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Baby Susan's Punishment
Back at Susan's house, Jennifer's parents were sitting having coffee with Susan's mother.

Mrs. Wilson had called her husband and after she had relayed the events of the meeting at the school, they had agreed to discuss the situation with Susan's mother to see exactly how she was coping with her new baby Susan.

" Let me show you Susan's nursery " suggested Mrs. Bard and led them upstairs and into the newly transformed baby room.

Mr Wilson commented that he had never seen Susan's old bedroom and therefore he just thought it looked like any baby's nursery.

" That's just the point darling " said Jennifer's mother. " It is supposed to be a baby's nursery and it's not supposed to resemble anything else, least of all a fifteen year old teenage girls bedroom."

Susan's mother showed them all the baby items that she had bought and explained that her friend Jack had managed to totally transform Susan's bedroom in just one day. " From the moment we went shopping and by the time we had visited you last Saturday, Jack had decorated and installed the cot, changing table and shelving to store all the nappies and baby things." she explained.

" Do you think he could do the same for us by this evening " asked Jennifer's mother.

Mr Wilson laughed and commented that between them they could have Jennifer's bedroom completely back to a nursery before she got home from school.

" If you are serious about this, you will have to treat Jennifer exactly like a baby and you can't do it by half measures " warned Susan's mother. "

" We are totally serious replied Jennifer's mother and baby Jenny will have everything a baby needs " replied her mother.

They then arranged for Jack and Jennifer's father to make a start on the nursery while the two mothers went shopping to collect all the necessary items to care for a big baby girl.

" You know " said Mrs. Wilson, " I think we will enjoy having a baby in the house again and I know the twins will enjoy helping me to look after baby Jennifer "

During the shopping trip, Jennifer and Susan's mother made all sorts of plans for their baby girls, " It will be such fun taking them out together again as babies, they used to play so nicely together and we can take them on picnics, to the park or beach or even just to the shopping centre " they laughed.

The school bell sounded to signal the end of the first period of lessons and as the girls left the classroom Mrs. Clarke reminded Jennifer and Susan to go immediately to the school nurse to have their nappy's changed.

Out in the corridor a large group of girls waited for Jennifer and Susan to appear and immediately the teasing and name calling began.

" Hey baby girls, shouldn't you be in the nursery section of the school with all the other infants " they called.

" Yeah, show us your wet nappy baby Jenny, looks like you did wee wee in your nap naps " another shouted cruelly.

All the way to the nurses office they suffered the same humiliation, both had there nappy and frilly baby pants fully exposed due to the shortness of their tunics and because their nappies sagged under the weight of the wetting.

Susan knocked on the door and after a few seconds, Miss Barker invited them both into her examination room.

In the middle of the floor she had placed two baby potties, Susan's pink one from the previous day along with a newly purchased white potty with a picture of bunny rabbits on the front.

" Right babies, it potty time before I change you into nice clean nappies " said Miss Barker and taking both their hands, she led them over to her examination table.

" First we need to get these wet nappies off " she said and motioned Susan onto the table and slowly peeled her frilly baby pants down her legs and off her feet.

Jennifer watched whilst the school nurse un-pinned the soggy nappy and pulled the it away from between Susan's legs and dropped it into a large nappy pail standing in the corner.

" Ok Susikins sit on your potty and do wee wee's for nursery " Miss Barker instructed and as Susan sat down on her potty, the nurse popped her pink dummy into Susan's mouth.

" You can sit there quietly and suck on your dummy while I get little Jenny here ready " said Miss Barker as she ushered Jennifer up onto the examination couch.

Jennifer looked at Susan sitting in the middle of the room on her potty, sucking a baby dummy, " this is not going to happen to me " she thought to herself and with a wild kick she caught the school nurse hard on the shins.

" If you think I'm going to put up with this crap from you or anyone else, you can just think again " she shouted in defiance and jumped down onto the floor.

Miss Barker rubbed her bruised shin, and then slapped Jennifer hard across the face catching her by surprise. Within seconds, Miss Barker had pulled the stunned Jennifer over her lap.

Taking hold of the hem of the short tunic, she pulled it back and clear of Jennifer's waist before yanking down the baby pants and soggy nappy in one quick motion to bare Jennifer's bottom.

" Let me make this plain and simple Jennifer, You are a baby now and as such you are totally in the schools control " she exclaimed as the first hard smack landed in the middle of the girls naked bottom.

" I will not tolerate such behavior from my little babies and naughty baby girls get there bare bottom spanked over my knee " she continued as the smacks poured down over the glowing buttocks.

Susan continued to suck her on her dummy and watched intently as Jennifer kicked and screamed and begged to be let up.

At last, Miss Barker ceased her spanking of Jennifer, pulled the nappy and baby pants off completely and ordered the wailing girl to stand up.

" If you ever disobey me again little girl I will repeat your punishment only twice as hard" she warned Jennifer and slipped a yellow baby dummy into the crying girls mouth.

" You will now sit on your baby potty for the next ten minutes while I get my other baby into her fresh clean nappies ready for next class."

Jennifer sat on her potty, she winced as the hard plastic came into contact with her bright red and very sore bottom.

Miss Barker immediately stood over the two teenage girls sitting like babies in the middle of her office sucking on dummies trying to do wee wee's in their baby potty.

" I will be back in a minute, you two just sit there and don't dare move " she said and left the room without closing the door.

Moments later the school nurse came back into the room carrying two warm baby bottles of milk and handed one each to Jennifer and Susan.

" I want you to finish every last drop " she instructed and pulled Susan up to her feet and led her over to the changing table.

" Get up there babykins, Lets get your nappy on " she said and raised Susan's legs back before gently wiping her bottom and rubbing in the zinc cream and baby powder into her bottom and groin.

" I see your mummy is dressing you in double thick nappies now " she said as she folded two thick nappies together and slipped them under the girls bottom before pulling up the sides and pinning them tightly into place with the large pink nappy pins.

Susan continued to suck on her bottle and said nothing.

After pulling up a fresh pair of baby pants over the top of the nappy, Susan was instructed to get down and sit on the floor to finish her bottle.

Miss Barker then walked over to Jennifer and pulled her up to her feet. " I see baby didn't manage to perform in her potty " she said and led Jennifer over to the changing table.

" get up there and lay down on your tummy " she instructed Jennifer.

" Please miss, don't spank me again," pleaded Jennifer as she began to cry again. " I promise I will be good "

The school nurse took a large amount of baby cream and gently rubbed it into the girls red and sore bottom. The soothing effect was immediate and Jennifer laid quietly while the nurse continued to rub the cream in.

" Ok, turn over " she ordered and Jennifer turned over and continued to drain the baby bottle while allowing Miss Barker to raise her legs and apply the cream into her smooth shaven nappy area.

Following a liberal sprinkling of baby powder, Miss Barker then pinned a double thick nappy onto Jennifer and once again replaced the frilly white baby pants.

" Baby girls " she addressed both Jennifer and Susan, " you are both undergoing your baby treatment for different reasons, however the end result is the same. I will administer a severe spanking to both of you if you dare to misbehave or break any of the rules of this school. Now I expect to see both of you at break time this afternoon because I will not be here at lunch time and I expect some serious results in your nappies later. Your bottles of milk were mixed with both a laxative and a diuretic so no doubt we will have two very wet and messy girls later. "

Susan looked at Jennifer and noticed the panic in her face.

" Now get back to class and don't forget my warnings " concluded Miss Barker and opened the door for the two baby girls to leave and make their way back to lessons.

Back at Jennifer's house, her father aided by Jack were busy decorating the new nursery.

They had removed all traces of Jennifer's teenage life and were painting the walls a pretty shade of pink.

" How come you can get such large baby furniture Jack ? " asked Jenny's father.

Jack gave a grin and confessed that as he was a carpenter, he was once asked by a lady to make a large adult sized crib and high chair for a friend of hers. he had agreed and when he delivered it to the address he had been given, he found that the house was used as a large day care centre for teenage boys and girls who were undergoing babyhood and where the parents went out to work.

" This place is amazing " continued Jack. " They have a full time staff and there are a bunch of teenagers there who are treated just like babies all day long. Before I knew it I had made all sorts of cribs, cots, highchairs, and playpens for them "

Mr Wilson continued his work but his mind was now beginning to race ahead. "

I must remember to get the address before Jack leaves " he thought to himself.

Jennifer and Susan sat together again during their next class and by lunch time, both had once again soaked their nappy. As the lunchtime bell rang Susan asked Jennifer if she would come to the canteen with her and sit with her during lunch.

Jennifer, wasn't feeling that forgiving and immediately flew onto a rage, " You must be joking!!, just remember, your the baby round here, you wear babies nappies cos you can't stop wetting and messing your knickers " she replied nastily.

Jennifer continued " Your mum treats you like a little baby because that's just what you are and because of you I'm getting the same treatment!!."

Susan sat and listened to the remarks, tears welling in her eyes.

" You got me in so much trouble last night and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be dressed in this stupid outfit, or having to put up with that stupid cow this morning!! "

Jennifer stormed out of the classroom and left Susan sitting on her own crying.

A few minutes went by before Miss Williams appeared at the door and seeing Susan crying, went into the room and put her arms around the girls shoulders .

" No need to ask who's upset you is there ? " she asked Susan. " No Miss " replied Susan between sobs.

" Come along child " said Miss Williams and gently took Susan's arm and led her out of the classroom and towards the nurses office. " Lets get you in here and calm you down before lunch ".

Once inside the nurses office, Miss Williams sat down on the chair and sat Susan onto her lap. Susan immediately buried her head into the gym mistresses shoulder and let her tears flow.

" There there baby just let go and have a good cry " soothed Miss Williams reaching over onto the chest of drawers and retrieving the pink dummy that was sitting on top.

Miss Williams popped the dummy into Susan's mouth and was amazed how readily the fifteen year old girl took it and sucked hard between the sobbing. For the next five minutes Miss Williams gently rocked her big baby Susan and succeeded in calming her down until eventually the sobbing subsided and Susan was quietly sucking her dummy and enjoying the cuddles from the gym mistress.

Miss Williams carefully lifted the school tunic and put her hand into the front of the frilly baby pants to feel if Susan was wet. Sure enough, Susan had soaked her nappies again and was in a serious need of a change.

Jennifer had gone to the canteen and was trying to ignore the fact of what she was wearing. " This will blow over and things will be back to normal tomorrow, I am not going to let them get to me " she thought to herself.

" Oh, here comes one of our babies " came the call from the canteen as she entered. Everyone turned to stare at Jennifer who tried desperately to ignore their comments.

" Come sit over here babykins, Lets find you a pretty bib and let mummy feed you, you don't want to get your din dins down your pretty infantile dress now do you !! " shouted one of group of girls sitting having their lunch.

As Jennifer moved away the from serving hatch with her tray, one of the girls, noticing her hands were full, grabbed the hem of her skirt and yanked it up to her chest exposing her thick nappy and frilly baby pants to the whole canteen.

As Jennifer pulled away to break free there was a loud rip as the tunic right down the middle.

Jennifer immediately dropped the tray onto the nearest table and fled the canteen amidst the laughter of the other girls. Her tunic was now in badly torn and afforded no protection to the exposure of her nappied state.

Back in the nurses office. Miss Williams had carefully removed the sodden nappy from Susan and was gently wiping her nappy area with babywipes. Susan lay on the examination table enjoying a fresh baby bottle of warm milk that Miss Williams had thoughtfully provided before she commenced the nappy change.

" Susan, I realise you might be way too old for this sort of treatment but I am sure you definitely need nappies, you wet them as quickly as we change them " she said as she fastened the pink safety pins into place.

Susan secretly had to admit that Miss Williams was right. " I hate being babied, but I can't seem to stop myself " she said.

" Don't worry sweetheart " replied Miss Williams, " I think you make an absolutely adorable baby girl "

With Susan tightly pinned into fresh thick nappies and new baby pants, the gym mistress took her hand and slowly led her back to her own office where she planned to share her lunch with her self adopted new charge.

Jennifer sat back in the classroom alone and fuming, " what the heck am I going to do " she thought to herself. " Those bitches were supposed to be my friends!! "

She stood up and examined the torn uniform. The tear went from the hem of the tunic up to the front bib section close to the buttons on the front. She quickly realised that her baby nappy and frilly white baby knickers were totally exposed both back and front and she cursed the fact that the school nurse wouldn't be back until afternoon break. " It two hours before I can get another uniform and Miss Barker is sure to be furious with me " she thought.

Ten minutes later, the girls started to pile back into class and take their seats. Jennifer sat very still and tried desperately to ignore the teasing that pursued. She was already wet and her mind raced in trying to figure out her new problem. How on earth was she was going to control the continuing stirring in her bowels!!. It wouldn't be long before she desperately needed to poop.

Susan arrived back into class and took her seat next to Jenny not realising that her ex best friend had just suffered the most humiliating experience of her young life. (so far ).

Moments later lessons resumed and both girls sat quietly each contemplating the afternoon ahead.

Back at the Wilson's household, Jennifer and Susan's mother had arrived back from their shopping expedition and were congratulating Jack on the transformation of Jennifer's bedroom.

Gone were the pop posters of her favourite boy band, the dressing table cluttered with make up and photographs of boyfriends.

In the middle of the room, where her single bed had once stood was an adult size baby cot painted a pretty shade of dusty baby pink and adorned with Disney characters carefully stenciled on the ends. In the corner, where the dressing table once stood, there now sat a large changing table covered in white plastic and fitted underneath with shelving ready for all the necessary nappies, plastic panties, creams, powders, nappypins and other accessories needed to cater for the new baby of the household.

Mrs. Wilson immediately started to unpack the shopping. she carefully stacked the two dozen terry nappies neatly in a pile under the changing table along with ten pairs of assorted frilly baby pants. She unpacked the nappy pail and placed it close to the changing table.

By the time they had emptied all the shopping bags and put all the items in their place, the room no longer had any resemblance to the teenage girl bedroom that Jennifer had got dressed in that morning.

" This looks very close to the nursery she came home to when she was first born " laughed Jennifer's father as they looked around the nursery before closing the door.

" Just one more thing to add " said Jennifer's mother as she removed the sticky backing off a plaque and placed it squarely into place on the outside of the door. They all watched and as she stepped back they all read aloud the wording on the plaque " BABY JENNY'S NURSERY ".

Susan's mother giggled, " Sorry, but we found a shop that make them up while you wait and we couldn't resist getting one each for our little baby girls " she said.

" What are you going to do about baby clothes ? " asked Susan's mother. " I can lend you some of the outfits that you kindly made for Susan if you like".

Jennifer's mother was busy putting the final items of Jennifer's adult clothing into a suitcase. " No problem. I'm still making loads of outfits for Susan and all I need to do is finish a few this afternoon and then I can make lots more for both of them. The funny thing is that Jennifer has been going through catalogues finding the most babyish outfits for me to copy. I think she was looking forward to seeing Susan dressed in the shortest of dresses to totally reveal her nappies " she laughed as she closed the lid of the suitcases and handed them to her husband.

" Are you absolutely sure there is no other item of her clothing in the house " she asked.

Jennifer's father picked up the cases and headed downstairs towards the front door.

" Only her school uniform and a couple of pairs of school shoes " he replied and closed the front door on his way out.

" Do you know what would be really fun " Jennifer's mother said as the two women headed downstairs for a well deserved coffee.

" Go on " replied Mrs. Bard

" We should make them identical baby dresses and other outfits for when we take them out together, just like we used too ! "

Both women headed into the kitchen, chatting together and making all sorts of plans for their teenage baby girls and looked forward to the moment when they would go to the school to collect them.

Twenty minutes into the afternoon lessons Jennifer was beginning to feel very uncomfortable. The laxatives she had been given earlier that had been mixed in her baby bottle were now beginning to work and her stomach cramps were getting painful. She desperately clamped her bottom cheeks together knowing that any minute she was going to fill her nappy while sitting in class.

As she tried to keep her mind on " holding on " she was unaware of the question being directed at her Mrs. Bright the math's teacher. " Jennifer are you going to answer me or not " she shouted, now losing patience at the day dreaming young pupil.

" Er sorry miss " stuttered Jennifer in reply, " I didn't hear the question miss "

" Jennifer, come up here this instant " bellowed miss Bright and Jennifer slowly got to her feet and went to the front of the class trying unsuccessfully to conceal her torn uniform.

Mrs. Bright noticed immediately and taking the two sides of the tunic, she pulled them apart to examine the extent of the damage. " What on earth have you been up to now young lady " she asked Jennifer sternly.

" Please miss, I caught it in the stairs " lied Jennifer.

Mrs. Bright guessed she was lying but decided not to pursue her question. " Get that thing off immedialty, there is no point in wearing it when it's split from front to back and looks like rags " she ordered.

Jennifer un buttoned the front of the infantile tunic and allowed it to fall to the floor, leaving her standing in just her pale blue infant uniform blouse, white socks and shoes and of course her thick nappies covered with the frilly baby pants she was wearing.

" You will just have to stay as you are until your appointment with the nurse at breaktime, however while your in my classroom I expect your full attention; do you understand me girl " continued Mrs. Bright.

As the math's teacher was about to continue, Jennifer's bottom felt like it was exploding and she filled her nappy loudly causing Mrs. Bright and a startled classroom to fall silent and watch as Jennifer immediately burst into tears at the humiliation of messing her nappies in front of them.

" Jennifer Wilson, If you have just done what I think you have done you can jolly well stay in your dirty nappy until breaktime " shouted the angry math's teacher who then took hold of the back of Jennifer's baby pants and nappy, pulled them back and decided to check for herself. Sure enough she had.

Mrs. Bright instructed the crying Jennifer to return to her seat and as Jennifer sat down at her desk, the warm gooey mess spread itself across her bottom and between her legs. Mrs. Bright addressed the class " Girls I am sorry but one of our babies seems to have messed her nappy and I do not intend to disrupt this class any longer. she said as she picked up the remnants of the tunic from the floor and put it into the waste paper basket.

Susan who was sitting right next to Jennifer could already smell the dirty nappy and she knew it wouldn't be long before the unpleasant smell would spread across the rest of the class.

An hour and a half later the school bell rang and everyone dashed for the door to escape the unpleasant odour. Jennifer and Susan headed for the school nurse's office as quickly as they could. Jennifer was desperate to get there both to get the horrible nappy off and because without her tunic she was only dressed in short blouse which fully exposed her nappied bottom.

A large group of second formers mocked and teased her unkindly as she tried to run down the coridoor in her very full and sagging nappy.

Jennifer knocked on the door of the nurses office and as it opened she almost threw herself inside.

" Just what has been going on " asked the nurse as she looked at Jennifer standing in front of her in just her blouse, socks and shoes and with obviously a dirty smelly nappy.

" Sorry Miss Barker, I tore the uniform and Mrs. Bright made me take it off" she tried to explain.

Miss Barker ignored her explanation and turned to Susan who had quite enjoyed watching Jennifer waddle down the corridor in escape of her tormentors.

" Do you have anything to do with the state of your baby playmate " she asked.

Susan truthfully said that she didn't and Miss Barker instructed her to sit cross-legged on the floor while she tended to her immediate problem.

Miss Barker turned her attention back to Jennifer " Get up on the examination table, or perhaps I should now refer to it as your changing table" Miss Barker instructed.

The nurse carefully peeled down the plastic baby pants and removed them completely before unpinning one side of Jennifer's nappy. " My goodness, you have made a nasty mess in your nappy haven't you " she said as she carefully unpinned the other side.

" Just wait there while I fetch something to clean you up with " she said and went into the bathroom.

Jennifer lay in her mess looking at the ceiling and trying desperately not to cry. She was sure now that laying here with her legs raised high in the air and a wet and messy nappy sticking to her groin like a six month old baby was the most embarrassing moment of her young life.

Seconds later Miss Barker re-appeared and without saying a word, placed a baby dummy into each of the girls mouths.

" Here you are babies, suck your dummy like good little girls and don't dare spit them out " she warned.

Miss Barker then set about the task of cleaning up her messy pupil before pinning her into fresh nappies and replacing her frilly white baby pants with a pair of transparent soft pink plastic knickers.

Jennifer was helped down from the table and stood waiting while Miss Barker changed Susan's wet nappies.

When she had finished with both girls she went to the cupboard to see what she had in stock for Jennifer to replace the ruined school tunic.

" As much as I am tempted to let you spend the rest of the day without the protection of a tunic, I can't really let you walk home like it " she said to Jennifer and pulled an equally short infant tunic from the cupboard.

" Here you are child, put this on and DO NOT ruin this one or I will make you wear a complete baby outfit next time."

Jennifer pulled the tunic on and left the room followed by Susan. As they headed back to their final class of the day Jennifer turned to Susan and commented that today had been the most humiliating of her life.

" Susan said nothing but listened, quietly pleased that Jennifer was actually talking to her kindly for a change.

" Do you remember when we were caught smoking outside the school gates during games " Jennifer asked.

A cold shiver went down Susan's back as her mind raced back to that Monday morning about two months ago.

Both girls had decided to play truant after registration and as the rest of the school headed into assembly, they had run out the back way, lit a cigarette each and were heading towards the shopping centre. Unfortunately they ran straight into the arms of old Mrs.Simmonds the Religious Education teacher.

Mrs. Simmonds was well known for her views on both smoking and truancy so she had taken hold of both girls by the ear and marched them straight back into school. She did not let go of them until they were taken up onto the stage in front of the gathered assembly.

After a short conversation with the headmistress both girls were instructed to remove their school skirts and Mrs. Simmonds placed two chairs in the centre of the stage.

The headmistress then placed each girl over the back of a chair, pulled their navy blue school knickers right down to their ankles to expose their naked bottoms too the 200 schoolgirls gathered in the hall.

Jennifer and Susan had remained in this position for fifteen minutes whilst the headmistress continued with her planned assembly. Only after she had finished her daily announcements did she turn her attention to Jennifer and Susan.

Mrs. Simmonds had been sent to fetch a cane from the heads office and upon receiving it, the head turned to the assembled school.

" Girls, as every pupil who goes to this school knows, we take smoking and truancy very seriously and any girl who is caught doing either is caned automatically. Under normal circumstances the punishment for smoking is 3 strokes of the cane and for truancy 3 strokes also. "

Susan and Jennifer shivered at the thought of the impending six strokes they were about to receive.

The headmistress continued. " I fully intend to make a clear example of these two girls today. Before I commence their caning, I am going to give them each six strokes with the slipper and then I intend to increase the number of strokes with the cane to eight.

There was a loud shuffling and exchanges of whispers from the large gathering of girls who had sat listening to the headmistress announce the punishments.

Jennifer and Susan had quickly glanced at each other as panic swept over them both.

Jennifer sensed the headmistress move behind her and she tensed as she heard the whoosh of the slipper before it landed full force in the middle of her bare cheeks. The slipper landed five more times before she glanced over to see Susan already sobbing before she had even received her first.

Susan had not remained so composed after the first two times the slipper landed, through the last four she had struggled and had to be held down by Mrs. Simmonds.

By the time the slippering was over, both girls had very red and sore bottoms.

The headmistress then picked up her cane and stood behind Jennifer. The whole school waited as she raised the cane up high into the air and then with all the force she could muster, she brought it down into the middle of Jennifer's already sore bottom causing the girl to scream.

The headmistress then landed alternate strokes on the bottoms of Jennifer and Susan until both had taken the eight strokes promised.

By the time she had finished, both girls were crying with the pain and humiliation of taking such a punishment in front of the whole school.

Susan woke from the memory and as they reached the chemistry lab, she acknowledged to Jennifer that not only did she remember the humiliation of it but it also took nearly seven days before all the marks had gone from her bottom.

Both girls laughed and entered the lab for the final lessons of the day. Both felt a certain relief that at least they seemed to be talking again.

Jennifer and Susan took their seats in the Chemistry Lesson and although their nappies and frilly baby pants remained on full display to the amusement of the other girls, the final lessons of the day went much without incident. They suffered the usual taunts and whispers from their classmates but remained out of further trouble and were relieved to hear the final school bell ring, signaling the end of school for the day.

As they walked to the school gates together, Jennifer spotted her mother and sisters waiting to escort them home. They were waiting by the exit along with Susan's mother and the twins burst into fits of giggles when they saw Jennifer and Susan walking towards them with their nappy and frilly baby pants hanging well below the hem of the infant school uniforms.

"Hey baby Jennifer, we are over here " shouted Sally at the top of her voice.

Jennifer cringed at the thought of her younger sisters seeing her dressed so babyish, and as the girls approached the waiting group, the twins were laughing and making fun of them in front of the other waiting parents.

Susanís mother took hold of her daughters arm and with her free hand, raised the back of the short tunic and pulled back the baby pants and nappy to check whether what she suspected was true.

"Thought as much" said her mother, "this one has a very wet and messy nappy" she said loudly and in front of the assembled group. "I could tell by the way she walked across the playground".

" Mummy, please not here " exclaimed Susan, trying hard to hold back the tears.

Susan's mother ignored the plea's of her daughter and simply replied that she could tell by the way her baby was walking that she had filled her nappy.

"Never mind baby" continued Susan's mother. "I will change you into a nice clean nappy when we get home "

Jennifer and Susan were led silently away from the school by their respective mothers, each clinging to their daughters hand as if they were leading toddlers. Both Sally and Mary followed behind laughing and making fun of the two teenagers as they walked down the street with their nappies clearly exposed to everyone around.

" Why don't you bring Susan in for a short while " Suggested Jennifer's mother as they approached the house. " It looks like she really needs that nappy changing judging by the way it's sagging down her legs ".

As the group went into the house, Jennifer began to fear what lay ahead. Her mother had clearly stated that she would be in for the full baby treatment and although she was glad to be indoors and away from the stares of the people in the street, she knew her mother was serious about her punishment.

" Ok, Sally, Mary, go and get yourselves changed out of your school uniform and then you can help me with our new baby of the household " intsructed Jennifer's mother. The twins ran up stairs excited and wondering what was about to follow.

Jennifer and Susan were led into the lounge and as they entered, Jennifer's father looked up from reading his paper and smiled at the sight of the two teenage girls dressed so babyishly.

A few seconds later the twins came running back into the lounge and jumped into their fathers lap.

" I think we need to change our baby girls " stated Susan's mother. " Do you want to do it here or should we take them upstairs " she asked.

" Oh, here is fine " replied Jennifer's mother and instructed Jennifer to lay down on the floor while she and the twins fetched the necessary items.

" Bob, would you get her ready while I get what I need " called back Jennifer's mother as she left the room.

Susan and her mother watched as Jennifer's father began removing the infant school tunic from his daughter and then proceeded to remove her socks, shoes and blouse leaving her in just her nappy and baby pants.

Within a couple of minutes, Jennifer's mother, Sally and Mary re-entered the lounge. Mary was carrying a large plastic changing mat and a pink baby potty. Sally had her arms full with baby powder, zinc baby cream, nappy pins, plastic pants and a large fluffy white nappy.

Jennifer's mother carried the pretty baby dress, socks, bonnet, and mittens that she intended to put Jennifer into after she had changed her nappy.

Jane turned to Susan's mother and handed her a large thick terry nappy and a pair of pink transparent baby pants.

" I hope these will be ok " she said and suggested that she change Susan at the same time.

" Mary, I think Susan's mummy could use the changing mat darling, Susan has a very messy nappy and we need to get her cleaned up quickly " said Jennifer's mother to her young daughter.

Mary handed the changing mat to Susan's mother and then stood and watched as Susan's mother pulled the frilly baby pants down and off of Susan's feet. Un-pinning the nappy, Mrs. Bard began the unpleasant task of cleaning her daughters nappy area.

Susan, covered her face and fresh tears ran down her cheeks. Her embarrassment of having her messy nappy changed in front of Jennifer's father as well as the twins was more than she could handle.

As Susan's mother lifted her daughters legs high into the air, Mary handed her the zinc cream and watched as Mrs. Bard applied an ample amount of cream into her Susan's bottom and shaven nappy area and proceeded to rub it in.

" Mary, would you like to sprinkle the baby powder onto my baby's bottom " asked Susan's mother.

Mary knelt down next to Susan and opening the lid of the baby powder, began pouring the contents onto the girls naked bottom and baby smooth crotch while Susan's mother rubbed the powder into the girls skin.

After pinning on the thick nappy, Susan's mother allowed Mary to slip the frilly baby pants back over her daughters feet and helped her to guide them up her legs and over her bulky nappy.

Susan was then instructed to stand up and by the time Mary had tucked any protruding nappy into her baby pants, she was crying uncontrollably.

Susan's mother took the pink dummy from her handbag and slipped it into the girls mouth.

" Sit down there and stop that noise immediately " she ordered.

Jennifer had been laying on the floor watching the scene and knowing they would be turning their intention to her at any moment.

" Daddy, haven't you got her wet nappy off yet " laughed Jennifer's mother and watched as Bob stripped down Jennifer's baby pants and un-pinned his daughters soggy nappy.

Jennifer's father looked down at his teenage daughter, here she was, nearly sixteen and laying on the floor in front of him on top of a sopping wet nappy. He gazed at the shaven nappy area and thought how young an babyish she now looked. Only the night before, he had spanked her bare bottom and she had cried as she had attempted to keep her teenage pubic bush covered with her hands.

" Well babies don't have hair down there " he thought to himself as he pulled the wet nappy from under her little bottom.

Jennifer's mother slipped the plastic changing mat under her daughter and invited the twins to watch as she raised the girls legs up and washed her bottom with a warm flannel.

" Sally would you like to do this for mummy " she asked. " You girls might need to change your big sisters nappies sometimes "

Sally moved into position and whilst her mother held Jennifer's legs, Sally gently wiped her sisters bottom.

Jennifer had been laying quietly up to that point, but exploded into angry abuse at the thought of her young sister assisting in her humiliation.

Bob jumped from his chair and moving the startled Sally out of the way, he began spanking Jennifer's raised bottom whilst she lay on the floor. When he had finished, Jennifer was crying fresh tears and her bottom had turned an angry red colour where her father's hand had found it's target with precision.

Jennifer's mother gently rubbed the cream and powder into her nappy area before pinning double thick night time nappies onto her and pulling up the frilly baby pants over the top.

Her mother then pulled the short baby dress over the girls head and zipped it up at the back before pulling the matching baby bonnet onto her head and tying it under her chin in a double bow. Finally her white ankle socks were placed on her feet and her mittens were pulled over her hands and tied at the wrists.

" This is how you will be dressed at all times when you are not at school " said Jennifer's mother to the still sobbing fifteen year old. " I warned you this morning that we intend to start your upbringing again and we fully intend to keep you as a baby for as long as necessary "

Bob went into the kitchen and returned moments later with two baby bottles of warm milk. he handed one to his wife and then handed the other to Susan's mother.

" I thought you might like to give Susan a bottle while we give Jennifer hers " he explained.

Susan's mother pulled Susan over her lap and began feeding her the bottle.

Jennifer's father sat down and motioned Jennifer to take the position across his lap. He then slipped the teat between her lips and she sucked her bottle like a one year old as he cuddled his teenage daughter and gently patted her thick nappied bottom.

While the girls drank their bottles, Jennifer's mother and the twins went into the kitchen to prepare tea.

As Susan and Jennifer drained their baby bottles of milk, Jennifer's mother and the twins were preparing tea. Jennifer's new high chair was placed between the twins chairs at the dining table and both Sally and Mary had begged their mother to let them feed the new baby.

Susan's mother got up and announced that they needed to get home as it was nearly time to get her baby girl tucked up into her cot for the night.

" See you tomorrow " said Jennifer's mother as she showed them to the door. " You be a good girl for mummy " she said to Susan as they left.

Jennifer's mother watched them go down the path, Susan's mother once again held her daughters hand tightly. Jane laughed as she noticed Susan trying desperately to pull the back of the short tunic down to hide the pink transparent baby pants and her bulky nappy from everyone's view.

" Not a hope " thought Jennifer's mother and closed the front door.

Jennifer's mother went back into the lounge and announced it was time for dinner. Taking hold of Jennifer's hand, she led her into the dining room and Jennifer gasped at the sight of the baby high chair waiting for her.

" In you get baby " mocked her mother as she helped Jennifer into the high chair pulling the tray over her head and securing it into place.

Jennifer's father tied the large plastic covered lacy bib around his daughters neck and slipped her dummy back into her mouth, instructing her to stay quiet while they fetched her dinner.

Bob and the twins took their places at the table and Jennifer's mother placed their dinner in front of them. Jennifer had always liked her mothers meatloaf and was looking forward to her dinner even if she was dressed as a baby and strapped in her high chair.

She burst into fresh tears as her mother placed a bowl of pureed baby food on the tray in front of her.

" Babies can't eat grown up food " her mother said mockingly as she handed both Sally and Mary a spoon each.

" As you are such a baby, your big sisters will have to feed you until you are old enough to do it yourself, which I am sure will not be for a very long time " she said.

As her parents tucked into their meal, Sally and Mary took turns of spoon feeding Jennifer her dinner whilst she sobbed to herself. The twins took great delight in making sure they made as much mess as possible and by the time they had finished, Jennifer had baby food all over her chin and her pretty lacy bib.

As this was going on, Susan and her mother were approaching the green near their home. Susan had been complaining to her mother about having her nappies changed in front of Jennifer's father and the twins and that her mother had even let Mary help with her nappy change!!.

" One more word from you young lady and I will take your nappy down and spank you right here in front of the neighbors, do you understand me " her mother warned.

Susan, without thinking, answered her mother " But mum, It was really mean of you....." she started to say and without any further warning, her mother took hold of her arm and marched her over to the bench in the middle of the green outside their house.

" I warned you baby, not to say another word didn't I " she stormed and promptly sat down on the bench and pulled the startled girl over her knee.

In one quick movement, Susan's short woolen tunic had been turned back and her mother had taken down her nappy and pink transparent baby pants to her knees.

" I will not tolerate your cheek and backchat, do you understand me!! " she bellowed as her hand rained hard down across Susan's bare bottom.

Susan cried, screamed and kicked and tried to break free of her mothers grasp but the more she struggled, the tighter her mother held her and continued her spank the her daughters naked bottom. The screaming and crying bought many of the neighbors to their front gardens to watch and many of the neighborhood kids who had been playing on the green came over to watch the teenage baby girl getting her bare bottom spanked. When Susan's mother had finally spent her rage, she stood Susan up in front of her and pulled the crying girls nappy and baby pants down to her ankles and slipped them off her feet. she placed Susan's dummy into the sobbing girls mouth and taking hold of her hand, whilst picking up the sodden nappy and baby pants with the other, she marched off towards their front door dragging Susan behind her. Susan was so distressed, she didn't even care that her tunic was still tucked up at the back and her sore red buttocks and shaven pubic area were clearly visible to everyone watching. Once inside, Susan's mother pinned her into a fresh clean nappy and after pulling up a clean pair of pretty pink frilly baby pants, she was dressed in her baby clothes and tucked into her cot for the night without any supper. Susan closed her eyes and sucked on her dummy, as she drifted off to sleep clutching her teddy bear she wondered how Jennifer was doing. After Dinner, the twins were instructed to get their homework finished before their bath time. Jennifer's mother wiped the dinner from around her daughters mouth and un-tied her bib before letting her out of her high chair. " Time for your bottle babykins " she cooed as she helped Susan out of the chair. " I think baby should learn to crawl before we allow you to walk everywhere though " she said, and she instructed Jennifer to get down on her hands and knees and crawl like a baby behind her. Jennifer crawled after her mother into the kitchen and sat on the floor while her mother warmed another two baby bottles of milk. " I think my diddums needs her bot bot " mocked Jennifer's mother in her best baby talk and headed towards the lounge with Jennifer crawling behind her with her nappied bottom stuck high in the air encased in her frilly baby pants. Jennifer's mother sat down on the settee and instructed Jennifer to climb up onto her lap. As the big baby girl lay snuggled against her mother's chest sucking her bottle, Jane and Bob looked across at each other and winked. " It's been a long time since I had a baby to cradle like this " thought Jennifer's mother as she adjusted the angle of the bottle and watched Jennifer sucking like a one year old. After finishing both bottles, Jennifer stayed curled up against her mother's chest enjoying the cuddle and feeling every bit the baby she now was. Moments later, she was awakened from her trance by the twins running into the lounge fresh from their bath and trying to jump all over their mother totally naked and still dripping wet. " Come on girls " said their father, " let get you dry and into your nighties before you catch cold. " But dad, we want mummy to do it " said Sally sullenly. Both girls got down and went to their father, who quickly dried them off and slipped their nighties over their heads. Jennifer's mother sat her up and announced it was time to put her baby to bed. " But mummy it's only 6:30pm " cried Jennifer in protest as she stood up. Jennifer's mother got angry " What did I tell you in the dining room " she hissed and immediately pulled Jennifer down onto the floor. " You are a baby and you will not stand or walk in this house !! " she stormed. " You will crawl everywhere when you are in the house or garden. You will also be put to bed at whatever time of day or night that we decide " she continued. Jennifer sat on the floor looking up at her mother with tears welling up in her eyes. Her mother continued " I don't care if it is only 6:30, that will be your bedtime while you are a baby and that, my girl will be a very long time !! " Jennifer followed her mother out of the lounge and up the stairs still crawling on all fours like a baby. Immediately behind them, Bob and the twins followed. As they reached her bedroom, Jennifer looked up and noticed the plaque on the door, " Baby Jenny's Nursery " she read and as her mother opened the door, Jennifer stared at the newly transformed nursery that only this morning had been a teenage girls bedroom. Jennifer followed her mother in and allowed herself to be helped into the waiting large baby cot that she would be sleep in from now on. After slipping her dummy back into her mouth, her mother kissed her forehead and slid the side of the cot up before latching securely in place. " Say goodnight to babykins " said Bob to the twins who were still giggling at the sight of their big sister all tucked up in her cot and sucking on her dummy. Sally and Mary went up to the cot and peeped through the bars at Jennifer. " Night Night baby sis " they cooed. " Don't wet your nappy in the night " continued Sally who couldn't help making fun of Jennifer and was enjoying every moment of her sisters torment. " Come on girls, lets let the baby get some sleepies " said Jennifer's mother and after turning on the night light in the nursery, she wound the mobile above Jennifer's cot and slipped out of the nursery and gently closed the door. Jennifer lay in her cot, looking through the bars. It was still light and she looked around the room at the changing table standing in the corner, the nappy pail with her name on it standing proudly close by. She looked at the huge stack of fluffy white nappies on the shelves and the equally vast number of plastic baby pants that were piled next to them. " There's enough there for a 10 babies " she thought to herself. The room had been stripped of any sign of a teenage girls existence and now she finally realised that she was the baby of the household and no longer the oldest girl in the family. She silently cried herself to sleep. It had been an exhausting day. An hour later, Sally and Mary where being tucked into bed by their mother. " Mummy, How long is Jennifer going to be a baby for " asked Sally as she slipped down under her duvet. " Oh darling, for a very very long time indeed " replied their mother. " Why do you ask " Sally thought for a moment, " When she was our big sister she was really horrible to us " she finally replied. " Yeah, but now she is just a baby girl like Susan Bard and we can help mummy look after her and feed and dress her just like our dollies " exclaimed an excited Mary. " can we be your babysitters mummy " she asked innocently. Jennifer's mother laughed and explained that perhaps they were still a bit too young to be left totally in charge of their big baby sister but mummy would need allot of help in looking after baby Jennifer and they were her number one helpers. They all laughed together and after kissing both girls goodnight, their mother went downstairs to relay the conversation to Bob. " It does beg the question though " said Bob after a short pause. " Who will we get to babysit them, obviously Jennifer can't be left in charge anymore ". " Maybe we should speak to Mrs Williams at the school " replied Jane. " She seems really nice and I know she is totally understanding and supportive of our punishment for Jennifer, after all, it was she who suggested it rather than expelling her ". Bob also remembered the conversation with Jack concerning the day care centre, " maybe we should check this place out as well, Don't forget the school holidays are coming soon and we will need somewhere for her to go whilst we are at work." Jane agreed and went into the hall to ring Susan's mother straight away. The two women talked for a nearly an hour and when they had finished they had agreed to contact both Mrs Williams and the day care centre the next day. " Do you realise something " said Jane as she was ending the call with Susan's mother, " by 7pm we knew exactly that where our teenage daughters are for the first time in ages " Susan's mother laughed, " Yes, tucked up in their cots, wearing nappies and sleeping like babies " she replied. " Night Jane, see you tomorrow " concluded Susan's mother as she hung up the phone still laughing quietly to herself. Jennifer woke the following morning at 6:15am and after sleeping for nearly 12 hours felt fully refreshed. She looked around the room again and couldn't believe she had just spent the night in her baby cot dressed in thick nappies and her pretty baby clothes. She slid her mittened hand inside her baby pants and held her tummy tightly. She was desperate for a wee and her bladder ached, but her nappy was still dry and she was determined not to give her parents the satisfaction of her wetting her nappy like a one year old. As she lay in her cot she listened for any sound that would signal anyone else being awake. Finally, when she was convinced everyone was still asleep, she decided to risk lowering the side rail of the cot and quietly opened the door of her nursery and headed for the bathroom. Just as she reached the door, Mary appeared from the twins bedroom and on seeing her big baby sister immediately shouted for their mother. " Mummy, Jennifer is going to the bathroom " " Shut up, you little bitch " snapped Jennifer angrily and grabbed Mary round the neck and dragged her to the floor before landing a sharp smack to the top of her legs. At that moment, the girls mother appeared on the landing and surveyed the scene in front of her. Mary was sitting on the floor crying and rubbing her sore leg, Jennifer was crouched over her and had her hand raised ready to administer the next blow. " Jennifer, just you dare, my girl!! " screamed her mother and leapt between the f ighting pair pulling Jennifer away. " You just will not learn will you, I told you in that under no circumstances are you to get out of your cot on your own and worse still I find you hitting your little sister " her mother raged. Mary, between sobs tried to explain to her mother that she found Jennifer going into the bathroom and that Jennifer just hit her for no reason. Jennifer sat on the floor and listened to Mary embellish the whole story, how Jennifer had pulled her hair and hit her three times and she hadn't done anything herself. Finally after calming Mary down, Jennifer's mother grabbed her arm and forcibly dragged her back to the nursery followed closely by Mary and Sally who had got up to see what all the fuss was about. " You my baby are in for the biggest spanking of your life " she said as she sat down on the cot and pulled Jennifer over her knees. Jane then proceeded to pull down Jennifer's baby pants and un-pin her thick nappy letting it drop to the floor. Taking up the hairbrush, she proceeded to bring it down across Jennifer's naked bottom until she screamed with pain, after two or three minutes of the continuous beating, Jennifer who still desperately needed to wee, couldn't control herself any longer and emptied her bladder soaking herself and her mothers lap in the process. Jennifer's mother immedialty lost her temper and bought the hairbrush down across her daughters bottom with increased force. " How can you tell me your not a baby " she screamed, " you even wet yourself, that's why you wear nappies and I treat you like a baby " The twins watched with glee at their sisters spanking and laughed loudly when she wet herself across their mothers lap. After Jennifer had endured a further few minutes of her spanking her mother lifted the hysterical girl of her lap and ushered her into the corner. " You will stand there with your hands on your head while I clean myself up, If you dare move, I will start the whole punishment again, do you understand me girl !! " she warned. " Girls, If Jennifer moves or takes her hands of her head, come and tell me immedialty " said the twins mother and left the room. Jennifer stood in the corner crying while the twins watched, they were desperate for her disobey their mother, just so they could see her get spanked again. Back in her own bedroom, Jane removed her soaked dressing gown and explained to Bob what had happened. "I can't believe she just wet herself over my knee while I spanked her" she moaned. Bob listened intently and was thankful that this punishment was one he had not had to administer. " Relax darling " he replied, " It happened to me when I spanked Sally not so long ago if you remember " Jane shot him a dirty look, " Sally is eight years old and that sort of thing is quite different than a fifteen year old " she replied. " Ok, Ok, I was just saying thatís all." continued Bob, " Do you realise that over the past month either you or I have had to spank each one of our daughters at least once." Jane ignored the remark and headed back to Jennifer's nursery, leaving Bob to his thoughts. " Alright girls, go and get ready for school " she instructed the twins. As Sally and Mary headed off to their own room to get ready, Jennifer's mother approached her eldest daughter who was still standing in the corner with her hands on her head sniffing back her tears. Jane summoned her daughter onto the changing table and Jennifer winced as the cold plastic came into contact with her very sore bottom. " Jennifer, I really don't know when you are going to learn " said her mother as she raised the girls legs and then took an ample amount of zinc cream and began rubbing it into the bright red bottom. Jennifer remained silent as her mother continued, the cream was soothing to her burning cheeks and at that moment she did not want her mother to stop. After applying the cream and baby powder to Jennifer's bottom and hairless privates, her mother took two extra thick night time nappies from the stack and folded them together. " As an extra punishment for hitting your sister, you can wear double thick nappies to school and I will also send instructions to your matron not to bother changing your nappy today. " said her mother. " Lets just see how wet you are when I collect you this afternoon shall we " Jennifer began to sob again and her mother slipped the pink dummy into the blubbering girls mouth and warned her not to spit it out. While her mother pinned the extra thick nappies into place and followed these with a pair of large clear transparent plastic baby pants, Jennifer was thinking about how she would cope at school today. When her mother had finished, she instructed Jennifer to stand up while she removed the baby outfit and replaced it with the short woolen infant school uniform that Jennifer had been issued. Jennifer looked in horror as the hem of the tunic billowed out due to the thickness of her nappies and practically the whole of her nappy area was visible. When her mother had finished dressing her in her school uniform, she then proceeded to tie Jennifer's long hair into two pigtails with pretty pink ribbons. " You look very sweet darling " mocked her mother, " why don't you go show daddy what a pretty baby you are " Jennifer started to walk towards the door but found that due to the thickness of her nappied bottom, she could only waddle like a baby. " Excuse me young lady, babies can't walk, they can only crawl " reminded her mother and continued " didn't we go through this last night, or do you want another spanking ". Jennifer immediately dropped onto her hands and knees and crawled into her parents bedroom where her father was getting dressed. " Baby Jennifer has come to show you how pretty she looks in her baby school uniform " laughed Jane. " Well Jennifer, I do hope you be a good girl for your teachers today, you don't want them to have to spank you on top of your already sore bot bot do you " Bob said to her in his finest baby talk. After the twins were washed and dressed, the girls mother ordered them all into the dining room for breakfast. Jennifer was again strapped into her high chair and a new bib placed around her neck. As the twins ate their cereal, Jennifer's mother spoon fed her new baby with pureed apple making sure she covered the girls mouth in it but taking care not to get any on her tunic. Finally at 8:15 they were all ready to leave the house. Right on cue, Susan and her mother appeared at the front door ready for them all to walk to school together. Susan took one look at Jennifer dressed in her short infant style woolen school uniform and the double thick nappies under her clear plastic baby pants. She watched as Jenniferís mother grasped her daughters hand and marched towards the front gate. The thick nappies caused Jennifer to waddle like a toddler and the short tunic did nothing to hide the vast expanse of white nappy tightly encased around the girls bottom. she immediately pulled at the hem of her own short tunic and although her own nappy and lemon coloured frilly baby pants were visible to the whole street, she still felt a certain sympathy for Jenny as the group walked in the direction of the school. Sally and Mary were enjoying every moment of their big sisters torment and lagged behind the group, giggling and making fun of Susan and Jenny at every opportunity. Both mothers had a firm grip of their teenage baby's hands and were leading them down the street like a couple of two year olds. As they approached the twins school, Jane kissed Mary and Sally on the forehead and waved them into the playground. " See you at four " she shouted after them as they disappeared into the mass of young children. " Right, lets get you two to school " said Susan's mother and taking hold of Susan's hand she ignored the stares of the other mothers who watched in amazement at the sight of the two teenage baby girls being led down the road by their respective mothers towards the senior school. As they approached their destination, large groups of girls stood around and jeered and laughed at the sight of Susan and Jenny arriving in their infant school uniforms and clearly visable baby nappies. " Hey lady, you must be at the wrong place " shouted one, " the nursery section is next door and all the other babies are in there !! " she continued as the group burst into fits of laughter. Jennifer's mother laughed with them and thanked them for their advice. "We will just have to rely on you big girls to look after our babies then won't we" she replied to the group. Both mother's entered the playground still clutching their humiliated daughter's hands and were met at the entrance door by Miss Williams the Gym Mistress who was on playground duty. Miss Williams looked at the two terrified girls and turned to Jennifer, " My, Jennifer, how sweet you look today, I love your little pig tails with matching ribbons, did you mummy dress you today sweetheart " she asked. Jennifer looked at the ground and ignored the question. " Answer the question Jennifer " prompted her mother. Jennifer looked up at the smiling teacher and quietly answered " yes miss " Susan's mother turned to her daughter and said " Susie darling, why don't you show Miss Williams what pretty baby pants your wearing today " Susan looked at her mother mortified, " But Mum.." she started to reply. " Do it young lady, or I'll take down your nappy and spank you right here in the playground," warned her mother sternly. Susan knew her mother would do just that if she didn't obey so she slowly took the hem of her short woolen tunic and raised it slightly at the front. " Oh for goodness sake girl, she can't see anything like that " snapped her mother and taking both sides of the short skirt, she yanked it right up to Susan's chin giving not only Miss Williams, but the all the girls in the playground a clear view of the thick nappy and frilly baby pants that Susan was wearing. Jennifer stood frozen with fright, and watched the scene in front of her. She realised that her mother didn't need to raise her skirt for the school to see her nappies, the short tunic only covered the top part of her double thick nappies and baby pants, at least two thirds were clearly visible anyway. Both girls were ushered into the school building by Miss Williams and as promised, Jennifer's mother left instructions with Miss Williams for her daughterís nappy not to be changed for the entire day. " I want her to realise just what a baby she is, by the end of the day I expect her nappy to be both very wet and extremely messy," laughed Jane to Susan's mother as they walked out of the school gates. Susan and Jennifer made their way to assembly, escorted by Miss Williams. " You two had better come to see me after assembly whispered " said the gym mistress kindly. As they were walking home, Jane was busy telling Susan's mother what had occurred that morning and why she had made Jennifer wear double thick nappies to school as a punishment. " I was so mad with her for not only getting out of her cot, then hitting Mary, and then to cap it all she wet herself over my lap when I spanked her " explained Jane. " I very nearly dressed her in the shortest, frilliest baby dress I could find and sent her to school in that !! " " Let's go and check out this daycare centre this morning " suggested Susan's mother. " I think maybe it could be useful to both of us in the future." Jane agreed and the two women made arrangements to go and see it after having a coffee together. Following assembly Susan and Jennifer made their way to Miss Williams office. Jennifer was desperate for a pee but equally determined that wouldn't give in and just wet her nappies like a baby. " I need to go really badly " she whispered to Susan as the two walked down the corridor amongst the giggling and comments coming from the other girls. Susan sympathised with Jennifer and commented on the fact that it was her inability to REALISE she needed to go before it was too late, that had got her into this in the first place !!. Miss Williams opened her office door and after the two girls were seated inside she began to explain that following a meeting with the headmistress , she would now be responsible for taking care of them along with the school nurse. Both girls sat and listened as she explained that she would be following the same rules that both the headmistress and their mothers had decided upon and would be adding a few of her own " babycare " methods of her own. Jennifer and Susan looked at each other and wondered what would be in store for them now !. " Firstly, my two babies, you will report to me for two hours each morning and afternoon and I intend to make sure that you continue your baby routine during these times " she explained. Miss Williams then went into further detail explaining that during these sessions they would be treated like any real babies and she would effectively be their nanny. " I will change your dirty nappies. feed you, we will play and I will spank you if your naughty but most importantly I will reward good behavior with cuddles and special treats " she continued. Jennifer was about to protest when Susan nudged her and whispered that they were better off with Miss Williams than in normal classes where everyone else kept picking on them. Miss Williams smiled and added that even though this may be true, they would still have to attend normal classes for most of the day but during, breaks, lunch and free periods they would be coming to her rather than wandering the school looking for somewhere to hide. " All we have done is amend your timetables to ensure that all your free time is being looked after by me and your important education is not effected. We also decided that it is almost impossible for you to take part in PE and Games dressed in thick nappies so while I am teaching these activities, the nurse will take charge of you in here." she added. Miss Williams then stood up and opened the door to the adjoining office, " This is now officially your playroom or nursery " she explained and ushered the two girls into the room. Susan and Jennifer stared around the room hardly believing their eyes. To one side of the room stood a large plastic topped changing table and just like in their nurseries at home there was a stack of thick nappies piled neatly underneath. In the middle of the floor was a large playpen piled with baby toys, rattles, dolls and a couple of pillows that they correctly assumed was for them to play in. " Come over here " instructed Miss Williams, " I want to show you something " she said as she took both girls by the hand and led them over to an external door. Miss Williams opened the door and Susan gasped as she realised that this room opened onto the playarea of the babies nursery next door to their school. " I do not expect you to be couped up in here all the time and the headmistress has made arrangements with the nursery nurses that you can spend sometime in the playground with the other babies and toddlers from the nursery. " Jennifer was the first to burst into tears. " But miss , everyone will see us from the road as they go past " she said through her sobbing. Miss Williams gently put her arms around Jenniferís shoulders and led her back into her office. Susan took one more look outside and followed trying very hard to hold back her own tears. Both Girls sat quietly and listened as Miss Williams went on to explain that originally the headmistress had wanted to put them into the nursery full time and not have any more disruption to her school. " I argued that you still need to attend your lessons if you are going to get any sort of qualifications " she explained. Tears welled up in Susan's eyes and within seconds both girls were crying and begging Miss Williams not to make them play in the nursery gardens with the other toddlers. " Girls, you will actually be better off there than in the main school playground, you know how cruel the other girls are being and it's not going to get any better. " Miss Williams said as she opened her desk drawer and retrieved the two pink baby dummies and placed one each into Susan's and Jennifer's mouth. Miss Williams then sat between both the sobbing girls and pulled them to her, resting their heads onto her ample breasts. Jennifer and Susan glanced at each other and continued to suck on their dummies sobbing whilst the gym teacher gently rocked them to and fro. Miss Williams cuddled the girls close to her for fifteen minutes and then removing the dummies from their mouths, she gently explained it was time to go to class. Jennifer rubbed her red eyes, " please miss williams, I need to go to the toilet really badly " she said. " Jennifer, you know why you are a wearing nappies, and you know full well that you are to use them for their intended purpose," replied Miss Williams. Jennifer began to plead with the gym mistress to let her use the toilet and tried really hard to convince her to let her get changed out of this silly infant uniform and nappies and back to her regular school uniform. " I'll even wear those those stupid navy knickers everyday " she promised desperatly. Miss Williams listened to the pleading and replied angrilly that her mother has chosen this punishment because of her continued display of naughty behaviour both at school and at home and this was an alternative to being expelled permantly. " Remember Jennifer, It was me who found you nearly naked with that so called boyfriend at Susan's house, and it was also me who pursuaded the headmistress to keep you on at this school." stormed Miss Williams who was remembering the treatment Susan had got at the hands of her so called friend and her boyfriend. Jennifer began to cry again as Miss Williams continued, " I will be the last person in this school to let you off any punishment and I am in total agreement with your mother about your baby treatment, If I find you have used the toilets or interfered with your nappy in anyway, I will ensure your nappies and baby pants are taken down and your bare bottom is caned in front of the whole school, do you understand me girl ? " " Yes miss " replied a terrified Jennifer. Miss Williams instructed Susan to get to class and informed Jennifer to remain where she was. " You will stay here until I see that you have wet your nappy like the baby you are !, Now go and stand in the corner facing the wall and I will check your nappy in ten minutes ". Jennifer went to the corner and faced the wall while Miss Williams busied herself in her office. Seeing the dummies on the desk where she had left them, the gym mistress took one and placed it into Jennifers mouth warning her to keep it there until she was ready to check her nappies. After fifteen minutes Miss Williams called Jennifer over to her desk and raised the front of the woolen tunic before pulling back the front of the clear baby pants and placing her hand inside to feel the front of the thick nappy. " Ders a good babykins, dat wasn't so bad was it " said Miss Williams mockingly as she felt the warm soaked nappy. Jennifer sucked on her dummy and remained silent while Miss Williams informed her that she was now free to go but was to be back here with Susan at 11:OOam sharp ! Jane and Betty rang the bell next to the high wooden gates at the entrance to the large manor house that Jack had directed them to. The house was surrounded by a five foot wall and the only entrance and exit were the gates that appeared to be locked. After what seemed like several minutes a pretty young girl opened the gates and after confirming they were expected, invited them inside and quickly locked the gates before asking them to follow her to the house. As they followed, Susan's mother studied the young girl who appeared to no more than about eighteen and was dressed in a short nurses uniform with a plastic apron tied round her waist. On her head, her nurses hat sat stiffly and neatly and her long shapely legs were encased in seamed stockings. " This girl can't be much older than our daughters " whispered Susan's mother to Jane. As they approached the front door, Their young escort suddenly stopped and moved them to one side as the door opened. Jane and Betty stared in disbelief as three similar dressed women appeared each pushing a slightly larger than normal pushchair containing young adults each dressed in pretty baby dresses with thick nappies and frilly baby pants peeking out from under the hem of the short dresses. On their heads they wore matching frilly bonnets and each sucked a dummy which was attached with pink ribbon to their dresses. Jane noticed they also all wore short ankle socks and pretty Mary Jane shoes and looked like overgrown, but very pretty baby girls. " It's time for some of our babies to have some fresh air, we always take them out for a walk after breakfast and a nappy change " said the young girl as she watched the trio go down the path before inviting Jane and Betty into the house. The young assistant walked down the hall and then knocked on a large door at the end of the corridor. " Come in " boomed a voice from the other side and as they entered the office a large woman reached across the desk and extended a firm hand of greeting to them. " Thank you Monica, " you said to the young girl before turning to her visitors. " You must be Betty and Jane, my name is Patty, I have heard so much about you already " she smiled and ushered them to sit down on the leather settee in front of the desk. Jane was about to reply, when she suddenly stopped. Her eye had caught sight of a sniffing young torso standing in the corner facing the wall. Jane stared at the young man who was dressed in an equally pretty baby short baby dress with matching bonnet. The baby dress was pinned up at the back and around his knees his nappy and pink frilly baby knickers bunched and his bare red bottom bore the marks of a severe and recent spanking and the tell tell stripes of at least six stokes of a cane. Patty looked across to where her visitors where staring, " Oh, thatís Andrew, Sorry about this but that particular big baby has just been severely punished because he threw his breakfast at one of our nursery nurses. " she explained. " I see " said Jennifer's mother, " you obviously take discipline serious here then, that's nice to see " Patty laughed and called Andrew over to her. The sobbing boy turned around and came over immediatly to stand next to Patty. After removing his dummy, Patty said " Andrew, Why don't you tell these nice ladies how old you are and how long you have been visiting us here " Andrew began to explain that he was seventeen years old and had been attending the nursery for 4 years since he got into trouble with the police. " My mummy makes me come here everyday and I am now eighteen months old " he lisped. As Jane and Betty listened to Andrew explain the reasons for his baby treatment, neither woman could help but study his small manhood and hairless nappy area. Even his legs and arms had all traces of hair removed and his body resembled that of a young girl. Under his bonnet, his blonde hair had been left to grow down to his shoulders and he wore a pink ribbon on neat pony tail. Patty helped the boy to shuffle back over to the corner and replaced the dummy in his mouth before giving him a sharp slap across his already sore naked bottom. " Andrew, you have another thirty-five minutes left to reflect on your naughty behavior before I ask Janice to put your nappy back on and let you join the other babies, I suggest you stay facing the corner like a good boy and don't dare move " she warned. After rejoining Betty and Jane, Patty could see they were bursting with questions about the daycare centre. " Why don't I show you around " suggested Patty and as the women were about to leave, Patty made a quick call and within a minute, Monica re-appeared. " If baby Andrew moves or makes a sound, I want you to spank his little bottom again and start his punishment corner time from the beginning. " Patty instructed. " Yes Matron " replied Monica. Betty and Jane followed the matron out of her office and they crossed the hall to a set of large double doors. " This is our day time nursery where all the babies can play and are looked after by our five fully qualified Nursery nurses, All the babies should be having a snack in the kitchen now but I will show you this first, " patty said as she opened the door. The floor of the nursery was covered with large rubber mats filled with all sorts of baby toys including, teddy's, dolls, teasets, play bricks and an assortment crayons and colouring books. On the far side, by the window there stood three large adult size cribs and two changing tables. " Our daily prices include full baby care which includes feeding, changing, and general looking after your little ones " patty explained as she went over to the large cupboard by the changing tables and opened the doors. Betty and Jane looked in amazement at the huge stack of nappies, assorted frilly baby pants, creams, powders and other accessories required for looking after any baby. " There must be over a hundred nappies in there " whispered Jane. Betty nodded and then asked the question she had been dying to find out. " How many teenage babies do you look after here ? " Patty closed the doors and sat down on the side of one of the adult size cribs. Altogether we have four resident girls and one boy who are here full time. In addition to that we have two further girls who come from 8am until 6pm because their parents are working full time ". " There seems to be more girls than boys, " laughed Jane, " I am surprised the numbers are not more evenly matched " Patty smiled, " Jane dear, I normally only take girls here but Andrew is a special case, he is actually my nephew. While he is staying here he must act and is certainly treated like one of the baby girls." Betty laughed loudly, " That must be very humiliating for him, do you change his nappy in front of the girls also " Patty simply replied " yes " and then went on to explain that the real age of the girls she looked after was between 13 and 19 but as soon as they stayed at the nursery, they were all treated between the ages of 6 month - 18 months. " What age have you started your new babies at " asked Patty. Jane and Betty looked at each other, before Betty explained that they hadn't really thought about a starting age, " We just decided to treat them like a baby " Betty said. Patty looked serious for a moment, " If we agree for them to come here in the holidays they will be started as if they were six months old " she explained. " What does that mean ". asked Jane slightly confused. " Well it's quite simple " started Patty, " When they come here, they will be forbidden to communicate in anything but baby talk, they will not be able to walk, feed themselves, and must crawl everywhere or be pushed in the pram or pushchair. In short, they will not be able to do anything for themselves." Patty stood up and suggested they go and see the rest of the house. After seeing the nursery which housed a further 10 large baby cots as well as an additional three changing tables, they also visited the schoolroom and then went into the large kitchen. This room seemed to be the height of activity as around the large dining table sat six teenage girls all dressed in their pretty baby dresses with matching bonnets sitting neatly on their heads. All the girls were sat in high chairs and were being spoon-fed individually by the nursery nurses. Betty stared at the sight of the girls with baby food all over their face and pretty lacy bibs which protected their short frilly dresses from the mess, their thick nappies bulged between their legs encased in the frilliest baby knickers she had ever seen !!. " They look just like Jennifer did last night " laughed Jane as she moved out of the way for one of the nurses who was carrying a tray with a dozen full baby bottles of milk towards the centre of activity. Patty explained that each baby would be given two baby bottles of milk before their mid morning and afternoon nap and most of the bottles contained a laxative or diuretic to help baby with bowel or bladder movements. " We expect all of the girls to use their nappies and we don't potty train here. Most of them are still under the age of twelve months in baby years so they haven't got to that stage yet " Patty continued. As they left the kitchen, Patty continued to explain how the daycare centre worked and by the time they reached her office, both Jane and Betty had already made up their minds that their daughters would certainly be attending in the holidays. " Just one more thing I need to mention " said Patty as the ladies were preparing to leave. Betty and Jane listened carefully as Patty explained that whilst all her charges were considered babies, punishments for naughty or disobedient behavior were both severe and meant to be as humiliating as possible. " Bare bottom spankings or even use of the cane is normal punishment for any naughty baby and always administered in front of the other babies. We do not consider these spankings should be private because babies to not understand modesty. " Both Betty and Jane nodded their understanding and agreement and as they went out of the large wooden gates, Jane smiled and whispered to Betty " That place is exactly what we are looking for and will be home from home to our errant daughters, I can't wait to tell Bob all about it " Betty agreed, but was also deep in thought, " Now I know how Jack knew how to make our baby girls their cots, high chairs and changing tables so quickly. He probably had a stock of them all ready for the daycare nursery. " At 11am Jennifer and Susan made their way back to Miss Williams office, Susan's nappy was drooping heavily between her legs and the laxatives in the bottle she had been given earlier that morning had contributed to her full dirty nappy. As they hurried down the corridor, both girls found it difficult to walk properly and they suffered more torment as they waddled past the groups of other girls between classes. Miss Williams was waiting stern faced at the door when they arrived five minutes later than expected. " When I tell you to be here at 11am I mean be here !! " she scolded the girls as they entered her office. Susan shuffled from one foot to the other and Miss Williams noticing her discomfort and the obvious smell of a dirty nappy ushered her immediatly up onto the changing table. Whilst she slowly pulled the frilly baby pants down Susan's legs she turned to Jennifer who was standing behind her watching. " Jennifer, I want you to remove your school tunic and blouse and sit down there while I sort baby Susie out " she instructed. As Jennifer slowly removed her clothing, Miss Williams continued to focus her attention on Susan, as she unpinned her smelly nappy, she chided the girl for making such a mess in her nappy and spoke soothingly to her as she went about the task of cleaning up the sticky mess between her legs. " My my Susikins, you seem to be getting more of a baby everyday " she cooed gently raising the girls legs high in the air to concentrate on the messy bottom. After cleaning her up, she gently applied an ample amount of thick Zinc baby cream and rubbed it into the Susan's raised bottom and baby smooth vagina before sprinkling a large quantity of baby powder over the entire nappy area and gently rubbing it in. Susan lay contented on the changing table, she was pleased to be out of such a dirty nappy but also enjoying the tenderness of the gym mistress. Miss Williams pinned Susan into a thick clean fluffy nappy and replaced the baby pants with an even more frilly pair before instructing Susan to stand up while she pulled the woolen tunic up and over her head before removing it completely. She then removed Susan's blouse and instructed Susan to sit next to Jennifer. Both girls sat on the floor in just their thick nappies, shoes and socks and Miss Williams went to the adjoining room and returned with a baby dress for each of them. " Lift up your arms sweetheart " she said to Jennifer as she pulled the pale pink satin dress over her head and zipped it up at the back. After smoothing down the dress, she then picked up an equally short frilly white baby dress and pulled it over Susan's head repeating the process of zipping it up and smoothing out the wrinkles. Miss Williams then tied a matching pretty baby bonnet on each girls head and secured them under the chin in a double bow. The gym mistress looked at her two baby girls and thought how pretty and completely babyish they looked. She popped a dummy into each girls mouth and then explained to them that during these sessions they would be dressed like real babies and not schoolgirls. Miss Williams then instructed both girls to crawl behind her into their new nursery where they could now play nicely together while she babysat.
The End

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