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Kelly Part 1

Kelly was really happy. She’d just had a new bike for her 14th birthday, it was the start of the summer vacation, so no school until Fall, and she’d been shopping for some summer clothes with her elder sister in the local mall. They were cycling back home when it started to rain. It hadn’t been forecast, so both girls were surprised. Still, it was the fine drizzle rather than heavy rain. Kelly’s older sister, Karen, called to her, "Race you home!" They were at the top of the hill leading to their house which was just round the bed at the bottom of the hill, or rather more of a long slope really. Kelly had long blonde hair which was flying out free behind her as she sped down the hill. She was a pretty girl who was well into adolescence and aware of the dignity which adolescents seem to have so strongly.

Karen was in the lead as she swung her bike around the curve at the bottom of the slope with their house in view. She’d done this many times, but perhaps today she was a little further out from the sidewalk or it may have been because the metal sewer cover was damp, but her front wheel slid as she rode over the cover causing her to fall. She felt herself flying over the handlebars so naturally put out her arms to stop herself. As she fell, she could feel one leg had got tangled in the bike frame, then she hit her head and, perhaps fortunately for her, remembered no more. Her sister was frantic for her. After checking Kelly was breathing and her airway wasn’t obstructed (as Karen had been taught in the American Red Cross classes), she rushed the last few yards home to get her mom to dial 911 for an ambulance.

Kelly knew nothing of her trip to the local ER by ambulance, nor the X-rays of her arms and legs, as well as the CT scan of her head to look from brain damage as she hadn’t regained consciousness by the time she’d arrived at ER. The ER doctor had intubated and sedated her as her breathing was shallow which caused him to worry that there was brain damage. Fortunately all tests were negative except for two broken arms and a broken leg, bruising, some grazes, but nothing more. After she’d been to the OR to have her arms set and her leg pinned, she was taken to the children’s orthopedic ward to start her recovery. She’d woken briefly in the recovery ward, but had been sedated for her pain as soon as the recovery nurse was happy that her responses were normal following Kelly’s surgery.

It was the next day that Kelly started to emerge from the fog caused by the morphine she’d been receiving. She opened her eyes and guessed, correctly, that she was in the local hospital since she’d remembered falling from her bike. A nurse came hurrying over to her, seeing that she’d started to wake. "Hello, Kelly, my name’s Sue, and I’m one of the nurses looking after you this shift. How are you feeling?" ""I hurt all over and my head ached," Kelly blurted out, with the honesty which sedation produces. "Now you’re away, I can give you some Tylenol for the headache. Do you feel sick at all?" "Just a little nauseous," said Kelly. "That’s OK, pet. The doctor wrote you up for some anti-sickness drugs too. I’ll give you that through your drip. You’ve broken both arms and your right leg. Your drip is going into a vein in your left foot as both of your arms are in plaster." "That’s why my arms feel so heavy and I can’t move them, is it?" Kelly asked. "That’s right, pet. You’ve got plaster casts from arm pits to finger tips. No, don’t try to sit up, it may make you sick, just lie back. You can look later." Kelly had indeed tried to sit up to survey the damage and had felt both sick and dizzy, allowing her head to fall back onto the bed even before the nurse’s admonition that she shouldn’t try to sit up.

While the nurse went to get the injection of anti-emetic, Kelly laid there reviewing herself. She could feel the pain from where she’d banged her head, her arms in the casts hurt where her bones had been broken and set, her leg throbbed where that had been broken, cut to insert the pins and stitched closed. Her review of her body suddenly focussed on her hips. She felt damp between her legs as well as the feeling of warm cloth around her hips and bottom. She tried to sit up to look, forgetting the nurse’s warning and desperate to find out if she’d accidentally wet the bed, but the concussion reasserted itself by causing a blinding pain in her head. The nurse came back with the injection, shaking her head sadly, "I warned you not to try to sit up. I bet that hurt!" As she spoke to Kelly, she flipped up the port on the cannula in her foot and injected the anti-emetic. "Nurse," Kelly asked, blushing a beetroot red at the shame of having to ask such a question, "Have I wet myself. I feel damp between my legs," then, continuing in a rush of embarrassment, "because, if I have, I’m ever so sorry!" The nurse smiled at her, "No, pet, you haven’t wet the bed. You’re wearing diapers and plastic pants. You wet your diaper without realizing it because you were sedated after your operation to fix your leg and arms." As she said this, she pulled the curtains around Kelly’s bed to give her a little more privacy. "Oh!," Kelly, said, rather thrown off course and thinking rapidly, "I’m not sedated now, so presumably you could take off the diapers now I’m not sedated because I’m not a baby and I don’t wet the bed when I’m not sedated." "Sorry, pet, "the nurse replied, as Kelly winced at her use of the babyish calling her ‘Pet’, "all the patients in this ward are in diapers and you’ll be in them as long as you’re a patient here." Kelly started to raise her head off the bed to argue with what the nurse was saying, but the nurse raised her hand to forestall her objections and said, "Wait a moment before you start to protest that you’re too grown up to wear diapers. Some of the adults in orthopedic wards wear them too and you’re younger than they are. Let’s look at your situation. You certainly won’t be able to walk to the toilet for at least a couple of months until your plaster comes off - that alone would stop you sitting on the toilet. For the same reason, you can’t be lifted out of bed to sit on a commode at the side of the bed. The alternatives for passing urine are to be lifted onto a bedpan with a couple of nurses there in case of problems because you don’t have the use of your arms. You couldn’t wipe yourself afterwards anyway. You’d find that possibly even more embarrassing than the diapers. You could have a catheter, but those would cause you to get a urine infection for the length of time you’d need it which might cause damage to your kidneys, or you could be in diapers. Hospital policy, after reviewing the possibilities for children on this ward and from asking patients here in the past, is that all the children are to be in diapers. That way there’s no problem with some being treated one way and others differently. No matter how old or what is wrong with them, all the children on this ward are in diapers. You are in popper pants since we can’t pull pants over your plaster cast on your leg. The boy over there who has a broken arm and concussion following a similar accident to yours and he is wearing the pull up type. The girl next to you also has a broken leg so is in the plastic popper pants. You get the idea?" "Yes, but that means I’ll have to wet myself every time that my bladder is full!" Kelly wailed. ""Yes, that’s the idea," said the nurse. "We come to change you before each meal and just before you got to bed. It’s up to you, but, if you can wait until we start the diaper round, you won’t have to be in wet diapers all the time. But that’s up to you. Quite a lot of our patients here find it more comfortable to have wet diapers than a painfully full bladder. As I said, it’s entirely up to you, but you stay in diapers no matter what." Kelly’s mind was racing at the implications of this. "Nurse, what about when I need a b.m.? Do I get sat on a bedpan then?" The nurse laughed, "No! That’s why you’re in diapers. It saves work for the nurses this way, and the patients on the whole find it less embarrassing that having to be helped so intimately by the nurses. Again, you might find it more comfortable if you can wait until just before you’re due a diaper change. Listen, pet, don’t fight us, you really will find it isn’t as bad as you think when you come to do it. In your case, you would really find problems because your concussion means that you would find being pulled around uncomfortable and going to the toilet using a special fracture pan isn’t at all easy or pleasant. Honestly, the diapers are the best option. Now you’re awake, I’ll get you a drink." With that, the nurse left her to get her a drink.

Kelly laid there with very mixed feelings. As a child, she had been taught that the ultimate crime was to wet the bed and she must always use the toilet and never embarrass everyone and herself by wetting her pants. She knew she was wearing a diaper, but the thought that she’d already sort of wet her pants distressed her. Not only that, but the iv. fluids being added through the drip in her foot was working its way around her bloodstream and through her kidneys was also filling her bladder. She was aware that she desperately needed to pee and the only was she could do that was into her diapers. She realized that the nurse has been telling the truth when she said she would be kept in diapers all the time she was on that ward. The pressure in her bladder had turned into a real pain and she decided that enough was enough. Despite having wet herself while sedated, she found that it was harder to break her conditioning when she was toilet trained. Eventually, she managed to start as the hot stream of urine flowed out into her diapers and spread out under her buttocks as the diapers absorbed all the fluid. As she laid there, she thought that perhaps she could get used to using her diaper when her bladder was full, but she really didn’t fancy having a b.m. in her diaper. That would be really yucky!

The nurse came back with an iv. bag connected to some tubing and something in a kidney dish. The nurse hung the bag of water form the iv. stand attached to the head of the bed and clipped the ‘thing’ in the kidney dish to the head of the bed so that it was suspended over the side of the pillow. Kelly looked at it in horror. It was a tube with a baby bottle type teat at the end. "I’m not using that!" Kelly said in disgust. "I keep telling you I’m not a baby!" "Hush, pet, and listen," said the nurse. You have both arms and hands in plaster so you can’t use a buzzer to call us, so you’d have to shout if you wanted a drink as one of us would have to hold it for you. You aren’t allowed to sit up for several days yet because of your head injury, so you’d either have to use a cup with a spout - like a bay’s drinking cup, or a baby bottle. This way you can have some water whenever you like. If you’d rather have fruit juice or something, let us know tomorrow and we’ll fill it with that, but today the doctor wants you to stick to water and no food at the moment." Kelly could see the nurse’s point and, as she really was thirsty, she inclined her head to one side so that the teat entered her mouth and started sucking so that the cold water came into her mouth. She sucked greedily as she found just how thirsty she was, not caring that whatever she drank would soon be ending up in her diaper. "Hey, slow down, pet, you might make yourself feel sick if you keep drinking like that," said the nurse. Kelly paused for breath, and turned to the nurse, "Sorry, I was thirsty, but please don’t call me pet!" "Sorry, said the nurse, "but I call all my patients ‘pet’!"

During the course of the day, Kelly drank all of the water and had her diapers changed when the other children were got ready for their meals. The drip came down as she was drinking for herself. Having her diapers changed wasn’t as bad as she’d thought. The two nurses were very matter-of-fact about it and didn’t make any comments about ‘babying’ her or commenting that she’d wet herself. Kelly realized that the nurses must be used to very patient being wet anyway. By the end of the day, she found that she could see why she was in diapers as it was really quite easy for the nurses to un-pop her plastic pants, open them flat, remove the wet diapers, wipe her with, and she had trouble with that part, ‘baby wipes’, dry her with dry wipes and then put her in a clean diaper, popping her pants closed afterwards.

Just before the lights were turned out for the night, all the children were put in extra thick diapers for the night which were pinned carefully in place and all the cloth tucked under the edges of the plastic pants to prevent wicked which would wet the children’s beds. Kelly woke in the morning to find that she was wet. She couldn’t remember having woken in the night needing to empty her bladder, but she had been given an injection of something which had made her drowsy so perhaps that was why she hadn’t remembered waking and wetting her diapers.

The next day, she surprised herself by finding that she quite liked the sensation as she let her bladder empty with the warm urine spreading around her bottom and between her legs. Just before breakfast time, all the other children had a wash and a diaper change and were then given their breakfast. It was a different team of nurses that morning and Kelly was glad that the ‘pet’ nurse wasn’t there that day. She really hated being called ‘pet’. Just before the nurses started the ward round of diaper changes and washings, two of them wheeled a large trolley piles high with cloth diapers with both pull on and popper plastic pants in various sizes. Kelly hadn’t been allowed to sit up to see her plastic pants, but she realized that they must be clear plastic as all the plastic pants on the trolley were clear plastic. The cloth diapers were held in place with large diaper pins which were contained in a clear plastic pot on the trolley. The nurses wheeled this into the middle of the room to use it to collect the clean diapers and to deposit the wet ones and plastic pants into bins at the bottom of the trolley. One of the nurses called to her, "Don’t worry, Kelly, we’ll come to you while the others are having their breakfast."

True to her word, that nurse came back with two others wearing plastic aprons to cover their uniforms and rubber gloves. They pulled the curtains around Kelly’s bed so that she experienced the delights of a bed bath for the first time as she was washed from face to her one exposed foot. the nurses were extremely thorough as she even had the toes peeking out of the plaster on her injured leg washed. Finally, a waterproof pad was pulled under her diaper and pants, and the pants and diaper removed. Two of the nurses lifted her enough so that the third nurse could wash her diaper area and dry it. They continued to support her while she was creamed under her buttocks and over the whole of her diaper area with protective cream. All the time the nurses chatted to her about everything except what they were doing. Kelly realized with gratitude that they were trying to distract her to stop her thinking about what they were doing to her. When she had clean diapers and plastic popper pants on, a clean gown pulled over the casts on her arms, but not fastened behind he so she wasn’t lying on the knots which normally fastened those horrible hospital gowns, as well as a freshly made bed with clean sheets, she turned to all three nurses and said, "Thank you for washing me and cleaning me." They smiled at her and one said, "It’s a pleasure, Kelly! We appreciate that you didn’t make a fuss. I’ll come back when I’ve washed and you can have some breakfast!"

Kelly liked her as she didn’t treat her like a baby. When she came back, she had a trolley with various things on it which Kelly couldn’t see as the top of the trolley was above her eye level. The nurses had left the curtains drawn around her bed and Kelly wondered why. Her answer soon came. "Kelly, I need to talk to you first, then I’ll give you your breakfast. As you’ll need feeding, I thought you might appreciate a bit of privacy." Kelly gave her a beaming smile, "Thank you! That is very thoughtful of you." "OK, Kelly, how are you getting on with your diapers? I’m sorry, but, as a new patient, we have to ask. You didn’t make a fuss when we washed and changed you, so are you becoming used to wearing them?" "I’ve thought about it and I can see how much easier it is for you nurses and probably for me to be in diapers, and I don’t have any choice anyway, do I?" Kelly said, with a smile to show she wasn’t complaining. "Thank you, Kelly, for being so grown up about it!" Kelly was amazed. To be called ‘grown up’ when wearing diapers just so amused Kelly that she grinned at the nurse, saying, "I know I’ve got to wear them so I suppose I’ll try to make the best of it. But I really don’t want to have a b.m. in them." "It’s partly that I need to speak to you about. You’re had morphine and other drugs which will tend to make you constipated. You must try to have a b.m. as soon as you can, but I realize won’t be easy for you lying there on your back. If you don’t ‘go’ in the next couple of days, we’ll have to try to clean you out in other ways which can be messy and unpleasant for you. You could try a laxative now to avoid that, but it isn’t compulsory. That’s your choice. if you think you can manage without, then don’t, but if you think you won’t be able to have a b.m without help, then you’d be better taking the laxative. It’s not a strong purgative which will give you cramps. It’s a stool softener which should help and allow you to stay in control. If you do need our extreme measures, they can include strong laxatives which will leave you without any control at all while they’re working. It’s called lactulose and it has a sweet taste, but, don’t worry, it isn’t absorbed so it is effectively zero calories." Kelly thought about it for a moment and realized that the ‘grown up’ thing to do was to take the laxative, especially as she didn’t like the sound of the strong purgatives. "I’ll take the laxative." The nurse went to the trolley and fetched a bib which she put round Kelly’s neck. Kelly was about to say something when she looked at the nurse’s face, saying, "I suppose I need that as I’m lying down, don’t I?" The nurse smiled at her, "Yes, you do. I’ve got to try to get this into you without spilling it. It’s more to do with me than you!"

The nurse got the bottle of lactulose and poured a small measured glass full of it. She went over to Kelly and, lifting her head slightly off the pillow, managed to get it all inside Kelly with just a dribble down her chin which the nurse wiped off with the bib. "Good job I had the bib on," Kelly smiled at her. The nurse then asked Kelly whether she’d like some breakfast cereal. Kelly was hungry by now and chose her favorite which the nurse carefully fed to her, spoiling some despite her efforts not to. "Sorry, Kelly, I warned you that the bib was to protect you from me! Would you like some orange juice now?" Kelly said that sounded great, so the nurse poured some into a wide necked glass bottle and looked at Kelly. "We’ve got rubber and silicone teats as you need to drink this from the bottle. which would you prefer? The rubber ones are like you used to use when you were much younger (as the nurse winked at her), but the silicon ones have no taste." "Oh, I’ll try the rubber one first, then I can try silicone later if I like." "Good choice," the nurse grinned at her, as she screwed the teat onto the bottle. She held it while Kelly emptied the bottle, and the second one which she’d asked for as well. The taste of the rubber teat took Kelly back to when she was being cuddled by her mom and given a bottle of water or milk, sitting on her lap with her head on her mom’s breast. The memory came flooding back to her as she suddenly found that her bladder had released a warm puddle in her clean diapers as well, The nurses smiled to herself as she saw the yellow stain appear through the clear plastic pants. After all, that was why they were clear plastic so the nurses could check on them!

Kelly decided that she’d like just water in her drinking teat, so the nurse made up her water with plenty of ice in it to keep it cool for her. Just before leaving her to help the other nurses, she turned to Kelly, "I should warn you that some people who have lactulose have problems with internal wind. If you find that you do, we can always try something else for you." "Gee, thanks," thought Kelly, "Now she tells me." Still there was no pint in making a fuss as she’d taken the stuff now and the nurse had warned her, rather than leaving her to possibly find out for herself.

Three days later, Kelly was almost unaware of when she was wetting herself. She’d not bothered to try to wait until just before a change. She reasoned with herself that, since she was in diapers, she may as well use them when she needed to. However, despite the lactulose which had given her awful wind, wind was all she’d passed. In fact, sensible girl that she was, she was quite pleased about wearing the diapers as the cloth and plastic pants muffled the noise of her passing wind.

However the nurses had noticed that Kelly hadn’t been passing stool as she should have been. She’d not been eating a lot since the accident, but the nurses knew that she needed to have a b.m. soon. After discussion, two nurses went to change Kelly’s diapers just before lunch. "Kelly," one said, "you haven’t had a b.m. yet so we’re just going to check you internally. I shall lubricate my finger and then gently push it into your back passage to feel if you are constipated at all. I know it is a bit embarrassing, but we need to do it." The nurses put a clean diaper under Kelly and the nurse carried out the examination. The nurses both looked away so as to embarrass Kelly as little as possible. The nurse had a good poke around which wasn’t exactly comfortable. Indeed, she made Kelly gasp at one point. When she’d taken her finger out, she told her, "You’re full of hard stool don there and we need to get it out so you can ‘go’ normally. I’m going to put a couple of glycerine suppositories in you so try to hold them during lunch. They might be enough to soften things up a bit for you before we have to resort to more uncomfortable methods." With that, she pushed two suppositories up into Kelly’s back passage. Two diaper protector liners were placed on top of the diaper to ‘catch’ the stool to make the next diaper change easier. Kelly was fed her lunch by one of the nurses, aware all of the time of the irritation being caused by the suppositories trying to do their work in her back passage. After the nurse had finished feeding her, sitting up a little now, but still needing the bib as Kelly had realized that being fed was a messy business, Kelly just had to get rid of the suppositories. She was aware that all that had happened as the liquid glycerine had trickled out of her back passage. She told the nurse. "Oh dear, Kelly. I’ll go and get the next stage for you. It will be a phosphate enema, but, somehow, I suspect that you’ll have to have the more drastic treatment. Taking away the lunch things, she came back later with a clean plastic apron, rubber gloves and a kidney dish. Putting the dish down on the bed, Kelly saw the bottle of the enema with its nozzle, soon to be plunged inside her, and a tube of KY jelly with some wipes. The nurse unpoppered Kelly’s plastic pants and pulled the front down, unpinning her diaper and repeating the same to leave her exposed. She explained to Kelly what she was about to do and why, then lubricated the tip of a finger with KY and applied it to Kelly’s rosebud, even though the liquid glycerine had already left that moist. Once Kelly had relaxed, she pushed her finger gently into her back passage to dilate the anal sphincter, before replacing her finger with the nozzle of the enema. She squeezed the container until all the phosphate solution had entered Kelly’s rectum, She then removed the nozzle, instructing Kelly to hold onto the solution, put the bottle and soiled glove in the kidney dish, changed into a clean glove and pinned up Kelly’s diapers over her front, followed by pulling up and poppering closed the plastic pants and making sure that all the diaper material was tucked in. Another nurse gave a verbal ‘knock’ at the curtains at this point and, when Kelly invited her in, helped the other nurse to slide a disposable incontinence pad under Kelly’s plastic pants in case of leaks. "Hold onto that enema for as long as you can. ten minutes is good, fifteen minutes is even better and 20 minutes is best of all. I know hat you’re due next so the better the chance of that working, the less chance there will be of having to do something more drastic to unblock you. I’ll leave the curtains closed to give you some privacy." With that, both nurses left.

Kelly struggled to hold onto the enema as the phosphate solution drew water from inside her colon and also irritated the colon lining. After 17 minutes she couldn’t hold out any long and discharged the brown fluid into her diapers. She didn’t want to soil herself in this way, but knew she had to pass the stool. She was very aware that she’d failed to pass anything but fluid. After twenty minutes the nurse came back. "Any success?" "No," Kelly told her, "I think I’ve just passed liquid." "I’ll get another nurse to change you and then we’ll go onto the next stage this evening."

That evening, the curtains were drawn around her bed again after two nurses had come to her bedside with a trolley and equipment. Kelly was washed clean and very thoroughly creamed and her diaper changed, but not pinned up. Again the procedure was explained and she was asked to raise her good leg and move it to give the nurses more space between her legs. Her rosebud was lubricated again and ‘violated’ by one of the nurse’s fingers as she both lubricated her and dilated her. A double balloon silicone catheter was inserted and both balloons pumped up to make a seal around her back passage. Kelly really didn’t like this as she felt very uncomfortable with the balloon pressing against the wall of her rectum. She felt that she really wanted to have a b.m but couldn’t. From a jug of warm water, one of the nurses removed a container of arachis oil The nozzle of that was connected to the catheter and the contents squeezed into Kelly’s back passage. Kelly was told that her diapers would then be pinned on to leave the oil time to work in softening her stool. Pinning her diapers around the catheter which had been clamped off made rather a bulge in her diapers but the plastic pants were big enough to cover all of it. The nurses then left her and came back later with the same trolley, but different equipment. "Kelly, I’m going to sit you up as I need to put a tube up your nose, down your throat and into your stomach." The other nurse worked the controls of the electric bed to sit Kelly up. Her diaper region felt strange with the double balloon catheter end curled up inside her soft cloth diaper. A bib was placed around her neck and a nurse asked her to open her mouth. The other nurse gently inserted a dental gag to hold her mouth open. Lidocaine was sprayed into her nose and the back of her throat. When the nurses were satisfied that Kelly’s throat was sufficiently anesthetized, the gag was removed and the nurses passed the naso-gastric tube up her nose and down into her stomach, checking that it was in the right place by aspirating some stomach fluid which was tested with litmus paper, showing it was acid when the paper turned red. The tube was taped around Kelly’s nose. "Not the most elegant of jewelry!" one nurse remarked. The naso-gastric tube was connected to a large bag of plain water. Kelly was given an orange colored drink with a salty aftertaste from a large bottle with a teat for her to suck on. She was told it was Picolax - a very powerful purgative laxative to expel the, hopefully, softened stool. The bag of fluid was to make sure that she didn’t dehydrate overnight. Her diapers were removed and replaced with a much thicker layer of several cloth diapers and a pair of larger plastic popper pants. Before pulling the diapers closed, a kidney dish was placed under the tail of the double balloon catheter so that the oil could be drained out. Once all of the oil had drained, the balloons were deflated and the catheter removed. The ordinary hospital gown was replaced by a top which wouldn’t even cover the top of the plastic pants. "So we can see how things are going during the night, Kelly" Just before her diapers were pinned closed, one of the nurses gave her an injection of a sedative in her butt to help her to sleep, at least until the powerful laxative started working. One of the nurses said, "I’m afraid you may not get much sleep tonight, Kelly, once your bowels start moving, so try to get off to sleep as soon as you can. We’re doing this at night so that any smell is gone by the time the rest of the children wake up in the morning. We’ll let you sleep in the morning to catch up for sleep you’ve lost tonight." Kelly’s diapers were done up tight and the plastic pants carefully poppered closed around them. Pillows were propped either side of her to support her upper body and the fluid was started to drip through the naso-gastric tube to keep her hydrated when the laxative started to work. A young candy striper came through the curtains, after knocking verbally, and said to Kelly, "I’m Susan, and I’m to sit with you tonight to keep an eye on you." "Hello, Susan!" Kelly replied, "Thank you everyone. I’m sorry I’m such a nuisance." "Hush, now, Kelly," one of the nurses answered, "This isn’t your fault and we’re here to look after you!" With that the nurses left her, leaving Susan to keep an eye on her. Kelly settled her head back on the pillow, trying to go to sleep but worried about the events which the night would bring as the laxative worked inside her, robbing her of dignity and control."

What happened overnight? How did Kelly recover in hospital and afterwards? You’ll have to wait for the next installment!

Kelly Part 2

Kelly settled her head back on the pillow, trying to go to sleep but worried about the events which the night would bring as the laxative worked inside her, robbing her of dignity and control.

To her surprise, she realized that she must have gone to sleep because the ward was now dark and quiet with the candy-striper sitting by her bed, studying whilst also keeping watch over Kelly. She knew immediately what had woken her as her bowels churned painfully. She knew that in a moment she would have to let go and release the softened mess of stool into her diapers and plastic pants. She was sitting on a disposable incontinence pad, guessing correctly that it was there as the nurses thought she might well leak, and propped up with her legs raised as well, again guessing that it was so that her diaper was the lowest part of her and that any leaks would be kept off the plaster cast on her leg. She wasn't covered by a sheet and had a ridiculously short gown on which covered her forming breasts, but left the whole of her plastic pants and diapers exposed to view so that the candy-striper could see when her diaper needed changing. She also could see that a clear plastic cuff had been tucked into the thigh end of her plaster cast. This covered her cast up to her knee and was tucked well in around the top of the plaster, nearest to her diaper, probably to keep the plaster clean. The bag of water connected to the naso-gastric tube was half empty. The bag must have held over a gallon when it was full so half of that must be awash inside her. Kelly grimaced, thinking that with the way her bowels were feeling, that diaper change would need to be soon. The candy-striper noticed that Kelly was awake. "Are you all right, Kelly?" she asked with genuine concern on her face as Kelly's face contorted form the spasms which were pulsing through her guts. "No, I'm about to explode, I think!" Kelly responded, blushing bright red as her bowels released into her diapers with an obvious noise. "Let is out, Kelly. Don't try to fight it. It won't be pleasant, but you really do need all of that out of you."

Kelly was horrified as she let go the huge amount of stool which filled her diapers causing them and the plastic pants to balloon out between her legs. The white fabric of the diapers was visibly turning brown as the laxative had done its work. "I think I need my diapers changed," Kelly said to Susan, the candy-striper. "I'm afraid there's a lot more to come, Kelly. You'll be passing stool for several hours yet." "Hours?" Kelly, asked in horror. "I'm afraid so, but we will change you from time to time." Kelly convulsed again as the laxative forced her to pass another load of stool. Because the diaper was pinned tightly around her thighs, the stool was being forced up between her buttocks and up her back as well as up her front. She was disgusted and yet fascinated at the same time. The feeling was so familiar and she wondered whether she was sort of remembering soiling her diaper as a child. It felt warm around her and made her bottom slippery inside the diaper. Susan looked at the way her diaper was bulging and told Kelly, "I'm going to get a couple of the nurses to help to change you. You really did have loads inside you and I expect there's quite a lot more still to come."

Susan came back with two of the night staff and a trolley piled with diapers, plastic pants, a disposal bucket for the soiled diaper and pants and a bowl of warm water to wash her. The nurses adjusted the bed to be flatter and propped a pillow under Kelly's back to try to raise her off the bed. As they unpopped the plastic pants and diaper, Kelly could appreciate from the smell why they had done this at night when the other children were asleep. She looked down to discover that she was absolutely plastered with stool! The nurses gently and without comment, for which she was grateful, washed her clean and dried her. She was then thoroughly creamed to prevent diaper rash, then really thick diapers were applied and a pair of clean popper pants, making sure that all of the diaper was tucked into the plastic pants. When she was clean, and her diapers sorted, the bed was readjusted to sit her up with her legs also raised so her bottom and diaper was at the bottom of a 'V' shape made by the bed. Susan and one of the nurses left. "Susan is going to take her break now," the nurse who stayed with her told her. The other nurse came back with a bottle filled with warm orange liquid, another filled with water and a hypodermic syringe in a kidney dish. the usual checking of name bands was done to ensure that Kelly was whom they thought she was and that she was going to get the right drug. She handed the bottle to the nurse sitting by Kelly and left. Kelly was offered the teat of the bottle and asked to drink. Kelly immediately recognised the orange taste with the salty aftertaste as another bottle full of laxative. Kelly spat the tea from her mouth. "Oh no! Not more of that stuff!" "I'm afraid so, Kelly. The doctors want you thoroughly cleaned out in the hope we won't have to do this again." Kelly dutifully sucked at the bottle until all the laxative had gone and then greedily drank the bottle of water to take away the salty taste. The nurse injected Kelly's good leg with another dose of sedative so she could get back to sleep again.

Kelly woke again in the early hours of the morning with the same stomach cramps which soon turned into an explosion of her bowels. This time she could tell that it was mainly liquid. Susan smiled at her, "Hello, Kelly, awake again?" "I'm afraid so, and I expect you can guess why!" "I can! But I should tell you that we've changed you three time so far this night. You woke for the first one and were asleep for the second and third." "You mean I managed to sleep though you changing my diapers and all? Gosh! That stuff you gave me to help me sleep must really work well." "Oh yes," Susan laughed, "it's powerful stuff. You were well sedated, let me assure you." Kelly passed more and more stool , watching the liquid flood her diapers, changing the white cloth to a murky brown color. "We'll leave you another 15 minutes and then change you again." Susan told Kelly.

By the time the rest of the ward was awake, Kelly had been through the worst of the purging. Despite being washed and creamed each time, her buttocks, back and front burned a bit where the stool had come in contact with her skin. Susan left after handing over Kelly's care to the morning shift of nurses, coming back to say good-bye to Kelly, "I was seconded to this ward just for last night, so I probably won't nurse you again. I hope you soon get back on your legs and get your arms back!" Kelly thanked her for all her care the previous night, but Susan passed it off, "It's my job and I love nursing!"

Over the next few days, Kelly managed to pass stool with the help of the lactulose. Because she really did hate taking that sweet sickly syrup, she had it squirted down her naso-gastric tube through a syringe. She found that much better. After those few days, she found she didn't mind soiling herself and surprised herself by realizing that she really didn't mind. In fact, she didn't always try to pass stool before her morning diaper change, preferring to be messy during the morning leading up to her noon change. She found that she was loving the being 'babied' - she mentally used that expression because what else could you call being fed with a spoon and bib, drinking from a baby bottle, even though it was a special large one, and wetting and soiling her diapers. She most of all loved the gentle care as she was washed and her diapers changed. being an intelligent girl, she realized that she would miss this regular care and attention when she was well enough to go home again.

A couple of weeks later, she was constipated again, despite the lactulose. She wondered whether she would get the overnight treatment, but was disappointed when a nurse came with a syringe containing an oily yellow liquid. "We're going to try this, Kelly. It's good old fashioned castor oil. We hardly ever use it anymore as it is so horrible to take and can be quite uncomfortable as it causes griping. But you had that anyway with the large dose of Picolax we gave you and, as I'm going to put it down your tube, you won't taste it." With that, she flipped the port on the tube open and connected the syringe. After injecting the castor oil down her naso-gastric tube, she flushed the tube first with mil to get rid of the oily residue, then water. "That may work as soon as a couple of hour, Kelly. Let us know how you're getting on."

Later, Kelly discovered what the nurse had meant about griping pains. If she could have used her arms, she'd have curled up, with her arms cuddled to her abdomen. This time she'd decided that she would let it out rather than try to fight it and her decision was soon justified as her bowels were emptied by the castor oil. She was sitting up as the warm mess squeezed its way between her legs and up both her front and back. She didn't actually envy the nurses' job to clean her up afterwards and guessed that they must be very dedicated people! A passing nurse asked if she was all right. Kelly told her that the castor oil was doing its stuff, but she didn't think she needed a diaper change yet. She needed two diaper changes before she felt emptied with nothing more to come. It made life 'interesting' having these strong purgatives using the same meaning of 'interesting' as in the ancient Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. She thought of the experience she was having of being fed, washed and changed just like a baby because she couldn't use her arms, encased as they were from shoulder to wrist in plaster each.

One day, after having had the plasters off her arms and X-rayed, her doctor pronounced her arm fractures healed, but warned Kelly that her leg would take a couple of weeks more at least to make sure the bone had knitted as it was a nasty fracture. Kelly found she was bitterly disappointed as she was given cut up food so she could feed herself. There was a water jug and glass beside her bed for her to pour her own drinks. She must have looked miserable as one of the nurses saw her and, after she'd finished her meal, came and pulled the curtains around her bed. Kelly had a bib around her neck anyway as she was a little weak from having her arms plastered for so long. The nurse told Kelly to sit up, then the nurse sat on the bed and told Kelly to lie back across her lap cradling her head with one arm. To Kelly's surprise, the nurse produced a bottle and proceeded to give it to her. "You look as if you could do with this," the nurse said to her. "It's a big change from being made a fuss of every meal to suddenly being expected to feed yourself. Don't expect this again, but we all do feel sorry for you. You've been in here longer than any of the other children as your accident was really nasty with your leg bone particularly being very broken. It is healing now. We didn't tell you before as you'd only have worried." Kelly sucked slowly at the bottle, making the most of what she thought might be her last chance to be properly 'babied'. When she'd finished, she blushed and thanked the nurse for her kindness. The nurse looked serious. "Kelly, I need to talk to you about your diapers. Your leg plaster will come off soon and, once the physiotherapists have got you walking again, you'll be going home." Kelly started to cry at the thought of all the care she'd been missing. She shocked herself by realizing how much she'd come to enjoy being in hospital and surrendering herself to the ministrations of the nurses. The nurses smiled at her kindly, "You'll miss us all, won't you?" Kelly nodded and the tears fell even faster. The nurse cuddled her close, "Try not to cry, Kelly. It's usual to end up liking being cared for here. We're worried that you'll still be needing diapers when you go home. It's all right if you do, but you might feel better at least being dry during the day." The nurse's smile could only be described as wicked, "But you might not still be dry at night when you're home, though! You do need to start holding back to retrain yourself. We're not surprised that you have got used to just wetting when your bladder starts to get full without realizing it. That's because you've been here so long and got used to being in diapers. I guess you liked the feeling that you didn't have to worry about that while you've been here, but you really do need to start to try so you don't need to wear them when you go back to school, for example." Kelly said that she did understand and that she'd do her best, while thinking to herself that she might have 'accidents' for some considerable time at night when she got home.

The nurse went away and came back with a wheelchair and another nurse. Together they took changed Kelly's diapers, but, to Kelly's surprise, this time, instead of the clear plastic popper pants to cover her diaper, the nurses put on a pink pair covered with cute animals - very pretty and babyish too! Kelly also had a tee shirt in matching pink with a bear on the front and back. "We dress you up a bit to go to physiotherapy! You're going to do some gentle work to get your arms working again." With that, Kelly was lifted into the wheelchair and taken down to physiotherapy. She sat and waited for a little while before the curtains were drawn back so that the previous patient could be wheeled out and Kelly wheeled in. It was a lady in her thirties who was dressed in a similar tee shirt and, to Kelly's surprise, matching pink plastic pants - not quite like hers as the lady's were the pull on type. Kelly tried hard not to stare and didn't quite know what to make of the diapers which the woman was wearing. Kelly's nurse leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Everyone who comes for extended physiotherapy is offered the chance of wearing a diaper - in fact, it is recommended since it is easier for the patient if they get 'caught short' while they're here." Kelly could see the sense in that as she realized that she was wet again, without remembering actually having wet herself. She really would have to try to be dry during the day, although the school nurse could always change her if need be?

Eventually, Kelly's leg plaster came off, she had her physiotherapy and 'learned' to walk again after her leg muscle had wasted so much from being enclosed in plaster and out of use. She'd really tried to be dry during the day, but when she was concentrating hard on something, she did still have the occasional accident. The nurses told her not to worry and that things would improve with time. She was still wet overnight thought, but this didn't bother her so much.

One day the doctor told her that she could go home the next day. Her feelings were really mixed. She had become dependent on the nurses' care for her and did not look forward to independence again. Kelly was lying in bed when the curtains were pulled round the bed of the boy next to her. He was much younger than she was and, like her, was to go home the next day. She'd watching him walking round the ward now his plaster was off his leg, dressed, like her, in a short gown and plastic pants over his diapers. The nurses wheeled the diaper trolley in to the curtains as well as a transfusion pole with a clear bag partly filled with a white colored liquid with foam on the top. Kelly was secretly amused. She guessed it was soapy water and he was going to get an enema! She listened as the nurses stripped him down to his diapers which were replaced with a thick pile of clean ones. He was told to bring his legs up as he laid on his back and then spread them apart. His anus was lubricated by one of the nurses with a gloved finger and KY, then the colon tube was slid into him as he protested that he didn't want an enema, telling the whole ward, as if they didn't know, what was being done to him. The nurses told him that it was ward practice to administer an enema to very child going home. He had two choices: accept it, or be forced to have it. Kelly blushed as a warm feeling spread though her body. Was she going to get the same treatment? She found herself excited at the thought! The nurses explained about working the colon tube high up into his large intestine. Once there, he was re-diapered and plastic pants put on him, with a layer of incontinence pads under him in case of leaks. One of the nurses caught the edge of the curtain so that Kelly caught a glimpse of him lying there with his abdomen distended by all the soapy water inside him. The nurse s had told him to hold it for at least five minutes or they would do it again! Kelly tried to imagine what it would feel like to have her belly swollen like that!

Half an hour later, one of the nurses asked Kelly to come with her to the ward bathroom. She'd been there every day since the leg cast had come off for the nurses to shower her. She was seated on a toilet type seat and a strap put around under her breasts as she was showered clean, then the strap released so her back could be cleaned. The nurses wore rubber boots and plastic gowns which covered the from neck to ankle as well as to their wrists in the plastic, and then rubber gloves on the hands and over the wrists to keep the nurses dry. The open fronted seat allowed the nurses to clean between her legs. Kelly had been embarrassed by this at first, despite the nurses cleaning her there at every diaper change. Being sat up naked like that was a strange experience.

This time there was a gurney covered in incontinence pads. "Kelly," said one of the two nurses there, "please take off your gown and lie back on the trolley. We need to give you an enema in a few minutes, but there's a short procedure we need to do first." Kelly disrobed and laid back on the gurney as the nurses removed her diapers and cleaned her. A young female doctor came into the room. "Hello, Kelly. I've been asked to dilate your hymen for you. During earlier examination, we found that your hymen is virtually closed off and we need to open it up for you as you would have problems later if we don't. It's been a good thing so far as it has stopped you getting an infection there when you've used your diaper, but, as you're going home tomorrow, this really needs to be done today." The doctor explained what she was doing as firstly anesthetic gel was smeared over the surface of her hymen. As the anesthetic took effect, the doctor filled a syringe with lidocaine to inject around her hymen when it was numb from the gel. Kelly didn't feel the injections at all as they went in, but it stung a bit at first as the lidocaine was injected. Again, waiting a suitable time for the injections to work, the doctor lubricated her finger with the gel and burst her hymen. The doctor then took a vaginal plug, lubricated it, and then inserted that into Kelly's vagina, telling her that it was to keep the hymen open and to stop it scarring as it healed. Kelly wondered about the wire coming from the plug into a box. She was too worried to ask. The doctor gave her a couple of tablets to take, telling her that it would help if she found she was a bit sore later. With that, the doctor left.

One of the nurses carefully wiped around the plug and dried the skin, then took a special dressing to cover the plug, explaining to Kelly that this was to keep anything out when she had her enema. She was placed on a really thick pile of diapers, then one of the nurses went to fetch the transfusion pole. She came back with the bag absolutely full with hot soapy water. "I can't hold all that, can I?" Kelly asked, now looking forward to this rather less than earlier. "Oh yes you can!" the nurse replied with a grin. "We decided here would be rather more private for you than the ward as you are so much bigger than the boy, you get correspondingly more!"

Instead of the expected colon tube which the boy next to her had had, Kelly had a large nozzle inserted for the enema which made her gasp as her anal sphincter was stretched to allow the passage of the widest part of the nozzle. The nurse had explained to her that it was to help her to grip onto the nozzle so she wouldn't leak. Kelly was asked to lie on her left side in the Sims position with her knees flexed. Instead of letting gravity do the filling of her colon, the nurses had connected a Higginson syringe into the tubing. As one of the nurses squeezed the bulb of the syringe, Kelly could feel the pulses of hot water flowing into her colon. The nurse did this slowly, avoiding squeezing too hard which might have caused cramps. Kelly experienced a new sensation in parts of her body she hadn't been aware of before as the pulses of hot water pushed her colon against her vagina and uterus.

One of the nurses told Kelly to turn her head to look at the bag which had held the soapy water. "Look, Kelly, we told you that you could take it all!" Kelly looked at her belly which was even more swollen than the young boy who was in the next bed. The nurses gently removed the nozzle and rolled Kelly onto her back, warning her to grip her muscles tight to avoid leaks. They swiftly diapered her in the thickest layers of diapers she'd had yet! Instead of plastic pants, she was assisted into a strange garment which stretched from just above her budding breasts to her knees. "I'll sit with you, Kelly," one of the nurses said to her, to keep an eye on you. Let me know when you think you're going to have to let go." Kelly laid there as the soapy water churned inside her. Looking down at her very swollen belly, she wondered if this is what it felt like to be pregnant. Suddenly the churning became stronger. "I'm going to have to release this in a moment," Kelly said to the nurse. The nurse reached over and clicked a control on the little box connected to the vaginal plug by a wire. Suddenly the most intense sensation Kelly had ever experienced flooded her whole body. The plug was vibrating inside her! Kelly looked at the nurse who smiled back at her as she turned the control to a higher setting. The vibrations and the feelings they'd induced overcame Kelly's control as she released the enema into her diapers, experiencing, as she did so, her first full orgasm as her body convulsed with the new and wonderful sensation. When she'd finished, the nurse said, "This is our little secret, Kelly." A hot, sweaty, and very messy Kelly, smiled at her, saying, "Thank you! That was wonderful!"

The other nurse came back and Kelly was thoroughly showered clean, and the plug removed. She was dried between them and re-diapered, before being taken back to her bed in a wheelchair, Kelly ha never experienced the like and looked forward to having that feeling again!

The next hospital had informed her parents who came that afternoon as had been arranged to take Kelly home. She was wheeled to the hospital entrance in a wheelchair, still wearing diapers and pink animal decorated plastic pants. The nurse who had helped her to dress said that the hospital didn't want them back as her insurance had been charged for them. Kelly was helped into her father's car and driven home. She left the hospital in tears because she had come to depend on the care so much. Her mother and father had been warned about this, so wisely said nothing. Kelly's mom turned to her, "I expect you'd like a rest when you get home as I expect coming home will have tired you out?" "Yes, please, mom. I'm sorry I'm like this. I don't know what's come over me," was Kelly's reply.

At home, Kelly was helped to her bedroom. Her father left the bedroom, closing the door. "Let's get you into your pajamas and into bed. I'll bring you a drink in a while." Her mom helped Kelly to undress into just her plastic pants and diapers and then pulled her pajama top over her head. "I don't think we'll bother with the bottoms at the moment as you've got your diaper on." Kelly blushed that her mom had so casually acknowledged that she was wearing diapers. Kelly laid back in the bed, noticing a strange sound. Her mom pulled the covers over her and kissed her on her forehead. "I'll be back soon with a drink for you. Rest a bit, love." Kelly rolled over as her mom left the room and heard the crinkling sound again. She pulled back the corner of the bottom sheet to find her mattress was enclosed in a plastic waterproof cover. She tucked the sheet back so her explorations would not be seen. Her mom came in with a drink and then pulled back the covers, tucking a finger into the top of Kelly's diapers having first put on a pair of disposable rubber gloves. She remarked, "You're wet. I'd better change you." Kelly's mother produced a plastic changing mat which she slid under Kelly and then proceeded to remove her plastic pants and diaper. her mother wiped her with diaper wipes, dried her, placed a thick pile of diapers under her, then creamed her carefully. Kelly smiled at her mom and said, "Thanks, mom, I'm sorry to be such a nuisance." "Nonsense, my love! I always did enjoy changing you when you were a baby and I'm enjoying it now." Just before pinning the diapers up around her, Kelly felt her mom push two things into her back passage. "What's that, mom?" "Don't worry, love. I've given you a couple of suppositories to make sure you don't get constipated again. You go to sleep now and, when you need to, remember you've got diapers on!" With that, her mom kissed her on her forehead, covered her up and put out the light. Kelly smiled. She liked her mom caring for her too!

What happens when Kelly tells her best friend her new secret? Find out in episode 3!

Kelly Part 3

Kelly settled down to being at home again after her long stay in hospital while her leg and arms healed following her bike accident.  In the hospital, all the children on the orthopedic ward had worn diapers all the time since many of them were bed-bound.  Kelly had been there so long that she had to begin training herself all over again.

Initially she had worn diapers and plastic pants to school and had been worried about teasing from the other pupils.  She was excused sports for the whole semester in case she broken anything again. To her surprise, no one seemed to notice.  That was because Kelly's best friend, Sue, had made sure that everyone knew and the school had made sure that everyone understood the very serious consequences of teasing Kelly.  Kelly's mom had bought her diapers which did up with Velcro at the front to make it easier for her to take them off and put them back on if she made it to the bathroom in time. If she did have an 'accident', the school nurse had dry diapers and pants, so all Kelly had to do was to go to her to be changed.  When this happened, the nurse did a digital rectal examination to check they Kelly wasn't constipated.  The nurse explained that this could make it more difficult for her to regain continence if she was constipated.  if the nurse felt that Kelly needed some assistance in that area, she'd ring her mom who would administer either a dose of laxatives or a suppository to work over night. Kelly still wore diapers at night, the conventional pin on type, as she'd not managed to be fully dry at night yet, and, if the truth be known, didn't really want to be.  She did enjoy her mom washing her, putting cream and talcum powder on her and diapering her at night.  Occasionally, her mom would give her a large bottle of juice to drink last thing after putting her in thick night time diapers.  Kelly would sit on her mom's lap and suckle from the teat on the bottle.  Kelly guessed, correctly, that her mom was enjoying this as much as Kelly was.

Part way through Fall, her mom and dad were planning a weekend away, so Kelly's older sister was put in charge.  Karen had been shown how to change Kelly's diapers for her and had secretly told Kelly that she rather enjoyed doing this for her 'little sister'.  The fly in the ointment was Tom, Kelly's brother and a year younger than her.  He could be a real pain so her parents had warned him at great length about what would happen to him, and all the privileges he'd loose if Karen gave him a bad report on their return.  Kelly was allowed to have Sue for a sleep over during the weekend as Sue was known to be a sensible young lady.

Kelly's parents had left on the Friday afternoon so had gone by the time all four of them arrived home.  Tom was in a bad mood at the thought of being under big sister's thumb all weekend with the power she could wield over him on his parents' return.  After the evening meal, and homework had been done out of the way, it was time for bed.  Tom was required, as the youngest, to get ready for bed first. He grumbled at this, but was reminded by Karen about the consequences of disobedience.  Then Kelly and Sue went up to get ready with Karen's help to get Kelly suitably diapered for the night.  Sue offered to wait outside while Karen got Kelly ready for bed, but Kelly said she didn't mind.  After all, they'd seen each other naked in the showers after sports at school.  Sue watched with a look of obvious longing as Kelly was diapered.  Karen noticed and turned to Sue.  "I know you're Kelly's best friend and you two share everything.  Should I put a diaper on you as well so you match Kelly?"  Karen said with a big smile on her face.  Sue answered immediately, "Yes please, Karen.  Then we share the experience together! Can I have pink plastic pants with the nursery print like Kelly, please?" Karen laughed, "Since those are Kelly's favorite too, we've got several pairs of those!"  Karen diapered Sue as well.  Afterwards both of the girls sat on the edge of Kelly's bed dressed in pink plastic pants covering thick cloth diapers and short baby doll nightdresses in case of leaks.  Suddenly Karen signed to the two girls to keep talking and tiptoed quietly to the door, suddenly flinging it open.  Tom fell into the room.  "Ah!" Karen said, " I though I could hear that we'd got a 'Peeping Tom'!" "Quite appropriate as he really is Tom," said Kelly.  Karen grabbed him by an ear and pulled hard.  "Right, Tom.  You have two choices.  Either you do as we say all weekend or I'll tell mom and dad when they come home and I wouldn't want to be in your shoes when they do find out about this.  Dad and mom will go ballistic and I suspect you'll be grounded for months.  What is it to be?" Tom swallowed hard.  He'd been enjoying spying on the girls and now everything had gone disastrously wrong.  "I guess you'd better punish me. It can't be worse than mom and dad's punishment, I hope."  "I wouldn't be too sure about that, Tom.  Sit downstairs and we girls will be getting things ready for you.  Come at once when I call or you know what I'll do!" Karen warned him severely.  "I know, you'll tell mom and dad and I'm for it" Tom replied in a resigned voice.

When Tom was downstairs, Karen outlined her plan to Kelly and Sue.  Both of the girls were delighted at Karen's scheme and set about helping her.  First of all, Tom's bed was stripped and a plastic mattress cover put over the mattress before the bed was made.  An incontinence pad was placed on the bed strategically placed in case of leaks.  Kelly chose her sissiest pink plastic pants as well as thick diapers and pink ended diaper pins.  Karen found some bandage and her ski mittens as well as rubber gloves, KY jelly and a special surprise for Tom, then Tom was summoned upstairs.

"Take all of your clothes, and I mean all of them including your underwear and lie on the bed."  Tom did so as the three girls watched him.  Tom was beetroot red in the face with embarrassment as the girls watched him.  "Now you know what it feels like to be watched.  It's not so funny when it's you being watched, not us, is it, Tom?"  Tom muttered how sorry he was.  "Not as sorry as you're going to be," Karen replied.  When he was stripped bare naked, he tried to cover his privates with his hands, but the girls put the mittens on him, tying them firmly around his wrists so there was no way he could get them off himself, then pulled him back onto the bed.  Sue and Karen held his arms while Kelly tied his wrists to the head of his new metal bed - the chromed steel tubing made ideal fixing points for the bandages. His legs were likewise fastened to the tubing at the foot of his bed so he was spread-eagled on the mattress.  Karen placed a thick pile of diapers under his bottom, helped by the two younger girls from each side lifting his buttocks off the bed.  "You're not really going to make me wear diapers, are you?" asked Tom plaintively.  "Why not?  You seemed to enjoy watching Kelly being diapered, didn't you," Karen retorted, "let's see how you like being in diapers!"  Karen put on the rubber gloves and lubricated a finger with KY jelly.  "Here's a real surprise for you!  A suppository!"  With that, she lubricated his back passage and inserted one suppository.  "Oh no," Kelly said, "We want a good result.  Better make it two!"  Karen was only too pleased to oblige and the second one entered the same way as the first with Karen reaching her finger as far up inside him as possible to make sure he didn't expel the suppositories too soon.  His thick diapers were pulled up especially tight, especially between the legs to make sure that when he soiled himself, it would spread out as far as possible around his diapers. A leg was freed in turn as plastic pants were worked up his legs and the ankles refastened with the bandage.  "Right, ladies," Karen said to the others, "let's go and make him a bottle!"

The girls went downstairs to fill two bottles with orange juice.  Karen produced the bottle of one of Kelly's laxatives.  This was Dulco-lax Perles which are capsules of sodium picosulfate.  The normal dose for an adult is a maximum of four capsules, but Karen emptied out six into his bottle.  "That should keep him awake with griping and cramps tonight as well as making him think twice about spying on us again!"

The girls went back upstairs to Tom's room her he lay passively on the bed, realizing that the only way he was going to be freed was when the girls released him.  "Open wide, Tom," Karen ordered him, and drink your bottle like a good baby!"  "No, I won't.  That's going to far," Tom exclaimed. "Just remember what mom and dad would do and you'll probably be glad this will only last the weekend!" Karen replied.  "The weekend!" Tom cried in horror.  "You're not making wear these all weekend?"  "I had to wear them for months in hospital so you can just put up with it.  It serves you right for being such a nasty Peeping Tom.  Mom and dad gave you the right name! Now open up!"  Kelly pinched his nose until he was forced to open his mouth to breathe.  Karen shoved the teat of the bottle into his mouth, ordering him to drink or else she'd squeeze the bottle and make him drink it.  She gave him the laxative laced bottle first, then, despite his protest, the second one.  "You'll have really wet diapers by the morning, and messy ones too when the suppositories and laxative work."  "You haven't?" cried Tom. "Oh yes," Karen replied, "you'll really mess yourself by morning!"

Karen urged Sue and Kelly to go to bed, saying she'd bring them a bottle each and give it to them if they liked.  Both girls said that they would like some juice.  Karen washed the bottles and teats, lacing the bottles with the same dose of laxative as Tom had been given to fully initiate Sue into wearing diapers.  She carried the bottles upstairs to Kelly's bedroom. She sat on Kelly's bed and invited Sue to sit on her lap.  Kelly said she'd drink her own so Karen could get to bed herself after feeding Sue.  Sue found suckling from the bottle strange yet somehow familiar.  Her tongue ached a bit from using it in such a different way, but she enjoyed it. Karen took away the bottles, smiling at them both with perhaps a slightly wicked grin for what she'd done to them both and then said to Kelly, "Mind both beds appear slept on when mom and dad come home on Sunday night."  With that, she went out, shutting the door behind her.

"What did she mean by that, I wonder,"  Kelly said.  "I think your sister is a very sensitive person and guessed," was Sue's reply.  "I still don't understand!" Kelly bemoaned.  Sue decided that actions do speak louder than words and went up to Kelly, kissing her full on her lips and putting her arms round her.  Sue's tongue explored Kelly's lips until Kelly opened her mouth and both girls kissed in earnest.  Sue broke off.  "Do you mind?  I've always wanted to do that."  "No!" came Kelly's surprised reply.  "It was like an electric shock went through me.  Let's do that again!"  With that Sue got into bed with Kelly, who reached over, turning out the light as soon as Sue was beside her.  Sue whispered in Kelly's ear, "Do we really need our nightdresses on?  Let's slip them off!"  Kelly was having feelings she'd never experienced before except when the nurses surprised her just before she left hospital with that enema and the vibrator.  The girls were soon fondling each other as they kissed.  Sue put a hand down the front of Kelly's diaper and began rubbing her.  Kelly responded and both girls rubbed each other to a climax, Kelly's first time that way.  "Does this mean we're gay?" Kelly asked Sue.  "I don't know.  I fancy boys, but I also fancy you. You've got a lovely body and you're so much fun to be with."  The girls enjoyed each other unto exhaustion when they both fell asleep in each other's arms.

Later that night, Sue woke as she both needed to pee and her bowels were churning from the laxative which Karen had mixed with her juice.  Kelly woke, "What's the matter, Sue?"  "I need to go to the bathroom urgently!" "Don't be silly!  You're wearing a diaper, so just let it out."  "You don't understand, Kelly, I need to go potty really badly."  "I know, so do I. Karen must have played a joke on us too with laxative in our bottles.  It doesn't matter.  Your diapers can cope with that too."  Kelly hugged Sue and kissed her again, breaking off to whisper in her ear, "You might as well get it over with.  You're staying here with me.!"  Sue didn't want to force the issue and kissed Kelly back as suddenly her bowels let go as the laxative forced her to empty herself into her diaper.  As she was forced to let go the stool, her bladder emptied too.  Kelly did so at the same time, kissing Sue all the harder.  Both girls experienced an almost orgasmic release into their diapers as the kissed and caressed each other.  "I need to change me diaper," Sue whispered.  "I don't see why, Sue, it can hold a lot more than that!" Kelly replied, putting a hand around the back of Sue's plastic pants and squeezing so that the stool was spread around inside Sue's diaper.  "Two can play at that!" Sue responded, doing Kelly the same favor.  After yet more kissing and cuddling, the girls fell back to sleep again, waking late in the morning when Karen came in with a cup of coffee for each of them. "Sorry about the laxatives trick, Sue, but I thought if you wanted to try wearing diapers, you should really use them properly!  Best get showered and changed, you too, because we have a sissy boy to deal with!"  Kelly laughed, "I'd forgotten about Tom.  By the way, how did you know what we would get up to?"  Karen, who hadn't been in the least surprised to find both girls sharing Kelly's bed, told her, "I've seen the way you look at each other.  I thought I'd encourage you to explore your proper feelings for each other while you had the opportunity.  Still, get showered you two, and you might want to put clean diapers on.  We've got Tom to get changed!"

The girls went into Tom's room to find a strangely quiet Tom.  They had expected torrents of abuse, but he was lying there and looked pleased to see them.  "Please could you clean me up?  I'm really messy and sore."   Karen smiled at him, "Of course, Tom. "  The girls freed him and led him to the bathroom as his legs were rather stiff from being tied down all night.  It was obvious from the well sagging diaper and the brown stains visible through the pink plastic pants that the laxatives had done their work very well.  Tom was stood in the shower and Karen asked him if he needed to 'go potty' before he was washed and changed.  Tom said that he'd done all he could.  Kelly said, "Tom, you're being really nice and polite for a change. Why?"  Tom answered, "Last night, I did a lot of thinking.  I'm only like you were for months while you were in hospital and I didn't sleep much because of the laxatives.  I got to thinking how nasty of me it was to spy on you like that.  Kelly flung her arms round his neck and kissed him.  "I'm so pleased to hear you say that!"  Tom's wet and soiled diapers were peeled off him and removed while the girls hosed him clean with the shower.  His hair was washed with Karen's special shampoo which Tom didn't know was a hair colorant type to change him from blonde to dark brown to help with their plans for later.  When Tom was dried, he saw that his hair was brown and asked why.  He had lovely long hair because he was into rock music, jeans and leather which was just perfect for their plans.

Tom asked plaintively, "Have you punished me enough yet?"  Karen answered him, "We still have some other punishment for you since you obviously like looking at female clothes, but you've got a choice.  Do you want to stay in diapers and be babied until you're cleaned up before mom and dad come home?" Tom grinned.  "How did you guess I've wanted to be in diapers and babied?" "I didn't guess, Tom, you left your computer on one night so I came in while you were asleep to turn it off for you before you got into trouble from dad for wasting electricity and you'd left it on s story page about a boy being treated as a baby by his sisters."

The girls first got Tom to lie on his bed where really thick diapers and then pretty teddy bear print yellow plastic pants were put on him.  Over the top of those were pulled a pair of white frilly panties.  A teenage bra was found at the bottom of Kelly's underwear drawer and this was put on him. Handfuls of tissues bulked it out for him to look more authentic.  White ankle socks were followed by a frilly white lace petticoat and a short dress in the most childish style which Kelly could find in her wardrobe.  Mary Jane sandals finished Tom's feet.  He was sat in a chair while all three girls carefully platted his hair into two plats, finished off with a pink ribbon at the end of each.  Finally, the girls applied a smear of make up to try to enhance the femininity of the whole ensemble.  Tom was invited to look into a full length mirror at himself.  "Wow!" was his quiet response as a young girl looked back at him.  He whispered quietly to the others because he was so awestruck by his new appearance, "Could we do this again when mom and dad aren't around?"  The girls giggled and told him that they would love to!

The sisters and Sue led their new girl friend downstairs and sat 'her' in a chair.  A plastic bib was tied round her neck and then a cloth absorbent bib on top.  Karen had found here mom had secreted the baby items just in case they did have any more children, or for the girls when they got married and had families of their own.  A baby bottle was produced filled with juice (and another dose of laxative!) and Thomasina was invited to drink it.  A second bottle of straight juice followed while the girls took it in turn to feed Thomasina while they ate their own breakfast.

After they'd cleared away, the three girls and the new 'girl' got ready to go out.  Thomasina was rather worried that 'she' might be recognised but Karen pointed out how different he looked which was why they'd colored his hair.  'She' was encouraged to speak in a girlish voice - not too hard as Tom's voice hadn't broken yet.  The girls coached him in how to walk like a girl, despite the bulk of the diapers between his legs.  In fact Thomasina found that the diapers helped because he needed to take smaller steps and swing 'her' hips rather than striding out like a boy.  When the girls were happy that 'she' would pass as a girl, they all got into Karen's car to go to the mall shopping.  Thomasina was taken into various shops where the girls bought him prettier ribbons for 'her' hair.  'She'd passed 'her' best friend (in her 'boy' life) in the mall and he'd spoken to Karen Kelly and Sue, who introduced Karen's and Kelly's cousin from upstate.  He'd not recognised Tom, to 'her' great relief.

They had enjoyed a Big Mac each, regular Diet Coke for the real girls  and a very large Coke for Thomasina.  While in McDonalds, the laxatives worked as Thomasina was essentially emptied by the overnight laxatives so the breakfast ones had gone straight through him.

The girls decided to take him home to change him.  Unfortunately that was when the accident happened.  They were in the car park attached to the mall when a car suddenly roared out of one of the parking spaces and drove at them.  As they tried to flee, the car tossed Kelly and Thomasina into the air.  Kelly screamed as both her legs snapped when the car hit them and continued screaming as she landed on her arms which snapped as well.  The loud cracks were clearly audible.  Thomasina was caught a glancing blow and hit 'her' head on the ground, knocking her unconscious.  A lady going to her car saw the whole thing can dialed 911 for an ambulance for the injured 'girls' as Karen and Sue rushed over to Kelly and Thomasina..  Karen was terrified because her younger sister and brother had been injured whilst in her care and also at the thought of what their mom and dad would say.

The ambulance arrived as Thomasina began to recover consciousness.  He had been placed carefully in the recovery position by Karen who had done her first aid with the American Red Cross.  The ambulance men went to deal with Kelly, getting the entonox out for her after checking her over.  Sue was asked to hold the black rubber mask tightly over Kelly's face to make a good seal while Kelly was told to try to take as deep breaths as she could so breathe in the mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen to numb the pain somewhat while they applied splints to her legs and arms for her.  Once in the ambulance, Kelly was given an injection to ease the pain as Thomasina and Kelly were taken to hospital with Karen following behind with Sue in Karen's car.

In the ER, Karen blushed as she explained to the doctor that Thomasina wasn't what 'she ' appeared.  The young lady doctor laughed at Karen's embarrassed explanation that 'she' was a 'he' and that they'd done it for a dare.  The doctor told Karen that they'd just heard form the Police that the car driver had stolen the car, but he'd been apprehended to face charges of theft and attempted homicide by automobile as he'd driven straight at them. She watched the expression on Karen's face, which was a picture.  "All right," the doctor said, handing Karen a plastic 'patient property' plastic bag, "I did this to my younger brother too, many years ago, and it wasn't your fault about the accident.    We've removed Thomas's clothes which are in the bag.  I suggest that you smuggle them home and we, at the hospital, won't tell your parents.  Thomas has begged us not to tell and we must maintain patient confidentiality!" she said, with a twinkle of amusement in her eye.

Kelly was taken to OR where her arms and legs were set in plaster.  Thomas had also been taken through the OR as he had a broken wrist.  When Kelly woke from the anaesthetic, she was back in the children's orthopedic ward in the same bed as she'd been in such a short time before.  She could feel the wet diapers around her bottom and realised where she was.  Seeing she was awake, the nurse leaned over and asked how she was.  "Wet and sore" came Kelly's mumbled answer.  "OK, Kelly, I'll get you something for the pain and then we'll change you.  I don't need to explain that you're in diapers again and will be for some considerable time.  We think you'll be here for longer than last time as you've snapped the bones where they healed over before and re-broken bones can take longer to heal.  We've got Thomas in the next bed as he's got a broken wrist which has been plastered and we need to observe him overnight as he's had concussion."

Kelly was changed into clean dry diapers and plastic pants, after she'd been given a pain killing injection.  Turning her head to one side, she looked to where Tom was having his diapers changed next door.  The nurses, obviously in on the prank, had Tom in the sissiest pink plastic pants they could find in his size.  Kelly smiled to herself, guessing, correctly, that Tom was not objecting to the attention.

A nurse came with a bottle of water and asked Kelly to open her mouth while she gave her the bottle to suck.  Kelly smiled inwardly to herself.  She was going to be babied for some time - wearing diapers, given laxatives and enemas, and fed by baby bottle or by the nurses with a spoon.  She was looking forward to all that!

Kelly 4

From Kelly 3:

Kelly was taken to OR where her arms and legs were set in plaster. Thomas had also been taken through the OR as he had a broken wrist. When Kelly woke from the anaesthetic, she was back in the children’s orthopedic ward in the same bed as she’d been in such a short time before. She could feel the wet diapers around her bottom and realised where she was.

Now read on!

Kelly was still drowsy from the anesthetic, but gradually became more aware. She realised that the drips going into her were not in a vein in her arm this time. The drip tubes went into the top of her hospital gown and disappeared. When two nurses came to change her, she asked about this. One said to her, "Kelly, now you’re more awake, I think it’s time to explain some things to you. You know you’ve broken both legs and both arms after the automobile hit you. I’m afraid to say that you also have another problem. Last time, you had what are called ‘closed fractures’ - that means that the bone didn’t break through the skin. This time, the automobile hit you so hard that the bones of your leg punctured the skin of your legs and stuck out." Kelly made an noise probably best translated as "Euwwgh!" The nurse smiled at her, "I can understand your reaction. No, it isn’t a nice thought. But there is a problem. With ‘open fractures’, like your legs, there is a risk of infection so we’ve got you on antibiotics to try to fight that, but, if there is an infection in the ends of your bones, even though the doctors cleaned them carefully in the OR, you may be on antibiotics for a long time and the infection, if you get one, will stop your bones in your leg from healing properly. Now we hope that won’t happen, but the doctors put a special line into your chest so we can give you antibiotics just in case you might have an infection and, because the line is a special one, we won’t need to keep stabbing you to put new lines into your feet. Last time, because both arms and one leg were broken, we had to use your good foot for lines, but as both legs are broken, we didn’t have any choice: we could either have put a line in your neck or the special line in your chest, so for several reasons, you have the chest line. It’s called a Hickmann Line. We’ll need to change the dressing every week, but won’t need to flush it as the doctor has ordered saline and the antibiotics through one of the two ports and the other has pain relief drugs as your legs would really hurt you otherwise. You may be feeling rather drowsy still and that’s probably due to the drugs for your pain. Is that all right, Kelly?" "Thank you, nurse, I think I understand. What you’re saying is I’m probably here for some time." "I’m afraid so," came the nurse’s sympathetic reply.

Kelly settled back to just wetting her diapers whenever she felt any pressure from her bladder as she’d done when in the ward the last time. She was surprised how easy it was to slip back into not bothering to hold back at all. Her head was really full of cotton wool and she found herself drifting off to sleep so easily. Her parents came to visit her the next day with Karen and Tom, who’d only been kept in overnight to his disgust. He’d liked being diapered by the nurses and was jealous of Kelly getting such lovely attention. Kelly found that she kept drifting off to sleep while they were there. The drugs she was given for the pain worked as she was aware of just a dull ache from her legs particularly and a milder sensation from her broken arms. Kelly’s mom went to speak to one of the nurses who came back to take Kelly’s temperature. Kelly’s mom was worried because Kelly’s face looked flushed and she felt hot to the touch. When Kelly saw the nurse coming with the ‘in the ear’ thermometer, she turned her head automatically to one side to allow the nurse to slip the probe into her ear canal to record her temperature. The nurse read the digital read-out and whispered to her parents, "You’re right, her temperature is up. I’m going to call the doctor."

Suddenly, Kelly’s body started shaking as if she were violently shivering from being cold. The nurse said, "Oh dear! That looks like rigor - I’ll get the doctor now!" The on-call doctor came within minutes. She looked at Kelly, turned to the nurse and said, "I’ll arrange for her transfer immediately to pediatric ICU. You’re right, nurse, she’s got septicemia." She went away to make the necessary calls as Kelly’s parents sat there in horror. The doctor came back to speak to them, "What’s happened is that Kelly has osteomyelitis - a bone infection - from the dirt which got into the open ends of the bone when she had her accident. This has spread to her blood stream and caused septicemia. I’ll not pretend, this is very serious and Kelly could die from this. I need you to know that as you’ll be allowed to stay with her while she’s in intensive care. We’ll give her more antibiotics and hope that we’ve got to the infection in time. I must warn you she won’t be well at all but we’ll do our best." Kelly’s mom just burst into tears. Her dad felt like crying too as they loved all of their children dearly.

Kelly was taken to pediatric intensive care where she was sedated and an endo-tracheal tube was passed down her throat so that the nurses could control her respiration. her diapers were removed and a urinary catheter inserted connected to a monitored drainage bag so that the nurses could check her hourly urine output in case of renal failure. Her plaster cast on one arm was cut away so that an arterial line could be inserted into her radial vein at her wrist to monitor her blood pressure. Electrodes were placed on her chest to monitor heart function. Kelly’s dad was in tears by now as his beloved daughter was hooked up to all the equipment. Being sedated, she was lying there on the special air mattress so still with the respirator rising and falling as it breathed for her.

One of the intensive care doctors came to see them. "I’m not going to pretend otherwise, but Kelly is very seriously ill. She faces all sorts of risks over the next few hours and days, but we are fighting for her. We’re giving her a range of antibiotics until the blood cultures we’ve taken come back, but she started off a strong, healthy young lady which is very much in her favor. I can promise you, we’ll do our very best for her. You can visit at any time and stay as long as you like. However, there may be times when hospital staff need to care for her and we may ask you to wait in the relatives’ room for a while, but otherwise, you can be here 24/7 if you want." Kelly’s mom looked up at him with tears streaming down her face, "Thank you, doctor, we know you’ll look after her well."

Fortunately for Kelly, she wasn’t aware of the five weeks she spent in intensive care and the tears which were shed for her. By the time she was taken off sedation and the breathing tube removed, she was very much thinner from both muscle loss and the tube feeding she’d had. She awoke to see her mom sitting beside her and tried to speak to her, but found that the tube down her throat and lack of use of her speech muscles had left her unable to do little more than croak, even though she didn’t realise why she was having problems speaking: her sedation had been deep enough that she had no memory of the past weeks. Her mom reached over and hugged her, crying all the time. "Oh Kelly, it’s so good to have you back with us. You’ve been so poorly!" Kelly looked puzzled. She croaked her questions, "What do you mean, mom? Why am I here and not in the children’s ward? Why is my voice like this?" "Kelly, I don’t know quite how to tell you, but you’ve been seriously ill and in pediatric intensive care for some time. You had a blood infection which made you very poorly but you’re much better now." Kelly took a moment for her brain to get around this. Suddenly she croaked what she thought was the most important question in the world for her, "How long have I been here, mom?" "Some time, I’m afraid," was her mother’s answer. Kelly restated her question, louder this time, even though the effort hurt her throat, "How long, mom?" Her mother blushed and decided that Kelly was getting upset by her prevarication over telling her how long she’d been there, "It’s been five week’s Kelly. You’ve been sedated on a ventilator which is why your throat is so sore and you’ve been given loads of antibiotics. Fortunately, they worked and the infection is gone. You’re going to be transferred back to the pediatric orthopedic ward in a few minutes, but the staff wanted to give us time to be with you now you’re awake." "Five weeks?" Kelly asked, "Five whole weeks?" "I’m afraid so, love," her Dad said. One of us has been sitting with you day and night, hoping and praying you’d make it. Kelly burst into tears, "Thank you, both of you. I’m so sorry I’ve put you all through this." Kelly’s mom and dad kissed her forehead and her dad said, "It wasn’t your fault, Kelly, you didn’t want to be ill like this. We’re just so pleased you’re back with us again."

Two porters and a nurse came to move Kelly through to the pediatric orthopedic ward. She was slid across from her intensive care bed onto the bed in the ward with the help of all the nurses as she was unable to move her arms and legs because of the plasters and would have been too weak anyway. As soon as she was in bed, she was covered over and the curtains drawn back to allow the bed to be taken back to pediatric ITU. The curtains were then pulled again around a trolley as two nurses came to deal with her. Her arterial line had already been removed, but she was still receiving iv. fluids through her Hickman Line. "Kelly," one of the nurses said, "we’re going to take your urinary catheter out now and put you back in diapers. All right?" Kelly was happy to be back there and in diapers and plastic pants, so mumbled her assent. The nurses pulled a disposable incontinence pad under her hips and slid the cloth diapers and drop front plastic pants under her hips ready to pull them snugly around her when the catheter was out. One nurse put on sterile gloves and took a syringe. Inserting it in the catheter balloon port, she sucked out all the water from the balloon in the Foley catheter and told Kelly to cough. As Kelly coughed, she pulled out the catheter, as Kelly gave a little gasp at the end of her cough as the catheter pulled out of her bladder and through her urethra. The nurse took away the catheter and drainage bag while the other nurse skillfully diapered her. The nurses went away to clear up and one of them came back with a bottle of water and a bib. She said to Kelly, "I suspect your mouth is really dry and you could do with a drink!" "Yes please!" Kelly croaked back to her. The nurse tied the bib around her neck and sat on the edge of the bed to give Kelly her bottle. She sucked hungrily at the teat as the cold water was so soothing to her sore throat. The nurse had sensibly chosen a small holed teat so that, thirsty as she was, Kelly couldn’t drink from the bottle too quickly. "That’s enough for now, Kelly, as you haven’t been drinking and we don’t want to make you sick, so I’ll bring you another bottle later."

Kelly laid in bed with the soft warmth of the diapers around her hips and bottom, still with the bib round her neck. She guessed that she’d be being babied from some time and was looking forward to that! With that thought, exhausted by her transfer and all that had been done to her, she fell asleep.

She woke later to find that she was wet since she was still receiving plenty of iv. fluids to keep her hydrated and her kidneys flushed through. As she woke, she was aware of the warm trickle of urine running from her down between her legs to be soaked up by the already wet diaper. She thought to herself that it wasn’t very much and a short while later, the same happened. The nurse came back with another bottle, of orange juice this time, when she saw Kelly was awake. Kelly thanked her as she was so glad of that cold liquid running down and soothing her throat.

At her next diaper change, the two nurses unpopped the plastic pants and pulled the front down between Kelly’s legs. Her wet diapers were removed and she washed, dried and creamed with one nurse standing beside the bed and pulling Kelly towards her at hip and shoulders while the other creamed underneath her bottom at the areas normally in contact with the special pressure relieving air mattress. Kelly was then rolled flat onto her clean diapers. One nurse changed her gloved and lubricated a finger with KY jelly, "Kelly, I need to do an internal examination. When you were in intensive care, no one was worried about your bowels as you were too poorly to do anything about it anyway. Now we need to check before you start eating again. Is that all right?" Kelly smiled at her, "You do what you need to do. It’s all right with me." The nurse gently inserted her finger into Kelly’s back passage as Kelly suddenly felt a warm trickle of urine releasing and flowing over the nurse’s gloved hand to run onto Kelly’s buttocks. "Sorry, nurse, I didn’t do that on purpose, Kelly said, worried that she’d be told off. "Kelly, there’s something you need to know. You didn’t have a very big bladder in the first place and, when you were here for so long, using your diapers as we expected you to, your bladder shrunk a bit. In intensive care, constantly drained by the catheter, it shrunk more so you really can’t hold very much at all, which is why you’re releasing a little and often. We did expect this, but didn’t want you to worry about it until you were much better. Please, don’t fret. I know you didn’t do that on purpose." "Does that mean I’ll always be in diapers?" "We don’t know yet, Kelly. But if I’m being perfectly honest, the answer is ‘possibly’. I’ll get the doctor to come to talk to you about this as I can see you’re worried by all this."

Later, one of the doctors came to talk to Kelly. She pulled the curtains around her bed and sat on the edge of the bed , smiling kindly at Kelly to reassure her. The doctor actually felt sorry for Kelly as she’d suffered so much so far and wasn’t out of the woods yet. "We expected this and will try a hydrostatic distention under general anesthetic - that means you’d be put to sleep and a catheter put into your bladder. Fluid would be run into the catheter to try to stretch your bladder to help it to hold more, and there’s an operation called clam cystoplasty where some of your intestine is used to make your bladder bigger. Or there’s a new method where you have a special catheter put in which has a valve which holds back your urine until a certain pressure is reached. It then releases and allows your bladder to empty. This is changed for a higher pressure one every couple of weeks to try to stretch your bladder slowly if the hydrostatic distention doesn’t work. This is supposed to stretch your bladder slowly. You can use this with a leg bag to collect the urine or, for someone your age, you might prefer to stay in diapers. If we do that, you’d need to do Kegel exercises to try to get back control of your bladder muscles, but you needn’t worry about that now. Just continue using your diapers as you did last time for the moment. That’s what they’re there for, after all!" the doctor laughed. Kelly smiled back, reassured as, at the moment, she’d rather be in diapers and being babied by the nurses. "I’m afraid you’ve got hardened stool in your back passage and we need to clear that out before you start eating again, but you’re used to that. You had that last time you were here, didn’t you?" Kelly smiled and agreed with her.

The next day, when Kelly was feeling much more her usual self, apart from her arms and legs still in plaster, one of the nurses came to her to say that she was going to get ready for Kelly’s enema. The nurse came back with another nurse and the usual trolley with diapers, plastic pants and their equipment. there was a jug on the trolley with a syringe in water on the trolley which Kelly could see. "Any ideas what you’re getting, Kelly?" one of the them asked her. "I’d guess it’ll be another oil enema to soften everything up, followed by a soap and water one to help me to get rid of it all?" was Kelly’s response. The second nurse laughed, "Got it in one, Kelly. How did you guess?" "The oil filled syringe was a big clue!" Kelly laughed. "You’re right and we’ll give that time to soften your hardened stool and then a ‘3H’ - high, hot and a hell of a lot to get rid of the oil and the stool, we hope." Kelly’s plastic pants were undone and the front pulled down so that the nurses could remove the wet diapers and then wash and cream her. Fresh clean diapers were positioned under her and a lubricated gloved finger from one of the nurses dilated and lubricated her back passage. This was followed by the nozzle of the enema bottle of warmed oil . Once the nozzle was inserted as far as it would go, the nurse slowly squeezed the oil into Kelly’s rectum. As soon as she’d done this and removed the nozzle, the other nurse followed up with a large butt plug with the retaining flange to sit against the outside of her anal sphincter. Kelly gasped as the large part of the plug was passed though her anus so that the slightly narrower part of the plug would be gripped by her muscles there. Her diapers were pulled up tightly between her thighs to help to hold the plug in place while the oil did its work. Her plastic pants were pulled up between her legs, over her abdomen and poppered shut. Finally, the nurse checked that all of the diapers were inside the plastic pants. "Kelly, would you like a drink?" "Yes, please! Could I have some cranberry juice, please?" "Of course you can, Kelly. It’s good for you anyway as it helps to prevent urinary infections."

The nurse came back with the red bottle of cranberry juice and put the bib around Kelly’s neck, then gave her the bottle, talking to her as Kelly sucked thirstily at the teat. While the nurse was doing this, the doctor came to see Kelly. "Don’t stop, nurse, Kelly obviously is thirsty and it would help if you heard what I’m saying so that you can remind Kelly if she needs it. Kelly, you remember last time that you were here for some time while your bones set. I’m afraid that the infection has stopped your leg bones form healing as there was infection with both of them where the bones had burst out through the skin when the automobile hit you so hard. We’ve decided to leave it a while longer as the last X-ray while you were in pediatric ITU show that the bones are just beginning to set and we’d rather not have to pin or plate your legs, but you’ll be here for some months yet, I think. Also, as your arms had recently been broken, we’re going to leave the plaster on them for longer until we’re absolutely sure that they are thoroughly healed. All right?" Kelly agreed that she understood. The nurse asked Kelly about what the doctor had said to her to check that Kelly had understood. Kelly replied, "I’m going to be lying here for a long time with these plaster casts itching like fury sometimes until I’m fully healed. You’ll have to be doing everything for me for quite some time yet." "Do you mind us washing and creaming you, changing your diapers and gibing you these enemas and laxatives which you had last time? Be honest. It helps if you can talk about it." "No, I don’t mind. You’re all so kind and gentle about it. It’s kind of nice not having to worry about anything and knowing I’m well cared for. I’m really grateful for all of you caring for me." The nurse laughed, "That’s what we’re paid for, after all." "No, but the kindness is real. You’re all so lovely to me." Thank you for that, Kelly. We all like looking after you. You don’t make a fuss and you never complain. We’re not supposed to have favorites, but you’ve become a favorite of all of us! You’re always so polite to us. You should hear some of the children!" "I do," Kelly replied. "I think its awful the way some of the others speak to you. You’re trying to help them, after all. Could you put my earphones on and turn my iPod on for me?" "Of course! Can I do anything else for you?" "Not at the moment, thank you. I’ll just have to lie here while the enema does its work." Kelly laid there with the butt plug forcing her anal muscles apart as it held the oil in place. She was fed lunch, then the nurses came to give her the 3H enema while the curtains were drawn at the windows and the lights turned off so that the other children could have an afternoon nap.

A waterproof sheet was eased under her and covered with disposable incontinence pads. Her diapers were removed and she was washed clean and then creamed thoroughly both front and back, with two nurses rolling her on her side while the other nurse applied and rubbed in the cream. Kelly had really begun to enjoy all the care and attention she received in the hospital. Finally, well waterproofed and protected by the diaper rash cream, she was rolled back onto a thick pile of diapers. Plastic cuffs were tucked around her plaster casts in case of leaks to keep the plasters clean and dry. The nurses prepared their equipment and one of them explained what they planned to do. "Kelly, we’re going to use a colon tube to get you cleaned out as much as possible. We’re going to use a Higginson syringe to pump the soapy water into you which will start to fill you up so I can work the tube further around your colon. When I’ve got far enough, we’ll pull your diapers up and put your plastic popper pants on, then continue to pump you full of the soapy water. When we’re done, I can pull the tube out and you can hold it as long as possible, although I guess that won’t be for long! OK?" Kelly agreed that it was all right with her. Her legs in their plaster casts were pulled over to the edges of the bed, leaving her wide open to the nurses’ attentions. When she was in the right position, the third nurse left the other two to their task and went to keep an eye on the children supposedly taking their naps.

The nurse who’d spoken to Kelly lubricated her rubber glove and gently dilated her anus, working lubricant around, although the oil still inside her helped. The enema can was on the trolley holding all the equipment and the nurse lifted the lubricated end of the colon tube, glistening with lubrication and held the end over her diaper. Another nurse lifted the Higginson syringe over her diapers and squeezed the bulb of the syringe until the colon tube was full and soapy water came out of the eyes at the end. "They’ll be a lot more soapy water here in a while," the nurse holding the colon tube said to Kelly, with a smile. She then held the rounded tip of the tube against Kelly’s anal sphincter and pushed gently. As soon as Kelly felt the tube against her, she relaxed and the tube slide forward inside her anus and into her rectum. "Squeeze now, please Kelly, as we’re about to start the soapy water in you. As my colleague pumps, I’ll work the tube up into you as far as possible." The nurse holding the Higginson syringe squeezed the bulb gently as the hot soapy water was pumped into Kelly. As she did that each time, the nurse holding the colon tube advanced it further into Kelly, twisting and turning the tube to help it round the bends and flexures of Kelly’s colon. Kelly was aware that she’d peed on the nurse’s hand as she was advancing the colon tune. Kelly apologized, but the nurse shushed her, telling her not to worry as she couldn’t help that. Eventually the nurse advancing the tube pronounced herself satisfied. The nurse holding the syringe laid the syringe on her chest between her forming breasts and Kelly could feel the warmth of the syringe, full as it was with the hot soapy water. This nurse pulled Kelly’s thick and hopefully thirsty diapers around her and pinned them tight, then pulled the plastic pants up over the diapers and poppered them closed, leaving the colon tube emerging from the top of the plastic pants and up to join the syringe lying on her chest. The nurse who’d advanced the colon tube removed her gloves and dropped them in the bin attached to the trolley holding the diaper change Kelly had just had, along with the enema equipment, smiled at Kelly and went out of the curtains to wash her hands. The nurse, who had been squeezing the bulb, smiled at Kelly, then said to her, "Ready?" "I guess so!" came Kelly’s reply. The nurse started squeezing the bulb and, when it had refilled, squeezing again. Kelly could feel the hot soapy water being squirted high up inside her and her abdomen start to fill. She found it a pleasant felling as the warmth spread inside her colon as it filled with the soapy water which was soon to be discharged into her waiting diaper.

One of the other nurses gave a whispered verbal, "Knock, knock. Can I come in?" at the curtains so Kelly quietly agreed, both of them keeping their voices low so as not to wake the other children in the ward taking their afternoon nap. She came in holding a jug full to the brim with more really hot soapy water and used it to refill the enema can, leaving the remainder of the jug on the trolley. Turning to the nurse who was still pumping Kelly full of the enema solution, she whispered to her, "Let me know if you need more." "I’m sure this will be enough," said the nurse, still pumping, "but I’ll call you if I do need more. Thanks." Kelly loved the fact that the tube, so high up inside her colon, didn’t cause painful cramps as she filled with the soapy water. The nurse tipped the remaining contents of the jug into the enema can and kept pumping. Suddenly Kelly felt rather full to bursting and said so. "Actually, Kelly, you’ve done very well! I was just about to stop as the can in virtually empty and I think that should be enough for today! Clench your muscle tight down there as I’m going to pull out the tube now." She grasped the front of Kelly’s plastic pants with a handful of the diaper as well around the colon tube to wipe it as it emerged from Kelly’s back passage. She pulled and pulled and Kelly remarked in surprise as the end came clear, "Gosh! I didn’t have all that inside me, did I?" The nurse smiled, "That you did! The colon isn’t as short as the school textbooks show, going straight up across and down. It folds around several times so is longer than you’d think. I would guess that this has been nearly at your cecum where your appendix joins. You know where I mean?" Kelly agreed that she did and looking down at her very and obviously swollen abdomen, said, "Gosh! Isn’t my tummy big! I wonder if this is what it feels like to be pregnant." The nurse laughed quietly, replying, "I don’t actually know as I’ve never been pregnant, nor had an enema like yours, but your tummy is bulging enough to be pregnant! We’ve filled you very full to try to ensure that you really are cleared out this time so we won’t have to do this again for a while at least. I’ll leave you now. Try to hold it as long as possible. I’ll keep popping back to check on you and, when you think you’ve expelled it all, let me know and we’ll change you and make you comfy. We’ll probably leave you with the curtains around you as you will probably want a sleep yourself after all of this. Enemas can be tiring for the patient." With that, she left through the curtains.

Kelly laid there, trying to hold back on the huge amount of soapy enema solution inside her. Her bowels were churning as the irritant soap did its work. A large spasm wracked her and she felt some release into her waiting diapers. Another spasm convulsed her and she gladly decided this time tom relax and let go. The release of so much hot soapy fluid along with the now softened stool which had been filling her was genuinely orgasmic as Kelly gasped from the waves of emotion flowing through her and emanating from between her legs. She thought she must have emptied herself when another wave of contractions hit her colon as she expelled again. She shuddered as a further orgasm wracked her. Just then, the nurse gave the verbal knock and came in when Kelly had said it was all right. "How are you doing?" "All right, so far!" was Kelly’s reply. The nurse gave her a reassuring smile and left again. Kelly could feel the warmth of all that soap and stool spreading between her legs and up the front of her diaper. Again and again she released more soapy water until she really did feel exhausted. The nurse, true to her word, kept checking on her until Kelly said that she had finished, she though as she hadn’t passed anything more for about twenty minutes.

The nurse disappeared and came back with two others and the diaper trolley to remove the now very soiled and wet diapers to clean her up. That was a major task as so much stool had been blocking her colon as well as all that hot soapy water which had soaked her diapers.

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