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POSTED BY: stocksy6 2009

Revenge I was the second in command at work, with my boss being Hazel. She was a very nice lady, late 30's very petite with a slender figure, shoulder length brown hair, small breasts and a small, pert backside. She was cool for an older lady and a very relaxed boss but all that changed when times got desperate. She had recently split with her long term boyfriend, and having shared a house with him and her 2 kids from a previous relationship she was finding it a strain with the bills and such. Recently at work small amounts of money had gone missing from the safe which we generally put down to staff over zealously paying customers. It started off over a few days as a few pounds here and there but as the weeks went on the sums were reaching 3 figures and security were on there way down in the next few days to confront all the staff about the matter. Tuesday night was involved a heavy night of drinking for me and as i awake Wednesday morning I had no idea whether or not I was supposed to be at work so without thinking I hopped out of bed, hurriedly threw on my work shirt and trousers and bolted out of the door grabbing my jacket on the way. On arriving at work I fumbled around in my pockets looking for the keys and stumbled through the door and I was shocked. Standing there, guilty as sin, was Hazel. She had the bundled up notes from the floor safe and was piling them into her handbag. When she looked up at me she froze, like a rabbit caught in the headlights. "What the hell are you doing here? You are supposed to be off until next week!" shouted Hazel. "Oh fuck so am i!" I replied, "But thank God I did come in today and caught you in the act, red-handed! For all these weeks we were both suspecting the cleaner and all along it was you. Wait until security hears about this!" I replied. "Oh please don't Ryan, please I was desperate. I needed this money for me and the kids. Please don't tell them, I'll do anything!" She said, trying to hold back the tears. I stood there for a few minutes looking at her and then decided I had a plan I had fantasised about all along to execute on her. "OK then, this weekend, get rid of your kids and I'll be round. And be warned I expect you to do everything I ask of you otherwise I will inform security. Now come here." I beckoned her towards me and threw my arms around cuddling her, whilst admiringly eyeing up her figure to get a few measurements. I made my way into the back office and removed the CCTV tape as blackmail evidence. I then proceeded to walk back into the office winking at Hazel and reminded her of her weekend obligations and said I would be round first thing promptly on Saturday morning. Over the Thursday and Friday I spent those days doing a bit of shopping and picking up supplies from both local shops and the Internet. From my local Tesco I picked up a bag of Pampers cruisers, baby wipes, baby oil, Nappy bags, baby food and some other items. From the Internet I managed to purchase a number of items including enema gear, handcuffs and a beautiful pink ruffled dress. Everything was falling nicely into place and I had all the equipment I needed. This was going to be a weekend off pure humiliation and sexual gratification for myself, I researched numerous adult websites in search of pure humiliation techniques and found a few that I was going to road test this weekend. Saturday morning arrived and I made my way round to Hazels house. It wasn't far, maybe a 18 minute drive but for the whole journey loads of ideas were running through my mind of how exciting this weekend was going to be. I was also trying to remember if i have packed everything but I knew as usual I would forget something. On arrival at Hazel's house I knocked and waited for a before Hazel appeared at the door, looking very tired in her pink silk dressing gown. I think the reality of how serious I was taking this weekend hit her when she looked very shocked to see me bags in hand on her doorstep at 9am on a cold Saturday morning. She walked me into her front room and offered me a cup of tea but I declined as I wanted to get the action going. She sat on the sofa next to me and I put my hand on her thigh and started to discuss the matter in hand, "You know why I'm here don't you? I have the tape of your little thieving session from Wednesday and if you don't perform to my every instruction this weekend then I'll be taking that tape straight to security on Monday morning. Understand?" "Yeah I suppose I have no choice do i? I was just doing it for my kids and stuff I was desperate" She replied with a tear in her eye. I wasn't going to be seduced by the crocodile tears and with that I got her up on to her feet and proceeded to strip her off her dressing gown. She offered little resistance and as it fell to the ground her body was exposed. Her cute little breasts sat perked and as I looked further down her body she had a pristine clean shaved pussy. I stood maybe 5 or 6 inches taller than her and I took the opportunity to put my arms around her and cuddle her copping a cheeky feel of her backside which was nice and firm. I swept her off her feet and laid her on her back spreading her legs apart, her pussy open to any violation I wanted to give to it. She had no idea what was coming to her. She seriously had this look on her face that I was going to shag her and although that was to come, I had other things on my mind. "If your going to shag me, please use a condom" she whispered. "No no dear, you've got this all wrong" I replied whilst walking over to the bags i had brought. I whipped out the pack of pampers cruisers, baby oil and talcum powder and laid them down by her side. She caught a glimpse of them and looked shocked, she tried to get up but I gave her a firm push back down. "Now now, BABY! I have free reign over you all weekend and I have always thought you'd look very cute as a lickle baby girl" "Oh please don't. This is going to be so humiliating." I ignored her words and proceeded with nappying her. I tipped some baby oil into my hands and massaged the inside of her legs slowly, making circling motions whilst massaging close and close to her pussy. I lifted her legs and did the same to her backside. I followed that with a very generous amount of baby powder massaged into her pussy and her thighs. She was already starting to look the baby when I followed up with the nappy. I unfurled it laid it out neatly on the floor then slipped it under backside. This was going to fit a treat I thought as I lifted up the front, covering her pussy then proceeded to unfurl each tape and tape them securely to her waist. I patted the tapes down firmly to make sure she was securely fastened and then grabbed her by the arms and lifted her admiring my handy work. She stood up, offering little resistance and looked down at her predicament. The Cruiser fitted absolutely perfectly, it gripped her waist nice and tightly and her backside was fully covered. Her brown hair shielded her eyes but i could still see the red cheeks and a look of embarrassment on her face. The thought of being encased in a nappy was still a shock to her. The inside of her thighs were covered in a layer of sweet smelling talcum powder. I walked over to the bag and pulled out my digital camera and started shooting away catching her off guard. She tried to cover her nappy with her hands but a quick slap from me soon had them back by her side. I started on with getting her in to posing positions. Reluctantly, I got a few cheeky poses from her including her sticking her tongue out, on all fours crawling, sucking her thumb and bent over the armchair ready for a spanking. I told her these pictures were my blackmail just in case she had plans not to go through with the full weekend. Seeing a 30-something year old lady in a nappy was giving me a real kick. After I had finished taking pictures I allowed Hazel to put on a t-shirt. It was a cute pink t-shirt barely covering her nappy much to her annoyance. I sat her down on my lap and gave her a brief explanation of the rules she had to follow: "The first major rule baby is you have to use your nappy for its intended purposes. From now until Monday morning you will spend all day in them. No changing yourself, and I will decide when you need changing. You will act and be treated like a baby. If you step out of line you will be severely punished. There are a few other rules I expect you to follow but I'll tell you them as we go on. Oh and if you try anything silly I will post these pictures on facebook. So be a good girl" I bounced her playfully on my knee, she looked very sad a tear in her eye but so cute. I laid her down on the settee and wondered off into the kitchen to fix her some breakfast. I knew what food she liked and disliked and this was part of my plan. She hated weetabix, especially when they were warm and mushy. So I proceeded to make this, 3 weetabix, a little milk and a minute in the microwave. It was all nice and mushy and accompanied by a baby bottle full of orange juice was going to make a nice breakfast for Hazel. I shouted to her to sit up and upon entering the front room I sat down next to her much to her disgust. "I hope that's not for me. I hate weetabix, please don't make me..." She blurted out to me but before she could finish the sentence I forced a massive spoonful into her mouth. She gulped it down with displeasure. She had a tear in her eye as I made aeroplane motions with the spoon and landed right in her mouth. I decided to have some fun and smeared some weetabix over her face to make her look like a proper baby. She really wasn't enjoying it and after 4 or 5 mouthfuls it became to much for her and she dribbled it out of her mouth and down her chin and boobs.

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