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Sissy Adult Baby
POSTED BY: babyjennie 2008

Crystal and Bonnie turned their backs to me while they fussed about with the strange gun thing on the bench, and I didn't see my smirking cousin pour a single drop of superglue on the tiny gold butterfly clasps the pretty attendant carefully held for her. It took only a moment to load the first glue-tipped backing into the gun, and then Crystal tilted my head to one side. She asked Bonnie to hold my dangling curls out of the way while she swabbed both my earlobes. Even as the cute blonde carefully wiped my lobes front and back with the chilling alcohol swabs, I was blissfully unaware what she was about to do to me. I passively sat there while Crystal placed the tip of the gun against my right earlobe, and then she pulled the trigger to pierce my ear. I was still completely preoccupied by the terrifying thought that my Mummy might know all about my naughty private pastimes. Mummy knows!

The incredibly loud ?bang!' right next to my eardrum startled me more than anything else, and I shrieked in alarm and bounced out of the chair in pain and shock, almost dropping Justine. A small lump of hot poop simultaneously squirted out of my slackened anus into my drenched diaper, and I desperately tried to squeeze my weakened sphincter shut before I embarrassed myself any further. When the laughing blonde attendant ordered me to relax and sit back down, I gingerly lowered my saggy diapered bottom onto the pink padded seat, and was distracted by the familiar squishy warmth nestled between my damp botty cheeks. Then Crystal unexpectedly shot a deafening second stud earring through my other sterilised earlobe while I wasn't looking. I leapt to my feet in fresh anguish and dropped my baby, and squealed like a frightened schoolgirl again as I uncontrollably soiled my nappy.

I tried to stop the poo from squirting out of my bottom, but it was too late now! I didn't even have to squat slightly to help push it out this time. I moaned in helpless resignation as the hot mess instantly filled the rear of my drooping wet nappy, immediately sliding down into the sagging crotch between my wide-splayed thighs. It came out in one sudden irresistible rush, and the huge hot lump of moist excrement made my drenched cloth nappies sag more heavily between my bowed legs. I could feel the weight of them dragging at the pins clasped over my hips as I bent to pick up Justine, and then Bonnie grabbed my shoulders and spun me around to face her. Initially she was preoccupied admiring the sparkling artificial diamond studs piecing my stinging earlobes, but then her button nose wrinkled in revulsion and she frowned down at my bulging yellow panty crotch in dismay. My cheeks burned crimson with shame when Crystal suddenly demanded from behind me; "Pooh! What's that awful smell?"

I clutched Justine to my bosom and cringed away from Bonnie's appraising golden-eyed glare, but she gripped my shoulders tightly and stared down unblinkingly into my watering blue eyes. I was so ashamed, I couldn't meet her accusing disappointed gaze, and guiltily ducked my curl-covered head. "I think I know what that smell is," commented Bonnie scathingly, placing one beautifully manicured fingernail under my bowed chin, and relentlessly raising my mortified gaze to meet her bemused golden eyes. She loudly declared, "I think some poor helpless little baby girl has just done a great big poo-poo in her nap-naps!" I could almost hear the click of eyeballs as every head in the salon swivelled towards my cowering form. All conversation ground to a halt and the noise level dropped with the sound of multiple hairdryers being switched off.

In the sudden silence, Bonnie callously demanded in a resounding saccharine voice pitched loud enough for everyone to hear; "Oh Baby Jennie! Did you poo-poo your nappy, sweetheart? Did my helpless little baby girl make a nasty big mess in her nap-naps?" The curly-haired attendant behind me burst into bright peals of laughter when I submissively nodded my bowed head, my new sparkling earring studs flashing attractively while my narrow shoulders stooped in misery and shame.

I fearfully glanced up at the sound of hurried high-heeled footsteps approaching, and saw Aunty April and Angie hurrying over to see what was wrong, followed closely by Mrs Worth. "Oh look!" Angelica squealed with excitement, pointing at my sore glinting earlobes. "Baby Jennie has pierced ears - just like me!"

"Oh dear!" The grey-haired matron exclaimed, "Has your poor little baby girl soiled her nappy?" When Bonnie reaffirmed her suspicions, the old lady stepped behind my cringing form and pressed her cupped hand under the rear of my saggy nappy. "She's wet. Very wet! Oh yes, and dirty!" She expertly confirmed, as she easily detected the huge lump of hot poo-poo hanging heavily between my splayed thighs. I shuddered as she snaked her searching hand further between my bowed legs and then suddenly shoved upwards with her cupped palm, forcing the massive semi-solid turd up against the sensitive spot between my poo-poo hole and my ball sack. The soft squishy poop stuck to my delicate skin like hot sticky mud, and when she firmly and repeatedly patted the pile of fresh crap between my legs, it mashed forward to coat my sensitive clittie and balls with thrilling gooey warmth.

"Not only is she dirty, this nappy is saturated! Your Baby Jennie needs to have her diaper changed right away! Did you bring a change of nappies for your little panty-pooper, Bonnie?"

"No Ma'am, we didn't," Bonnie reluctantly admitted. "Baby Jennie's mummy offered to pack a change of nappies for her before we left, but we didn't think we'd need them."

"That's a shame," replied the grimly smiling matron with a disappointed shake of her tight grey curls. "In future, always bring a packed diaper bag when you take the little ones out, my dear. You never know when helpless little babies need to be changed. I would have enjoyed changing this naughty baby's nappy in the back room this afternoon." Her gimlet eyes thankfully slid away from my cowed features to gaze at my gorgeous brunette cousin. "Make sure you bring Baby Jennie's change bag with you when you bring her in on Saturday morning, Bonnie." I stared at my towering cousin in befuddled confusion when she simply nodded and agreed.

"I certainly will, Mrs Worth, don't you worry about that! Now we'd better take this stinky baby girl straight home and change her poopy wet nappy right away."

"Baby Jennie's a poo-poo factory!" Angelica loudly declared in the momentary quiet lull, and I blushed furiously at her thoughtless unkind comment. I tucked Justine under my left arm as Bonnie tightly gripped my small right hand in her huge paw, and she led me waddling slowly towards the salon entrance. At first there was only the odd quiet titter from the watching pink-smocked girls, and several broad smiles from their seated clients. Sensing their amusement and approval, my sister repeated even louder, "Baby Jennie's a poo-poo factory! A poo-poo factory!"

Before we had shuffled ten feet the cruel feminine giggles began, the guffaws growing louder with my every awkward tortured step. I kept my humiliated gaze glued to the cream linoleum floor in front of my gleaming black patent Maryjanes, my crimson face bowed and my cheeks burning as the gales of mocking laughter peaked and followed me out of the salon, the awful sound ringing in my ears all the way to Aunty April's old red Volvo. As least my nappy wasn't sagging quite so badly now, as the heavy saturated crotch was effectively glued to my body by my hot fresh excrement.

Continued in chapter 10.

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