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Daddys Naughty Little Girl Part 1

Lucy was a cute blonde college girl of 21. She studied art and was very creative and carefree. Having moved away from home she was just beginning to experience all the things being an adult had to offer. But for along time she had been living a secret life. As a teen she had discovered through the Internet the answer to something that had been burning away inside her since she was young. One day while surfing the Internet she typed in the word diapers. The thought of that word had always given her butterfly’s in her stomach, and made her feel very naughty and shameful when she though of it. What she found amazed her. It was a variety of sites that explained to her all those feelings she felt and put a name to them, the AB/DL lifestyle. She joined online groups and discovered all about AB/DL. She made lots of friends online and chatted to them often. Lucy posted on message boards thoughts of her feelings and desires. Although she was very involved with her lifestyle online, until she was in her early 20’s, she had never acted on these desires. She enjoyed the thought of being an AB girl, specifically a Little Girl of 3, 5 or even 7, who had been punished by a Daddy for being a naughty girl by being put back into nappies for being bratty, wetting the bed or having lazy accidents.

Sadly, Lucy had seldom chatted to anyone online who she thought was nice or kind enough to be her Daddy, or anyone she could have a regular relationship with outside her AB fun. She decided to post an online add for a Daddy. She had many replies to her add almost instantly, though a lot of the messages were a bit crude and creepy or from guys she was just plain not interested in. She was looking for a Daddy around her own age and like similar things to her. She wanted a boyfriend as well as a Daddy. She lamented as time went by, not finding her dream daddy.

One evening when logging onto her profile, a message with the title college daddy appeared in the inbox. He sounded nice. His name was Mark. Just a little older than her, they had a lot in common. He had also sent her a photo. Lucy thought he was cute so she replied to his message. Lucy was friendly in the letter, answering his questions about her and some she was a little embarrassed to answer about being an AB. She also sent her messenger ID. Not long after she sent the email, her messenger popped up with a notice of someone she didn’t know wanting to chat. She quickly realised that it was Mark, becoming excited and nervous all at once, they started to chat. They chatted for a long time that day. They found out a lot about each other and were getting along great. Soon enough their conversation turned to their love of ABDL. It was great for both of them to discover that they were not alone in the world. They shared their fantasies. Mark was quite forthcoming with them, which was ok with Lucy, because it seemed that she very much liked the things that he wanted in a LG. After a few weeks of chatting online and some shy flirty phone calls, Lucy decided that Mark could be the kind of Daddy she was after and she arranged to meet him.

On the day she was to visit Mark, Lucy decided to wear a cute LG outfit of a care bears shirt, a short pleated skirt, a pair of comfy sneakers with her soft blonde hair in pigtails. She picked out a little pair of nickers that were her favourite to wear when she played as a LG. They were white had a bunch of flowers on the front, with light pink waist and leg bands. She hoped in her car and tentatively travelled the hour drive to his home.

When Mark opened the door, he was in awe. He had seen lots of photos of her, but he had to lift his jaw back up of the porch. He couldn’t stop thinking how cute she would be in a nappy. She was a little angel.
Lucy was quite shy. She thought Mark was cute, and had a sweet foreign accent. Mark could tell that Lucy was happy with her new Daddy, though shy she smiled a lot and blushed frequently at his compliments and charm. Lucy liked his personality. He was much friendlier and didn’t think the world of himself. Mark had a few gifts for Lucy, some flowers and a stuffed brown bear. The first day they met they just hung out, chatting, watching some TV and getting to know each other, flirting a little bit too.

Even though they met over the Internet, where they seemed close and as ‘lovey dovey’ as you could get for a new couple, in person both Lucy and Mark felt kind of weird, knowing each other quite well, but looking at each other and thinking ‘who is this person?’ The two of them felt awfully close to each other and yet awkward in each other’s presence.

Lucy and Mark headed out for some dinner at a local restaurant chain in the evening. A few drinks helped ease the awkwardness as they looked at the menu. “What do you feel like eating? Asked Mark.
Lucy, acting a little coy softly said. “ I don’t know.”
“I feel like chicken.” She added.
“They have chicken nuggets on the kids menu” Mark suggested cheekily.
Lucy Giggled. “ That could be fun.” She remarked sweetly with a little smile
Mark was surprised at her reply. He thought he might have been a little forward in suggesting this, but then again, perhaps not. Before Lucy had time to change her mind, the waitress approached.
“So, What will the two of you be having this evening.” asked the Waitress.
“I’ll have the steak dinner, and Lucy wants some chicken nuggets.” Said Mark.
“That’s on the kids menu.” Commented the Waitress.
“Is that ok, its what she feels like.” Asked Mark.
“Well I guess so.” Replied the Waitress indifferently.
The Waitress left them alone to enjoy their drinks and enjoying each other’s company.
Their meals came, they looked nice. Lucy ate quietly, stoping to sip her drink through a straw. At one point she began to eat using her fingers. Mark smiled at her. Lucy looked up and blushed, quickly putting the nugget in her mouth. She blushed with a little shy smile picked up her cutlery again. When they had finished dinner, Mark asked. “Do you want some Desert?” Lucy nodded.
“I feel like ice cream” Mark ordered an ice cream sundae to share. They enjoyed it together and joked playfully. When they left the restaurant, Mark took Lucy’s hand and led her to the car. He opened the door for her. As Lucy sat down, mark lent in and buckled up her seatbelt.
“There we go.” He said with a smile.

When they arrived home, Mark suggested that they should watch a movie. He had lots of animated films for her to choose from. She chose Finding Nemo. They hoped on the couch. Lucy decided to snuggle up to her new Daddy. She was shy and nervous. Mark reached around pulled her close making her feel more secure. She looked up at Mark, giggling and blushing. While looking up at her new Daddy she hesitantly slipped her thumb into her mouth. Mark looked down and smiled at her.
“Aren’t you a lil’ cutie?” He said lovingly. Lucy giggled again and snuggled closer to Daddy, in his safe arms, sucking gently on her thumb. Lucy was having a wonderful time with Mark, he made her feel very secure and she felt her self regressing and feeling submissive to her new Daddy. After a while Mark thought his little girl must be thirsty.
“Do you want a drink Lucy?” He asked. She looked up at him and nodded, sweet eyes looking up at him. Mark got up and headed to the kitchen. He took out a sippy cup he had bought for when Lucy came and filled it with some cool juice. It had a yellow top and a teddy on the front. He took it back to the lounge and handed it to Lucy. She was a little surprised to see Mark handing her a sippy cup of juice. She hesitated for a second before reaching out for the drink. As Mark sat back down, she began to drink the juice.
“What do you say sweetie”? Asked Mark gently and sternly. Looking at Mark from behind the sippy cup, she took it from her lips and said softly in her sweetest little voice “Thankyou Daddy” Mark was very happy she had called him Daddy. Lucy was happy too, seeing the loving look in her Daddy Marks eyes. She felt so little when she called him Daddy, and she felt a little naughty too!

As she sipped away at her drink and watched the movie, Lucy felt the need to do a wee. She finished her drink and began to suck her thumb and snuggle up to Daddy again. She began to fidget a little.
“Are you ok Lucy?” She nodded. She got up from the couch and walked over to where the brown teddy bear Mark had given her lay. She picked it up, cuddling it tightly she walked back to her Daddy, still sucking her thumb. Mark was eager, she looked so adorable, and he couldn’t resist asking.
“Do you want to sit up on Daddies lap Lucy?” She looked at him innocently and a little afraid and nodded.
“Ok, climb up cutie pie” She climbed up onto the couch and sat on his lap, sucking her thumb and cuddling her teddy. They continued to watch the movie, as time went on, Lucy’s need to use the potty grew, but she ignored it, squirming on Daddy’s lap.
“Do you need to use the potty Lucy?” asked Daddy, smiling on the inside. Lucy shook her head “No Dada”, her pigtails shaking around. She knew very well that she did, and was feeling very naughty.
“OK Pumpkin, you tell me if you need to go, Ok?” She ignored that and pretended to watch the movie.

After twenty more minutes Lucy really needed to do wee wee’s. She tried to squirm as little as possible as not to let Daddy know, but Daddy knew her desires well, and he could sense her nervousness. Lucy felt tingles all over as she thought about what she was about to do. She pretended to watch the movie while sucking on her thumb, and gently relaxed. At first it didn’t come, then with a few little spurts, then a slow steady stream, she was making wee wee’s. She squeezed her thighs together as she felt the warm pee soak her cute floral panties and through onto her Daddy’s lap. She felt exhilarated and very naughty. Mark felt the warm wetness spread across his lap and looked down at his naughty little girl.
“Lucy! You’ve peed all over my lap. You were supposed to tell me if you needed the potty Lucy.” Lucy looked up at Daddy, he didn’t look too cross, but his voice was stern and his eyes were staring down sternly at her. Now she felt ashamed, nervous and very little sitting in her wet panties.
“You’ve been a very naughty girl Lucy, and naughty little girls who wet their panties on Daddy’s lap get a spanking, then they get put back into a Nappies like the little toddler girls they are.” said Mark.
“ No Daddy, I don’t want to wear a Nappy” Lucy whined grabbing at the hem of her skirt pulling it down in vain.
Mark grabbed Lucy firmly and turned her over his knee, lifting her skirt, and pulling down her wet nickers. He began to spank her cute little bottom. He didn’t do it too hard, but enough to make her squirm.
“Daaaaadddy, noooo” she whimpered.
“You’re been a very naughty girl Lucy making wee wees on Daddies lap” said Mark as he spanked her. Lucy whimpered and squirmed, fighting his grasp a little. She was yearning for Mark to touch her. She felt very exposed, controlled and aroused. He looked down at her cute little bottom, which was now turning pink and caught his first glimpse of her cute little bare pussy. She was so hot and kinky, he wanted to turn her around over the couch and have her there, but that could wait, he wanted to make her wait.
“ Noooo, please Daddddddy, I’m sorry” Mark stopped spanking Lucy and pulled up her wet panties and stood her up. She looked at her Daddy and rubbed her bottom, it stung a little.
“I think its time we got you into a nappy little missy.” Said Mark. Two little tears trickled down her face and she pouted.
“Its OK sweetie.” Said Mark. “I will look after you, you’re Daddy’s little toddler girl now, aren’t you.” Mark reached out and embraced his little girl, she felt so little in his arms. He gave her a little kiss on the top of her head. Her panties were now cold and wet and she needed her daddy to take care of her. “Lets get you changed cutie” Said Mark taking her hand and grabbing her stuffed toy, leading her up stairs.

To be continued… ;)

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