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Baby Susan's Punishment
At morning break, Susan reported to the school nurse as instructed. Miss Barker was waiting for Susan to arrive but pretended not to know why she was there. " Well child, what can I do for you " she asked. " please miss, I was told to report to you at breaktimes to cheeck myy napppyy" stammered Susan.

" Ah so you are our new baby I have heard so much about, well lets get you up on the examination couch and see if your nappy needs changing shall we baby "

Susan climbed onto the examination couch and tried to block out what was happening to her. The school nurse who was only 22 years old herself, removed Susanís skirt and then proceeded to pull down the pink frilly baby pants. Miss Barker, who was obviously enjoying herself continued to talk to Susan in baby talk.

" well my baby has done wettums hasn't she, lets get these wet nappies off you and get baby nice and clean ready for a fresh nappy shall we ". Swiftly and expertly the school nurse un-pinned the soggy nappy and removed it. Seeing Susanís shaved nappy area prompted further opportunities for Miss Barker to humiliate the sobbing girl.

" Oh what a nice smooth baby you are!!, it's nice to see your mummy has kept you nice and baby smooth. Your mummy must understand babies don't have any hair down there like us big girls do!! " she chided as she rubbed in the cream into Susan's nappy area. Raising Susan's legs high in the air, Miss Barker sprinkled liberal amounts of baby powder over the girls naked bottom and vagina and began to rub it in. she then produced a large white fluffy nappy and expertly pinned it into place securing it with pink nappy pins. Finally she pulled into place the frilly pink baby pants and ordered Susan to stand up and put her skirt back on.

" Now baby, make sure you are back here at the beginning of lunch break or I will come and find you. I am told you also have to sit on your baby potty and I am sure you would not want to have to do that in the dining hall in front of all the other girls would you ??".

" No Miss " said Susan and quickly left the nurses room to try and escape the embarrassment as quickly as possible.

Susan walked back towards her classroom hoping not to run into Jenny and her pals. No sooner had she arrived than the door closed behind her and she was greeted by a gang of girls who were very keen to see her baby wear. Jenny entered moments later and took her place in front of the gang. " ok bitch, now you are going to pay for me getting a spanking earlier "

Susan tried to run towards the door but the group grabbed her and pulled her down onto the floor. Before she had a chance to react, Jenny pulled up her skirt and the whole group burst into fits of laughter as Susanís nappy and baby pants were exposed for them all to see.

Jenny suggested to the group that perhaps they should check that baby Susie had not wet or messed her nappy, and immediately pulled down the frilly baby pants and whilst Susan was held down, Jenny removed the nappy pins and pulled off her nappy.

The group of girls all shrieked with laughter at the site of Susanís clean shaven and freshly creamed and powdered nappy area. Jenny of course, was already aware of this following Susanís visit to their house on the previous Saturday but was intent on making sure that everyone else knew of Susanís babified condition.

Susan burst into fresh tears and as the group ran off , she carefully pinned her nappy back on and pulled up her baby pants. She then straightened her school skirt and vowed she would get even with her old friend Jenny somehow.

Her next lessons went without incident, with the exception of the few giggles and snide comments that were directed at her from some of the other girls. It was obvious to her that all her classmates knew she was wearing nappies and why she needed them. At lunchtime, Susan reported immediately back to the school nurse who instructed her to again remove her skirt and proceeded to take off her nappy and baby pants.

" Well baby Susie, itís time for your potty, your mummy left instructions that you must sit on the potty for at least fifteen minutes", said miss Barker. The nurse then produced a large pink baby potty with the words " BABY " and a teddy printed on the front. This was very similar to the one her mother had got for her to use at home and she was hit with the realisation that her mother had planned every detail of her baby life both at home and school.

Miss Barker placed the potty in the middle of the room and instructed Susan to sit on it and go wee weeís like a good baby. " I expect you to have performed by the time I return " said Miss Barker and she promptly left her office but to Susanís horror she left the door ajar and Susan was clearly visible to anyone who might walk by.

After a couple of minutes, the school nurse returned carrying a baby bottle, a dummy and a carrier bag. She immediately handed Susan the bottle full of warm milk and told her to finish every drop. Susan did as she was told and placed the rubber nipple into her mouth and began to suck eagerly.

Miss Barker smiled to herself, She had laced the baby bottle of milk with laxatives and was expecting some serious results in Susanís nappy later. Susan finished the bottle and Miss Barker took it from her and immediately popped the pink dummy into Susanís mouth. "If you spit that out, I will spank your bare bottom until you cannot sit down " she warned.

Moments later there was a knock on the door. Susan froze in fear of someone seeing her sitting on the baby potty sucking her dummy. The nurse opened the door widely and answered it to two third year pupils. " Please miss "said the first girl, " Becky has cut her arm and we were told to report to you urgently ".

" You had better come in and let me have a look " said the nurse and both girls came into the office. They took one look at Susan sitting in the middle of the room on her potty and burst into fits of giggles.

Susan was now crying and feeling very humiliated. She new the girls would not keep this to themselves and she fully expected everyone to know by the end of lunchbreak!!.

After patching up the girl with the cut arm, Miss Barker again opened the door and bade them farewell, instead of closing the door after them she left it open and went about clearing up the mess from the cut. Susan sat in full view of passing girls and watched as some of them looked and then looked again before running of laughing. She could hear the comments coming from the corridor making fun of her babied position.

Moments later, Miss Barker checked her watch and said " OK Baby, time to get your nappies and frillies back on. She helped the sobbing girl up to the table and wiped her before applying cream and powder and pinning her into extra thick fluffy nappies. She then pulled a transparent pair of pink baby pants on over the top of the nappy. " Now my girl, while you were sitting on your potty I had a brief discussion with the headmistress and we agreed that your senior girl uniform is inappropriate for someone who canít keep their school knickers clean or dry. As you have to be kept in nappies like a baby we have decided that you should wear the same uniform as the infants wear." Miss Barker then pulled a school tunic from the carrier bag which to Susanís horror was exactly the same as the infants wore. It was actually made of a wool and from memory of having to wear one from her infant school days she remembered that the material was very uncomfortable to wear.

Susan remained still while the nurse removed her white blouse and then as an afterthought she added " I donít think you should be wearing your big girl bra with this do you " . Miss Barker then unfastened Susanís bra and removed it before handing her the infant school uniform pale blue blouse to put on.

Miss Barker then pulled the navy woolen tunic over Susanís head and zipped it up at the back. She then took Susan over to the mirror and Susan looked at her reflection before bursting into fresh tears. The tunic was even shorter than her skirt and the nappy was very visible both from the back and the front. " This will be your school uniform until your mummy allows you to grow up and you can come to school without your nappies" she said. " If you disobey the school rules regarding uniform, I will personally dress you in your baby dress, bonnet, and your other baby things and send you to your lessons dressed like that, do you understand me baby Susie ??"

Susan nodded and Miss Barker then declared it was time for lunch. Taking Susanís hand, she marched her down the corridor and into the school dining room. Everyone stared as she past and there was no disguising her infantile dress or her nappies sticking out from under her tunic.

After lunch, Susan slowly made her way to the gymnasium . She was petrified about having to do games and had been worrying about this particular lesson ever since her mother announced she would be sent to school wearing a nappy instead of her regulation navy knickers.

As she walked into the changing room everyone laughed at her dressed in her infant uniform. As usual Jenny was at the front of the group and started the taunting, " well I am glad to see this school is putting the pupils into correct uniform for their age" she said.

" Jennifer get changed immediately !!! " boomed a loud voice from behind, the girls turned round to be confronted by miss Williams the games mistress. The girls all scattered and left Susan standing alone with the teacher.

" Susie, I know you are wearing a nappy and baby pants under your new uniform " she said gently. " You also know the school rules about correct dress code and as we obviously canít let you wear your gym knickers for games so I am afraid you will just have to wear your gym top and nappies for gym"

Jennifer watched and smiled to herself. This was great she thought, now Susan would have to run around the gymnasium in her baby nappies and pink transparent baby pants for everyone to see. Her gloating was short lived however as Miss Williams turned to her and said " I understand you were spanked by the headmistress on your bare bottom this morning Jennifer " Jenny looked shocked, her plan of wearing her spare knickers was about to be shattered.

" Yes miss " she replied.

" I am also aware you had your non regulation knickers confiscated this morning, so why my girl are you wearing those now ? !!!" she continued.

Jenny was lost for words. " GET THOSE KNICKERS OFF THIS MINUTE "shouted Miss Williams and with one swift pull, Jennyís knickers were around her ankles. The teacher then instructed the girl to step out of the knickers and to hand them to her. Jenny stood in front of the angry teacher in just her gym top. " Get over my knee now girl, I am going to teach you not to disobey the school rules and more importantly, not to try to deceive me !!!!! "

Miss Williams then laid into Jenniferís bare bottom until she was screaming and sobbing , still the spanks rained down on her bare flesh until finally Miss Williams stopped and ordered all the girls into the gym.

"Line up against the wall" instructed Miss Williams.

At one end of the line, Jenny stood crying, she was naked from the waist down and her bare bottom was red and very sore. Susan stood in the middle of the group, she of course was just wearing her gym top with her nappy and pink baby pants. Susan was beginning to feel very uncomfortable. She desperately needed to bathroom. She had already flooded her nappies and now she needed to go number 2ís.

Miss Williams instructed the girls to commence their warm up exercises and with every movement Susan struggled to keep her bowels from exploding. Seconds later she messed her already sodden nappy and broke down into fresh tears.

Miss Williams, a mother herself, could tell immediately what had happened. There was something very obvious about a full and sagging nappy. Some of the other girls were also aware of the smell of a dirty nappy around the room.

" Susan, you had better come and sit over in the corner until the end of gym class " instructed Miss Williams.

Susan, now only able to waddle under the weight of her nappy, sat on the rubber mat that Miss Williams had put in the corner for her. " Donít worry Susan. Thatís why you need to wear a nappy my dear " said Miss Williams trying to comfort the sobbing girl.

Susan had always liked the gym teacher, she thought her to be strict but fair and was comforted by her kindness about her situation.

Miss Williams continued with her class and when it was over she told Susan to stay where she was and sent the other girls to shower and change. Before they left however , she told Jenny to stay behind.

When the girls had left to get changed, Miss Williams turned to Jennifer. " I am aware of your bullying and your nastiness to Susan " she said. Before Jennifer could reply, Miss Williams continued " If I find out you have been nasty about Susanís state of dress again, or I find out you have been bullying her, I will suggest to the headmistress that you are expelled. You know we do not tolerate bullying in this school, so I am warning you for the last time. " Do you understand Jennifer ?? "

Jennifer replied " Yes Miss."

" Good, I hope you do, now go and get changed and I suggest you do not put any knickers back on, remember you are being punished by the headmistress for this mornings incident."

Jennifer ran from the gym and nearly straight into the school nurse who had come looking for Susan because she had failed to report to her.

Miss Barker came over to where the gym mistress was trying to comfort a distraught Susan.

" Wow, I see our new baby has not only wet her nappies but messed them as well. " she said.

Miss Williams stood up and took the bag from the nurse. " If you donít mind, I will change her ". She said.

The school nurse happily agreed, she did not really fancy changing a smelly nappy anyway. " sure, go ahead, oh by the way I have made her a fresh bottle and put her dummy in the bag as well " she said .

When the nurse had left, the gym mistress turned back to Susan and reached into the change bag and retrieved the baby dummy. She gently slipped it into Susanís mouth and told her to lay down.

Miss Williams carefully began to remove the pink plastic baby pants and pulled them of Susanís legs. She then proceeded to carefully take out the nappy pins holding the girls sodden nappy in place and pulled the front of the nappy back to reveal the gooey mess and a very obvious nappy rash.

Susan tried to be brave but could not hide the sobs behind her dummy. " Donít worry darling, I have changed hundreds of wet and messy nappies in my time " the gym mistress said kindly.

After Miss Williams had cleaned Susan up, she gently rubbed an ample amount of zinc baby cream into the girls hairless privates and over her bottom. Following a sprinkling of baby powder, she pinned a fresh nappy onto Susan and finished by pulling a fresh pair of very frilly white baby pants up over the top.

To Susanís surprise, Miss Williams then sat Susan up and cradled the girl in her arms and gently rocked her like a little baby. She reached into the change bag brought by the nurse earlier and pulled out the baby bottle of warm milk. Susan accepted the bottle and allowed Miss Williams to feed her the bottle whilst she enjoyed the kindness of the teacher.

Miss Williams continued to feed Susan her bottle for the next ten minutes. Susan enjoyed the cuddle and lay content across the gym mistresses lap until the last remaining drop of the bottle was finished.

Susan was woken from the embrace by the sound of the bell signaling the last class of the day.

Miss Williams ushered Susan towards the changing rooms and told her to get her tunic on and run to class. " Remember baby, you can come to see me at any time " she said kindly.

Susan suddenly remembered she had mathís today, Mrs. Bright was one of the strictest teachers in the school and Susan was late for her class. Quickly she pulled on the horrid infant uniform, pulled the tunic down as far as it would go trying desperately to conceal her nappies and frilly baby pants without success and ran to class.

As she arrived at the door to the classroom she could hear Mrs. Bright had already started the lesson.

Susan quietly opened the door and Mrs. Bright turned along with every girl present.

" What do you mean by coming to my classroom late !!! " boomed the angry teacher.

" I suppose it took a long time to change your dirty nappy did it baby."

The girls in the class sniggered to themselves and Jenny afforded herself a smirk.

" Why don't you come up here and show the class just what babies have to wear when they can't control themselves " said Mrs. Bright. She grabbed Susanís arm and pulled her in front of her desk. She then proceeded to take the hem of Susan's infantile woolen uniform and raise the skirt above Susan's waist.

" This girls " she addressed the class, " is what our little baby Susan must wear because she wets and messes herself just like the tiny infants we have in our nursery and infant part of the school."

Susan tearfully stood facing the class, her nappy and frilly white baby pants on full display.

" Did you know her mummy has shaved her nappy area as well miss, she told my mum that babies are nice and smooth and don't have body hair " laughed Jenny.

Those girls who had not been party to the earlier torment by Jenny and her chums giggled to themselves on hearing this.

Mrs. Bright turned her attention to Jenny, " Jennifer, I don't remember giving you permission to speak, If I remember correctly you had your knickers taken down and were given a spanking over the headmistresses knee this morning, in my book that is equally babyish don't you think."

Jennifer turned bright red and remembered she was sitting at her desk without the comfort of her navy school knickers, At four o'clock she had to go to the school nurse and retrieve them before she could go home.

Mrs. Bright continued " Why don't you come up here and lets remind your friends just how we punish naughty behavior in this school."

Susan, relieved that the attention was distracted off her, adjusted her tunic and took her seat behind her desk.

Jennifer shot her a filthy look as they passed. " Mrs. Bright sat down and motioned Jennifer over her knee. Once in position, the teacher pulled Jennifer's schoolskirt over her back and clear of the bare bottom that now provided a perfect target for the rain of hard smacks that poured down over it.

" I have told you a hundred times not to interrupt me and to keep your mouth shut " Mrs. Bright said as she continued her spanking of poor Jennifer's bottom.

" Jenny kicked and screamed and tried to break free but the mathís teachers grip stayed firm and she lay across her knee like a naughty two year old until Mrs. Bright had exhausted her anger onto the bright red and burning bottom.

Lifting Jennifer off her lap, she told the girl to take the position in the corner.

" Put your hands on your head and leave them there " she instructed as she tucked the hem of the skirt into Jenniferís waist band leaving her sore red bottom on full view to the rest of the class.

Jennifer stood facing the wall sobbing to herself. She started to plan how she would get even with Susan for yet another spanking associated with her ex best friend but now her sworn enemy.

At 4pm the final alarm bell sounded and the girls filed out of class to make their way home. Jennifer was instructed to remain where she was until the classroom was empty.

Mrs. Bright ordered Jennifer out of the corner and told her to pull her skirt down and sit down.

" Jennifer, you must realise by know that I and most of the other teachers will not tolerate your behavior for too much longer, during a staff meeting earlier today your name came up and I am telling you now that the head is very close to suspending you or even worse expelling you from this school. One more incident of being a loud mouth, bullying or general breaking of the school rules could land you in very big trouble young lady, be warned and take notice before it is too late."

Lecture over with, Jennifer was allowed to leave and went straight to the nurse to collect her knickers. As she walked down the corridor, she ran her hands over the back of her skirt and rubbed her still sore bottom whilst plotting her revenge on Susan.

Susan's mother was waiting outside the school gates and was slightly surprised to see Susan walking towards her wearing the infants uniform. As she came closer, her mother smiled to herself at the sight of the frilly white baby pants clearly visible. " why didn't I think of sending her to school in her old uniform " she thought to herself.

When Susan approached, her mother took hold of her hand and walked her down the road towards home. " Look darling " she said as they passed the nursery and infant section of the school, " you are not the only one in nappies, all the babies are wearing them too ".

Susan shuddered and wondered just what the other mothers, who were there picking up their little ones, were thinking as they watched the pretty fifteen year old go by with her mother clutching her hand and her nappy and frilly baby panties poking out of the infantile school uniform.

As they walked, Susan's mother commented that they needed to go into the local supermarket for some groceries.

On arrival, her mother took a shopping trolley and told Susan to hold onto the handle like a good girl.

Poor Susan felt very embarrassed as they walked from aisle to aisle collecting groceries and knowing that everyone in the store could see her babified state.

" Now sweetheart, I think I had better pick up some provisions for my baby don't you " said her mother as they turned into the aisle for mummies and babies.

Susanís mother began to fill her trolley with various baby foods, spare baby bottles, wipes, cotton wool. baby lotions and powders as well as picking up a large pink teddy bear which she handed to Susan. " Would baby like to hold her nice teddy " she said in a very loud voice causing Susan to burst into tears.

" Now susikins, no crying or mummy will give you something to cry for, do you understand ".

" Yes mummy " sobbed Susan. Her mother reached into her handbag and retrieved the pink dummy and popped it into Susan's mouth.

" Do not remove that until I say you can ", she instructed and they continued to walk around the shop with Susan clutching the teddy, sucking her dummy and filling her nappy.

Susan continued to suck her dummy all the way home. their route home took them past many neibourhood kids out playing and she had suffered many name calling and stares from passers by.

Once inside the house, her mother raised her skirt and pulled back the baby pants, "I thought so " she commented, "You have a wet and very full nappy by the look of it, lets get you up to your nursery and changed ready for bed."

In the nursery, Susan's mother stripped off the infants uniform and removed her nappy and frilly baby pants. Once cleaned, creamed and powdered she was put into thick night time nappies with another pair of pink baby knickers and a matching baby nightie that was so short it left her nappy fully exposed.

Her mother tied her hair into pigtails with matching ribbons and snugly fitted her baby bonnet, tying it in a bow under her chin. A pink dummy on a ribbon was put over her head and popped into her mouth. Susan sucked on the dummy whilst her mother tied a pretty pair of woolen bootees on her feet and completed the baby outfit pulling over her hands a matching pair of woolen mittens.

Susan was led downstairs, here she was all ready for bed in her complete baby outfit and it was only five fifteen!!.

Back down stairs Susan was strapped into her high chair and the table clipped into place in front of her. Susan's mother handed her daughter a baby bottle full of milk and Susan quickly put it to her lips and sucked thirstily while her mother busied herself round the kitchen.

Moments later the phone rang, Susan continuing to drink her bottle, listened while her mother answered,

" Oh Jenny, that is really good of you, are you sure it's not too much trouble, I know it was short notice. she said into the receiver.

Susan began to panic, what was her mother up to now.

" Yes dear, of course you can bring him." continued Susan's mother, " see you in 30 minutes.". she then hung up the phone.

Susanís mother returned to the kitchen and could see the worry in her daughters face.

" I am going out and I have arranged for Jennifer to baby-sit this evening, I also told her she can bring Steve." her mother explained.

Susan burst into tears, Steve was Jenny's boyfriend, both girls had a crush on him but he had preferred Jenny and they had been seeing each other for a few months. The thought of him seeing her dressed and treated like a baby was horrifying her.

" Please mummy no !!. Susan wailed. " I promise I will be a good girl and I will never wet myself again, please don't let them come round."

Susan's mother laughed and simply replied " Susan you wet your knickers, you wet the bed, you have shown over the last three days that you wet and mess your nappies just like a baby. Only fifteen minutes ago I changed your wet and messy nappy!!. How can you tell me you can grow up when you act more like a baby every day.??"

Susan could not think of a suitable argument to this, she sat and sobbed as her mother slipped the dummy into the girls mouth and continued.

" I told you the other day, you are now the baby of this household. I seem to remember telling you that I will NOT hide this fact from anyone and if you continue to argue with me I will put you over my knee and spank your bare bottom in front of him as well.

Susan had learnt enough within the last few days to know her mother meant every word. She decided not to risk the spanking in front of Steve and remained silently sobbing to herself.

Susan's mother tied a large baby bib around her neck and then for the next ten minutes, carelessly began spoon feeding Susan with baby food from a jar. Although it had been heated it tasted horrible and Susan tried desperately to spit it out. Each time, her mother scooped it up, wiped her chin and put it back into her mouth warning her she would get a smack unless she ate it all up like a good baby.

As Susan finished the first jar, her mother produced a second and was about to put the first spoonful into Susanís mouth when the doorbell rang.

Susan froze with fear, here she was dressed completely like a baby, sitting in a high chair with her mouth, chin and bib all covered in baby food.

Instead of cleaning her daughter's face, her mother simply stuck the dummy back into Susan's mouth and went to answer the door.

" Hi Jenny, Hi Steve, Please come in " said Susanís mother.

Susan sat terrified in the kitchen, any minute now, the guy she secretly fancied was going to see her sitting a wet nappy covered with frilly baby pants and sucking her dummy.

The door to the kitchen opened........

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