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Baby Secrets


I just finished reading my first copy of Nugget! And it's got to be the best of its kind ! I especially liked your Exotic Erot- ica section, in particular, the letters from mommy's baby, J.S., and M.B., as I can really relate to their stories. Here are a few. items I'd like to share with your readers:

When I was younger I would wet the bed, to my mother's disappointment and despair. She would have liked to have beaten me into total submission when I wet the bed, but fortunately she never took it that far . . . though she would embarrass me by making me wash my own sheets and hang them out my bed- room window to dry! When I was about nine-years-old I decided to tuck towels into my pajamas at night and then to drop them into the washer in the morn- ing. She never caught on! I began to enjoy the thrill of getting away with something and also the warm wet towels between my legs.

I took the bus into town one day when I was about 10 or II and along with me I took my savings I had been hiding away for something special! I was shaking with anticipation! I went into the five and dime and picked out the biggest pair of baby pants I could find and the largest diapers available. I pretended to look at a made-up shopping list and asked a clerk for some baby powder, that my "mother wanted for the baby she was baby-sitting with this week while the neighbors were away." The woman gave me a funny grin and asked if I needed anything else. She also asked me if it was a "young" baby or an "older" baby, stressing the word "older."

I told her he was very big for his age. He was four-and-a-half-years-old and stood almost up to my shoulders. She kept grinning funny and asked if his waist was as large as mine, which I con- firmed. Then she asked if I would try the plastic pants on over my shorts "to be sure they would fit, for my mother's sake." I hesitated, but finally gave in when she coaxed me into the dressing room .

After I got them on she told me that she knew they were for me. The sales- lady asked me if I felt uncomfortable and that I shouldn't because many chil- dren my age wet the bed. She then showed me how to put on and fold the diapers, how to launder them, and also assured me that this was "our" secret and she would not tell anyone. She also told me that a girl had been in only a week-and-a-half before for the same reason, and her own son was a bed wet- ter. With that over, I paid my bill and strolled up and down the city streets with my diapers on under my clothes. It made me feel lightheaded from the excitement.

I managed to keep my diapers a secret all through my teens, washing them when both my parents went to work. When I moved out at 18 I took my di- apers along and started wearing them every chance I got. Some of the girls I dated called me weird and a freak, but others seemed to get into mothering me from the moment they first saw my di- apers on me.

Now, for those diaper-wearing adults out there who want somebody to fuss over you, try the baby sitter's code: Place an ad in the paper for a baby sitter needed, pointing out something to the effect of "for older, problem child" or "for enuretic (or incontinent) older child,' etc. Or, answer ads, telling the people you need a sitter for an older child of 11 to 14 who is enuretic and must wear diapers.

If you are answering an ad of the type for a person seeking employment as a sitter be sure to mention that your child's problem is hereditary and you also have to wear diapers.

If someone answers your ad and tells you that there is a problem of this sort in their family you can finally get it coded out to an understanding. Good luck with this. I presently have three sitters, two of who wear diapers, and one who loves to baby me.

If you travel frequently you have probably found out that the adult dispos- ables do not absorb as well as cloth, and it is a real problem trying to launder diapers while trying to make road time. Pampers are great but they don't fit! But they CAN! Place two Pampers (or another brand of disposable toddler diaper), plastic side up together in a T formation . . . placing about one inch of the stem of the T under the cross of the T . . run two inch tape across the length of this seam and press firmly. Turn the T over, placing the crossbar, or top, on the bed under your buttocks. Bring the stem of the T up between your legs and tape each corner together with your two-inch tape. This disposable will fit up to a 35" waist with comfort. You can probably go for three to five hours without a change as the Pampers are very absorbent. No diapers to wash and hold you up, and when you expect a B.M. there is much less mess to clean up as 90% of it goes into the trash can!

As I have grown older I have found it hard to locate plastic pants of the type I used to wear in my size, so I am pres- entry wearing adult "incontinence briefs,' but I would like to find those semi-transparent slip-on panties that I wore when I was a mere baby of 11 years of age. If any one can locate them, I hope they will write in as I do not wish to send all the way to California for them.

Also, I wonder if you ever print any articles about adult babies? How about pictures of girls in diapers? Or even boys? Keep up the good work, I hope you'll print my letter as it is the first one I have ever written to a magazine. In fact it is the first long letter I've typed since I started taking typing lessons from my sitter. Yes, one of the ones who wears diapers.

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