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My Friend Kellys Mom Chapter 1 Of 5
POSTED BY: marky_baby 2010

Hi, my name is Mark an i have been into wearing diapers since i was seven years old, the story starts when i went over my new friend Kellys house and I met her mom her name was Kimberly and her 2 year old baby brother Matt that still wore diapers, my mom and her mom became good friends since we lived down the street. One day i saw Kellys mom change her brothers diaper and i was thinking if that were to be me being diapered by her and i never got my mind off it and i came back the next day playing with Kelly and i was planning to take one of the diapers sneaking one home, i was sucessful taking one out of the package and hiding it under my jeans. Later i went home and put it on and It fit me well and i felt a great feeling wearing it imagining Kellys mom putting it on me and changing me. 2 days later the tapes of the diaper started not to stick so i threw it away. The next time i went to Kellys house to play but she wasnt home her mom said but i asked if i can use the bathroom and she said yes.

My Friend Kellys Mom Chapter 2 Of 5

I walked to the bathroom and i saw the diapers right next to the door and i went in the bathroon and after i was done i took 2 diapers this time. Kimberly was watching tv and i was saying good bye to her and she offered me a glass of iced tea, and i was thirsty so i followed her and one of the diapers fell through one of my pant legs and she heard it and turned around, looked on the kitchen floor and she looked at me and said why are you stealing a one of Matts diapers then she checked me for more and found the other diaper and said do you want to wear one, i nodded yes and i begged her not to tell my mom what i just did. She said she wont tell unless if i were to try to sneak one again she would tell. I left feeling butterflies were in my stomach, then the next day my mom had to work and my original babysitter was away, so my mom went to Kimberlys to see if she would babysit me for the day and she said yes.

My friend Kellys mom chapter 3 of 5

I went to Kellys house and Kimberly was waiting for me on the porch and we went inside and she told me i will have to be punished and i wasnt allowed outside for what i did yesterday. She grabbed my hand and started to take my clothes off and told me to sit on the carpet and i said what did i do and she said you want to wear diapers right so youre wearing em. She pushed me gently on my back and took out a diaper from the package and grabbed my ankles and lifted them up and slid the diaper under my butt and started to sprinkle some johnsons baby powder on me then lifted the front of the diaper up then started to tape it shut. Kimberly stood me up and lightly spanked my now diapered butt and said follow me and we went to the kitchen as i walked i could hear the plastic sound of the diaper and Kimberly took a baby bottle and filled it with apple juice and said i think baby Marky needs his ba ba and she held my hand and walked me over to the couch and had me lay on her lap as she put the nipple in my mouth.

Chapter 4 Of 5

As i lay in her lap, she stroked my hair and i then finished my bottle and Kimberly left me to go to the kitchen and brought out a bottle of milk she said i think Markys tired, he needs a nap, and lifted me up and put me in Matts crib and gave me the bottle and i began to suck on it. Kimberly turned on the mobile as it played brahms lullaby, i then went to sleep. I have been a bedwetter and when i woke up my diaper was wet and i was shocked. Kimberly came in and checked on me and she asked me if i wet my diaper and i started to cry, then she said aww dont cry baby, mommy will make you all better, and she carried me out of the crib and put me on the changing table, started to untape my diaper and wiped my private area and put on baby powder again and put a fresh new diaper on me. Kelly came home and saw i was in just a diaper and she laughed. I cried and ran in Matts room, Kelly followed me and she stopped at the doorway and started baby talking to me, so she ran over and hugged me and said you are so cute.

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