as not such a young girl as the day before, Mum told me that I didn't have to sit in the stroller, and that we could all walk. This was such a relief to me, the idea of going outside in my dress suddenly didn't bother me nearly as much. In fact I was so relieved that I almost forgot that I was still wearing nappies! Nappies? If I was supposed to be a bit more grown-up, why did I still have to wear nappies? But before I could muster a protest, Becky grabbed my hand and dragged me out the door.

The walk outside was actually more enjoyable than I thought it would be - all things considered. Since I'd spent all of the previous day being pushed around in a stroller, or otherwise carried like a baby - it felt good to properly stretch my legs. The only problem was - every step I took reminded me of the bulky nappies I was wearing under my dress. When we reached the first of the stores that we'd paused outside while window-shopping the previous day, I started feeling nervous again. My observant Mum must have noticed, for she took my hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze, telling me not to worry. She patted my hairstyle delicately into place as she encouraged me. “You look so pretty, honey! No one will suspect a thing, baby! Just relax and act naturally, my sweet little girl!” And so in we went.

I'd never been inside this store before, because it only sold all ages of girls’ clothing. Becky quickly separated from us and headed off to the teenager’s section, probably looking for things more to her own taste. Mum led me waddling along by the hand to the ‘Toddler and pre-school’ section, and started to pick out some dresses for me. At her urging we entered a common changing room, where she had me try on a few of her selections. There were about four other mothers with their little girls in the large, brightly-lit change room. I ducked my head in embarrassment when Mum unbuttoned the back of my yellow dress, untied the sash, then drew the dress over my head.

She never once seemed to pay any attention to the fact that I was standing in front of all these other people in nothing but baby panties and nappies under my tights! A few little girls noticed my bulky nappies, but some of them were obviously wearing diapers, too. Still I felt so ashamed of my humiliating public exposure, and I was barely aware as Mum tried one outfit after another on my cringing form, her pleased comments washing over me in a dazed blur. I don’t even remember looking at myself in the mirror. Having my thick nappies so clearly displayed to others made me keep my eyes glued to the ground in shrivelling humiliation. I only knew it seemed like an eternity before Mum was finally happy with her selections. I hardly even noticed what I’d tried on; I was in such a state!

After my mother gathered her final choices, I was dressed in my yellow dress again. We met Becky at the front desk to pay for our purchases. While the sales lady was ringing up my new dresses, she kept stealing quick glances at me. She gave me a wide friendly smile when she saw me blushing under her gaze. “My, she's a shy little thing, isn't she? What's your name, sweetie?” “Jennie,” I whispered in my small voice. “Aren’t you adorable! It looks like your mother’s bought some very pretty clothes for you. I'll bet you just can't wait to race home and try them on again! Right?”

I blushed some more and simply nodded my head. While my mother was paying for all the clothes - including a skirt that Becky wanted - I thought a little more about my response to the lady’s question. Although I did nod to keep up appearances, and to avoid saying any more than I had to - some part of me really did want to hurry home! Did I really want to try on my new feminine clothes in private? That was confusing... Why would I be looking forward to trying on girls’ clothes? Perhaps it was because I made a more convincing girl than the boy I was supposed to be!

The reality had gradually becoming glaringly obvious to me over the last few days, and I could no longer deny the truth! A girl! No one had any doubt that I'm anything other than a little girl! I remember there were many times when I had been mistaken for a girl - even when I was dressed in my usual male attire. But this was something entirely different! There was no mistaking my appearance this time! I was a girl in the eyes of everyone who looked at me while I was dressed this way!

While I pondered my peculiar predicament, we headed to the next store that my mother and sister wanted to visit. I quickly discovered that it was a store that specialized in all sorts of clothing for toddlers and babies! It was definitely unsettling to be in a place like this, even dressed as a slightly ‘older girl.’ But I was still acutely aware of the fact that I was wearing nappies, like most of the children I spotted in this store. As soon as my attention was focused on the diaper under my frock, I suddenly realised that I needed to do a wee-wee - and the urge was growing more urgent by the minute! I could see no sign of a toilet in this small store, but I thought I could hold on until after we’d left. Then I’d ask Mum if she’d take me to a toilet once we were outside.

In the meantime, Mum and Becky were picking out all sorts of larger baby clothes and plastic panties for me. After glancing at me, Mum casually strolled away to talk to the sales lady in private for a few minutes. While she was gone, Becky must have noticed of my squirming and twitching. She knelt down closer to me. “So! It looks like someone’s just about ready to have another ‘accident’ in her nappies! You silly baby! Why didn’t you go wee-wees on the potty back at the house earlier when you had the chance?” she sneered. “I didn't need to go then, Becky!” I whimpered, in strained, hushed tones.

“Well then, I guess it's a good thing that you’re wearing your nappies! There are no toilets nearby, and we aren't planning to head back home for some time yet… So you might as well just do it in your nappies!” Becky had a wicked grin on her face, and I knew that she was enjoying my predicament. But I was determined not to give her satisfaction though, and decided to try and hold on until Mum came back, till I could ask her to take me to a toilet. It might have worked - but Becky had other plans, and seemed determined to further torment me. She started talking to me about anything that had to do with water... flowing rivers... running tap water, etc. It was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate, but I was still sure I could hold on!

Mum and the sales lady were slowly making their way back to where we waited, and I started to believe that I might actually make it - but it was not to be. Becky spied our mother returning, so she quickly reached under my short dress and tickled me on my bare tummy - right over my bursting bladder! Instantly I felt my bladder release, and I started to helplessly flood my nappies with warmth. The colour drained out of my face and I started to sniffle and cry. I had just wet my nappies for the third time in less than a week - and this time in public! I was really scared what Mum would do when she found out!

When Mum returned, she immediately noticed the tears dripping down my face, and quickly asked me what was wrong? I bit my lip; too ashamed to tell her I’d wet my nappy. Becky whispered in her ear, then my mother picked me up and tried to comfort me. “Oh sweetie! Why didn't you say something earlier? Well! This certainly caught me by surprise! I’d hoped that we wouldn't have to change you until we returned home this afternoon, so I didn't bring any extra nappies for you,” my Mum informed me. “But Mum... I couldn't help it! I'm so sorry…” I started sobbing uncontrollably. There would be no point in telling her that Becky had cheated and forced me to wet my nappies when I did - because it wasn't likely Mum would believe me. Besides, I honestly had my doubts as to whether or not I would have made it to a toilet before it happened, anyway!

“Shhh! Don't cry, sweetheart! We'll talk about it later at home.” Mum dried the tears on my face with her scented lace hanky, and gave me a loving kiss on the cheek. “Come on, my little darling! We'll soon have you fixed up.” She carried me on her hip like a baby over to the sales assistant, and asked if there was a room that she could use for a few minutes. The lady stared at my tear-streaked face, but didn't immediately realise what was wrong. She probably didn't know I was wearing nappies, because my longer, fuller dress hid them so well. “Little Jennie here just had a bit of ‘an accident,’ and needs her nappies changed,” my mother whispered confidentially to her. The saleslady then smiled in sympathetic understanding.

“Oh! Of course! We have a room at the back that is set up as a changing station.” She led us to the door of the small room and after she left, my mother told Becky to quietly follow the saleslady to ask her to give her one of the ‘special nappies’ the two of them had selected and left at the front counter. At this stage I didn’t realise this store sold larger, more absorbent nappies for ‘bigger babies.’ I could tell that Becky was hugely enjoying the situation, because she practically danced her way up the aisle as my mother carried me inside the baby change room. She may have been having a good time, but I felt absolutely miserable!

“Don't cry, sweetie,” my mother tried to comfort me. “At least we were in the right store when this happened.” I guess Mum was trying to make a joke to cheer me up, but it was pretty impossible at that point. She placed me gently on my back on the padded change table, told me to lift my botty so she could slip down my plastic panties, then started to unfasten the pins securing my wet nappy. Becky appeared a minute later with some larger, thicker-looking nappies, and I was quickly pinned into them - with some new, extra-large, pink-headed diaper pins a smirking Becky handed Mum. When our mother looked askance at the new pins, Becky assured her they were “special baby-proof safety-lock pins, so our baby can’t accidentally stick herself!” Mum shrugged noncommittally, and then snapped the tops of the pink pins securely closed. Her little smile seemed to show she was pleased with the effect.

Moments later I had a new pair of plastic panties pulled over the much thicker nappies. Becky had chosen a yellow pair this time, to match the dress I was wearing. I noticed they were covered in frilly white lace across the seat, and there were wide bands of matching lace around the waist and leg holes. I pouted at Becky as Mum delightedly exclaimed “How pretty” the panties were! She held them up and shook them to display the lavish layers of frilly lace, before crooning to me to lift my feet.

She threaded the thick PVC-lined panties over my feet and slid them up to my knees, informing me these fancy lined panties were called ‘rhumba panties.’ Mum then lifted me down from the table and making me hold the hem of my dress high under my chin, snugged the frilly panties tightly up around my waist till they pulled my thick nappy firmly against my crotch. “These panties will look fabulous with the right frock!” Mum gushed, flipping the shimmering rows of lace across my bottom, before allowing me to lower my hem. Satisfied I was safely diapered once more, we went to pay for the clothes she had selected for me - as well as the new nappies and rhumba panties I was wearing.

While Mum was paying for everything, Becky had a slightly guilty expression on her face. I think she was feeling a little remorseful that her prank had upset me so much. She drew me aside and gave me a warm hug, and even whispered to me that she was sorry. I just stared at her, pleasantly surprised by her sudden change in demeanour. I guess that’s why I didn’t notice the two full bags of shopping my mother paid for, and it wasn’t until much later I found out that most of the items in the huge bags were for me! Well for Baby Jennie, at least!

Mum took us out for lunch at a restaurant that we usually only visit on special occasions - like birthdays - so that really cheered me up. In spite of the fact that the restaurant staff brought out a highchair for me - without even being asked! I guess they just assumed from my waddling gait I was still only a toddler, and they weren’t taking any chances. Mum didn’t think twice before hoisting my feet off the ground and depositing me in my rightful place, then securing the usual straps and lowering the hinged tray. I had to admit that after just having my nappy changed in the baby store, I didn‘t feel in any position to argue! Mum rummaged about in one of her bags of shopping and to my horror, produced a big pink terry bib!

She fastened it around my neck so swiftly, I didn’t have a chance to read the bright red silk embroidered inscription - “Mummy’s Precious Baby Girl!” Becky grinned broadly when she read the words, but neglected to inform me they were there for everyone to read! No wonder every person who passed me in my highchair gave me a big smile! I just thought everyone was being so friendly! In spite of my infantile treatment, we had a really good time. Mum let me feed myself - although she ordered only finger food for me, so no one bothered to give me any cutlery. Nothing was mentioned about my little accident in the baby-clothing store, and we instead talked about more normal things - like where we’d all like to spend our holiday this summer, when Mum took her two-week vacation from the salon.

After an enjoyable lunch, we slowly made our way back home. Upon arriving, Mum immediately sent Becky upstairs with the packages, while she led me into the living room to have “a little talk” with me. She seated me on the lounge and taking my hand, sat close beside me. “Jennie - I mean, Peter - I'm a little concerned about the… accidents you've been having, since we decided to have Baby Jennie stay for the weekend. You know I love you, and you know that you can tell me anything… So what I'm wondering is… If perhaps some part of you wants to be my little Baby Jennie for a while longer?”

I opened my mouth to immediately deny that was the case - but I couldn’t! The words froze in my mouth! I wondered if what she was saying could be true? I still didn't know why I’d wet my nappies while I was sleeping. “I don't know, Mum,” I slowly responded, uncertainly but truthfully. “I wasn't sure if I liked being treated like a baby girl that much at first… But sometimes it seems such fun! I just wish that I wasn't having… you know… accidents, too.” “You will always be my precious baby, and it won't matter if you're Peter or Baby Jennie - I will always love you just as much,” my Mummy assured me lovingly, her beautiful blue eyes glowing moistly down at me.

She took me into her open arms and enveloped me a long, tight hug. When she cuddled me like that, I could almost feel her love flowing over me like a comforting blanket. It suffused me with warmth, and as I placed my cheek against her soft breast, she tightly held me in place. Her muffled heartbeat was a soothing rhythm in my ear, and she started to rock me gently and croon to me in nonsense baby-talk. Her loving acceptance swept away all my fears, and banished any sadness I'd been feeling over the weekend. I didn't understand why, but I started to cry again! But this time I cried because I was so happy! I felt closer to her now than ever before, and told her so as I held onto her tightly. I loved her so much, and as always, she knew just how to send all the bad feelings away and make everything seem right again.

After a few minutes of rocking me and clucking softly to me, she released me and wiped the tears from my face. “Now I want you to do something for Mummy, okay Baby Jennie?” she asked me quietly, staring intently into my red-rimmed eyes. “I know that you don't normally take naps these days, but you’ve had quite a distressing morning! I want you to have a lie down for a little while, and try to have a rest. It will do you good! I thought we might even take in a movie tonight, and I want you to be rested up for it - just in case. Okay, baby?” “Okay Mum,” I smiled wanly up at her in agreement, even though I didn't really want to take a nap.

She picked me up and carried me up to her bedroom again. She helped me change out of my dress, and gave me a pink nylon shortie nightie to wear instead of the nightgown I had worn the night before. Maybe I wet the other one a little bit... I wasn't at all surprised that she meant for me to sleep in the crib, but I honestly didn’t care at that point. After raising and locking the crib rail, Mum rolled me onto my side, flipping the rows of lace across my huge padded bottom and patting my plastic-wrapped package with a loud ‘splat-splat-splat!’ She whispered to me that she loved my gorgeous new panties, as she patted my botty and hummed softly to me. I quickly dozed off into a light slumber. I don't really remember much of what I dreamt about during my nap, but I know that it must have been something pleasant. I didn't seem to want to wake up, and found myself struggling to hang onto my dream. Little by little, I slowly awoke and became aware of my surroundings. I thought that I heard hushed excited whispering in the room, and opened my blurry eyes to see what was going on. When my eyes finally focused, I found Becky and Mum standing right next to the crib. They were looking down at me over the crib rail, with big sunny smiles on their pretty faces. I was a little puzzled, since one would think that their amazement of how I was currently dressed would have worn thin by now. They remained silently watching my face, and their smiles seemed to grow wider the longer they stood there and gazed down at me.

“Does that taste good baby? Is it yummy?” My sister finally demanded in a teasing sing-song toddler tone through her enormous grin. Initially I didn't know what she was talking about, until I suddenly realised I had my thumb in my mouth! I had been sucking on my thumb like a baby! I could feel my face turning red as I quickly pulled out my wrinkled digit. Mum covered her mouth with her hand to suppress a small laugh, but quickly regained her composure. Smiling indulgently, she leaned over the railing and easing my wet thumb back into my mouth, and told me not to worry about it! She unlocked and lowered the side rail and helped me to stand in the crib, then performed a quick wetness-check on my nappy. I was quite relieved when it was determined that I was still dry.

“Well that's a good sign,” Mum commented, as she lifted me out of the crib and lowered me down to the floor. “Rebecca, take Baby Jennie with you to the bathroom, and both of you wash your face and hands for dinner. We don't have much time before we have to leave for the movie, so don't take too long.”

Becky nodded obediently and took me by the hand, then led me waddling to the bathroom. “Peter, what’s up with you?” she asked me as soon as we were alone. “How come you were sucking your thumb in your cot?” “I don’t know!” I muttered quietly. “I think that you must be enjoying this baby thing a whole lot more than you’re letting on! What surprises me is that you didn’t try wetting your nappies again during your afternoon nap as well!” I turned on her and snapped in annoyance.

“There was only one time that I wet by accident! The other times were your fault!” “Sure, little sister, sure,” she smirked superiorly. “So you keep saying! But how come you were sucking your thumb just now? And there was also you happily drinking out of your baby bottle during breakfast this morning?” I honestly had no answer to her questions, and just looked down at my feet, wondering myself what had caused those things.

Becky finished washing her hands, and then insisted on wiping my face and hands with a warm soapy washcloth - not even allowing me to dry my own hands! She grinned at my quiet passive acceptance. What else could I do? Then she took me firmly by the hand and led me downstairs for dinner. I noticed that Becky seemed to insist on holding my hand these days, leading me around like I really was a helpless toddler. Without being instructed I climbed into my highchair, and Becky’s grin was enormous as she buckled me in, then inserted and locked the tray.

Her grin widened to Cheshire cat proportions as she opened the third kitchen drawer, and took out the pink bib I had worn at lunch today! While I strained to confirm that the drawer now contained a stack of similar bibs, Becky quickly fastened it around my neck. Dinner was a simple, quick affair of spaghetti and juice. Not surprisingly, Mum served my spaghetti in a toddler’s bowl and thoroughly cut it up for me, as well as putting my juice in the normal baby bottle. I decided not to protest that I was not even allowed a spoon, and dug in with my fingers. It was yummy - but messy!

After dinner Mum carefully wiped my face with my bib, before removing the childish garment from around my neck. When I saw how much of a mess I made of the bib - and the highchair tray - and my hands - I was almost thankful for the bib, despite the humiliating embroidered message! Mum then wiped my face and hands with a warm wet washcloth, and after releasing my restraints, she lifted me out of my highchair. Handing me to Becky, she dismissed us to Becky’s room to prepare ourselves for the evening at the movies.

The French braid Becky had styled for my hair that morning was a shambles after my nap, so she brushed it out for me, tying it in the familiar high ponytail with a plain elastic hair band. When I pouted, she laughed gaily and told me she would tie a ribbon in my hair like before - but she hadn’t decided what outfit she wanted me to wear yet, to make them match. While I watched her closely in the mirror, she applied a touch more make-up to my face for good measure. She dusted my cheeks with the soft brush dipped in the sweet-smelling pink powder, and I watched in the mirror, delighted, as my cheeks instantly appeared rosier and fuller. She made me stretch my lips wide, and then stroked them with a tube of pale-pink lipstick. I rubbed my lips together as instructed, enjoying the rich, moist sensation. Stating finally, “That’s enough make-up - for a toddler,” Becky sent me out of her room while she changed. While she was undressing I went to my room and sat on my bed.

I gazed around my bedroom, and for some reason the room looked a little strange now. Although it had only been for a day or so, it seemed as though I hadn't been in my room for a week. I felt a little out of place in there now... Maybe because I was sitting there wearing a nappy and frilly baby panties, and a pink shortie nightie, with my hair styled and face made up like a pretty little girl. Something was happening to me - and I wasn't sure exactly what. Wetting my nappies in my sleep the previous night had upset me, but it wasn't as if I had never had such an accident in my sleep before.

What was really worrying me was that I'd done that - in addition to helping myself to a baby bottle - and sucking my thumb - without even realising it! When we started this game the previous day, it was all supposed to be play-acting… But those things I did couldn't have been an act! Not if I wasn’t aware that I’d been doing them! Could they? Was I really starting to turn back into a baby? Just then Mum poked her head through my doorway and requested I follow her to her bedroom. Once there, she again performed the quick embarrassing wetness-check on my nappy. She asked if I needed to use the potty before Becky came out of her bedroom and finished dressing me for the evening. I whined to her that I didn't need to go!

“Baby, you thought that this morning as well - but you ended up having an accident in your nappies! If you don't need to do a wee-wee right now, then you certainly will later - and possibly during the movie! We’ll have to make sure that you’re adequately protected in case that happens.” She helped me out of the nightie and had me lie down on her bed. Mummy pulled my rhumba panties down my legs so that she could pin another nappy over the first one I was wearing. The frilly plastic panties were tugged back into place, and I was quickly lifted to my feet and sent toddling slowly and awkwardly to Becky’s room.

The extra thickness of the double-diaper forced me to waddle slowly again, and when I reached Becky’s room she giggled when she noticed the cause. “I guess we can't take any chances at the movies tonight, eh baby?” she taunted. As much as I hated the fact that my forced waddle would give away the fact that I was wearing nappies, the idea of having an accident in the movie theatre was a lot more unpleasant. There wasn't any question of me being able to go to the toilet by myself at the theatre - even if I was dressed as a boy.

Mum had always been concerned that some pervert might molest me! But now - thanks to my wet accident in the Baby Clothing store that morning - she was doubtful of my ability to maintain control of my bladder, and naturally insisted my nappies be thicker. Becky decided to dress me up as a large toddler again, since my thicker nappies would be obvious no matter what I was wearing. She pulled out one of the new dresses Mum had purchased for me that morning. Due to my dazed state in the crowded communal changing room, I didn’t even recognise the dress as one of the many Mum had made me try on.

This frock was made from shiny pale-lemon bridal satin, and like the pink baby dress the girls had made me wear, it was decorated lavishly with wide frilly white lace trimmings at the collar, cuffs and hem. When she held it up to display it to me, I realised with dismay how brief it was! It was back to short baby dresses for me! The frock felt so cool and slinky as it slithered liquidly down my upraised arms and over my small frame. Becky finished decorating my high ponytail with a yellow satin ribbon to match my dress, and from her sock drawer, she pulled out a pair of sheer white cotton anklet socks that had yellow lace frills adorning the tops. After the black patent Maryjanes were buckled on my feet, I was led waddling slowly and awkwardly back downstairs. Mum came down a few minutes later, and warmly complimented Becky - and me - on my new appearance.

“You look gorgeous, Baby Jennie! Turn around so I can see the frills across your panty bottom. Ooo!” she cooed excitedly, as she clapped her hands with delight. “And that colour looks fabulous on you! Excellent choice for the dress and hair ribbon, Becky!” In spite of myself I couldn’t stop smiling at her sweet generous compliments! After she performed a final nappy check on me, she fluffed out my skirt so that it would “hang nicely.” She gave a final nod of delighted approval, and out the door we went.

The theatre wasn't a very long walk from where we lived, but in my double-thick nappies, it seemed impossibly far. After noticing how much trouble I was having keeping up with them, Mum made a “tsk-tsk!” sound, handed her purse to Becky, and then picked me up. She carried me over her hip - one leg either side of her body like a baby - the rest of the way. Once we reached the box office, while it was obvious that I was older than two, the lady there thought that I looked ‘incredibly cute’ and ‘close enough’ for her standards - so I was admitted free!

“Hmmm? Maybe we should have you come as Baby Jennie every time!” my mother teased me once we reached our seats. “It certainly is economical having one child admitted free as a toddler!” “Please Mum! No!” I whispered fearfully. I'd been lucky so far in that I hadn't run into anyone I knew, while dressed up like this over the weekend. But if Mum and Becky kept taking me out dressed like a toddler girl, eventually my luck was sure to run out!

“Oh don't worry, silly! I was just kidding!” She smiled warmly at me as she gently tweaked my pink cheek. While we waited for the movie to start, Becky used the time to tease me. She even asked our mother in a loud voice - “Mum? Should I check the baby’s nappy, and change her if necessary before the picture starts?” This was obviously for the benefit of anyone sitting close enough to hear who didn’t already know I was diapered - and made me blush bright red with embarrassment.

“Rebecca! Stop that right now!” My mother scolded her in a hushed reprimand. She then shot Becky a stern look and added quietly. “You'd better stop tormenting Baby Jennie, or the next time we go out with a baby, the one wearing nappies might be you!” Becky had a shocked expression on her beautiful face, and didn’t say a word after that! I was almost as shocked as Becky by what Mum had said - and began to wonder if she would ever go that far to punish Becky? If Mum knew half the things Becky had done to me in the past week, Becky might well find out if Mum was serious or not!

As I was thinking about this the film started, and I settled into my seat to watch. I don't usually like to eat popcorn when I watch a movie, but I do enjoy a drink. Although this afternoon Mum let me buy a large diet coke - normally I’m only allowed the small - she then cautioned me to drink it slowly, so that I wouldn't suddenly find myself in “some discomfort.” About halfway through the movie I understood what she meant, as I had to do a big wee-wee really badly! Mum noticed me squirming, and whispered to me to just relax and wet my nappy - since she assured me she had made it thick enough to last me until we returned home.

Although this was not totally unexpected from her, it still felt a little strange… Now my mother was actually telling me to use my nappies like a baby! It wasn't an easy thing to deliberately do a wee-wee in my diaper - in spite of the fact that I had to go rather badly. But I managed to relax enough to allow my bladder to start the flow. The soothing familiar warmth trickled around me and settled around my bottom, creeping slowly upwards as my hot stream seemed to last forever. I sat through the rest of the movie quite comfortably in my warm wet nappy, but by the time the film ended, I was anxious to return home so I could be changed. I caught myself on that thought. Be changed? Into another nappy? What was happening to me?

As we were heading up the aisle, something that I was worried might happen finally occurred. Mum was carrying me again to make our exit a little easier, and I was able to look back over her shoulder to see what was going on behind us. There were still some people sitting in their seats, waiting for the crowd to thin out before heading out of the theatre themselves, and I recognised one group. Sitting a few rows down from the back of the theatre was my friend Joshua - one of my few neighbourhood friends - who was sitting with his parents. Joshua turned to face the aisle as I watched. He knew at a glance who my mother and sister were, and kept looking at the three of us - but obviously didn't recognise me. Suddenly while he was looking at me he started - and then stared really hard! His eyes widened and his mouth fell open in shocked surprise - but he didn't say anything. I felt my cheeks flush hotly and buried my burning face into my mother's scented neck, as she shuffled by their row to the exit and back to the theatre lobby.

Mum and Becky took me with them into the Ladies’ toilets, and Mum did a quick wetness-check on my nappy while Becky used one of the stalls. Mum already knew I was wet, but she wanted to satisfy herself that my nappy had been thick enough to contain my heavy flow, and I'd be safe until we reached home. Once Becky was finished doing her wee-wees, she washed her hands and we headed out. I was relieved that I didn't see Joshua or his parents outside when we reached the street. I didn't want to tell Becky or Mummy that I'd been discovered, so I just hoped that I'd be able to meet up with Joshua when things returned to normal, and try to explain my weird situation to him. I only hoped that Joshua didn't mention it to anyone else, before I had a chance to catch up with him.

“You're very quiet, Baby Jennie. Is anything wrong?” my mother asked solicitously. I just bit my lip and shook my head. I discretely looked back over her shoulder, to see if there was anyone else I knew that might have seen me. “Maybe Baby Jennie will feel better after Mummy changes her wet nappy and she's had her bath . It's past baby’s bedtime already,” my mother observed with a wry little smile.

When we arrived home, Mum sent Becky up to draw a bath for me. Mum then carried me up to her room, where she undressed me and removed my sopping wet nappies. The huge pink plastic-lined flannelette change cloth she spread on her bed must have been one of today’s purchases. She placed my soggy bottom on the change mat and cooed to me to lift my legs. She unbuckled my Maryjane shoes, and then pulled down my frilly yellow panties. My nappy was very wet, and Mum commented that it was just as well she had double-diapered me before the movie.

There was a large pink bucket beside the crib that hadn’t been there before, and as Mum chattered brightly about the movie, she removed the lid and dropped my yellowed nappies in the bucket with a wet ‘plop!’ She lovingly helped me take off my socks and dress, and left me lying there naked and squirming on the change mat while she checked to see if my bath was drawn. As it was ready, Mum announced she had decided to bathe me herself - since we were almost at the end of Baby Jennie's weekend visit. As usual bathtime was always more enjoyable with Mum present. She lovingly washed me all over just like I was her real little baby, crooning to me all the while in soft mothering tones. She had to gently scrub my face with some special cream to remove my make-up, telling me again how pretty I looked with my face all done up. But in the back of my mind I was preoccupied, thinking about how I should confront Joshua next week.

After Mum finished washing and rinsing my hair, she wrapped me up in a big fluffy white towel. Continuing to coo and babble at me like I was a real baby, she carried me back to her room. I was still considering what I could say to Joshua as she was powdering me, and barely noticed that she’d pinned me back into another nappy until I saw her cutting the tags off some new rhumba panties - white this time, but just as frilly and lace-lavished as the yellow panties I’d worn earlier. Since I'd spent the entire weekend diapered, I wasn't really too surprised. But I timidly asked her why I still had to wear nappies, since the weekend was over.

“Baby Jennie's weekend visit doesn't really end until tomorrow morning, sweetie. So I'd still like my precious little baby girl to sleep right here in her crib next to Mummy tonight! Besides, it might be wise for you to continue wearing nappies over the next few nights, to see if you have any more… accidents!” Spending another few nights in nappies didn't bother me too much, compared to being paraded around town in baby dresses. I shrugged noncommittally and told her that was okay with me. I wasn't all that thrilled that I’d have to wear nappies overnight for the next few days, but I guessed the alternative - waking up in wet sheets - would be far worse.

Becky came into Mum’s room with another of her pink nightgowns for me to wear, and stood there watching and grinning while my mother braided and banded my damp hair into pigtails. After Mum dressed me in the pink satin nightgown, I noticed that this was one of Becky’s current nightgowns. It was definitely way too long on me! If I tried to walk in it, I'd just trip on the hem, and end up falling on my face. I'd have to resort to the familiar baby crawl to move around. Knowing how much Becky enjoyed frustrating me with things like that; I guessed that she had done it on purpose.

Mum returned after talking with Becky down the hall for a minute or two, and she smiled when she saw me crawling on the floor in the slippery slinky pink nightgown. “You know, you are such a natural as a little baby girl, it’s almost a shame to have you grow up as a boy tomorrow!” she commented in a light teasing tone. “Will you let me finish off the last of the film taking pictures of you dressed like this? You just look so absolutely adorable, my pretty little baby girl!” I sighed theatrically but nodded my agreement.

Mum really had enjoyed all the baby stuff that weekend, and except for a few accidents, it actually hadn't been all that bad! After she left the room to find the camera, Becky waltzed in and giggled when she saw me crawling on the floor. “My my! Doesn’t the little baby look sweet!” she teased. “Come on, Becky! Give me a break?” I begged her. She merely laughed in response. “Admit it, Peter! You look extremely convincing when we have you properly dressed and made up as a little girl!” “Well, maybe I do… But that's no reason to keep rubbing it in!” “See? You're even more sensitive - just like a little girl! I think Jessie and Sam will be very impressed with you next week, when they see how far you've gone to act the real baby girl for us this past week-end!” It wouldn't have done any good to beg her not to say anything. After all that had happened over the weekend, there was slim chance that Becky would keep quiet about it to her friends. The best that I could hope for was that she wouldn't tell them everything!

In spite of the fact that I was having fun some of the time over the weekend, this entire baby-game stuff was getting out of hand! While I knew that Becky and her friends were certain to make the coming weeks difficult for me, that was nothing compared to having to face Joshua - and try to explain why he saw me dressed like a baby girl! Just then Mum walked back into the room with her camera and a baby bottle full of milk. I didn't have to guess whom that was for!

“Can I take some more pictures of you crawling like you were before?” she asked me ever-so-sweetly. Although I was really tired of the infantile treatment, it was easier just to do it and let her finish snapping her photographs. After that, she'd probably read me another story - and then that would be it for the night. In the morning I'd be free to be myself again - my boy self! So while my mother took a few more baby pictures, I crawled around on her bedroom floor with a good portion of Becky’s long pink satin nightgown trailing behind me. ‘Becky must really be enjoying all this,’ I thought bitterly.

As if on cue, Becky suddenly exclaimed. “Hang on a sec, Mum! I think our baby is missing something!” She came over to me, bent down, and stuffed the large pink pacifier into my mouth, looping the pink ribbon around my neck. Becky really annoyed me when she did stuff like that, but Mum laughed and clapped her hands in delight, and chuckled that I looked “Just perfect!” So I just kept crawling and quietly sucked on my pacifier while Mum took even more pictures. At last I was lifted into my crib and given the bottle of warm milk Mum had brought for me. She finished off the film with a few images of me lying in the cot drinking from my bottle, then the camera was finally put away and I was able to relax.

Becky scurried away to fetch a bedtime story from her room, and Mum spent those few minutes while she was gone gently running her fingers along my pigtails. “You know, you have such beautiful hair, Baby Jennie! I'm so glad that we decided to let it grow longer. Although the hairstyle you wore today weren’t exactly something I thought we'd ever try to do with it!” “Mum, when can Baby Jennie visit with us again? I really enjoyed having my baby sister stay with us this weekend,” Becky asked eagerly from the doorway. “I don't really know, Rebecca. It was a lovely little game for us to play over the weekend… But I don't think it would be a good idea to do that sort of thing too often!” Mum then looked down at me intently and asked quietly. “How do you feel, sweetie? Did you have fun this weekend?”

I had been rather absorbed in finishing off my bedtime bottle of milk, so I didn't really give her question any real thought. Even so, I was amazed when I automatically heard myself answer. “Yes Mummy!” As soon as I'd said the words, I was just as surprised as both Mum and Becky. “Oh darling! You haven't called me ‘Mummy'’ since you were four! What a sweet little thing you are!” She then leaned down into the crib and gathered me up into a lovely warm hug, smothering my face with soft kisses. Smiling happily, she raised and locked the crib rail in place. Becky had a confused look on her face, but quickly shrugged it off. She sat down on our mother’s bed while Mummy reached down to settle me under the blankets. Becky had selected “Alice in Wonderland” for my bedtime story. Even though I felt that I was starting to outgrow that story, it was still nice to have my mother read it to me. It was one of Becky’s long-time favourites, so she remained in the room too, and listened while Mummy read to me. As the story unfolded I grew very tired, and soon after, drifted off to sleep.

I remember the dream I had that night was quite strange. I was in Wonderland and I was Alice! Becky was in my dream too, as The Queen of Hearts. She spent most of the dream chasing after me, so she could pin me in nappies and keep me in the palace Nursery. She must have caught me at some point, because I remember being in the Nursery dressed as a baby. But what was even stranger was, I remember feeling very happy - and I didn't want to escape after that! Chapter Three. Caught!

I woke up the next morning feeling wonderfully rested and completely relaxed. I think I was actually finding it more comfortable to sleep in my crib than in my own bed! I noticed that Mummy's bed was empty, and I could hear the sound of water running. I assumed she was showering before work. She had left the side rail of my crib raised, and even though I could have climbed over the top without too much difficulty, I thought I'd wait until she returned from the shower to release me. In the meantime, I wriggled contentedly on my back and tried to think of what to do about my friend, Josh.

The memory of the look on his face the previous night still haunted me! I knew I had to talk to him as soon as possible - before my ‘little problem’ escalated out of control. I really shouldn't have been surprised that someone I knew had eventually seen me all dolled-up like a baby girl! Over the weekend, Mummy and Becky seemed so thrilled to have Baby Jennie around; it appeared they wanted to show her off to everyone! Now that the weekend was over, I could return to being my male self again. But I knew that I'd better keep away from Becky and her friends for the next few days - if I wanted to stay that way!

“Ahhh! I see my little baby girl is awake at last!” My mother greeted me cheerily as she returned to her bedroom, one large towel wrapped around her damp pink body and the usual matching smaller towel as a turban over her wet hair. “But I guess it's about time to say goodbye to Baby Jennifer for the moment, and bring our little boy Peter back.” She unlatched and lowered the side rail of the crib, and reached in to help me stand. Before lifting me out of the crib, she did the usual quick check on my diaper to see if I was wet. For some reason until she did that, I had completely forgotten that I was still wearing nappies! The idea that I might actually be growing accustomed to them was a little disturbing!

“Oooo! And you're wet too, sweetheart! What a gorgeous, wet little baby you are!” She smiled lovingly over at me as she placed the change mat on her bed - flannel side up - and then lifted me out of my cot. She placed me gently on my back on the changing mat, and gathered my long, slithery pink satin nightie up under my chin. “I was thinking that we might have to keep our little boy in nappies - just like our little girl wore over the weekend - if you wet your nappy again last night.” Mummy removed my frilly white panties and unpinned my saturated nappy. She dropped it in the nappy bucket, and then took out a packet of baby wipes. “I thought these might come in handy,” she commented almost to herself. She made me lift my knees high and spread my thighs wide. After she finished wiping away all traces of urine and damp powder from my tender skin, she helped me stand and lifted Becky’s long nightgown off over my head.

She had brought in some of my own boy clothes from my bedroom, and I changed into them while she watched as she finished drying her hair. Although it felt good to be dressing like a boy again, for some reason my clothes felt sort of... different! It was hard to put a finger on, but now it was almost as something wasn't… quite right with them! Mummy giggled when she saw me studying myself in the vanity mirror, my face and posture betraying my concern.

“You know Peter, you aren't quite finished changing yet! There's still a little bit more of Baby Jennie we have to say goodbye to!” She smiled as she came and stood behind me. In the reflection I saw her give my two braided pigtails a playful tug. “Oh wow! How could I have missed that?” I wondered aloud. “I didn't even notice that my hair was still like that!”

Mummy chuckled softly and added. “I think you'll find that your little friends might notice it fairly quickly! And we'd better do something about your pretty pink nails, too!” I looked down at my nails - and of course, they were still painted with pale-pink nail polish. I cringed when I thought of what could have happened had I ventured out like that! At least before I had really looked the part as a little girl - but such things were totally out of place on a little boy! And I hadn't even noticed! Mummy guided me to sit at her vanity table in front of the mirror. She took a small sponge out of a container, and after a few quick wipes on each of my finger and toenails, all traces of my nail polish had vanished. Next she let my hair out of the pigtails, and brushed it out a bit to make it look more or less as I usually have it - just a little ‘fluffier.’

“Oh. I see Peter’s back,” my sister grunted wryly as she entered the room. “It's almost too bad! I really enjoyed having a cute little baby sister around to play with!” “Rebecca! Your little brother should be just as much fun to have around! Baby Jennie was only here for a little while - but Peter lives with us permanently - so please try to remember that.” “Well, Mum... If it's okay with Peter - can we have Baby Jennie visit with us again real soon?” “We'll see,” considered our mother, as she ushered us out of her bedroom. “Now I have to finish dressing for work. Go downstairs you two, and have your breakfast.”

When we sat at the kitchen table, my highchair was thankfully nowhere in sight. Neither Becky nor I had much to say to each other while we breakfasted on our usual cereal and toast. I ate rather quickly, so that I could finish before her and make myself scarce. Just as I had finished and loaded my dishes and spoon into the dishwasher, Mummy came down and began giving Becky a list of chores that she wanted done that week. I saw this as my best opportunity to disappear, and quietly headed out the side door to make my way over to Josh's house.

Even walking seemed a little different today! My feet felt slightly odd in my usual running shoes. It wasn't only that this was the first time in days that I hadn't been wearing nappies, but I think I might have started growing used to wearing girls' shoes as well! The feeling turned out to be only temporary though, because by the time I'd walked the two blocks to Josh's house, I was feeling pretty much like my old self again.

Josh lived with both parents, along with his two older brothers. One of them was around Becky’s age, and the other was two years or so older than Josh. Both of Josh’s parents worked during the day, so just as in our household, the oldest sibling generally looked after things while the parents were absent. His parents had already left for work by the time I arrived, so there was just the three of them finishing their breakfast in the kitchen. I knocked at the door and was first noticed by the elder brother, Brian.

“Hey Josh! Your little friend is here,” he announced as he let me in the side door. He teasingly ruffled my hair as I walked past him, flicking up my shoulder-length locks. “You know Peter, you really should think about asking your Mother to cut your hair! I know that it's the summer vacation, but sometimes I almost mistake you for a girl!” Tom - the other brother - laughed and jokingly agreed. “Yeah! No kidding! Maybe you should just start wearing dresses, little girl!”

I gave a nervous laugh and shot an uncertain glance at Josh, who looked like he was trying hard to keep a straight face. But thankfully nothing else was said on that topic, and his brothers horsed around with each other before they headed out of the kitchen, to do whatever they had planned for the day. As soon as they disappeared from view, Josh didn't say anything. He simply sat and stared at me with an amazed expression on his face. Finally he spoke. “Geez, Peter! What was that get-up you were wearing at the movies last night? I saw your Mum carrying what I thought was a pretty little girl, and I had to look real hard before I actually realised it was you! And were you really wearing nappies, too?”

I flushed hotly with embarrassment as I nervously replied. “Believe me, it's a long story! Please Josh? You didn't tell anybody about that, did you?” “Well, no... But I didn't think anyone would have believed me if I did! Although maybe my brothers might - after those sissy jokes they were just making,” he teased me wickedly.

To steer the conversation away from that course, I tried to explain what had happened to me. “It started last week. I was playing in my room - minding my own business - when Becky told me she wanted me to play a game with her and two girlfriends she had visiting. It started out with them dressing me up like a little girl - but then Becky suddenly took some pictures of me all dressed up like that, and I was stuck! To make matters worse, she and her friends decided that just making me looking like a little girl wasn’t enough for them, so they put me in nappies and made me their baby for the day!”

Josh’s face was a morass of conflicting emotions - disbelief turned to horror, then disgust. “And you went along with this?” he finally sneered, his top lip curling in contempt. “There’s no way that they could've gotten away with that with me!” he boasted scornfully. “That's easy for you to say,” I feebly tried to defend myself. “See how well you'd do trying to stop her if Becky was your big sister!” Josh looked thoughtful for a moment, but made no comment.

“Anyhow,” I slowly continued, “Becky and her friends did the total baby treatment on me - for the whole day! At the end of the day everything was cleaned up, and Becky helped me look like my normal self again before our Mummy - I mean, before Mum came home. The trouble was, she forgot about the film in the camera that she'd been using to take a few pictures of me earlier. Mummy - Mum - had taken the roll in to be developed, and found those photos of me all dressed up like a baby girl!”

Josh looked stunned. “Wow! I'll bet your sister wound up in trouble for that, right?” he demanded, eager for any details. “No! Becky made me to go along with her story - that we were both just playing a dress-up game together - so my mother wouldn't think that she'd forced me into it. She even told Mummy I wanted to be dolled up! If I didn't agree with her story, you know she'd have her revenge on me for it during the week, while my Mummy’s at work!” “So... What does your Mum actually think what happened?” “Here's where the trouble really started! My Mummy thought that since I enjoyed playing dress-ups with Becky so much - then maybe I would like to play with her, too! She had Becky get me all dolled up again - nappies and all - and my mother thought I looked so cute, she wanted me to remain her baby girl for the whole weekend!"

I hoped that Josh would settle for this as an explanation, and that he wouldn't keep asking for details. I didn't want to tell him about the trips to the Ice Cream store, or the shopping expedition for my new feminine baby clothes. I especially didn't want him to know about the fact that I had wet my nappies on a few occasions, and started to do things like sucking my thumb! “I don't believe it!” he eventually spat out. “You spent the entire weekend in nappies and girl's clothes? Wow! That must've been really rough!” “It was… at first,” I confessed. “But after I realised that they'd done such a good job of making me look like a real little girl, I figured I'd be okay - unless someone I knew well, recognised me. So, now you know the whole story. You will keep it to yourself - won't you?” I begged him earnestly.

“Sure… I guess. I have to say though, if I hadn't seen it for myself - I'd never have believed it! I always knew you looked a little ‘girlish,’ Peter. You know, kind of… effeminate… But once your hair was fixed up and you were wearing girl’s clothes… Well, there was no way I'd have thought you were a boy - if you weren’t my best friend!” “Gee, thanks a lot!” I groaned, and gave him a playful shove. “Listen, Josh, I have a feeling that this isn't over yet. Becky really loved it when she had me dressed up like that, and so did my Mummy - my Mum. Knowing Becky as I do, she's going to try to use any excuse she can to turn me back into her little sister! So I think it's safer if I keep away from my house as much as possible during the next few days, till she forgets about it.” “No worries, Peter. We can always hang out here.”

Fortunately that seemed to be the end of that topic of discussion - for the moment. Josh and I had a pretty good time hanging out and playing like we usually did. But every now and then a strange expression would cloud his features, then he'd ask me an odd question - about what it was like. “How did it feel to be dressed up like a girl?” He also wanted to know if I had been treated any differently when everyone really thought I was a baby girl. I didn't really want to dwell on that topic, so I fobbed him off with some casual evasive replies, then swiftly changed the subject.

I'd managed to stay away from our house for the entire day, and only returned home just before Mummy was due back from work. Becky was watching TV in the living room when I came in, and didn't really say much to me. We made a bit of small talk about when we'd finish the chores we were supposed to complete by the end of the week, but she didn't once mention anything about Baby Jennifer. Mummy arrived home shortly afterwards, and then we had dinner. Unlike the last few days, it was a typical meal in our household. It almost felt peculiar not to be drinking out of a baby bottle or being fed with a spoon. But I was somewhat relieved that things appeared to be returning to normal.

We didn't venture out after dinner that night, and just spent the evening in front of the TV. I had my bath a little earlier in the evening, and decided to spend the rest of my time before bed playing upstairs in my room. It was around eight when my Mummy came up and knocked on my door, and told me to prepare for bed. I yawned as I stood and went through the usual routine before bed. I went to the toilet, brushed my teeth, changed into my pyjamas - and was soon waiting for Mummy to come and tuck me in. When she finally walked into my room, I was surprised to see her carrying two of my new thicker cloth nappies, and a pair of the new white frilly plastic panties.

“What are those for, Mummy? I thought those were only for when I'm Baby Jennie?” I asked her timidly. “Now honey! You know you wet your nappy last night! It's just for a few nights, to see if your night-time accidents have stopped or not,” she reassured me as she spread the nappies on my bed. There wouldn't really be much point in protesting, because either way it was quite clear that I’d be wearing nappies to bed anyway. Mummy removed my pyjama bottoms and explained that they weren't going to fit over the nappies, so she'd have to look into to buying me something else to wear at night. She quickly pinned the nappies on me, and then pulled the softly rustling rhumba panties snugly into place. “There you go!” She smiled warmly as she gave my frilly padded bottom a little pat. “Now you'll be all safe and dry for the night!”

Just then Becky appeared in the doorway to ask our mother something. She immediately noticed the nappies and giggled derisively. “I see the baby's all ready for bed! Should I bring a nightie and baby’s bottle of warm milk, too?” she asked with a cheeky grin. “Keep it up, young lady,” my mother warned her, as I tried to hide my humiliating baby attire under the bedclothes. “You keep carrying on like this, and maybe Peter will see what you look like in nappies!” Becky pulled up with a disbelieving snort, but said nothing else. She turned on her heel and marched back to her room. Mummy read a bit to me from “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” again. I kind of liked the main character Rebecca - if I were a girl, I would want to be like her! As I realised I had been thinking of myself as girl, sleep seemed to overtake me.

Mummy noticed the change in my breathing and stood over me for a moment, gazing down lovingly at me. She slipped my dummy between my drowsy lips and automatically I began to suck. “That‘s better than your old thumb,” she whispered to me, and I didn‘t object as she tucked me in and turned off the lights. I had pretty much forgotten about the nappies I was wearing and fell asleep almost immediately, the pacifier pleasantly soothing in my mouth.

The next morning when I woke up, the first thing I noticed was that I had a dummy clenched between my pouting lips! I stopped sucking the rubber teat and took it out immediately with a guilty start. Removing the ribbon from around my neck, I placed the large pink toddler’s soother on my bedside table. I climbed out of bed and suddenly remembered I was wearing thick nappies. I nervously felt inside my frilly white plastic panties, and was relieved to discover that I hadn't wet during the night. Hopefully after another dry night, Mummy might let me go back to sleeping without the nappies. I was determined to be extra-careful about how much I drank at night. I had just started to pull down my rhumba panties when my bedroom door suddenly burst open, and Becky purposefully strode in.

“Just what do you think you're doing? You aren't allowed to take off your nappies yourself! Mum told me that I had to check you each morning for the next few days, to see if you’d wet your nappy or not!” She swiftly pulled my rhumba panties back into place and then dragged me by the wrist out of the room with her. “First I'll make you some breakfast, then afterwards I'll check your nappies! If you're dry, I'll let you out of them. Otherwise I may just change you into fresh nappies and keep you in them all day!”

“Aww Becky! My nappies are dry! Please can't you let me out of them now?” I implored her. “No! Not until I've checked myself! And I'm not going to - until after breakfast!” She saw my pacifier sitting on my bedside table and snatching it up, forced the latex teat between my pouting lips. She looped the pink ribbon around my neck, stating firmly. “I don’t want to hear any more objections out of you - baby! You just suck your dum-dums and keep quiet!”

I knew my cheeks were turning red as I sucked reflexively on my dummy, and she dragged me waddling thickly down to the kitchen. I'd slept in a little late that morning, so Mummy had already left for work. Becky must have started making breakfast before waking me, because the food was ready to serve as soon as I sat down. She had made hot porridge for both of us, but before I could start on mine, she stood behind me and tied one of the big pink bibs they’d recently purchased around my neck!

“Becky! Take this off me!” I demanded, my shrill words indignant - if slightly muffled due to the dummy in my mouth. I turned the lace-edged bib around so I could see if this one also carried a humiliating inscription. Sure enough, with difficulty I read upside down the words - “Mummy‘s Little Nappy Wetter” - in large, embroidered, baby-blue silk letters - and my blush deepened.

“Nope! You may not be Baby Jennie right now, but you're still wearing nappies! You know that when Mummy’s not home I’m the babysitter! And what I say goes - so I say the baby wears a bib! Behave yourself, little girl!” she snapped crisply. “Or I might decide to drag out baby’s highchair!” I didn't want to argue because if I wasn't careful, she might decide to keep me in nappies all day anyway! Besides, Jessica and Samantha would probably be turning up soon. If I was still wearing nappies when they arrived, it was a sure bet I'd be transformed into Baby Jennie for the entire day!

Becky plopped out my dummy and thankfully removed the ribbon from around my neck, telling me shortly to eat my breakfast. I quietly picked up my spoon and obediently started eating. I was somewhat relieved that Becky had served my morning juice in a glass, and not in a baby bottle as I feared she might. As on the previous day, I was in a hurry to finish breakfast and then escape from her sight, so I ate rather quickly. That was a mistake, because at one point I spilled a blob of porridge on my bib. Becky snatched the spoon from my grasp and brusquely insisted on spoon-feeding the rest to me, snickering that it was just as well I had a babysitter to look after me!

It was pretty obvious that Becky was trying to make breakfast last longer than usual just to torment me - but finally we finished. With much scolding for my sloppy baby ways, she untied the dirty bib and used it to wipe my face and hands clean. Becky took my hand and led me back up to my room, where she performed the finger-check on my diaper to see if I was still dry (which of course, I was!) She seemed mildly surprised, then had me lie down on my bed while she removed my frilly baby panties and unpinned the nappies. “Okay, you're free to go,” she finally grunted to me, and took the dry nappies with her as she left my room. I made a quick stop at the bathroom, then dressed as quickly as I could and headed over to Josh’s place. Josh was already hanging around outside his house, riding his skateboard in their driveway when I arrived.

“How’d it go when you went home last night, Peter? Did your sister turn you into a girl again?” he teased me with a sly grin on his face. “No! She didn't have a chance to because my Mummy - my Mum - came home soon after I did. I'll bet she wanted to, though!” I replied, rolling my eyes in rank disbelief at the strange habits of the fair sex. “I still can't get over how pretty you looked the other night when I saw you at the theatre! I wonder what would happen if anyone else ever found out about that?” His tone was too interested - too speculative. That made me raise an inquisitive eyebrow. Josh can be a bit of a joker sometimes, so I wasn't sure if he was actually driving at anything.

“Josh? You didn’t tell anyone, did you?” I demanded anxiously, turning to confront him. I had to look up to stare into the mischievous green eyes that danced with torment. “No! I haven't - not yet! But it's hard to keep such a great secret to myself.” He had a strange grin on his face, and I knew it meant he wanted something from me. It figured - but then had our situations been reversed - I’d probably be giving him a hard time, too! “Okay. What’s it going to cost me for you to keep quiet about this?” I sighed resignedly. I felt slightly annoyed, and let it show.

“I'll tell you what. I'm curious to see up close how much of a real girl you can look like - when you’re all dressed up! So I have a dare for you. If you do it, you’re off the hook! If not, well…” His grin was so wide now, his cheeks must have been hurting as he made his point. Although he really was a good friend, I knew these were strange circumstances we both found ourselves in. There’s usually an unwritten code of behaviour that boys follow, and my being caught in public dressed in nappies and girl’s clothes was quite a long way outside that code! That being the case, my friend had me in a bit of a difficult spot - and I figured I had to make some effort to save face. Whether one is a boy or a girl, it is always risky business to turn down another kid's dare - so I had to be very careful.

“Okay,” I stated defiantly, “what's the dare?” “I dare you to dress up like a little girl again, go down to Jensen’s store by yourself, and buy two ice cream cones for us!” I thought for a moment, and then clarified. “No nappies though, right? Just an ordinary girl our age?” “No, not an ordinary girl... A very pretty girl! You have to look as cute as possible! Besides, if you tried to go out dressed up like you were last time I saw you, you'd look way too young to be out on your own! In those nappies, you probably wouldn't make it down the street by yourself - before some adult stopped you and took you in hand!”

This would prove to be an interesting dare, but it would be easier than Josh may have figured. Of course, he didn't know that I'd already been in that store twice in the last week - dressed as a baby girl! Mr. And Mrs. Jensen already knew about my dressing up. The difficulty would be that I'd be going in by myself - and that might lead to a few interesting questions from Mr. Jensen! Also I'd never tried dressing like a girl on my own, and wasn't sure if I could do it - without help.

Asking for Becky’s assistance would be out of the question, so I'd have to wait until she was busy with her friends. Then I could sneak into the house, and try my best to dress up convincingly. “To Jensen’s? Are you paying?” I demanded suspiciously, and he nodded eagerly. “And is it okay if we have a milkshake instead of ice-cream?” Again he gave me the grinning nod. “Okay, a dare’s a dare! I'll do it! You'll have to give me a bit of time to pull it off, though,” I bargained. “Well, don't take too long! I think you should definitely do it in the next day or two.”

I had no idea how I was going to pull off turning into a girl again without Becky finding out, but I knew it had to be done. I decided to put it out of my mind for the time being. I'd work out a plan that night. Except for the occasional friendly teases from Josh, the rest of the day passed without too much more being said on the subject. When I slunk back into the house late that afternoon, Becky was talking on the phone with one of her friends. She all but ignored me as I quietly eased past. Josh and I had been playing about in the local ravine, so I was a little muddy.

Becky paused from her conversation only long enough to notice I was filthy! She ordered me to “take a bath right away!” instead of waiting until later that night. Dismissing me with a wave, she continued talking with her friend. Before heading up to the bathroom I stopped at the fridge for a drink, and eavesdropped on a bit of Becky’s conversation. Apparently she was somehow talking with both Samantha and Jessica at the same time, and the three of them seemed to be making plans to lounge about poolside in our backyard all day tomorrow. This gave me an idea for how I might be able to dress as a girl - without being caught! I figured that once they were all oiled up, swimming, and working on their suntans, they’d probably stay out in the backyard for at least a couple of hours. All I had to do was make sure that Becky thought I was off playing with Josh as I usually did. She wouldn't suspect that I’d be sneaking back into the house to find some of the girl clothes I'd been forced to wear the previous week.

I hurried to finish my bath as I heard Mummy's car pull into the driveway, and bounded downstairs to see her as I dried myself. Mummy never lets me dry my own hair, because she says it has to be dried in a special way - so she usually does it for me. While she was patting my hair dry before blow-drying it, she commented on how pleased she was that I had managed the night without having another ‘accident.’

“If you can manage two more nights of staying dry - then I don't think we'll need to put you to bed in your nappies any longer... Unless, of course, when Baby Jennie is visiting!” I blushed rosily when she added that last, so she gave one of my cheeks a gentle tweak as she smiled indulgently down at me. Dinner was pretty much an ordinary family affair, as it had been the previous night. After our meal we all watched a movie on TV together. When it was my bedtime, I was sent upstairs to prepare for bed. This time I wasn't surprised when Mummy wandered in with the nappies and latex-lined rhumba panties - the frilly pink satin ones, this time. I kind of thought of them as my favourites.

In place of my pyjamas, Mummy handed me a new nightie! Well, she said it was called “a nightshirt - like the guys wore in olden times!” It was mostly white, with a pattern of little pink bunnies scampering across the bottom. It was made from something called ‘Rayon,’ and it felt all smooth and slinky on my shoulders and tummy after Mummy bunched it up and popped it over my head. At least the brief hemline covered the elaborate white frills dangling from the seat of my pink panties - just!

While she was straightening my nightie - my nightshirt - I kept thinking about the dare I had to satisfy. I was convinced I had the perfect plan to make it work. Mummy told me it was too late for a bedtime story as she tucked me in, and after hesitating for a moment, she softly asked me if I wanted my dummy? I blushed, not knowing how to reply, then I reluctantly shook my head in embarrassed denial. She simply gave me a little disappointed smile, and placed the pink pacifier she had been holding in my bedside drawer. After kissing me goodnight, Mummy turned off the light.

I was too anxious planning what I'd be doing the next day to fall asleep right away. It would certainly be a risky dare, but I knew I'd work it out somehow. I looked over at the drawer that contained my pacifier - but resisting the urge to suck on the comforting soother, I rolled onto my back. I reached under the covers and lifting the hem of my nightie, felt the outside of my bulky diaper, running my hand over my effeminate slippery pink baby panties. The lace frills felt so soft, and the satin covering slithered erotically over the PVC lining when I absently rubbed my thickly padded crotch. Before I finally drifted off to sleep, I was pleasantly aware of how comfortable my nappies felt! As long as no one outside of my family knew, maybe wearing them for a few more nights wouldn’t be so bad after all!

The next morning Becky was laughing as she shook me awake. As I groggily came to, she told me to stop sucking my thumb and hurry downstairs with her for breakfast. I guiltily plucked the offending digit out of my mouth and inspected it’s wrinkled appearance. Then I hopped out of bed and toddled obediently after her. I guessed that she'd still make me keep wearing my nappies until after breakfast, so I didn't even ask to be let out of them. Breakfast that day was pretty straightforward - cereal and toast, with juice. Despite the fact that I thought I was wearing a nightie, Becky’s only comment was “Nice nightshirt!” - delivered with a smug superior smile that made me want to smack her silly face! Although I was delighted that Becky didn't make me wear a bib that morning, or give me my juice in a baby bottle. She appeared to be in a bit of a rush, and obviously had other things on her mind besides making a baby out of me.

When we'd finished eating, she hurried me up to my room and checked my nappies for wetness. Once again I'd passed the test, though Becky hardly appeared satisfied. Instead of having me lie down, this time she just sharply pulled my frilly pink satin panties down to my ankles, and helped me step out of them. She then quickly released the pins and let the dry nappies simply fall away. “Hurry up and dress, Peter. I assume you will be out playing all day with Josh again, right?” she asked me disinterestedly. “Huh? Oh, yes.” I dared to add a little sarcastically, “I'm still trying my hardest to remember what being a boy is like!” She shot me a withering glare as she gathered up the dry nappies and panties, then headed out my bedroom without responding. I quickly used the bathroom, dressed, and then I headed out the side door as fast as I could. It was a beautiful mild sunny day outside, so at least the weather wasn't going to make today’s dare any more difficult. I was going to need Josh’s help to make this happen, and only hoped that he'd try to stay serious long enough for it all to work. Once at Josh's place, I found the three brothers still having breakfast in their kitchen. I casually knocked on the screen door, and eventually Brian stood up to let me in.

“Hey Josh, here’s your little girlfriend again! Are you two going to play with your dolls today?” he teased loudly with a huge grin. “Very funny, Brian,” I replied flatly, then added. “I don't even own any dolls!” in a more joking tone of voice. “Awww! That's a real shame! Maybe if you're a good little girl, your Mummy might buy you a few!” Tom mockingly advised me with a giggle. “C’mon guys... Give us a break, okay?” sighed Josh, as he placed his empty bowl in the sink.

They didn't make any other snide remarks as we headed out of the kitchen, but I could hear them still chuckling from out in the living room. Josh quickly tied his shoes, grabbed his skateboard, and we headed outside. Once I was sure we were both a safe-enough distance away, I decided to fill Josh in on the plan I had formulated so far, and see if he had any ideas that might help. “So, you're going through with this, then? Today?” he asked me, an excited grin creeping over his face.

“I'd rather just get it over with! Besides, Becky’s invited her friends over for a pool party today, and that means I can probably sneak back into the house without her spotting me.” The plan was for the both of us to head discreetly back to my house, and once Becky and her friends actually started swimming in our pool, I’d make my entry. With Josh keeping watch, I'd sneak in through the front door and quietly head down into the rec-room. Once I'd changed into the dress and shoes, I'd quickly dash up to Becky’s room where I'd do my nails, and try to copy one of the feminine hairstyles they had used on me the previous week. If any of the girls entered the house while I was still inside, Josh would ring the front doorbell to warn me, and then hide. Assuming that wouldn't happen, all I had to do was make a quick trip to Mr. Jensen's to buy the milkshakes for both of us, and then hurry back and change before the girls had enough sun and decided to head inside. Easy!

After some discussion, we were finally ready to set off to my house and put our plan into action. We quietly concealed ourselves in my next-door neighbour’s bushes to watch my house. After about a half hour Samantha and Jessica arrived, wearing t-shirts and tiny denim cut-offs, which showed off their shapely round bottoms - and especially Jessica’s long, tanned legs. After my sister let them in via the side gate, we moved a little closer and listened to them talking for ages in the backyard. And then we heard the sounds of splashing. They had started swimming! It was now or never!

I sidled nonchalantly up to the house, silently opened the front door, and quickly raced down to the rec-room. I hauled out the box of my sister’s old clothes, and searched through it for a dress to wear. If I were to make this work, I'd have to make sure that the clothes looked just right! Most of the clothes in the box were still too ‘little girl’ though. I realised Becky must still be keeping those slightly bigger clothes in her room, so I rapidly bolted upstairs.

After a frantic panicked search, I eventually found them in her closet. I chose the yellow dress that I'd worn to the shops the previous week, and realised that I'd have to have Josh fasten the rear buttons at the collar, and tie the sash in a bow behind my back for me. He'd probably be kidding me about that for quite a while, but since this was his idea to begin with - I didn't think he'd bug me about it for too long.

After I found the dress, I also discovered the shiny white panties the girls had originally forced me to wear. I undressed completely, then shivered uncontrollably as I drew the silky nylon panties up over my thighs and groin. Dressed only in the tight shimmering panties, I then had to search for the white cotton ankle socks with the yellow lace trim, and the black patent Maryjanes. At last I pulled the dress over my head and tugged on the lacy socks. After buckling on the dainty shoes, I sat down in front of Becky’s bedroom mirror and tried to remember how they'd fixed my hair.

After messing about with my hair and a brush for a few minutes, I gave up on anything complicated. I managed to scrape it back into an acceptable high ponytail. I found the yellow ribbon that matched my dress in front of me on the vanity. I looped it around the base of my ponytail, but the ribbons wouldn’t dangle right! The girls had made it look so easy when they did it for me, but I had to try a few times before I was able to make my hairstyle look passable.

I sorted through the make-up scattered on the vanity. I used the little brush to dust my cheeks with blusher just as I’d seen my sister do, and then gave each of my lashes a few careful tremulous strokes with the mascara wand. The pale-pink lipstick was easier to apply than I thought, and as I pressed and rubbed my lips together, I savoured the luxurious creamy feeling and subtle perfumed taste.

I finished off with the pale-pink nail polish - only one coat, as I was sure I was running out of time - though I took care not to accidentally dab any on my dress. I stood there waving my hands and blowing on my nails to speed up the process. They dried pretty quickly, and then I was finally ready to make my escape. I remember my heart beating rapidly, the thumping from my chest sounding so loud in the still house, as I crept silently as a mouse downstairs to the front door. My bladder gave a brief nervous tweak as I passed the bathroom, but there was no time to use the toilet. If any of the girls came in and spotted me at that moment, there'd be no way I'd ever be able to explain my predicament! Fortunately they were still noisily splashing around in the pool, and giggling so loudly I was able to easily slip out unnoticed. When Josh caught sight of me, his eyes nearly bugged out of his head! He had to cover his mouth with both hands to stifle a laugh, so I gave him an annoyed look and - shushing him with a finger to my glossy pink lips - led him quickly down the driveway before the girls might hear him. “Omigod! I can't believe it's really you!” he exclaimed loudly, once we reached a safe distance. “Well, it isn't perfect. But it's the best I could do in such a short time by myself! Speaking of which, can you button up the back of my dress, and help me tie a proper bow with the sash at the back?”

I turned around, holding the ribbon sash pieces behind me, and waited impatiently while he clumsily fastened the tiny pearl buttons, and then slowly tied my sash in a big decorative butterfly bow in back for me. “Man, this is soooo weird! I feel like I'm doing this for a real girl!” he complained. “I wouldn't be doing this at all, if you hadn't stuck me with this stupid dare! There isn't much time, so let’s hurry down to the ice cream store so I can settle this dare and head home - before someone else recognises me.” I paused long enough to crouch down and adjust my socks, arranging the yellow lace frills more attractively around my ankles - and then we were off.

On the way to the store we passed a few people, but they didn't really seem to pay any attention to us. To them, we probably appeared like any other normal brother and sister off to play somewhere. When we reached Mr Jensen's store, Josh told me that he wanted to go in first and pretend to look around - so he'd be able to watch the whole thing when I came in to buy the ice creams for us. “Milkshakes!” I reminded him, and he just nodded, grinning goofily. He then picked up his skateboard and smiling inanely at me, walked inside. I suddenly felt very exposed standing there, all by myself, alone out on the sidewalk. I didn't want to wait too long, so I gave Josh less than a minute before I followed him in.

Once inside, I was shocked when I saw three girls together at the counter who had been in my class that year. They all took a quick look at me when I entered - but when they didn’t recognise me, they went back to ordering their ice creams. I was more nervous when they passed right by me on their way out. But I assume that they saw nothing out of the ordinary, because nothing happened - except one of them gave me a friendly smile and a little nod.

I heard Josh reply “Just looking,” when Mr. Jensen asked him what he would like. “How about you, Miss?” Mr. Jensen asked me politely with a smile, as he strolled over to where I waited. There was no doubt that Mr. Jensen knew who I was, but I still had to try to keep up appearances - or Josh might figure out that this part of his dare was rigged!

“May I have a milkshake, please? Two, actually - one vanilla, and one chocolate, please?” I made my request in my best, most convincing little-girl voice. I thought Mr. Jensen figured that I was putting on an act for the benefit of the boy in the store, so with a quick wink to me, he simply completed my order. But he knew better! As I handed him the money I had been carrying in my hand, (I didn't have a purse) he decided to try and make Josh feel a little embarrassed.

“Hey, young man! Are you going to help your girlfriend here carry these? One of them is obviously for you, and you wouldn’t want her to spill any on her pretty dress. Would you?” he asked with a smug, knowing smile. Josh blushed and swallowed loudly, looking very uncomfortable. “No sir, I guess I wouldn’t,” he answered nervously. I tried my hardest to keep from smiling, as he came over and took the full chocolate milkshake from my small hands. As we left the store, I could hear Mr. Jensen softly chuckling to himself. Mummy always did tell us that Mr. Jensen was really sharp, and nothing slips by him.

“I can't believe he thought you were my girlfriend!” Josh exclaimed as we walked home slurping our huge milkshakes. “It's really weird how you're able to fool everyone into thinking you're really a girl!” “Yes, well... See how much it sinks in after you’d spent a whole weekend dressed as a little girl!” I replied cattily. “Now let's head back to my house as fast as we can, before anyone else sees me. I thought I was caught for sure, when I saw those three girls from our class were in there!”

“Yeah! But they didn’t recognise you at all! They just thought you were another girl! Far out!” Satisfied that the dare was successfully completed, Josh continued enthusing about my convincing performance as we headed back to my house. We snuck up the driveway to see if the coast was clear, but the girls weren't in the back yard! My bladder gave another warning twinge. I would need to do a wee-wee - and soon!

“They must have gone back inside the house!” I squeaked in a panicked whisper. “Now what am I going to do? I can't spend all day looking like this! If I try to sneak inside to change, they'll see me!” “I have an idea,” Josh suggested after a moment. “Let's go back to my place. Brian and Tom have been playing a lot of table-tennis in the basement lately, so we could probably sneak you into my house unnoticed. You can slip upstairs and put on some of my old clothes, and we can stash the stuff you're wearing in my room.”

I thought about his suggestion for a few minutes, and realised it was the only safe option available for the moment. Besides, Josh was the one who talked me into this mess, so he'd have to help me out of it! I hoped he was right about his brothers being busy - because after the teasing they'd been giving me lately, I'd really be in for it if they caught me in a dress! We headed over to Josh’s house, and he had me hide in his back yard while he went into the house to see what his brothers were up to.

After what seemed like ages, I anxiously wondered what was taking him so long? I was holding my bulging tummy and dancing from foot to foot. I needed to do a wee-wee really badly - right now! I thought about pulling up my dress and dropping my silky bikini panties right there, but if either of his brothers wandered into the backyard - there'd be no way to sneak past them with my dainty panties trapped around my ankles! I was growing more nervous and more desperate.

What was Josh doing in there? I carefully crept up to the side of the house, and peeked through the kitchen screen door. I couldn't hear or see anyone inside, so I decided to quietly open the door and let myself in. I had a definite sense that something weird was going down, and figured I'd sneak up to Josh’s room and change into some of his clothes regardless. As I entered the kitchen on my way to the stairs, I stumbled in shock! Josh was sitting tied to one of the plastic kitchen chairs! He looked up when he saw me creeping in, an expression of apprehension on his face.

“Watch out!” he hissed quietly but urgently to me. “My brothers will catch you! Get out of here fast!” Josh had told me before that occasionally his brothers would tie him up, as part of some stupid game. But I never really thought he was serious - until now! I moved towards him to untie him, when I suddenly heard Brian's voice booming behind me, making me jump in fright! “Who the hell are you? Josh, is this little girl a friend of yours?” At that very moment, Tom entered from the opposite end of the room and looked straight at me. At first Tom had a confused look on his face. But as he stared a little longer, suddenly I saw the glint of recognition in his eyes.

“Hey Brian! That's not a girl! That's Josh’s little sissy-friend Peter!” “Peter? Gosh, we were only kidding before about you being a girl! If you're dressed up like one, then you must really be a sissy!” snorted Brian in contempt. This was not good! I was in a really bad situation, and I knew that I had to escape - immediately if not sooner! I tried to make a sudden break for the door, but Brian easily caught me and pinned my arms to my sides. “Not bad,” he said in wry amusement, nodding almost approvingly as he looked me over. “You make a very pretty little girl! Your big sister's really beautiful, so I guess it makes sense that you should be pretty, too! Tell me, little sissy-girl. What does your big sister think about you wandering around the neighbourhood dressed up like this?”

I was too frightened to answer, but the terror in my eyes told him everything he needed to know. Becky clearly didn't know I was outside dressed up like a little girl! I knew that Brian - like lots of boys - had a crush on my attractive sister, and was always seeking excuses to talk to her. Now that they had me there dressed like this, Brian had a great excuse! “So... I guess she doesn't know,” he drawled, and a smile tickled the corners of his full mouth. “That's too bad! You'd think she'd love to have such a cute little sister like you around the house,” he continued. “Where is she now?” he demanded, and gave my shoulders a brisk shake when I was too slow responding.

“She and her friends are just hanging around at my house, swimming in the pool and lying in the sun,” I whimpered quietly. “Please let me go! I promise I'll never do this again! Just let me go home and change! Please?” I begged them. Becky was going to find out about this for sure one way or another, so I had nothing to lose now by returning home to change, whether she saw me or not. I only hoped that she'd understand when I told her about how I was seen by Josh on the weekend, and how he dared me to dress up like this again today.

“I don't think so, little girl,” Brian eventually chuckled. “Your sister might be angry with me for allowing her little sister to walk home alone dressed like this - so we'll have to keep you here, until she can come and fetch you.” He turned to Tom and ordered, “Grab me some more rope, so we can make sure our little Princess here doesn't run off and find herself in more trouble!”

I started to struggle violently, but Brian laughed his deep booming laugh and held me easily. He forcefully pushed me into another cheap moulded plastic kitchen chair opposite Josh. Tom returned with a few lengths of rope, and efficiently tied my hands behind my back while Brian held my arms. I was now terribly upset, and started to cry as Tom tied each of my ankles to the front legs of the chair. I sobbed and pleaded with them to let me go. I started to shriek. “Please don't do this! Let me go! I have to go to the toil-” My shrill squeals were cut off as Brian suddenly clamped his hand over my mouth.

“Wow! The little Princess can even scream like a girl! We can't have you disturbing our neighbours with all that noise, Princess!” He removed his broad hand from my mouth for only a second, before a damp dishtowel flashed before my eyes and was stuffed into my gaping mouth. “Now,” he gloated, as he tied off the knot behind my head, “you sit here quietly and be a good little girl, and I'll be back soon with your big sister. Okay, sweetie?” He gave a wink to his brother Tom and simply ordered, “Watch ‘em!” as he let himself out the side door.

I assumed the only reason he was walking over instead of phoning her, was because he knew she was lying poolside with her friends. He obviously wanted to see Becky and the girls in their bikinis, so I would have to stay tied up in their kitchen until they came to release me. I knew my bladder couldn’t hold out till then! Not to mention that as soon as Becky saw me tied up and dressed like this, I knew I'd be in a world of trouble! The ropes were too tightly knotted, and no matter how much I twisted my hands behind me, I couldn’t escape.

“Relax, Princess,” snickered Tom when he noticed my squirming. “You're only going to hurt your wrists and ruin those pretty socks if you keep struggling like that!” He then turned to Josh. “So, little brother! What do you know about your little sissy friend being all dressed up like this? I'll bet you had something to do with it. Didn't you?” Josh definitely didn't want to wind up in more trouble, but he knew that he had to say something - or else it'd be worse for him as soon as I was able to tell my side of the story. The gag in my mouth meant that I wouldn't have that chance any time soon, so Josh tried to play down his involvement as much as possible. With a slightly apologetic glance at me, he gave his version of what had happened.

“After you guys kept telling Peter how much he looked like a girl, he wanted to try to see if he could fool everyone. He snuck into his house while his sister and her friends were swimming out back, and dressed himself up. We walked around for a while, to see if anyone would notice he was really a boy - and no one did! When we tried to go back into his house, his sister and her friends had gone inside! Peter wasn't able to change! I told him that he could borrow some of my old clothes, and I came in here to grab some things for him, when you and Brian jumped me!”

Josh was certainly playing down his part all right! He left out the fact that he was the one making me do this to start with, as well as the part where we went to the ice cream store, and Mr. Jensen made him believe he thought I was his girlfriend. The gag reduced my protests at this modified version of the true story to muffled grunts, which were ignored by Tom. But the desperate signals from my bladder made me bounce urgently around in my chair. “So... You thought you'd just help your little sissy friend here change back into a boy? She looks so good as a girl, I don't see why you both didn't decide to have her stay this way!” Tom smirked. Coldly disregarding my muffled pleas, he left the room and wandered upstairs to find his book.

While he was gone, I glared furiously at Josh. He could tell from the look on my face that I was extremely angry with him! If he hadn't stuck me with that stupid dare, I wouldn't be sitting here all tied up by his older brothers - who would never keep this to themselves! Now, thanks to his version of the facts, they'll all think that I dressed up like a little girl because I wanted to - and not because I had to! ‘It was too bad that they hadn't gagged him as well!’ I thought maliciously, and then all other thoughts were driven from my head by an exploding flash of pain from my insides. I moaned around my gag as my bladder spasmed, and then with mounting horror I realised that I was wetting my panties! A spreading pool of hot wetness crept across the bottom of my panties, soaking into the back of my thin cotton sundress. I could feel the rising heat as my wee-wees filled the dip in the seat, and the flood gathered and pooled between my helpless spread thighs.

The plastic chair slowly filled with my hot urine, and I sobbed as I felt the first warm trickle down my leg. Then both legs had little rivulets of warm golden pee running down them, to soak into my socks and fill my Maryjanes. I gulped in despair and started crying helplessly, the tears of shame hot on my cheeks. Misunderstanding my distress, Josh tried to justify his fabrications.

“Peter? Give me a break! If I told them about the dare, we'd both be in a lot of trouble! My brothers don’t know that your sister already likes to dress you up like this, so you won't really be in as much trouble as I would, if they knew I had something to do with it! Hey!” His eyes grew wide as he noticed the growing golden puddle on the white linoleum under my chair. “Peter? You haven’t wet-”

Josh snapped his mouth shut as Tom entered the room with his book. He sat down on one of the far chairs with his back to us. We sat there like that for what seemed like half an hour, before I heard voices - lots of voices - coming up the driveway. Behind me I heard the side screen door slam open, and moments later Brian, Becky, Jessica and Samantha all entered the kitchen.

The girls had obviously come directly from the pool, because their wet bikinis made their t-shirts cling to their firm young breasts like a second skin. They looked fit and tanned and glowed attractively. While Jessica is more slender, my sister is slim-waisted, but quite well-endowed. But dark, chubby Samantha had simply tossed on a sheer white Indian t-shirt, clearly showing off her tiny white bikini. Her huge brown breasts looked like they were about to fall out of the damp white triangles she had stuffed them into. The girls all had wet hair, and Jessica even had a damp towel still draped over her broad shoulders.

“Well, girls! Here she is!” Brian announced, waving his hand in my direction. “She wasn't cooperating and became too noisy - so we had to make sure she kept quiet.” “Huh! Well, I’ve always thought little children should be seen and not heard,” Becky joked, giving her tacit approval to the shameless way they had treated me! I cringed when they all laughed at her snide, approving comment. She stood in front of me with her hands folded over her heaving breasts, and gave me a stern frown. “So, Missy,” Becky began. “I guess you loved being Baby Jennie so much - you wanted to dress-up and go exploring all by yourself! Huh, baby?” “You mean this has happened before?” Brian asked, astonished, and turned to my sister with puzzlement creasing his handsome features.

“Well, sort-of,” my sister slowly replied. “Jennie is short for Jennifer, but usually we call her Baby Jennie! It's a little game Peter loves to play at home with his Mummy and me.” I immediately started grunting around my gag in protest, but there wasn't really much I could do or say. Becky took a closer look at me, and her bright, cornflour-blue eyes flew wide with astonishment. In a strident voice that drew everyone’s attention, she exclaimed. “What’s this I see? Have you wet your panties again, little girl?”

Everyone fell silent and stared at my sister - then at my wet crotch - and the room was suddenly filled with cruel laughter, as they all discovered my infantile humiliation. Tom made several nasty jokes about me stinking up the house and messing the furniture. Brian loudly demanded to know why Tom hadn’t noticed me wetting on the floor? And the girls kept interrupting them, to try and tell them about my earlier weekend spent dressed as a baby - and how they’d initially forced me into dressing up. I lowered my face in abject shame and the hot tears of humiliation continued to trickle down my cheeks, soaking into the dishtowel that served as my gag.

Tom relayed to them the story that Josh had fed him, and I wished I could just disappear! Becky had an odd expression on her face the entire time, but didn't say a thing - until Tom suddenly asked. “What do you mean by ‘baby sister’? Baby ‘cause she's younger - or is it because she still wets her panties?” he chortled derisively. “Josh knows exactly what I mean when I call her Baby Jennie! Don't you, Josh?” Becky snapped crisply at the stunned young lad, as she suddenly turned to confront him. Josh was caught completely unawares. He didn't know what to say, and so he just stared at her - with guilty, fear-filled eyes, his jaw hanging slackly open in stunned horror!

“Josh has already seen Baby Jennie during the past weekend! At the movies on Sunday, with your parents! You remember, don’t you, Josh?” The sarcasm was so thick, it covered him like spray from a skunk. Becky coyly leaned in closer to his small, cowering bound frame. “I find it really interesting that you didn't mention that in your story to your brother! So what other pertinent facts are you concealing from us? Hmmm?” Satisfied his guilt was plain for all to see, Becky glanced around to gauge the mood of her accomplices. She was pleased to see Tom looked annoyed - but big, handsome Brian was red-faced with anger.

“You little liar!” Brian stormed from the other side of the room. “So you've seen the little Princess dressed up before, and didn't want to tell us, huh? I'll bet the reason was, you didn't want to say anything because you hoped that you and your little girlfriend here could play dress-up together!” “That's not true!” Josh yelped angrily. But flickers of guilt still marred his features, and he was unable to look his accuser in the eye.

At the theatre on Sunday night he'd spent the whole time staring at me, and hadn't even noticed if Becky observed him staring or not. That meant that Becky knew the whole time that I'd already been discovered - but hadn't said anything to our mother! I guess if our mother knew other people had spotted me in my shameful baby attire, she might have put an end to Baby Jennie’s visits permanently! And Becky was obviously having too much fun with me to allow that to happen!

“So Josh, how'd you force Peter to dress up and go outside like this? Hmmm?” she demanded. “Did you make him do it somehow because you saw him dressed as Baby Jennie on Sunday night?” Both Brian and Tom were still in the dark about what Becky meant when she referred to me as ‘Baby Jennie.’ When they asked again for clarification, Becky told them that maybe it would be simplest to just show them! She said that first she'd have to return to our house, to bring some of Baby Jennie’s things over. She had a quick whispered conference with Jessica and Samantha, then turned to Brian with a mischievous look in her big blue eyes.

“Brian, have you ever wondered what having a little sister might be like? Even for just one day?” she asked coyly, fluttering her long dark lashes seductively. My cheeky, conniving sister! Brian and Tom weren't sure exactly what Becky and the girls were up to, but they smiled agreeably and told her they'd love to find out! Josh however, knew exactly what they had in mind - and started shouting for them to let him go, protesting volubly that there was no way that would ever happen to him! With a nasty grin splitting his face, Brian tossed another dry dishtowel to Becky and asked her to “do the honours?” Within seconds, Josh was just as silent and tightly gagged as myself. And I have to admit - some vengeful part of me was secretly pleased! “That’s much better!” Becky commented with a snide smile. Then she turned to Samantha and Jessica. “Can one of you come back to my house with me? I think we'll need to bring a few bags back, and I'll need some help dragging it all over here.” Jessica volunteered to help, and the two of them walked out discussing what they should pack for “the babies!”

While Josh and I sat there mutely waiting, Brian and Tom decided to head downstairs for another table-tennis game. That left Samantha to keep a watch on us. She picked up the towel she had brought with her and crouching in front of me, started mopping up the amber puddle beneath me. “It looks like Baby Jennie needed her nappies today!” She grinned at my obvious embarrassment as I blushed hotly. When the floor was sufficiently clean, she rolled up a drier part of the towel and stuck it in the puddle around my crotch. While it was soaking up my wetties, Sammy searched for and found a plastic garbage bag - into which she then gingerly dropped the soggy towel. After grimacing and washing her hands, she picked up a magazine and flipped through it, while she waited for Becky and Jess to return. Every so often she'd come over and make sure that we weren't working our bonds loose. Becky and Jessica returned after another twenty minutes, carrying two large suitcases with them. Becky went to the basement to see Brian and Tom, and ask them to stay downstairs until they were called for - otherwise they'd spoil the surprise! She and Samantha then continued upstairs to the bedrooms to deposit the bags, and then hurried downstairs to the dining room practically skipping with glee! Both Josh and I had a pretty good idea what the girls were about to do to us, and we glanced nervously at each other.

“Okay girls! I'm taking Baby Jennie! You two take… the other one. We'll come up with a name for our new little baby girl after we dress her… more appropriately!” Becky grinned and shook her head in disbelief, as she untied my damp ankles and made me stand. She produced a big blue bath towel and, wrapping it around my wet dress and my legs, easily lifted me into the air. Like me, Josh’s hands were still tied behind his back. But unlike me, he attempted to struggle and fight while Jessica and Samantha swiftly and remorselessly carried him off to the room they would use to transform my best friend.

I knew better than to try and fight Becky - even if I hadn’t been still tied up! She carried me into what appeared to be the guest bedroom, and plopped me down on the changing mat she had already placed spread open on the bed. Becky clucked in annoyance when she realised that even my Maryjanes were wet, but she reassured me in sugary baby-talk that “It’s all right, precious! Patent leather is practically wet-proof, my little bubby!” as she dried each shoe carefully with her blue towel. I was pretty much ignored by her as she placed my shoes to one side, then she started to remove the items from the suitcase she’d brought from our house.

Amongst the bulky nappies and frilly baby panties that I wasn’t surprised to see, she also drew out another new lace-frilled little girl’s dress. I knew it was new - Mummy had only purchased it for me last weekend. But for some reason, I couldn’t remember trying on the sweet toddler frock in the store’s crowded changing-room. It was very similar to the yellow baby dress I had worn - shiny pale-pink satin with oodles of white lace trimmings, which would make me appear far more infantile than the longer yellow dress I was wearing currently. Once Becky had everything laid out to her satisfaction, she finally untied my wrists, but warned me not to attempt to remove my gag! She shook out a pillowcase- sized clear plastic bag, and into it went my wet lacy socks, my shamefully-yellowed wet bikini panties, and finally, the damp, balled-up cotton frock. Each wet item removed led to another harsh reprimand, for my childish behaviour and my infantile lack of control.

She snap-locked and carefully placed the plastic bag containing my urine-stained clothes into the suitcase, informing me that she would be keeping my wet things to show our mother this evening when Mummy arrived home! The humiliating scoldings continued as she forced my knees up and apart, and she proceeded to scrub at my bottom and shrivelled genitals with a handful of moist scented baby wipes. Becky then ordered simply, “Lift up, baby!”

As I obediently raised my bottom, she placed two of my new thicker nappies underneath me. I watched as she drew out some floppy white rubber things, and then I realised she was forcing her small hands into a pair of latex gloves! The gloves popped and snapped menacingly, and I turned my head away in embarrassment when she opened a jar of Vaseline. She stroked some of the greasy substance deeply between my exposed botty cheeks, even going so far as to poke an inquisitive gloved finger deeply into my tightly-puckered little rosebud!

She merely laughed when I grunted in protest, and snidely informed me she had to make sure her little baby’s bot-bot was well-protected - seeing as how I’d proven myself to be such a heavy wetter! Undeterred by my grunting, wriggling objections, she poked at my delicate pinky-brown rosebud again, and I didn’t notice the small, waxy, bullet-shaped glycerine suppository she simultaneously eased inside my open, lubricated, trembling little botty-hole. Becky smeared the remaining gel around my little sac and wee-wee maker, then wiped her hands clean on the front of my nappy, before stripping off the gloves and disposing of them. She generously sprinkled me with baby powder and soothingly stroked it in, till the sweet baby scent completely filled the room. By the time she tugged the front of my nappies over my white powdered genitals, I had been so shamefully exposed for so long, I was thankful for almost any covering!

She used two of the large, pink-tipped, safety-lock nappy pins to fasten each side flap, making it the tightest nappy I’d worn so far! An extra-large pink pair of translucent plastic panties went snugly over them. After she'd made sure she had safely tucked in all the dangling bits of my nappies, she pulled the really frilly set of pink satin rhumba panties - the ones with the elaborate layers of white lace and white satin bows decorating the tushie - up my legs. She pulled the waistband high, till the frilly slippery PVC-lined panties completely covered my entire diaper package.

Next came the toddler dress, and I didn’t notice till much later that the colour matched the panties exactly! Then Becky gleefully spotted my pink fingernails, and insisted on giving them another two coats! Of course she had brought the correct nail varnish with her! She even painted my little toenails, which seemed to take forever to dry. But even I had to admit they looked very attractive! She finally untied the dishtowel gag from my mouth but as soon as I worked it out, she replaced it with my pink pacifier, looping the pink satin ribbon around my neck. She warned me not to spit it out while she worked on my hair.

Not surprisingly I was given braided pigtails again, with pretty dangly pink ribbons to adorn them. As a final touch Becky even produced a little pink satin baby bonnet that obviously matched the dress, and placed it on my head to finish off the outfit. She tied the bonnet’s pink satin ribbons in a large floppy bow under my chin. While her face was inches from mine, I saw her pretty blue eyes widen with surprise.

“Are you wearing mascara? You are!” she exclaimed with a huge smile. She stroked my cheek bones and inspected the tips of her fingers. “And blusher, too? My, my! You do love looking like a pretty girl, don’t you?” She didn’t seem to expect a response, but turned to take her make-up kit out of her bag. “I think your make-up needs just a little touch up, honey,” she condescendingly informed me, as she leaned over me with a tube of pink lipstick in her hand. She plopped my dummy from my mouth and commanded “Stretch those lips wide! Wider, sweetie!”

After what seemed like hours of her painting, wiping and even crimping my mascara’d lashes with some strange scissor-device, my sister finally packed all her make-up away. A few minutes later, Becky tugged some socks onto my feet - also new, I noticed. These were pink sheer cotton - but around the tops, there were three wide floppy layers of exaggerated, frilly white lace. “You look absolutely gorgeous!” She laughed as she pulled out the camera and took a few more baby snaps. “I'll check if your new little playmate is ready, so you sit there and be a good little baby girl until I come back. Understand, Baby Jennie?” With my dummy back in my pink-painted mouth to silence me, I simply nodded my acquiescence. Becky then slipped out of the room and pulled the door firmly shut behind her. I heard the click of a key turning, and knew I was locked in!

While she was away I tried to stand, but the wide bulk between my legs made that impossible! I helplessly tumbled forward onto all fours, where I tried to see what crawling around in such a thick diaper was going to be like. This was the thickest diaper I'd ever been pinned into, so walking unassisted would be next to impossible! In the next room I could hear the girls screaming with scornful laughter and giggling endlessly, and knew that even now Josh was probably already dressed as I was. After all the trouble he'd caused me today, I was almost glad that he was copping a taste of what it was like to be forced to dress up like a baby girl! I was pretty used to my nappies and baby outfits by then, but I knew that Becky and her friends had only just begun our torment. It was a sure bet that it was going to be a long afternoon!

In the few minutes I waited in the bedroom alone, I sat there on the floor looking over my precious shiny pink outfit. There I was, dressed up like a beautiful little baby girl again, and awaiting yet another episode of this little ‘baby-game’ at the hands of my cruel sister and her bossy, domineering friends. Although the morning’s events had been rather unsettling to that point - I strangely found myself starting to feel almost comfortable in this feminine role I was forced to adopt - and that disturbed me!

While I always knew that I wasn't the usual rough-and-tumble sports-type boy - like most of the other lads in our neighbourhood - I never thought of myself as being too ‘girlish’ either! The events of the past week had certainly altered my perspective! But I understood I wound up in this humiliating situation because I had ventured out dressed up as a girl that morning - just to settle a stupid dare! At least I’d confirmed what I always suspected - I really could dress-up and convincingly pass for a pretty little girl - all by myself - if I wanted! Although my current infantile state of dress had nothing to do with what I wanted!

I consoled myself with the thought that at least this time, I wouldn't be alone in my predicament - since Josh was also about to be given the full baby treatment! By the sound of all the ruckus and commotion in the next room, I knew that he certainly wasn't taking his transformation easily. I wondered how he'd look when they finally finished with him. I examined my own outfit more fully, and was actually quite impressed with the job Becky had done on me! I crawled over to the side of the bed, to peer into the small mirror on the bedside table. With astonished delight, I saw that my facial appearance was probably the most feminine and babyish so far! Wow! What had Becky done to my eyes? The eyelashes looked impossibly black and full, and flared out like a china doll’s lashes! I wondered what Mummy would say if she could see me now? Would she be angry? Or would she be so thrilled, she'd want to make me dress up like this all the time? I shuddered with delicious suspense.

Becky returned after a few minutes and unlocked the door. Lifting me onto the bed, she simply pushed me back onto my thickly-padded bottom and sat down next to me. She made a few final adjustments to the lace trimmings on my dress, and then gave me some last minute words of instruction - before I was to be paraded around downstairs as her little baby doll again. “Okay Missy, here's the deal,” she crisply instructed. “I want you to do everything we grown-ups tell you - everything - when we take you downstairs! You are going to be an obedient little baby girl - until I tell you otherwise! That means you aren't allowed to talk - ever! You will keep that pink pacifier in your pretty mouth at all times - or else we'll spank you so hard, you won't be able to sit down for days!” She couldn’t stop her tight pleased smile at my quick expression of fear. “But you aren't going to force me to do something nasty like that - because you're going to be a good little baby girl for us this afternoon! Aren't you, my sweet little Baby Jennie?”

I shuddered at the thought of receiving a spanking, to add to my current woes with Josh’s brothers. I was in enough trouble already, so I had no intention of making things any worse by disobeying my stern-faced big sister. I anxiously nodded my head to mutely indicate my submission to her will, and Becky’s face changed completely when she smiled winningly. Blue eyes glowing with sudden tenderness, she gathered me into a warm cuddle and then picked me up and carried me out of the room. I noticed with some fascination that my diapers were so thick, I could barely feel her hands supporting my puffy padded bottom as she carried me. On the way to the stairs, we paused briefly at the locked door to the next room - where the other two girls were dressing Josh. Becky gave a couple of quick taps on the door, and demanded to know what was taking them so long in there! “This one is a lot harder to handle than our little Jennie,” Samantha gasped from the other side of the closed door, slightly out of breath. “We finally have the little darling dressed properly - but we'll need some help with the hair and finishing touches.”

Becky rolled her eyes at the ceiling and called out that she'd be back to help them - after she put Baby Jennie down. When we entered the living room, I saw they’d cleared a large space in the centre of the room and laid out a large, soft, fluffy pink blanket on the floor. There were some baby toys scattered on the blanket, including a few stuffed animals from my room back home! Brian and Tom were lounging on an old brown, patched overstuffed sofa against the wall, and looked at me with absolute amazement as Becky gently placed me down on the blanket.

“I can't believe it!” Tom exclaimed, shaking his head slowly. “She looks so different! It's hard to believe that’s really a boy.” “Today she isn’t a boy! She's my gorgeous little sister Baby Jennie!” Becky gleefully announced. “Her little playmate isn't quite ready to come down yet, so you two keep a close eye on my baby sister while we finish making your new little sister ready.” Becky gently patted me on my bonneted head and told me to “play quietly like a good little girl,” before she scurried back upstairs.

Brian climbed off the couch and slouched over to take a closer look at me. He leaned over me till his brown chiselled face was so close to mine, I could see the patches of dark stubble under his strong chin where he had missed shaving. Even though I shrank away, his aftershave was fresh and clean, and reminded me of citrus fruits. He held my slippery satin shoulders in his firm grasp when I tried to nervously edge away, his dark brown eyes searching my face like a police chopper spotlight. He whistled softly to himself as he closely examined Becky’s handiwork. “Wow! And I thought you made a cute little sissy before, in just that yellow dress.”

Brian effortlessly rolled me onto my side, flipped up my brief toddler gown, and gave my behind a quick pat - confirming what he expected to find. “And wearing your nappies too I see, baby!” He laughed loudly, his whole body shaking and his broad, deep chest booming inches from my red flushed ears. “Do you need a change yet, little girl?” he taunted me. I blushed even deeper red with embarrassment, and shook my head in anxious denial, sucking harder on my pink baby soother for comfort. Brian chuckled to himself and wandered back to sit with Tom on the old sofa. While they were waiting for the girls to present Josh, they gave me instructions in condescending baby-talk to do a few things for them. After ten minutes of having to crawl about, hug stuffed animals “like they were baby’s best friends!” and shake a baby rattle once or twice - we finally heard the sound of the upstairs door opening, then the girls tromping down the stairs. I turned around, curious to see how Josh would look - and was quite surprised at his altered feminine appearance. He obviously hadn't made things very easy on the girls, because they had tied him up again after putting the feminine clothes on him. In spite of still being tightly bound, he was struggling so violently that he had to be half-carried by both Jessica and Becky! They had stuffed a blue extra-large toddler’s pacifier in his mouth, to make him keep quiet. But unlike the dum-dums in my mouth, his was actually tied in place - with several layers of blue ribbon, which matched the short, flared baby-blue dress he was wearing. Since Josh was much bigger than me, they had dressed him in one of Becky’s slightly more grown-up cotton sundresses. Although not nearly as effeminate or babyish as the new pink satin frock I was currently wearing, it was still so short on him that his nappies and blue-and-white frilly rhumba panties were clearly visible.

The nappies looked smaller on him than on me - but that was probably because he was so much bigger than me. His light-brown hair was not nearly as long as mine, but that didn't matter too much - since they had placed a sweet little girl's straw hat on his head, beribboned to match his toddler dress. He only wore some frilly white socks on his feet - but since he was tied up, there was no need for shoes - this naughty little girl wouldn’t be doing any walking.

“Here she is, boys,” Becky crowed triumphantly. “Your new baby sister was quite the naughty little girl - so we had to keep her tied up just to drag her down here!" Brian and Tom were trying hard not to laugh hysterically at the sight of their little brother now dressed as their little sister - and failing! After he had eventually calmed himself, Brian decided to play along a little more with Becky’s game. With difficulty, he forced a stern look on his face.

“So!” he snapped menacingly. “You gave these beautiful, kind, generous girls a hard time upstairs - eh, little sister? I think it’s time for a lesson in manners, you naughty little girl!” Brian motioned for the girls to drag his new ‘baby sister’ over to the couch, and Josh stopped struggling momentarily as he tried to figure out what his big brother intended. Brian pulled Josh face-down over his lap, and at his direction, Tom proceeded to tug down his blue-frilled rhumba panties, then unpinned one side of his wiggling little brother’s diaper.

From where I was sitting, I could see the look of startled confusion on Josh's face. I could tell that he didn't believe his brother was actually going to spank him - until the first heavy swat landed on his bare botty with a resounding ‘SMACK!’ Josh squealed loudly and struggled wildly to escape, but with his hands tied tightly behind his back, it was a wasted effort! Brian continued to apply a pretty authentic spanking to his ‘baby sister’s’ bouncing rear end, interspersing the blows with reprimands for ‘her’ bad behaviour.

“Naughty” SMACK! “naughty” SMACK! “girl!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “You’ll cooperate with your babysitters,” SMACK! - and he grinned at the girls, who watched enthralled with obvious snickering amusement - “or the next time,” SMACK! “the spanking” SMACK! “will be” SMACK! “twice” SMACK! “as” SMACK! “hard!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

I had a flashback to the previous week, when I was trapped in a similar situation over Becky’s lap in the basement of our home. But my bottom-paddling was nowhere near as severe as Josh’s! I felt sorry for my weeping friend, but I knew that he was better off learning to cooperate right from the start - rather than inviting even worse punishment on himself later. Brian completed the hard, painful spanking, and handed a sobbing Josh back to the girls, so they could pin the drooping diaper back over his slender hips.

Except for the tears running down his face - and the muffled sobbing noises he was making - Josh looked as though he was practically in a daze! He offered no resistance when the girls tightly pinned his diaper again. They pulled up his PVC-lined frilly panties and straightened the flared hem of his short dress, clucking around him like attentive aunties around a favourite niece. He was then lifted bodily by Jessica, and carried in her strong arms over to the centre of the room. She deposited him bound and whimpering next to me on the baby blanket, tears still trickling down his disbelieving, shame-tinged cheeks.

“There! That's much better!” Becky stated firmly, smiling triumphantly. “I’ll bet you won't behave like such a naughty little girl now! Will you, sweetie? If you're a good little girl like my sweet Baby Jennie - then maybe we'll be able to untie you later.” “Speaking of which,” Samantha interjected. “What are we going to call our newest addition to the Nursery? We'll need an especially cute name for our new, cute little toddler girl - won't we?”

Brian and Tom hadn’t really given a female name much thought, and told Becky that it was fine with them if the girls chose a name. After a few names were tossed around, the giggling vixens finally settled on ‘Josephine.’ Soon it was officially announced. ‘Baby Josie’ was the newest member of my sister’s weird ‘babysitting club,’ and would soon experience for himself what I had suffered! Jessica sat down on the edge of the baby blanket next to my miserable companion. She easily lifted Josh onto her lap and wiped the tears from his eyes, crooning wordlessly to him with calming, reassuring sounds to try and restore his shattered spirits. When his cheeks were dry, she playfully wiggled the guard of the dummy tied in his mouth until he was forced to suck.

Samantha likewise sat down to play with me, her fresh-faced, olive-skinned beauty and buxom chest easily snaring my attention - without her having to utter a word. Meanwhile, Becky discretely told Josh’s brothers to follow her into the kitchen. There she invited them over to our Mummy’s place for lunch, and told them of the cruel plan she and the girls had discussed. Becky had decided to organise a doll’s tea-party for the little girls to have in our backyard, during the rest of the afternoon. Meanwhile, ‘their elders and betters’ could all hang around the pool, sunbaking and swimming - and teasing the helpless toddlers! Brian was immediately enthusiastic, and even Tom, laughing uproariously, nodded willing agreement. “But you’ll never force our Josh to go along with something like that! He’ll fight you every step of the way!” Tom scoffed. Brian nodded in agreement.

“Silly boys! Not if our clever plan works.” Becky smiled to take the sting out of her words. “It’s all a matter of choices… One must present things to toddlers in just the right way! Any sensible babysitter knows that! Tom, why don‘t you go find your dad’s new camcorder? I think you might want to shoot some video soon - but wait for my signal, okay?” She refused to reveal any more details of the scheme she and the girls had concocted, but as soon as Tom returned carrying the camcorder, she gave a huge grin and motioned the boys to quietly follow her. She returned to the lounge room with them in tow, and gave a subtle nod to Jessica and Samantha.

“I think we should take Baby Josie to the shopping centre, and buy her some suitable shoes!” suggested Jessica brightly out of nowhere. I saw Josh startle with fear. Jessica smiled broadly down at my poor buddy’s tear-stained face, and asked him ever-so sweetly. “Wouldn’t Baby Josie love a new pair of pretty black patent Maryjane sandals for her very own - just like Baby Jennie?” “I’m sure she would!” exclaimed Becky. “I know how little girls love to shop for new outfits, shoes and accessories!” I knew that all Josh could be thinking of would be the massive public exposure such a shopping expedition would bring! But before he could object, Samantha interrupted.

“But I thought we could let the girls have a little tea party at home,” she proposed, and I saw a glimmer of hope flash across Baby Josie’s downcast face. “Perhaps they could have some playtime in your back yard, Becky? That way we adults could still enjoy our swim, and keep an eye on the little toddlers at the same time!” “Hmmm. That’s also a very good suggestion, Sammy! Oh, I don’t know! Maybe we should let ‘the girls’ decide,” advised Becky thoughtfully. “What do you think, girls? Would you prefer to go shoe shopping at the mall - or have a doll’s tea-party at my place?”

I knew my big sister too well! I recognised the sly looks the girls were giving each other, and realised they were up to something. But what? Jessica eased Josh off her lap and made him stand in front of Becky, where he continued to hang his head submissively. At a nod from Becky, Jessica untied the blue satin ribbons securing his dummy, and Becky eased the big blue toddler’s soother from between his trembling, glossy, pink-painted lips. An embarrassing, glistening trail of clear drool - several inches long - dangled from his pouting bottom lip to the tip of the fat baby soother.

The beautiful, dominant young woman held the teat of the soft latex pacifier inches from his face, till the streamer of drool dribbled down onto his waiting white bib. “Tell Aunty Becky, honey,” she gently urged Josh, who looked as though he didn’t know what to say or where to look. “Tell Aunty Becky in your best little-girl-voice what you would like to do this afternoon.” She gave Tom a discrete nod, and I saw him step back through the kitchen doorway and aim the camcorder at the humiliating scene before me.

“Remember what I told you, little girl!” Brian rumbled in warning from the lounge, and Josh’s face rose momentarily to glance at his stony-faced big brother. In that brief instant I saw the naked fear in his eyes before his face fell to the floor, the droop in his shoulders clearly displaying his reluctant submission. Then Becky crouched forward and, placing one finger under his bowed chin, slowly brought his face up till his cowering eyes met hers.

“Don’t be shy, little girl! Aunty Becky doesn’t mind that you borrowed her old frocks to play dress-ups! I’m not angry with you, sweetheart! You make a very pretty little girl in that dress, honey! What’s your name, baby girl?” Josh’s cheeks exploded with suffused blood, but he realised he was trapped. “My- My name- my name is Baby Josie!” he finished in a stumbling rush, his throat so thick with shame that his voice came out as a tiny, babyish squeak! Even his pink painted lips had turned dark red with mortification, and his chastened humble expression had to be seen to be believed! Becky’s smile was indulgent - yet victorious. She could not help but enjoy the thrill of satisfaction she experienced, when she captured another young lad within her web of influence. She restrained her joyous laugh, knowing Josh’s submission could be slowly savoured over the coming months. For the video camera quietly whirring in the next room, Becky was the model of maturity, understanding and maternal compassion. “What a pretty name! Josie! I think it suits you, sweetheart! Now Josie - tell Aunty Becky what it is you want to do this afternoon?”

“I don’t want to go shopping-” Josh mumbled, his face dropping and his shame-filled eyes darting away from her domineering gaze. “I don’t remember asking what you don’t want to do, little girl… I want you to tell me what you’d like to do!” Becky swiftly but softly interrupted his incorrect response, her tone that of a mother tenderly correcting a difficult toddler. Josh shot another glance to where his big brother leaned forward threateningly on the lounge.

“I-” Here Josh stole a look at me on the rug, before Becky caught his chin and forced him to face her again - “We- We want to… to have… a … a tea-party at your place,” he struggled to tell her. With horror I realised he even sounded like a frightened little girl! Was that how I sounded when Brian grabbed me?

“-Please Aunt Becky!” Samantha crisply interrupted to prompt the blushing boy, as she slid me from her warm plump lap. “I don’t think that was a very polite request! Maybe I was wrong, and our little girls truly want to go shopping after all!” “No! Oh no! I mean…” Josh stuttered in anxious denial. “Please… Aunty Becky? Can Peter- I mean Baby Jennie - and me have a doll’s tea-party at your place? Please?” Becky’s beautiful but cruel features lit up with delight at this earnest sissy request from the prettified young male.

Becky released his chin, allowing the poor humiliated boy’s face to thankfully drop. His cheeks were burning, and even the tips of his ears were bright red below his cute little straw hat. “I don’t know…” she finally prevaricated. “Let me talk with the other grown-ups. Then I’ll let you know what we’ve decided. She turned her back on the shivering child and addressed Brian on the lounge. “Hey Brian? Does Baby Josie own any plain white shoes?” she asked, wiggling her hips and smiling coquettishly at the big lad on the couch.

“I think so” he replied uncertainly. “We could have a look together,” he suggested helpfully. “Watch ‘em,” ordered Becky to the other girls, and off they trundled in search of shoes for Baby Josie.

Chapter Four. What a Dirty Baby!

When they returned, Brian was carrying a small overnight bag with towels slung inside, and a grinning Becky was carrying a pair of shiny white leather sneakers. Josh later told me his Mum had bought them for him in the vain hope of encouraging his tennis game. He hated tennis and had hardly ever worn them, and they looked brand-new when Becky laced them on for him, the white leather gleaming. I knew why Josh never wore them - he had told me he thought they were ‘too girly!’

“Come on, girls!” Becky then encouraged us up, and Samantha helped me to stand awkwardly beside Josh. I stood there swaying uncertainly in my thick swaddling, afraid to take a step unassisted. “Hold Baby Jennie’s hand, darling,” Samantha cautioned Josh, “otherwise she can’t walk by herself! Baby Jennie’s too little!”

Josh stiffly stuck out his hand, but refused to look in my direction. I nervously took the proffered hand and clutched it fearfully. The next thing I knew, Becky was leading us out the front door. There waiting for me was my pink baby stroller! “Josie, help your little baby sister into her stroller,” ordered Becky, and the girls all stood around watching from the door as Josh led me waddling slowly down the front path to the stroller, and awkwardly lifted me into the lay-back candy-striped canvass seat. “Now buckle the little baby in so she doesn’t fall out, Josie,” commanded Becky sweetly.

Josh forced my thighs wide till he could grasp the white leather crotch piece dangling below and, feeding the matching waist belt through the loop, buckled the whole arrangement out of my reach behind the rear of the stroller. I was strapped in facing across the street, and noticed Tom discretely videotaping us from under the cover of some low shrubs in the opposite neighbour’s front yard. So I didn’t see Jessica’s broad smile as she handed the arrangement of white leather straps to Becky.

“And just to make sure our ‘other little girl’ doesn’t accidentally wander into the traffic,” Becky continued conversationally, as she stepped to the front of the stroller. Before Josh could react, she was slipping some thin white shoulder straps into place over his arms. Then she spun him around, his dress twirling up to fully display his fancy bulging baby panties. She swiftly buckled the white leather toddler harness in two places between his shoulder blades.

He reached around awkwardly, straining to reach, and pawed uselessly at the buckles with his fingertips - but two hands were obviously required to release the heavy buckles. As he tried to look over his shoulder at the restraint arrangements behind his back, Becky took up the two white leather reins attached to the rear of the harness, and rolled them up in one fist. “Now my other precious little girl won’t be running off anywhere!” she smirked with obvious satisfaction.

When Josh’s face fell and his eyes clouded over with tears, she crouched beside him. Holding him firmly under the chin, Becky forced his face up till their eyes locked. “I want you to look happy, my little blackmailer! Or we can easily take you shopping at the mall instead!” she threatened in a low, vicious whisper. His vigorous head shaking was all the confirmation she required. “So give your Aunty Becky a great big smile! After all, you’re only doing what you made my little brother do!” She gave his cheek a couple of crisp pats and popped the dummy back in his mouth, and he managed a tremulous smile in return. The other girls giggled as they squeezed past us, and once on the street they took off jogging in different directions.

With Becky holding his reins and Josh pushing me in the stroller, a broadly grinning Brian brought up the rear carrying the bags. Josh’s street was thankfully empty - not for my sake, but for my poor friend! Becky had done such a fantastic make-over on me, I felt quite confident that nobody I met along the way could ever mistake me for a boy! I was a beautiful little baby girl named Jennie - that was all there was to it! But Josh looked like a woeful diapered little boy in a too-short dress - with those knobbly knees, those bruises and bumps from so many Soccer games. It was for him my heart went out.

His worst fears were realised when we turned the corner and saw the small crowd gathered at a neighbour’s garage sale. The two girls that lived there were between Becky’s and my ages, so we didn’t have a lot to do with them. But the older girl Carrie was in Tom’s class, and when they saw Josh wheeling me down the footpath, they came out for a better look. As we approached the group of bargain-hunters, I felt a nervous spurt from my bladder. At first I consciously tried to cut off the flow, but as my sphincter struggled with the effort, it occurred to me that I was wasting my time! I was securely dressed in thick absorbent nappies, and I was sure I’d remain in them until they made me wet. So why not give up now?

I relaxed and let my tortured sphincter collapse, the hot wee-wees surging out of me to soak into my thirsty terry nappies. Preoccupied with the delightful warming sensations coming from my inside my panties, I didn’t notice until the Shaw sisters were right in front of us, blocking the whole footpath. “Josh?” Carrie’s voice conveyed her confusion. “It is you, Josh… isn’t it?” Behind me I couldn’t see the hot flush colouring his cheeks, but I could feel his humiliation like a palpable wave as it washed over me. My poor best friend! Becky swiftly answered for him.

“Hi! It’s… Carrie, isn’t it?” She gave a little embarrassed laugh when the other girl smiled and nodded. “Sorry. I’m Becky from around the corner…” More nods, and the inquisitive smiles grew broader. “Well, yes… This is Josh - but he wanted to play baby dress-ups with my little sister today, so I’ve loaned him some old things of mine to wear. For today, Josh wants to be called Baby Josie!”

Carrie and Susan her little sister, laughed wildly at this information, commenting acidly on the humiliating toddler harness the “Pretty little girl!” was bound in. Carrie pulled Josh forward by the front of his harness to flip up the back of his short dress, so they could better admire his bulging fancy frilly panties. “Hello Baby Josie! You look cute!” Carrie finally conceded, grinning madly. She released Josh’s hem, and then her little sister crouched beside me.

Susan was only a year above me at school, and they lived just around the corner from us. I felt a bead of nervous perspiration trickle down my back as she closely inspected my face, before standing to confront Becky inquisitively. “I didn’t know you had a baby sister,” she commented. “And so beautiful! I noticed she’s wearing some make-up…” “Puts it on herself,” Becky hastened to reassure her. “If I didn’t help her, there’d be make-up every-where!” She threw up her hands expressively, and all the girls giggled.

“Anyway, you’ve done a great job - she looks gorgeous! How old is she?” Susan turned her pert face back till her big brown searching eyes were only inches from my own. I batted my long black lashes innocently, and her smile widened. She was so pretty when she smiled like that! “How old are you, sweetie?” “She’s three,” Becky quickly replied for me. “And still sucking a dummy - and still in diapers?” She cast Becky a more inquisitive look.

“Well, you know how it is with some toddlers… She wet her panties only this morning, so it’s back to nappies for her for the rest of the day. And some little girls seem to need something to suck most of the time!” They all laughed brightly at Becky’s witticism. “Oh well…” Susan smiled condescendingly at me with her full pink lips, and she chucked me under the chin like an infant. As I shifted in my stroller, I felt a nervous burst of gas from my nether regions, accompanied by a muted crackle from inside my rhumba panties.

“Why Baby Jennie! Was that you?” Becky demanded instantly. “That wasn’t very ladylike, little girl!” “Sounds to me like you put Baby Jennie back in her nappies just in time!” laughed Carrie. With mounting horror I realised she was right! Totally beyond my control, my anal ring completely dilated! I felt the hot mass of poop helplessly burst out of my rumbling bowels. I was so tightly strapped into the infant stroller, I couldn’t even lift my poor straining bottom to ease my urgent evacuation! Still the poop farted noisily out of me, and I cringed in shame as the girls around me laughed uproariously when I helplessly grunted in an effort to finish my bowel movement. The hot slurry crept exquisitely around my tightly packed bum, squirting between my legs and up my crack like thick hot mud. My cheeks were burning at both ends as I shamefully messed myself in front of them all!

“Oh well! That’s why babies wear nappies, I suppose,” Becky concluded philosophically, after my helpless wriggling and grunting eventually ceased. “Now pardon us - we have to hurry home and change our baby’s nappies!” Gathering Josh by the reins, she directed him back to his place at the white rubber handles of my pink stroller, and with a gay wave to the girls, we headed home. Brian had been standing a little off to one side and wasn’t privy to the girls’ conversation. When he caught up, Becky filled him in on what she suspected I’d done. I had to put up with his raucous laughter and Becky’s hysterical giggling all the way home!

But I was distracted by the peculiar feelings coming from inside my nappies. Every bump or dip in the sidewalk seemed to make me settle further into the soft poopy mess surrounding my bottom. Little pockets of gas trapped in my poo were suddenly released, to bubble and pop, tickling my botty-crease and my little sac. Despite the fact that I had only just warmed my nappies with wee-wees, my poo-poos felt surprisingly hot surrounding my crotch. The caressing warmth of my copious bowel movement was almost comforting, and the soft mushy layer seemed to cushion my bumpy ride home in the humiliating infant stroller. On arriving at our house, Becky immediately took me upstairs to have my nappy changed. She smirked down at me as she placed me on my back, on the change cloth she spread on Mummy’s bed next to my crib. “Have you done what I think you’ve done?” she demanded, as she made sure the rear of my frilly frock was pulled safely high up my back, then made me hold the frothy lacy front hem up under my chin with both hands. “Did my naughty baby girl make a big poo-poo in her nappy?”

“I- I couldn’t help it,” I whimpered, hot tears of shame making my vision swim. My throat tightened till my voice emitted in a nervous, high-pitched squeak. “It- it just… happened!” She shoved my dum-dums back in mouth to shut me up, and I sniffled in misery as she pulled down my PVC-lined fancy panties. Becky placed them to one side, and then tugged down my tight inner plastic panties. The earthy, fruity-herb smell of a freshly-filled nappy spread around us like a funky cloud.

“Pooh! You smell, baby!” She loudly complained as she inspected my frilly panties for poop stains. Fortunately they appeared to have escaped unscathed. The pink pilchers however, had brown smears on the inside of one elastic leg band, and Becky grimaced as she threw them in the nappy bucket. She frowned forbiddingly at me as she slowly unlocked and unfastened the four pink nappy pins.

“Yuck! Yucky-poo! And wet too! What a complete baby you really are!” She scolded me like a concerned mother as she pulled down the front flap of my sticky full nappy. “Oh Baby Jennie! Look at all that mess!” I could not meet her scathing disappointed gaze, and covered my tear-blurred eyes with my free hand as she slipped on some latex gloves. As if hiding my eyes could lessen my disgrace! My dummy was my only comfort, and I sucked harder to help hold back the tears.

Becky used the wet but unsoiled nappy front to swab away the worst lumps. “Lift your bottom up, baby! Higher! That’s it… Good girl! Now stay there!” she commanded, as she drew the heavy nappies from between my thighs and dumped them carefully in the diaper pail. She used dozens of baby wipes to scrub at my cheeks and wipe my delicate soiled poo-poo hole, throwing each dirty handful into the new pink plastic-lined bin Mummy must have placed there for just this purpose. Each lanolin-imbedded tissue came away less stained, until at last I was allowed to lower my legs so she could attend to my poopy shrivelled cock and balls.

“Oh Baby Jennie! Fancy pooing in your nappies! And in front of those girls, too! I’m sure they’ll be talking about my naughty Baby Jennie for quite some time!” Her cruel laugh was wicked, and I cringed as she finished cleaning my shrunken genitals. The Vaseline she made me lift and spread for brought no comment from me this time, and again I felt her inquisitive greasy gloved finger probing at my delicate rosebud. I clenched the teat of my dummy tightly between my teeth as she violated me, refusing her the pleasure of hearing me squeal in useless protest.

After disposing of the dirty gloves, she powdered me until every inch of exposed my flesh was snow-white, then made me lift my bottom to slip some fresh nappies underneath me. These were pinned just as tightly as my previous diapers, with two of the big pink safety-lock pins securing each flap. Becky first pulled some plain white plastic pilchers tightly over my nappies, slipped the rolled-up pink rhumba panties over my raised and pointed toes, then slid them up to my knees. She helped me to awkwardly stand, and I had to rest my hands on her shoulders as she knelt in front of me to tug my lace-lavished PVC-lined panties tightly up over my thickly-padded groin.

Becky dropped the front of my frock over my tummy, and rearranged the sit of the hem at the rear to her satisfaction. Taking one of my hands, she stood and led me waddling slowly down the stairs. I noticed there was a big baby playpen erected in the lounge room. You know, the kind with wooden bars and rails, about three foot high and six by eight feet long. I didn’t recognise it, but when I saw Jessica’s mischievous grin, I suspected it was some of her doing.

Becky told the girls to take care of her Baby Jennie, as she was going to prepare lunch in the kitchen. Samantha opened the playpen gate and made me crawl in beside a shame-faced Josh. His leather toddler harness remained buckled in place, the two reins tied to opposite corners of the pen - so he could reach neither of them. He had his big blue dummy tied in his mouth again for complaining, and wouldn’t look at me. I knew he knew what I’d done in my nappy. I sat there numbly sucking my comforter as I tried to think of a plausible explanation for my infantile lack of bowel control. I figured since it was just after noon, Becky would probably be back soon with some bottles of milk for us. I wondered how Baby Josie would react to her first bottle feeding! Although still avoiding my shy glances, he seemed to have calmed down a bit. But I knew that he hadn't given in - yet! The instant they let him loose, he would probably take off! And I doubted that they'd be able to catch him, since he was one of the best runners in our school! He wouldn't likely be able to run too far outside in the clothes he was wearing, though. But that wouldn't matter to Josh, as long as he could escape this insane situation.

After a few minutes Becky and Josh’s brothers returned from the kitchen, and I was not at all surprised to see the pink baby bottles they brought with them. Josh's eyes widened with shock, and he started to struggle in vain as Becky approached and handed Jessica one of the bottles. “Stop squirming, you!” Jessica snapped. “It's lunchtime, and you must be hungry by now - from all that struggling and carrying on so far.” “Behave yourself, baby sister,” Brian added threateningly, “or you'll cop another spanking to remind you what happens when you give these lovely ladies any trouble!”

Josh froze at the harsh cautionary words from his lumbering big brother, and I could tell by the cowed look in his eyes that he decided he'd cooperate - for the time being. Becky handed the other full pink baby bottle to Samantha, who then helped me to stand and led me wobbling awkwardly to the four-seater lounge. She plopped down heavily and drew me down with her, so that I fell on my back with my head on her warm bare thighs, her beautiful, huge tanned breasts only inches from my adoring gaze. She gently plucked the pacifier from my mouth and lifting my head, slipped one of my big pink bibs around my neck. The frilly pink baby bonnet was pulled over my face and away, before I could glance down to check for any humiliating embroidered message - then she lowered my head, placing me gently back in her soft lap. Crooning softly, Samantha started to bottle-feed me. I was used to this routine already, so I was somewhat comfortable with it - but I couldn't help looking over at Josh to see how he'd handle it.

“Here's how it's going to work, little Baby Josie,” my beautiful, cruel sister instructed Josh, as she tied his bib in place. The message on his read - ‘Mummy’s Little Nappy Wetter!’ “We are going to take that pacifier out of your mouth, so we can bottle-feed you. But if you say so much as one word when your dum-dums comes out - you will immediately be handed over to your brothers for more discipline! Do we have an understanding?” She stared deeply into his cowering eyes, until Josh meekly nodded his head. She then gave a nod to Jessica, who started to untie the long narrow satin ribbon holding his pacifier in place. Becky returned to the kitchen and left Brian and Tom to watch with fascinated expressions, as Jessica pulled the latex plug out of Josh’s mouth and gently placed the nipple of the warm bottle to his bruised, puffy lips.

“Come on, sweetie,” Jessica cooed to him encouragingly, just like she was coaxing a reluctant infant. “It isn't so bad! Look how much Baby Jennie is enjoying her bottle!” She looked over at me with a wide grin as I blushed hotly. After a quick glance at me, then at the corners of the playpen where the toddler harness leashes were secured, Josh gave a quiet sigh of resignation. He then slowly started sucking on the nipple of his bottle.

“Awww! Isn't that cute!” Tom taunted from the corner of the living room. “Hey Brian... we must shoot some more video, to remember this precious moment by!” “Not while our baby sister is tied up,” decided Brian. “It definitely spoils the look! But don't worry, we'll take some later - once we're sure Baby Josie will behave herself. Then we'll be able to untie her again.”

Josh winced, but continued to drink from the bottle, which Jessica resolutely held to his bobbing lips. I soon finished the one Samantha was feeding me, so she replaced my pacifier and seemed content to just hold me and play with my hair. Josh finally finished his bottle, after which Jessica replaced his pacifier, turned and called over her shoulder to my sister in the kitchen. “Ready for round two in here, Becky!”

My sister entered the living room with two more large pink baby bottles full of warm milk, and Josh groaned when he saw them. I wasn't quite sure what Becky was up to? I'd never been fed two bottles in a row before. Since Josh was really new to all this baby stuff, he was definitely not happy to see another bottle coming so soon after the last. “Okay Baby Josie,” my sister began, “you've been a good little girl - so far! But it can't be too comfortable for you to remain tied up. Since you now know that being bottle-fed isn't so terrible, if you promise to behave - we can untie you - so you'll enjoy this next one a lot more. Understand, Baby Josie?”

Baby Josie thoughtfully sucked her dummy and slowly nodded her head, but I knew that once she was free, it would only be a matter of time before she'd attempt to escape. Once again Jessica was given a nod from Becky, and a minute later Josh was untied. After she unbuckled the harness and slipped it from his arms, for a moment or two he rubbed his shoulders where the thin, strong straps had bitten into him. Then he was helped to stand and led waddling to the couch, and presented to Brian sitting on our big old lounge. “Care to have a try feeding your baby sister, Brian?” Jessica asked coyly.

Tom covered his mouth to stifle a laugh as Brian said, “Sure! Why not? It's been a few years since I last bottle-fed this particular baby. But I'm pretty sure she was a boy back then!” Josh blushed afresh at that snide comment, but didn't resist as Brian eased him onto his lap and lay him back to be fed. Becky handed Brian one of the warm bottles, then gave the other to Samantha. While Josh was clearly relieved that he was no longer bound in the humiliating, restrictive toddler harness, he didn't look very comfortable with his older brother bottle-feeding him.

While Josh was apparently willingly drinking his bottle, Tom slipped from the room and quietly retrieved their family camcorder - a neat little palm-sized unit - and unobtrusively started videoing the scene in the living room. Becky pulled our camera from her purse and took a few photos as well. When she stood framing up Brian and the big baby girl in his arms he was feeding, she commented dryly. “You know Brian, a girl is usually very impressed when a guy shows he isn’t too macho to care for a baby.” Now it was Brian’s turn to blush, as Becky took his photo and then gave him a quick wink. She turned back to Samantha and me. “Can we trade places, Sam?” she requested. “I wouldn't mind having some photos of me taken with my baby sister!”

She sat down next to us and whispered something in Samantha’s ear. Then Samantha passed me over to Becky, and the nipple was put back in my mouth. I continued to nurse and wonder how much longer this baby session was going to last this time! Samantha took a few more photos of us from a few different angles, then collected the empty baby bottles and disappeared into the kitchen with them.

“Tom, I'd like a photo of Brian and myself on the couch together, while we both feed our pretty baby sisters. Would you mind taking them?” Brian raised an eyebrow, but then simply shrugged his shoulders as Tom surreptitiously placed the camcorder aside - still filming - and complied with Becky’s request. She carried me over to the couch with her and then sat right next to Brian - a little too close, in my opinion. I'm sure that the four of us made quite a ‘cute picture’ together on the couch like that, but I was sure that I wouldn't want anyone I knew to see such a photo!

I was surprised that Brian was allowing it, but since he had a crush on my sister… I guess it never occurred to him to say no to her. We sat that way for a bit while Becky made the odd comment to Brian, about how a girl could easily become accustomed to this sort of situation. She was toying with her long blonde hair and looking up at him from beneath lowered lashes… I could have sworn my sexy sister was flirting with Brian!

He blushed a little, but didn't really have much to say in response as Tom urged them to smile. After a few more still photos, Tom placed the camera on the coffee table and went back to using the camcorder. Once again I finished my bottle ahead of Josh. Becky commented that this was to be expected, since I was such a natural at being a little baby! And I'd also had a lot more practise at suckling than little Baby Josie. Again Becky gave me my dummy, and I chewed contentedly on the pacifier until Josh finished his bottle too.

Once he had drained it, Becky asked Brian to “trade babies?” and then shouted, “Round three, Samantha!” towards the kitchen. She couldn't possibly mean to feed us each another bottle? Could she? Both Josh and I moaned around our pacifiers when Samantha returned with two more full bottles in her hands, smiling broadly at our woebegone expressions.

Brian found it very easy to hold me, since I was smaller and weighed far less than Josh did. He examined my face closely before he stuck the warm nipple of the fresh bottle in my mouth, and he shook his head in amazement. “You know Becky, this will sound weird coming from me, but she really does make a cute baby like this!” he said, shaking his head. “I can't even stop myself from calling her ‘she,’ because she’s so damn convincing! You really did quite a job on her!” “Thanks for saying so, but I really can't take all the credit. Peter’s always been delicate, and never made a very convincing boy. As a little baby girl though, she is absolutely precious!” Becky then reached over and gently tweaked one of my cheeks.

“Very cooperative too,” he noted as I obediently suckled, even though I was starting to feel full. “She has her moments - but she's generally a very good little baby girl,” Becky smiled lovingly as she praised me. “This one on the other hand,” she growled, as she patted Josh on the head, “was quite the little wildcat! I was concerned that little Baby Josie here would never settle down enough to be unleashed! But I'm glad she eventually decided to behave herself.” She then gave Baby Josie a quick kiss on the forehead, causing him to blush.

Becky and Brian sat on the couch for a little while longer, flirting and exchanging small talk, while I could hear Tom and the other girls moving stuff around outside near the pool. By the time I had finished the latest bottle of milk, I was feeling extremely bloated. I was also starting to feel really tired, and found it difficult to keep my eyes open. Brian kept staring at me with that same look of amazement as he smoothly replaced my pacifier, and continued to gently hold me on his lap.

“It looks as though this little baby girl needs a nap,” Brian commented wryly. “Is she just pretending, or is she really falling asleep on me here?” “Oh, I'd say she'll probably be out like a light in a few minutes,” my sister quietly estimated. “All those baby bottles of warm milk are making our little Baby Jennie sleepy! She won't be able to stay awake for much longer. Wait until your baby sister finishes her bottle, and we'll put them both down for an afternoon nap.”

“It doesn't look like my ‘little sister’ is tired yet,” Brian commented. “Well... She's certainly shown a lot more energy than my Baby Jennie does,” my sister replied. She gently patted Josh on the head as he finally finished the last drops in his bottle “Also she’s bigger than Baby Jennie, so perhaps she hasn't had enough milk to drink yet. What do you say, Baby Josie? Do you need another bottle to help you sleep? Or will you lie down for your nap like Baby Jennie right now, like a good baby girl?”

Josh had probably started to feel quite uncomfortable from all the milk that he'd been made to drink. His brother was correct in that it wasn't making him as sleepy as me, but Josh definitely didn't want to be forced to drink any more. He nodded affirmatively to my sister, and she let him off her lap so she could walk him over to the playpen. Inside she spread a fluffy pink baby blanket on the vinyl floor, and made lie him down on it. When she went to take me from Brian, he shook his head and stood effortlessly with me in his strong arms. “I can carry her. Where do you want to put her down?”

“Follow me,” Becky urged, and led Brian up to Mummy’s bedroom, with me lolling sleepily across his broad chest. I heard Brian’s gasp of astonishment as he caught sight of my crib. Becky motioned for him to wait till she lowered the crib rail and turned down my baby blanket. Brian carried me over and gently placed me in my cot. I was dimly aware of Becky asking him to return to the living room to keep an eye on his baby sister, while she went to the kitchen to finish preparing lunch for the rest of them. I remember looking up at Brian while he gazed down at me over the raised railing of my crib, and woozily noticed he was staring at me with concern in his eyes. But finally I couldn't stay awake any longer, and dozed off. I don't think that I slept deeply enough to dream of anything in particular. As I slowly started to wake up I could hear quiet laughter in the room and ‘Baby Josie’ being mentioned a few times. I opened my eyes and saw that the girls were gathered beside my cot, smiling warmly down at me. I realised my dummy was being pulled from between my lips, and that brought me suddenly fully awake. Then the girls dropped the side rail and lifted me out of the cot, plonking me on my back on the change cloth laid out waiting and ready. They had obviously been informed of my earlier disgraceful loss of control, and loudly commented on the pleasant fact that my nappies were only wet this time!

I was changed by all three of them, but as Becky helped me to stand so she could pull my rhumba panties into place, she sent the giggling girls off on their ‘assigned duties’ - whatever that meant. When Becky made me toddle downstairs clutching one of her hands, everyone had returned to the living room and they were seated on the couches giving instructions to Josh. They were making him crawl about the playpen on the baby blanket, and play with toddler toys and stuffed animals just as Josh's brothers had me do earlier. Josh was only a few feet below me and hadn't noticed that I was coming down the stairs, but it was plain from the look on his face that he wasn't having a good time. Jessica was seated opposite the stairs and, grinning at my unsteady descent, she stood, lifted me up, and sat back down with me in her lap.

"Look who's finally awake!" She smiled and told the others as Becky made her way to the kitchen. “Our good little girl must be well rested from her nap now!” She couldn't resist squeezing me in a big hug, before she deposited me back on the blanket with Baby Josie in the playpen. “Seriously, Becky... She's just so adorable! You've have to let me borrow her sometime, so I can play with her at my house. My folks would be thrilled to babysit!” “That might be a little difficult to explain to my mother,” Becky replied, giggling. “Give me a bit of time to work it out though, and we'll see.”

Becky wanted pictures of both Josie and myself - by ourselves - playing together in the playpen. No doubt to force our cooperation at some point in the future. After taking several snaps, she decided that since both of us were behaving, she'd let us talk with each other for a while. But she warned us we'd have to be very quiet - since none of the grown-ups wanted to hear a peep out of either of us while they were in the kitchen cleaning up the lunch dishes.

Samantha and Jessica looped the long ribbons of our pacifiers over our heads, then told us we could take our dummies out - but we still had to wear them around our necks. The five grown-ups moved to the kitchen, and I blushed hotly when I heard the boys’ raucous shouts of laughter and the girls’ shrieks and giggles. I knew Becky had brought out my highchair! Every so often, one of the grinning adults would take a quick peek through the doorway - to make sure Josh and I weren't up to anything.

“Your sister and her friends are out of their minds!” Josh whispered fiercely to me from around his pacifier. “I can't believe that they've done this to us! Well, maybe on you it doesn't look quite so unbelievable.” “Thanks a lot!” I sputtered indignantly, tightly holding my dum-dums to stop from spitting it out. “You seem to forget that you are the reason we are in this mess in the first place! Now you have some idea what I've had to put up with over the past week or so.” “Those girls are stronger than they look, that's for sure!” he moaned quietly. “They sure did a number on me! But that’s nothing compared to what they've done to you! I thought you were convincing as a little girl earlier today - but now there's no way anyone could mistake you for anything else!” “Like I said, I've had a lot of practice lately.” I sighed loudly and theatrically.

I noticed that Josh had a pained look on his face, and he appeared to be in a great deal of discomfort. “Are you okay? Why are you twitching and jerking like that? Stop it,” I mumbled quietly around my soother. “I have to go to the toilet! It must be from all that milk they made us drink!” He spat out his pacifier and looked at me curiously. “Of course, you don't have the same problem. You’ve already been to the toilet - in your nappies!” His lip curled in disgust at my infantile ways.

“I know!” I whispered shakily. “I can't believe this is happening to me!” I sniffled miserably as unbidden tears started forming in my eyes, and I found the pink soother guard bobbing softly against my nose as I automatically sucked on my dum-dums for comfort. “I don't believe it!” Josh whispered in horror at my brimming tears. The loud sucking noises as I tried to hold back the tears seemed to infuriate him further! “What's going on with you? They've sure done what they can to make you look and feel like a little baby girl, but are you really starting to turn into one?” “I don't know what's happening to me, Josh,” I sniffled, as a few hot tears rolled down my cheeks.

I didn't want him to know this wasn't the first time I'd wet or soiled my nappies, but I think he knew anyway from the look in my eyes. To his credit he didn't dwell on the topic, and we tried to think of what to do next. “I was going to try to make a break for it while you were sleeping - but they kept such a close eye on me, I didn't have a chance,” he complained. “You didn't take a nap too? You were awake the entire time?” I asked, so surprised I stopped sucking for a few moments. He looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face and replied, sneering. “Of course not! I don't take afternoon naps! I did feel kinda weird from drinking all that milk, but it wasn't enough to make me want to sleep. Speaking of which, you fell asleep right away after drinking all those bottles. Does that always happen to you when you drink that much warm milk?” “I don't know. I don't remember ever having had so much at once.” I looked thoughtful for a moment and added. “Maybe it's also because of all the added running around we did this morning. You're so much more athletic than I am, and you’re more used to it,” I postulated. I looked up when the grinning girls returned to the lounge room. Opening the playpen, they each took one of our hands and led us into the spacious back yard.

On the grass a few feet from the pool sat a little kiddies’ table and chair set - all toddler-sized, and fashioned from clear pink plastic. Each piece bore the unmistakable likeness of Mattel’s Barbie! There was a pink plastic tea-service too, and as soon as we were settled on the low seats, Jessica filled the teapot with diet coke – “Because I know you girls worry about your figures!” she trilled, cracking herself up with her own poor humour. Josh was given a small dolly to reluctantly hold, and when Samantha thrust a larger dolly into my arms, Becky and Jessica squealed with unrestrained delight.

“A Betsy-Wetsy doll! Omigod! I haven’t seen one of those in years!” “Me too! Did you used to own one, too? Oh my God!” Jessica squealed, “Can you believe it?” And she took the tiny baby bottle Samantha proudly displayed and showed it to Becky. “I think I lost mine the first week I had her,” complained Jessica.

“Oh, you never did care for dolls much,” sniffed Samantha, as she took the baby bottle from her tall friend. She unscrewed the teat and filled the bottle from a bottle of yellow Passiona she was carrying, and at the time the significance escaped me. “Here Baby Jennie,” she said, thrusting the full capped bottle at me. “Be a good little Mummy to your dolly, and make sure she has a drink while you girls sit and have a lovely cup of tea and a chat.” Baby Josie and I didn’t notice Tom still discretely filming us from inside the house.

I inspected the dolly in my lap more closely, and realised there was a small opening in the pouting red-painted mouth - obviously designed to put the tiny nipple into. I shrugged resignedly at Baby Josie - who was watching me very carefully - and poured myself a tiny pink plastic teacup of diet coke from the Barbie teapot. After a grumpy nod from Josh, I filled his dainty teacup too. We sat there quietly sipping for a few minutes, until I distractedly inserted the nipple of the little bottle into my dolly’s mouth - just to see if it would fit. I couldn’t help but smile happily when it fitted perfectly, and of course the yellow soft drink gradually began to drain into the doll. It was remarkably realistic, and I gazed down almost hypnotised by the lovely expression on my baby’s face - when I heard Josh’s forced, embarrassed cough.

“Hey Baby Jen- Peter! One thing’s for certain. You've definitely settled that dare!” He gave my shoulder a playful shove, almost knocking the bottle out of my baby’s mouth! He recoiled from my severe frown, then gave a nervous little laugh and added. “If I'd known how far this was going to take both of us, I'd never have made you do it!” “Speaking of that dare, you jerk!” I sniffed loudly and glared at him as I continued feeding Betsy. “Thanks a lot for making it look like it was all my doing, when your brothers had me tied up in your kitchen!” He gave a small embarrassed laugh and slowly replied, “Hey, somebody had to say something - and you sure couldn’t - thanks to that gag. Maybe if you hadn’t started to shriek like a little sissy, he wouldn't have been forced to gag you.”

I frowned at him and then softened a bit as I quietly asked, “I didn't really sound like a girl - did I?” He thought hard for a moment. “I dunno! He shut you up pretty quick, but I'd have to say… Yeah! Yes you did! You know Peter, you have this baby girl thing down so pat, I don't think you'll have to worry about what to wear for Halloween ever again!” “Once a year I could probably take,” I replied, dissembling. “But this has been going way too far! Not to mention the fact that they keep insisting on putting me in nappies!”

Josh groaned at my mention of the nappies, which only served to remind him that his current predicament was so different from my own. He was looking like he was actually in real pain trying to resist nature’s call, but still he managed to hold on. I knew that he couldn’t wait much longer, and since this was the first time that either of us had been given a small amount of freedom, he was going to take advantage of it. Behind me I could hear Becky and the others diving in the pool, squealing and laughing gleefully.

“Listen Peter, I have to make a break for it. I know that you've sort of solved your problem - but I'm going to try my best to make sure it doesn't happen to me! If we shoot off together and run in different directions, we'll probably escape from this gang of weirdos!" “I can't risk it, Josie- I mean, Josh!” I whispered urgently to him. “You know what Becky and her friends will do to me if I even try! Besides, this nappy is so thick, I can barely walk - much less run! If you're going to take off, make sure you disappear for the rest of the day! Because I know my sister and her friends will make sure you’ll regret it, if they catch you.”

He looked at me searchingly and then slowly nodded. While taking careful quick glances at the revellers in the pool, he reached down and pulled his shoelaces tight. He carefully removed the pacifier from around his neck, slipped off the beribboned straw hat they’d made him wear, and then he took off like a shot! He bolted to the side gate and was through it and outside like a track star. He must have sprinted in those hefty nappies all the way down the side of our house, for I suddenly heard Tom yell from inside. “One of the babies is escaping!”

In an instant, my sister and her girlfriends charged out of the pool. Shouting and clutching their towels, they ran out the side gate. Brian bolted dripping into the house, yelling to Tom inside. A few minutes later the girls returned and seemed both surprised - and relieved - to see that I was still sitting there at the kiddie table, sucking contentedly on my dum-dums and feeding my beautiful baby. Brian had dressed and run out the front door, to join Tom in hot pursuit. Josh must have headed into the wooded ravine behind our place, because in minutes Brian and Tom came back without him, to confer with my sister. “Don't worry,” reassured Brian, “we'll catch that naughty little girl! Do you three want to wait here with that one, while we go after him?” As Betsy’s bottle was empty, Jessica picked me up, adjusted my pacifier more comfortably in my mouth, and held me in her lap as I contentedly sucked. She firmly patted my drooping seat, making a recognisably wet ‘thwack-thwack-thwack’ sound. “I think our little baby girl here needs her wet nappies changed again, so we'll stay here and look after her.” Both Brian and Tom rolled their eyes at my baby ways and started chuckling, as I tried to bury my hot embarrassed face in Jessica’s bony angular shoulder.

“It looks like you were right, Becky,” Brian noted as he turned to my sister. “All that milk you made them drink earlier, has definitely caused them some problems! We'd better catch the other one before anyone catches her dressed like that.” He and Tom gathered the toddler harness used on Josh earlier, and then ran out the side door. I hoped that my friend would manage to evade them, because he'd be in for it if they caught him now!

“Let’s bring our baby back inside and take her upstairs for a change,” my sister suggested to Jessica and Samantha. “I’ve laid out some of Baby Jennie’s freshly-laundered nappies all ready for such an emergency!” Jessica stood up, lifting me bodily from my seat. She carried me upstairs to Mummy’s bedroom, with Becky and Samantha following closely behind. Becky had already laid out the fresh nappies, so it was pretty clear that they actually expected me to wet my nappies again! She placed me on my back and they proceeded to change, powder and pin me into some soft fluffy nappies that smelled deliciously of fabric softener. After some fresh plain pink plastic panties and my same frilly diaper cover were pulled up into place, and my dress straightened, the three of them took turns holding me and bouncing me on their knees. I didn't really take much notice of their honeyed baby-talk, as I was distracted by my thoughts of poor Josh.

I knew that he couldn't go too far dressed as he was, and eventually he'd have to find his way home. If he could stay hidden until his parents returned, he might be able to exact revenge on his brothers - by simply showing his parents what they’d done to him! The girls decided to return to the living room with me, and start to pack things up in preparation for leaving. Becky had made up a fresh large bottle of apple juice for me, and gave it to me to suck while she and her friends went about the house packing all the baby stuff away. Surprisingly enough I was actually thirsty again, in spite of all the fluids I’d consumed earlier that afternoon. I lay quietly with my cold refreshing bottle on the pink blanket in the locked playpen, sucking happily while the clean-up went on around me.

“It's too bad your little girlfriend took off right when she did, Baby Jennie,” my sister commented to me as I drank thirstily. The sound of air being sucked back into the nipple was my only response. “We’d figured she'd learned her lesson, and were almost ready to let her change back into her boy’s swimsuit - when she took off! Now it looks as though she's going to enjoy being a baby girl for a while longer!” Samantha bent down and gave one of my cheeks a gentle tweak. “But not our precious Baby Jennie! She stayed right here like a good little baby, while her naughty little girlfriend ran away from us!”

Jessica nodded in agreement, but also pointed out that as my nappies were so thick, I probably wouldn't have made it to the gate before they noticed and caught me anyway. About ten minutes after the girls changed into dry clothes and packed their swimsuits away, Brian and Tom knocked at the front door, with a red-faced Josh bundled over Brian‘s broad shoulder like a sack of potatoes. The toddler harness was back in place, and the leather leashes had been used to tie his wrists to the chest strap of the restraint device. The dummy was also tied tightly back in position, and I could see the narrow blue satin ribbons cut cruelly into his red cheeks. His white leather shoes and frilly anklet socks were awfully muddy, so it looked as though he'd given them quite a run in the ravine. I was actually surprised they’d managed to catch him. Few people knew that ravine as well as Josh - but then he wasn't exactly dressed for playing ‘hide and seek’ at the time.

“Well, we caught the little darling! But she's all dirty now, so we're going to take her home and rinse off her feet, before we can set her down anywhere,” Brian gasped, as he puffed and struggled to catch his breath. They'd certainly caught him all right! Josh looked all flustered and out of breath too from the chase. His brothers were obviously not risking him taking off on them again, because he'd been tightly bound and efficiently gagged, and was looking extremely frustrated.

“Listen Brian,” my sister began, “You really have to take Baby Josie back to your house, so we can tidy up before my mother arrives home. You can keep that old dress of mine - in case you decide you want your baby sister to visit you again!” Brian reached up to crisply smack Josh’s well-presented, heavily-diapered bottom, and replied. “That's very sweet of you, Becky. I think we'll take you up on that offer. As for Baby Josie here, she’s probably going to need these nappies, too - since we've decided not to let her loose until after she's used them!” Tom added, “Yeah! If she's going to act like such a baby by running off like that, she may as well stay a baby for a little while longer.”

Josh had a look of panic in his eyes, and I could tell that he hadn't a chance to relieve himself during his brief escape. I hoped that I'd be able to see the look on his face when it finally did happen, because then he'd truly know what it had been like for me! Becky told Brian and Tom that was fine with her, and even offered to head home with them to show them how to change a baby's diaper. Brian obviously welcomed any chance to spend more time with my gorgeous big sister, so he told her that little Baby Josie would surely need a change soon - so she was more than welcome to come over to their place after she had ‘her baby’ settled.

Josh clearly didn't like what was in store for him. He started to moan wordlessly around his dummy-gag and struggle again, as Brian and Tom headed off to clean him up at their place. As he was being carried away, he kept looking desperately back at me and trying to say something. But all that came out were a few muffled “Mmphh!s.”

I felt bad for him, but what exactly did he expect me to do? Although I wasn't tied up like him, it wasn't like they were going to suddenly change their minds and release him - just because I asked them! If I tried to say anything, Becky would probably spank me right there in front of everyone - and then she might even tie me up like Josh, just to make a point!

Jessica and Samantha gathered all their stuff together while Becky wrapped me up snugly in the fluffy blanket that I'd spent much of the afternoon playing on. I'd finished off the bottle of apple juice, so the pacifier was gently eased back on duty in my mouth again. I quietly sucked on it while they stood and discussed their future arrangements for me - as if I wasn’t even there! Samantha and Jessica agreed to watch over me at our house, while Becky went to see Brian and help him change his new baby sister’s nappy.

Although I had hoped that I might be allowed to change back into my regular clothes once Becky left, I didn't think it would be as bad to remain as Baby Jennie for Samantha and Jessica. Jessica really loved to play with me when I'm dressed up as Baby Jennie, and Samantha enjoyed doing different pretty things with my long blonde hair. I figured it was because neither of them had a younger brother or sister at home, so having ‘a baby’ to play with was lots of fun for them.

Becky clearly liked it too - but it was obvious that her friends enjoyed dressing me like a baby girl much more! Jessica seemed to love carrying me around, and while I was all wrapped up in the blanket, she'd occasionally lean down and kiss me on my nose, forehead, cheek - or whatever. I giggled at this in spite of myself. In some ways she reminded me of how my Mummy treated me over the last weekend. Samantha would probably make a terrific Mummy herself one day, because she really seemed to have a feel for handling babies.

When we returned to the lounge room, Jessica stayed on the couch with me while Samantha tidied the kitchen. Afterwards Samantha fixed some cookies and milk for the three of us, while wondering aloud how Becky was faring back at Josh's place. They put a Disney movie in the VCR, and sat on the couch and watched it with me. They even told me that it was all right to talk now - if I wanted to - as long as I kept my voice baby-soft and quiet. Although I felt somewhat relieved that I didn't have to hold my tongue any longer for fear of a spanking, I really didn't have all that much to say. So I just continued to suck contentedly on my pacifier, while they took turns cuddling with me during the movie.

I was starting to love all this baby treatment - especially when Samantha and Jessica were alone with me like now. I wondered about what Jessica had asked my sister earlier that day - about ‘borrowing’ me for a while some time in the future. That was something that I thought I'd probably really enjoy - if it ever happened!

Half-way through the movie my sister returned. She'd been carrying a heavy, stinky plastic bag with her when she'd first come in, which she thankfully immediately dumped in the laundry. I guess it was fortunate that I didn’t see the white leather toddler harness and baby reins concealed in the bag. That would have caused me some panic! Becky and her friends gave knowing looks to each other, and giggled for ages when they heard the sound of the washing machine filling - but said nothing. After washing her hands for ages in the bathroom, Becky silently joined us on the couch to watch the rest of the movie. When it concluded, Becky leaned across to where I lay docile over Samantha’s soft plump lap. She told me not to worry about my friend Josh ever telling anyone about how he saw me that previous weekend at the movie theatre. She was pretty sure that from today, he'd be more than willing to forget it ever happened!

In a sense, it was a relief that part of the problem was now behind me. Josh had been through at least as much baby girl treatment as I had, and there were pictures to prove it! I felt slightly sorry for him, since now he had a bigger problem with his two brothers - who were no doubt going to use this day’s misadventure to torment him in the future. It was unfortunate he’d been caught by his brothers that morning, or Josh and I might have pulled off our little scheme. No one would ever have been the wiser. Except for the part about being held captive, and the fact that now his brothers knew about Baby Jennie as well - the day hadn’t been all that different really, than any of the other days that I spent as a baby girl. I knew then that I was definitely becoming accustomed to being Baby Jennie, and I was starting to regret having to switch between being her and being Peter.

It was time for the girls to leave. Jessica and Samantha each gave me their usual big cuddle and lots and lots of sweet kisses on both cheeks, then retrieved their bathing suits and towels from our laundry. They each blew me a final loving kiss on their way out the side door, and then they were gone. Becky sat down next to me on the couch and didn't say anything for a few minutes while she just simply stared at me. “God! They're right! You are so cute as Baby Jennie!” she finally stated wonderingly. “It isn't just your looks - but the way that you move - and even your voice sounds different, too. Softer, higher, and… more feminine! Sweetie, do you realise that you automatically start behaving like a real little girl as soon as we have you dressed up in your pretty frillies?”

I hadn't given it too much thought up to that point, but I had been starting to suspect as much. “I thuppothe,” I lisped quietly from around my dummy. Unconsciously I sucked harder as I concentrated. “Maybe Baby Jennie ith becoming a real part of me now. Thometimeth I can't help being her.” “So I've noticed! You have yet to explain exactly why you dressed yourself up today - all on your own! I know that Josh somehow put you up to it - but you still did it! Didn't you? Not many boys would do - or even could do it - even if they’d wanted to! I think that maybe we should talk to Mum about Baby Jennie having a more permanent home here with us, precious!”

A week ago I would have told my sister right off that she was crazy - but a lot had happened in the past week. Baby Jennie’s personality was starting to develop, and I wasn’t kidding when I told my sister that sometimes I couldn’t help being Baby Jennie! I didn't say anything for a minute, but then I looked at my sister and quietly asked. “Do you think Mummy will be mad at me?” Becky smiled then; it was a warm, loving smile that I don't often see from her.

“Mummy loves you baby - and so do I! You've always been an okay little brother - but you've also proven to be a beautiful little sister, whom I'm just beginning to know. There’s nothing that you can't tell Mum - or me, either! We're family, and that's the way it will always be!” I didn't know what to say at that point. In a rare display of affection I seldom saw as Peter, she gave me a lovely long warm hug. She patted my drooping bottom loudly and affectionately, and then lifted me up off the couch with her. “C’mon, Baby Jennie. It’s time to change that nappy again, I suspect.”

I timidly ventured to ask, “But Mummy is expecting to see Peter when she comes home! Do you think it will be okay if I’m still wearing a dress?” “Well, you’re the one who wanted to put a dress on this morning - not me! And no, I don’t think hiding your true desires from Mummy can be healthy. No, you’re going to remain dressed as the pretty little girl you seem to want to be - until our Mummy can take a good look at you!”

I giggled nervously at the thought - a bit of a girlish giggle, I realised - and told her I thought I could manage that. She took me into Mummy’s bedroom and told me to lift my frock, and then lowered me onto the change mat. I spat out my dum-dums and studied my big sister’s beautiful face while she unfastened my diaper pins. “Becky, did you mean what you said about me being able to talk to you about anything?” I hesitantly asked, as she was dropping my wet nappy in the pail. ‘Splat!’

“Sure - I guess. As long as it isn't any gross kind of boy-thing! Lift up, baby.” I raised my bottom obediently, and she slipped two nappies under me. “Good girl, now down… and spread ‘em!” Again Becky put on some thin latex gloves before opening the jar of Vaseline. “Lift your knees up to your chest, baby. That’s my good little girl!” The greasy gloved finger slid tantalisingly up and down my exposed botty-crack, and I felt my little rosebud instinctively dilate in preparation for being violated again. I didn’t notice the suppository concealed in her fist.

“Open up, sweetie… Open up, that’s a good girl… There!” She exclaimed in satisfaction, as she pulled her deeply-thrust finger out of my excited hole. I waited till she finished greasing my bottom and powdering me and had removed her gloves, before venturing my next question. “I know you like me being Jennie - but why do I have to be a baby, too? I'm not sure that I like being kept in nappies all the time.” She didn't say anything for a minute, till she took the pins from her mouth and securely fastened the front flaps. Then she carefully replied.

“You're even cuter looking as an infant - so why deny the world such a precious little baby girl? Besides, the nappies are actually starting to become a necessity with you!” She pulled some plain white plastic pilchers over my compliantly-raised botty, made me point my toes to slip my frilly PVC-lined, pink satin panties back on, then helped me to stand so she could tug them into place. “But I never used to have any of those accidents when I was Peter!” I whined like a two-year-old, wobbling uncertainly and holding onto her for support, as she firmly yanked my panties up high around my slender waist. “It only seems to happen when I'm Baby Jennie.”

I saw Becky’s thoughtful expression reflected in the mirror of her vanity table, as she pondered deeply for a moment. “That's true, now that you mention it! Maybe that's also a part of Baby Jennie’s true personality.” Becky finished by sitting me in front of the vanity and brushing my hair straight, before giving me a high ponytail decorated with one of the same pink ribbon tie she used earlier. Clucking over me like a doting mother hen, she wiped and touched up my make-up, and then helped me fluff out my dress.

Just then we heard our mother opening the front door, so Becky popped my dummy back in my mouth and told me to hurry off to my own room, where I’d find my dolly Betsy. “When you see the things on the bed, you’ll know what to do,” she confided to me cryptically, and she urged me on my way with a loud crisp ‘smack-smack-smack’ to my tautly-sheathed rear end, making my padded botty shake and wobble delightfully.

Once again I felt a little odd to be back in my old bedroom. This time it was an even stranger sensation, being there dressed in my baby girl clothes again. There on the bed lay Betsy, her eyes obediently shut as soon as she was placed on her back. But the surprise was the stack of soft cotton nappies lying beside her, and the smaller stack of tiny plastic panties! Intuitively I lifted Betsy’s pretty pink dress, and suddenly realised why she was known as ‘Betsy-Wetsy!’ My dolly was wearing her very own nappy and plastic panties, and through the transparent panties, I could clearly see my baby’s nappy was yellow and wet!

So it was that when Mummy quietly entered my room I was busy, happily changing my new dolly’s nappy! She waited unobserved, watching me silently and patiently, till I had Betsy’s clean plastic panties securely in place. She smiled as she observed me sucking my dummy noisily in joyous concentration as I finished dressing my baby doll like any other normal little girl. Then she swept me and Betsy into her soft arms, kissing me resoundingly and twirling me round and around till I felt dizzy!

Mummy carried me downstairs and then plonked me in my highchair, still clutching Betsy to my breast. She buckled me in before she put away the groceries, and she then started preparing dinner. She chattily told me Becky had already informed her I had dressed up all by myself this morning! Smiling broadly, my Mummy let me know it was all right with her.

She even told me I could stay in my pretty party outfit until after dinner! She inserted and locked the tray, then took Betsy from me and placed her on the table nearby. Becky handed her a fresh frilly bib to clip around my neck, and Mummy gently removed my pink satin baby bonnet, telling me softly that we could talk about my playing dress-up with Josh later - when she was giving me my bath. She straightened the bib on my chest, trying not to grin as she read the humiliating inscription - “Little Miss Poo-Poo Panties!” Thankfully I was so far unaware of the revealing message.

Dinner consisted of chicken stir-fry with steamed rice. Mummy made sure my serving was cut up into tiny pieces, before placing a laden pink plastic Barbie bowl on my highchair tray. She didn’t bother giving me a spoon, and after she served Becky and herself, she took turns eating and feeding me with a rubber-coated spoon - “So my precious baby girl doesn’t chip her pretty teeth!”

Becky then told Mummy a select, edited version of the day’s events - from my dressing in panties, frilly anklets, my yellow cotton frock and my black Maryjanes - up to and including doing my hair, nails and make-up by myself, then going out for a walk dressed and made up like a pretty little girl! She mentioned the visit to Josh’s - but not his big brothers’ part in this. She even told Mummy about me wetting my panties and my dress - not to mention my good patent sandals and frilly socks.

“No, seriously, Mum! Even her shoes and socks were soaked with wee-wees! I left the bag of stuff in the laundry… I can go and fetch it, if you want!” “No, honey! Not during dinner! I’m sure I’ll be dealing with the dirty laundry soon enough. Eat your dinner, Becky. We can talk about this more after I’ve put the baby down.”

I was pleased when Mummy shut Becky up, before she had a chance to tell Mummy what else I did in my nappies today. But my humiliation wasn’t to end there! In the midst of being spoon-fed a huge mouthful, I suddenly was aware of a cramp in my bowels. “Mummy?” I whimpered around a mouthful of food. “Mummy… I have to go to the toilet!” “Does my clever baby girl want the potty?”

While Becky watched me squirm, grinning evilly at my discomfort, Mummy cooed loving praise to me in sugary baby-talk. She slowly took my bowl and spoon over to the kitchen bench, and then returned to remove the tray. She had to wipe the tray - and my face and hands - before she could remove it to unbuckle the tight seat belt. Within seconds I knew it would be too late! I gulped down the food in my mouth so I could clearly wail. “Oh Mummy! I need to do - Oh! Ohhh! Ooooo! Oh Mummy!”

She knew from my plaintive cries and my red face that it was too late! Her poor baby girl had soiled her nappies! While Becky watched, open-mouthed, I helplessly started to squirm in my highchair restraints. The seatbelt and crotch straps were tight across my groin and tummy, and I had to wiggle my poor bottom from side to side to give my squirting poo-poos room to expand. An embarrassing noisy rumble from inside my panties was greeted with cries of disgust from Becky. “Oh Mum! She’s pooping her nappies while we’re eating dinner! That’s disgusting! Ohhh yuck! What a revolting creature! Maybe we should buy a potty for her - you know, start her toilet-training again?”

Mummy pushed me forward so the straps pressed harder into my tortured tummy. It was then I noticed the shameful pink embroidered words - so true, and so prophetic! I was a “Little Miss Poo-poo Panties!” She stood beside me and rubbed my back low down in gentle circular motions, occasionally pressing down firmly. This seemed to encourage a fresh surge of hot sticky poop to burst uncontrollably from my slackened little anal ring. “That’s a good girl!” Mummy enthusiastically praised me. “Take a deep breath now, sweetie. That’s right… A big, deep breath - now hold it, and push down with your tummy! Good baby!”

Mummy and Becky watched intently as I compliantly followed Mummy’s detailed instructions - like a good, obedient little girl - bearing down to hear and feel another noisy, semi-liquid gush around my squishy rear end. When I was sure there was no more poop left inside, I burst into mortified tears - despite my Mummy giving me permission to soil myself. In fact, she had actually encouraged me to poop in my nappies like a helpless little baby! And she didn’t seem upset!

“Oh Baby Jennie! Don’t cry, sweetie!” Mummy crooned to me, ignoring Becky’s continuing loud, vocal disgust. “It’s not your fault, sweetie. Don’t cry, baby-doll! Mummy was just too slow to release your highchair harness, bubby. Ohhh, there, there, snookums. It’s okay, Baby Jennie! My precious little girl couldn’t help doing job-jobs in her diapers.” Fortunately my two pairs of tight, wetproof panties seemed to contain the smell - so far.

Mummy knew there was nothing she could do for the moment, so she re-buckled the waist strap and replaced and locked in the tray. She wiped away the tears of shame glistening on my red cheeks with my shameful bib. “Oh baby! It’s okay, sweetie! All little girls have accidents now and then. Did you make a big poo-poo in your nappy, sweetie? Oh, there, there, honey. It’s all right!” She hugged me warmly as she lovingly dried my tears. “We’ll just finish eating dinner, then Mummy will take her little girl upstairs for a lovely hot bath. ” After Becky and Mummy quickly finished eating, I was finally released from the highchair.

Mummy led me waddling heavily up to her bedroom to change and bathe me. When she undressed me she checked the front of my nappy - it was also saturated - and she placed me carefully on the change cloth and pulled down my frilly panties. She didn’t seem to mind the fresh pungent poo smell when she removed the plain plastic panties and she stripped me of my dirty wet nappy. But when she opened the nappy bucket, she let out a startled “Oh!”

She stood there looking from the full nappy bucket to me, and then back and forth - as if she couldn’t believe her eyes. “Baby Jennie? Did… Did you already poo-poo in your nappy today, sweetie?” she haltingly asked me, her gentle tone incredulous. The rich, different, musty-earth aroma of a recently-soiled nappy drifted over to me from the almost-full open pail, so I knew there was no use denying it.

“Yeth Mummy,” I admitted, lisping so softly she could hardly hear me. “My little baby girl made two big poopy messes in her nappies today!” Mummy wondered aloud. “Mummy may have to start potty-training her little one all over again after all, if this keeps up, Baby Jennie!” My cheeks blazed when I thought of the shameful, humiliating process that might involve! It seemed to take forever for her to clean my bottom and crotch with the soothing moist baby wipes. When she was satisfied I wouldn’t be a danger to the carpet, she lowered me to the floor. Taking one of my small hands in hers, she led me toddling to her bathroom. The hot bath was already drawn, and she lifted me into the tub and sat me on my smelly botty. Of course she didn’t bother asking me if I needed to use the toilet.

She was tenderly washing my hair with baby shampoo - ‘No more tears’ - when she started to softly question me about the day’s events. “Becky informed me that you dressed up in your pretty yellow frock all by yourself this morning. Is that right, honey?” Her hands were so soothing as they caressed and massaged shampoo into my scalp. Dreamily - as though from a distance - I heard myself answering, my voice soft and girlish.

“Yeth Mummy…” I lisped femininely, despite the absence of my pacifier. “And you were wearing make-up too? You put on your own make-up and nail polish all by yourself?” Her tone implied disbelief, so I softly protested. “But I did, Mummy! I made mythelf into a pretty little girl!” “You certainly are a pretty little thing! But is it true what Becky told me? That you were playing dress-ups with Josh at his place this morning, and then you wet your dress and panties?” I ducked my head in shame, and could only nod agreement. The truth was too complicated, and I was so exhausted.

“So you did wet your pretty panties,” was all I clearly heard, as Mummy poured a jug of clean warm water over my bowed soapy head. Then Mummy was lifting me out of the tub and swaddling me in a huge soft towel. She carried me nodding sleepily into her bedroom, and placed me on her bed to pin me into the now-familiar night nappies. She selected for me some ice-pink rhumba panties this time, with darker pink lace frills. The silky-soft lacy nylon babydoll nightie Mummy chose was also ice-pink. I think pink was becoming my favourite colour! It came as no surprise when she lowered me into the waiting crib at her bedside, and gave me a bottle of warm milk to suckle. She read to me some more from my bedtime story about Rebecca, and then gently kissed me goodnight. She slipped the dummy between my pouting lips, and I started to suck automatically as she raised and locked the side rail in place.

After Mummy had left, I reached down and felt my diaper-front again. It was as thick as the ones I'd been made to wear most of the day, so I hardly paid any attention to it. I wondered why I only seem to have accidents when I'm Baby Jennie. Maybe Baby Jennie really is a baby, and she'll grow up in her own time. Tomorrow I could be Peter, and Peter doesn't need to wear nappies. I figured that this was probably the last night I'd have to wear them to bed, so I didn't give it another thought. ‘I can't wait to see Josie - Josh - tomorrow,’ I thought muggily, and I smiled around my bobbing pacifier as I drifted off to sleep.

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