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Humiliation Story

Being forced to wet and mess myself in public is one of my favourite fantasies. I can just imagine it, quiet day, nothing expected. Daddy has me wearing my nappies but that's not unusual. As it gets close to lunchtime Daddy announces that we are going to have a picnic. I’m shy at first not wanting to go out in my nappy, especially because of the child-like clothes I’m wearing but Daddy insists and promises we won't picnic anywhere anyone will see us.True to his word Daddy takes us out into the countryside and we have a picnic by a river, there is no one around. I don't even mind that Daddy makes me suck my dummy when I’m not eating (something I hate doing in public).

I’m having such a good time I don't notice how much of the food is chocolate based. I don't notice that Daddy avoids all the chocolate (unusual for Daddy). I’m completely unaware of the laxative that all the chocolate is laced with. What I do notice is all the bottles Daddy makes me drink. By the end of the picnic I already feel like wetting, since we are finishing and going home soon I don't mind and flood my nappy. Daddy finishes packing up the picnic and takes me back to the car and straps me in the back. Daddy smiles when he sees my wet nappy but says nothing. Once I’m strapped in Daddy puts mittens on my hands so I can't open the straps and puts my dummy in my mouth. I am about to spit it out when Daddy gives me that look, I stop. Daddy starts the car and I shiver as we pull out onto the road and I’m sitting there with my dummy. Driving in the car. Going the wrong way! I suddenly realise Daddy isn't taking me home but heading into town!

I spit out the dummy and start whining at Daddy that I want to go home. I don't see the grin on Daddy's face as he stops the car and gets out to deal with me.
"Naughty baby!" He says, "Daddy has some things to pick up in town and you are going to come with me. I was going to let you take the dummy out when we got there but now you'll just have to keep it in." He replaces the dummy, but ties the pink ribbons this time so I can't spit it out.

The shopping trip is terrible! Daddy makes we walk all over the shopping mall looking at the most banal things as I walk behind his in my girlie, baby clothes, my wet nappy sagging between my legs and making me waddle, sucking on my pink dummy. I had never been so deliciously humiliated ever. Daddy could have told me to do anything and I would have obeyed without question my ego so utterly squashed.

Daddy was looking at tools when suddenly the cramps in my guts started. The laxatives had done their work and my bottom was determined to empty. I tried to keep it in, accidentally peeing a bit more as I danced from foot to foot. "Time for lunch!" Declared Daddy. To my horror he led me to the central foot court, a big open atrium full of people. I shuffled along behind Daddy desperately humiliated and clenching my buttocks with all my might. "You may as well let it out, honey." Daddy says next to me as he watches the straining on my face. I shake my head. Daddy orders a sandwich and coffee for himself and kids meal for me. Then he leads us right into the centre of the atrium to the raised seating where everyone will see me.

Suddenly I can’t hold no more and I fill my nappy. Uncontrollably I start to cry, as if in sympathy my bladder fills my nappy once more. Soothingly, Daddy sits me down and helps calm me. Once I’m calm, loud enough for those around to hear, he tells me I’m a naughty girl to mess in my nappy like that. The tears have started escaping again. He only adds to my humiliation by making me wear a bib to eat and by the end of the meal I can't stop the tears.
Once we're finished Daddy leads me back to the car, the pretence of the shopping trip over. I spend the trip home sucking on my dummy and cuddling my bear as I sit in my wet and messy nappies.

Once home Daddy changes me and helps me calm down from my humiliation. I know that the next day or so will be filled with uncontrolled soiling as the laxatives continue their work, but I don't mind. I look up at Daddy, "that was wonderful, Daddy, " I tell him, "thank you, Daddy, thank you!" I hug him and Daddy soothingly stokes my hair as we lie together. Lying there in utter bliss I gently pee myself.

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