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Humiliated And Punished
BY: abbydlben 2010

Hi my name is Ben and i have been into the AB diaper scene as for as long as I can remember. When I got engaged to my now wife I decided it was time to come clean about my fetish so I sat her down one night and told her all about my fetish and showed her my hidden goodies, drapers, bottles, paci's bibs etc.

luckily she is very open minded and after doing some research on the internet she asked me if i would like for her to for fill my fantasy with my heart racing i agreed and that afternoon she became my mommy for a few hours, unfortunately i felt very uneasy having my future wife diaper me so after that afternoon we diceded not to explor this together again she accepted this but allowed me to keep all my things so i could play alone when she was out which suited me fine.

That brings me to the last few days, because of the fact my wife knows my fantasies i have stories i like saved to my favourites on the computer along with websites i regularly visit so she knows what i fantasise about when it comes to diapers and through descussion on "that" day knows what i don't like and what i dont want to participate in.

last Thursday I told her that I was going out with the guys on the Friday, she told me to drive and don't get drunk and be home for midnight because we had [planned to go shopping on the Saturday and i agreed. Friday came around and I was in the bar and decided to have 1 beer, 1 turned into 3 which turned into 5 and before I knew it it was 3am and I was in a taxi home, I barely remember getting home and don't remember getting to bed. the following morning I awoke to find I could not see I immediately tried to rub my eyes to find my wrists and ankles cuffed to the bed after a few minuets I realised I was blindfolded and restrained I panicked and began to shake my body to try and get free. I tried this for around 5 minuets before I heard light foot steps in the bedroom and then a split second later i heard a crack and a burning sensation across my thigh which made me let out a small scream of pain, this was followed by a further 4 swats with the paddle. After this was done my wife removed the blindfold and told me if I make another sound I would get 10 next time

she then started to scream at me about it being 3 in the afternoon and that i had ruined a full day of shopping and cost us a reservation at the restaurant that she had made i tried to aplogise but the reply i got shocked me into silence she told me that she was going to teach me a lesson i will never forget and make sure i didn't want to go to the bar ever again. With that the blindfold was replaced and she left the room. 30 minuets passed and i heard her reurn, she then explained that the day was not a total loss and she was going to dress me and we would still be going shopping, she told me to open wide and when i refused she swatted me a further 5 times again across the same thigh, i'd forgotten how much it hurt but it was clear that a mark had be left by the first paddeling because this was twice as painful as the first time. once she had finnished with the paddle she again told me to open wide this time i did and she shoved something deep inside my mouth i recognised it at once it was the exra large nipple from my 16 oz adult baby bottle, she held it tight to my mouth and removed the blindfold she explained that this was a liter of a high energy fizzy drink and i would be required to finish the bottle, she knew i didn't like drinking these because they made me pee more that a 90yr old with a bladder problem. I half hartedly started to nurse the bottle but my lack of effort made her mad and while the nipple was still in my mouth she shook the bottle which because it was fizzy caused pressure in the bottle and forced the liquid to shoot to the back of my throat giving me no choice but to swallow, she did this for the entire bottle which was quickly finished using this method. she then re blindfolded. I heard her moving around the room and then all at once my penis was yanked skywards. this caused me to yelp and lift my bottom high in the air, when by bottom lowered again i feld the familier feeling of a diaper and started to strugle against the binds my wife then shouted "If you don't behave you will have 50 paddled across your ass" remembering the pain i immediately stopped and allowed her to finish powdering and diapering me. After she was done she removerd the blindfold and tied a pink pacifier around my neck she then picked up the camera and started to snap away while at the same time explaining that if i didn't cooperate she would show the guys the photos of me diapered, right on que the drink took effect and i peed, this was the most embarising moment of my life, although my wife knew about my fetish she hadn't seen me wet, my face was a darker shade of red than i knew possible.

After around 50 photos and some close ups of my wet diaper my wife asked if i was going to cooperate? with very little choice I agreed. she undid the restraints and made me stand in front of the mirror, i was so embarrassed at the reflection a 24yr old man wearing nothing but a yellow stained diaper and a pink Paci.............

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