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BY: wetboyATL 2011

Sarah finished off her second cup of coffee and got up from her chair on the patio. She stretched and walked into the kitchen, putting her empty cup in the sink as she thought about the day ahead. She basically had a free day'no work, no appointments, and the house to herself. Jim was at work and would be in meetings all day, so she tried to decide what to do with the day. Sarah wasn't much of a shopper, and didn't really have the urge to meet any of her friends for lunch. Then she got an idea.

A smile swept across her face as she considered her plan for the day. She walked into the bedroom, pulled a fresh diaper from the top drawer of the chest, and then climbed up on the changing table. She took off her plastic pants and soggy diaper and wiped her diaper area with a baby wipe. Then she sprinkled baby powder and rubbed it in; and she put on the fresh diaper, securing the tapes snuggly around her lovely legs and her flat belly. She hopped off the changing table and pulled her pink plastic pants back up and over the diaper.

Sarah walked back into the living room and paused a moment in front of the open blinds. She smiled at the old man working in his yard across the street and wondered if he could see that she was wearing a diaper and short t-shirt. She decided he was too far away to see what she was wearing, and she double-checked the lock on the front door. Then she closed the blinds in the living room and walked back into the play room.

The play room was her favorite room in the house, where she and Jim had fun and checked all their stress and inhibitions at the door. The furniture in the play room consisted of an adult sized crib made of stainless steel, with a locking top of course. There was also a changing table complete with wrist and ankle cuffs attached. On the opposite wall from the crib was an oversized bondage chair that featured a detachable high chair tray for adults. There were steel eyelets attached to the cross beams that ran across the ceiling, and a large trunk in the corner of the room that held all of their equipment.

Sarah peeled off her short t-shirt and stood in the middle of the room in only her diaper and plastic pants. She pulled another diaper from the top drawer and a pair of scissors from another drawer. She pulled down her plastic pants and carefully used the scissors to cut the plastic of the diaper she was wearing. She then inserted a soaker pad inside the first diaper and put the second diaper on over the first, again snuggly taping the diaper around her legs and waist. She pulled up the plastic pants and looked at herself in the full length mirror on the wall. Her butt looked huge in the two diapers, soaker pad and plastic pants. She nodded her approval and wet to work gathering the equipment she would need for the day.

She took the large ring of keys out of the trunk and tied it to one of the steel eyelets with a shoestring. The keys were now out of reach. She then gathered everything in her arms and walked back into the living room. She put her iPhone on the coffee table so she could see the time, and then dumped her equipment on the couch. She checked the time'.eleven o'clock'.seven hours until Jim would be home.

She put on the leather ankle cuffs, securing each with a small padlock. Then she applied the wrist cuffs the same way, making sure they were too tight to slip off, but not too tight to cut off circulation. Now for the hard part, she thought. She very carefully attached the large pincher nipple clamps. A sensation of pain like electricity went through her breasts as the clamps settled on her nipples. The chain that joined the clamps swung back and forth as she bent over to get what she needed from the couch. She took the eight-foot dog chain and circled the leg of the couch with one end and padlocked it. The other end she padlocked to her ankle cuffs, joining her ankles in the process. 'Too late to turn back now,' she thought.

She picked up the wide leather collar and put it around her neck, buckling it around the back. She reached down and grabbed the trainer ball gag. She attached the gag and buckled the straps on top and behind her head and under her chin. She attached her wrist cuffs together with another padlock and then the final step; she padlocked her wrists to the large D-ring on the front of the collar. She was now well-diapered, bound, gagged and helpless for the next seven hours.

Sarah sat back on the couch and tested her bonds, but she knew how secure they were because she had made sure that escape was impossible. She tried the gag next. 'Mmmmmmph,' was all she could manage. She tried to reach the gag buckles, but she only had about an inch of play in the wrist cuffs. She couldn't reach anything that would help her. She couldn't even reach the nipple clamps that were now on fire. She tried to sit up, but even that was a struggle. She peed in her diaper for the first time, and felt the warm sensation as she flooded it.

She stood with great effort, the nipple clamp chain swinging back and forth causing more fiery pain. She tried to hop away from the couch, and found that each hop was a new jolt of pain in her nipples. She cried through the gag as more pee escaped into the diaper. Her plastic pants crinkled as she hopped toward the hallway. She hadn't forgotten about the chain around the couch leg, but pretended not to be aware of it so she could experience the feeling of helplessness when the eight feet of slack ran out. She almost fell to the floor when the chain snapped tightly and halted her progress. She protested violently through her ball gag, again only managing to say 'Mmmmmph, mmmmmph!'

She worked her ankles back and forth, testing the locks and the chain. They both held her firmly in place as designed; and she had no choice but to hop back to the couch with more yanking on her sore nipples. She sat down on the couch again and felt the squish of her diaper when she landed on the couch cushion. She eyed the remote control on the couch, but sighed as she realized it was two cushions away. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but it seemed like a mile in her current predicament. She squirmed toward the remote, the pee in her diaper spreading toward her ass as she moved. She wasn't worried about leaks. She was wearing two diapers and plastic pants, so leaks wouldn't be a problem.

She leaned over and was able to grab the remote with her fingers. She turned on the television and sat back again on the couch. She was exhausted and had over six hours to wait'bound, gagged and diapered. After a few minutes she drifted off to sleep and wet her diaper again right before she did.

To be continued'''..

Sarah (Part Two)

Sarah awoke to an episode of House that she had seen several times. It took a moment for her situation to come back to her mind. She was sitting on the couch, wearing only two diapers and plastic pants. Her wrists were locked to her thick leather collar, and her ankles were locked together and an eight-foot chain was attached to them and to the couch leg. She couldn't really feel the nipple clamps now, but she hadn't disturbed the chain joining them since falling asleep. Her mouth was full with a ball gag with straps going around and over the top of her head, and beneath her chin. The keys that would free her were in the playroom, which was much farther than eight feet away. Besides, the keys were hanging from the wooden cross beam in the playroom'out of reach from her anyway with her hands secured to her collar.

Her diaper was very wet now. She could feel it squish as she shifted carefully. She couldn't reach her diaper of course. She couldn't reach anything except the remote control beside her. She needed to check the time, so she struggled to sit up and try to reach her phone on the coffee table. As she leaned forward, the chain on her nipple clamps swung forward and pulled hard on the clamps. She whimpered through her gag as pain shot through her sore nipples. She peed again as she struggled to lean forward and try for the phone.

'Damn,' she thought, 'can't reach it with my hands.' Instead, she eased down on her knees and leaned forward. She pecked the phone's menu button with her nose and the screen lit up. She forgot about the screen saver. 'Slide to unlock,' it said, as though somehow the phone knew this was impossible. She placed her nose on the slide and had to try several times before the phone finally unlocked. She sat back. The time was three o'clock.

'Good,' she thought, 'half way there. Jim will be home at six'seven at the latest. He can unlock me and have a good laugh at how stupid I was to go with the nipple clamps. Then he will change my diaper, which will be completely full. I'll change his diaper and we'll have some dinner.' It sounded like a good plan, and temporarily kept her mind off the evil nipple clamps and her jaws that ached from the ball gag.

Her phone suddenly came to life with its hip hop ring tone. She checked the number, and saw that it was Jim calling. She tried to lean over to answer it with her nose, but the nipple clamps jerked again and the pain caused her to lose her balance and fall over to the floor. With her hands useless, there was no way to catch herself. The impact caused another jerk on the chain and she screamed through the gag as her phone continued ringing. She squirmed and rolled, managing to pull herself up again, but not before the phone rolled to voicemail.

After a few seconds, she heard the chirp that alerted her to a new message. She eased down and touched the voicemail button with her nose. Then she tried to maneuver her ear close to the speaker as she heard Jim's voice on the message.

'Hey Sarah,' he said, 'I guess you are shopping or out with the girls. I'm going into a meeting, and it probably won't wrap up until nine or ten. Then I have to take the client to his hotel out by the airport, so I probably won't be home until almost twelve. It's a good thing I had an extra diaper in my backpack. I'm sorry I won't be there for dinner. I'll open a bottle of wine when I get home and make it up to you. Love you!'

Sarah screamed through the gag, 'Mrrrrrrrrr!!!!' She was stuck like this for another nine hours' For the first time, she really began to try and get free. This was no longer pretend; there had to be a way for her to free herself. She tested all the cuffs, but they held firm. She looked at the chain around the couch leg. If she could lift a corner of the couch and slide it out'..but no'.she had taken care of that possibility by cuffing her hands to her collar. She couldn't reach any of the gag buckles, the nipple clamps, or her diaper. She was completely helpless'just like she had planned.

Sarah began to cry as she sat back on the couch and accepted her helplessness. A noise from outside snapped her out of her daze. It was a car pulling into the driveway, followed by a car door slamming. Was it Jim' Maybe he needed another diaper before his meeting and raced home to get one. Maybe the meeting was cancelled! She listened intently, making no sound in case it was someone else. She heard footsteps on the front porch and then the doorbell rang, ending her hope that it was Jim.

After a few seconds, the doorbell rang again. Sarah was still quiet and listening. She had closed the blinds, so she couldn't see who was at the door. The doorbell did not ring again. She sank back on the couch and sighed. She couldn't risk a stranger finding her like this. It would be too embarrassing and maybe dangerous. She looked back to the television as the House episode wound toward conclusion.

'Sarah'' a female voice called from outside the kitchen door. 'Sarah, are you home'' Where had she heard that voice before' Then terror struck Sarah as she heard the kitchen door open. Damn! She had forgotten to lock the kitchen door. How stupid! She heard the voice again as footsteps sounded from the kitchen.

'Sarah, are you here'' the woman said. There was no time to hide, and the chain securing her to the couch leg wouldn't allow her to hide anyway. Sarah looked up to see the woman walk into the living room and stop.

'Oh my,' the woman said, 'aren't you a pretty little baby'' It was Jayla, Jim's sadistic ex-girlfriend. Jayla had been dating Jim when Sarah and Jim worked together and were best friends. Sarah and another friend, Mandy had discovered Jim's diapers and had briefly played after hours games with Jim and Jayla. That was before Jim fell for Sarah and broke up with Jayla.

'Wow,' Jayla said, 'I was coming by to drop off some of Jim's shirts I found in the guest room. Did I interrupt your play time' Where is Jim'' Without thinking, Sarah glanced at her phone on the coffee table. Jayla didn't miss it. She smiled and picked up the phone as Sarah protested through the gag.

Jayla smiled and said, 'Well I don't think you are in a position to stop me sweetie.' She played the voice message from Jim, and the smile widened on her face. 'Oh, it seems we have a long time before Jim gets home. Let's see, you're all tied up in your pretty little diaper; and we have almost nine hours. I'm guessing no one else knows you are here'maybe not even Jim. So let's play!'

Sarah squirmed and struggled against her bonds. Jayla reached down and grabbed the chain between Sarah's nipples and tugged lightly, forcing Sarah to stand up. Jayla checked Sarah's diaper and said, 'You're pretty wet, little girl'but I'll let you stay that way for a while. Sarah moaned again through the gag.

Jayla went to the playroom and retrieved the keys. She came back and unlocked the chain from Sarah's ankles. She mercifully removed the nipple clamps and tossed them on the couch. Sarah was now pleading with her through the ball gag, but Jayla ignored her pleas. She pulled Sarah toward the playroom as Sarah hopped along, trying to keep up. Jayla pulled her into the playroom and pulled a short chain and three padlocks from the trunk. As Sarah watched helplessly, Jayla locked one end of the chain to the eyelet in the ceiling cross beam. Then she carefully unlocked Sarah's wrists, one at a time, from the collar and locked them each to the chain using the two remaining padlocks.

Sarah was now standing in the middle of the room in her wet diapers, plastic pants and ball gag. Her hands were cuffed above her head and her ankles were cuffed together. Jayla squeezed her through the front of her diaper and laughed. She then took Sarah's chin in her hand, smiled and said, 'Now, baby girl, let's talk about how you stole my boyfriend.'

To be continued'''''.
Sarah (Part Three)

Sarah awoke again. How long had she been asleep this time? No way to tell. She was still in the crib, with her hands cuffed to the corners above her head. Her ankles were cuffed to the other corners, and her cheeks ached from the harness ball gag in her mouth. She shifted and could tell that her diaper was soaked again. Thankfully, the thick plastic pants she wore would catch any leaks, but protecting the sheets was the least of her concerns at this point. Sarah’s main concern was that she was being held prisoner by her boyfriend’s sadistic ex-girlfriend, Jayla.

Sarah moaned through her gag and pulled hard against the cuffs. It didn’t matter, really, because she looked up and saw that the lid of the stainless steel crib was padlocked. Escape was impossible. Sarah wondered what time it was, because Jim would be home by midnight and would set her free….she hoped. But what if Jayla somehow surprised and overpowered Jim? She didn’t want to think about that possibility.

Jayla entered the room with 2 jars of baby food in her hands. “Well,” she said sarcastically, “my baby girl is awake!” She put the baby food jars on the high chair tray and pulled the high chair to the center of the room. She unlocked the lid of the crib and opened it; and then unlocked one of Sarah’s wrist cuffs from the crib bar. Sarah instantly grabbed Jayla’s hair and pulled, trying desperately to get the key. Jayla easily overpowered her and locked the wrist cuff to the thick leather collar. She smiled sweetly at Sarah as she repeated the procedure with the other cuff. Now Sarah’s hands were useless again.

Jayla then changed Sarah’s diapers, again diapering her with two thick disposables and adding a soaker pad that created even more bulk. She unlocked Sarah’s ankles, and then locked them together and pulled Sarah up from the bed. She forced Sarah to hop to the high chair in the center of the room, and pushed Sarah down into the chair. She placed the tray on the high chair, strapped Sarah to the chair using a leather waist strap, and strapped her feet in place with a leather strap. Sarah was now securely bound to the high chair.

Jayla released Sarah’s wrists, one at a time, and locked them to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Sarah’s arms were now locked high above her head. Jayla removed the gag, and Sarah stretched her jaws and glared at her. “You better let me go, bitch,” she said angrily. “You are going to jail when Jim gets home!”

Jayla just laughed at that remark, and replied with “Oh you silly baby, I have plans for Jim when he gets home. And no one is going to call any cops. By the end of the night, I will have enough video to ruin both of you. I think that will keep everyone quiet, don’t you?”

Sarah just glared at her, but said nothing. She knew Jayla was right. Neither she nor Jim could afford to let their secret out. The embarrassment would cost Jim his job, and she couldn’t risk her family seeing any videos of her current situation. Sarah watched as Jayla opened the baby food jars and tied an oversized bib around her neck. She squirmed in the high chair, but the leather straps held her firmly in place. As she squirmed, she wet her diapers and felt the familiar warmth against her skin.

Jayla took a large spoonful of green peas and held it to Sarah’s closed mouth. Sarah shook her head from side to side and refused to open her mouth, but Jayla was ready for this. Jayla reached to the changing table and grabbed the nipple clamps. She pinched one of the clamps open and held it up for Sarah to see. “Either open up, or you’ll get the nipple clamps again…this time with some weights attached,” she said.

Sarah considered this, and then opened her mouth and accepted the horrible green pea baby food. She also ate the strained carrots, making terrible faces throughout the ordeal. “That’s a good baby,” Jayla said, “eat a big dinner for mommy.”

After she finished feeding Sarah, Jayla wiped her baby’s face and walked behind the high chair away from Sarah’s view. She quickly shoved the ball gag back into Sarah’s mouth before Sarah could resist. She buckled all the straps in place as Sarah struggled and protested through the gag. Jayla then carefully reattached Sarah’s wrists to her collar and released the straps of the high chair. She helped Sarah stand up, and then eased her down to the floor. She took a two-foot chain from the chest and locked one end to Sarah’s ankles. The other end she locked to the D-ring at the top of the harness gag, and the result was that Sarah was now unable to stand.

Jayla stood and smiled widely as Sarah struggled. Then she said, “You’re not going to like this, but I wasn’t completely honest about the nipple clamps.” Sarah tried to yell through the gag as she tried to squirm away. Jayla bent down and attached the nipple clamps, and she attached three heavy washers to the chain joining the clamps. Sarah rolled to her side, and the weights slid down the chain and jerked the clamps. Sarah screamed through the gag, but very little sound escaped.

“Try not to move very much, baby,” Jayla said, “Mommy will put in a video for you to watch before your nap.” With that, Jayla turned on the television mounted on the wall and inserted a Sponge Bob video in the DVD player. Jayla then attached a long chain to the ceiling and locked it to Sarah’s wrist cuffs. This would keep Sarah in the center of the room and unable to move more than a few feet in any direction. Jayla left the room as Sarah lay on the floor contemplating her dilemma.

Sarah did not dare move very much. She carefully pulled against her wrist cuffs, but she knew they were escape-proof. She wet her diapers again, but they were far from soaked because of the soaker pad and extra diaper. She knew she must look ridiculous, cuffed and gagged on the floor with the huge thick diapers and plastic pants. She wondered what time it was. She wondered if Jim would be able to fend off what Jayla had planned. She wondered if she would wake from her nap to find Jim tied up next to her on the floor. How long would Jayla keep them like this?

To be continued………

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