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T H E I M P R I S O N M E N T .


Was she paranoid or were those two women staring at her, Jodi was doing
her shopping, she was looking through the lingerie dept looking for
something saucy to wear for her boyfriend that weekend, but she was having
trouble finding something to fit because although she was a pretty 19 year
old, she was incredibly petit. She really needed a fun time this weekend,
things hadn't gone well, she'd been sacked from her job and her phone had
been cut off.
She was looking at a pair of white satin panties to go with the white
suspender belt and stockings she'd bought earlier when she noticed two women
following her, they were smartly dressed, dark leather suits, blonde hair
and dark glasses, she hadn't done anything wrong so why were they staring? A
little while later, while she was enjoying a coffee at the food court cafe,
she looked up from her magazine two see the same two women looking at her
from another table, she thought that they must be store detectives, she
checked her bag again just to make sure she hadn't got anything that wasn't
paid for.
When she got to the car park she put her bags in the boot, and as she turned
to get into the car she shrieked, the two women were standing right beside
her car, before she could say anything her arms were grabbed and she was
led, kicking and screaming into a waiting van, and with a slam of the door
they were driving away.
"What's going on, where are you taking me!!" Jodi was frantic, one of the
women held her down while the other one started to tie Jodi down to the van
seat with leather restraints, they showed no emotion as they secured her in
place. Her ankles were manacled together as were her wrists, the windows in
the van were too dark to see where she was being taken. "Please , let me
go, where are you taking me?" she cried, one of the women produced a baby's
pacifier, and said to her, "babies shouldn't worry about such things, now
suck on this and relax, we're taking you to your new home". Jodi tried to
resist, she struggled hard against her bonds but she was tightly strapped
in, she tried to turn away but her head was held still. "Jodi !!, if you
don't comply with our wishes you're going to be in SERIOUS trouble!!" Jodi
couldn't believe what was happening, the woman reached forward and placed
the pacifier into Jodi's mouth and Jodi reluctantly began to suck on it, she
felt a mixture of fear and embarrassment, she looked searchingly at her two
captures as she sucked on her dummy, they were dressed quite sexily, tight
black skirts and stockings, long blonde hair and expertly applied make-up,
but by the time she noticed anything else, the sleeping draft that had been
placed on the pacifier had taken effect, and she fell asleep.


When Jodi eventually awoke, she found herself sitting in a leather chair
in a room which reminded her of a headmasters office, facing her was a woman
sitting at a desk, the two women who had abducted her were standing beside
her , each with a hand on Jodi's shoulder as if to stop her from escaping
,the leather restraints had been taken off and she had a bitter taste in her
mouth, she had no idea where she was or how long she had been asleep, she
felt totally confused and incredibly frightened.
The woman got up from her desk and sat opposite Jodi, she looked slightly
older than the two other women, she was dressed in a figure hugging white
uniform, although she wasn't unattractive she seemed very stern and
Nothing in the world could have prepared Jodi for what this woman was
about to tell her. "well, I suppose you're wondering what's going on?" her
voice was soft but commanding "we have been watching you for a long time
Jodi, we feel that your life is going nowhere and needs a new direction ,we
know all about you ,every single detail of your life is known to us, and in
the last couple of weeks we have set our plan into operation .We're giving
you a new life Jodi ,a rebirth, quite literally, your old life has been
wiped clean, we have chosen you to be one of our 'babies ',you're going to
be a wonderful baby girl for our institution, this is the start of your new
life, tonight you will have your 'regression ceremony' ,where you will be
given your very last taste of adulthood before you're new life as a baby
will start. You will cease to live life as a 19 year old woman, and begin a
new life as a baby girl, you will be put into nappies, bathed and fed like
a baby for the rest of your life."
Jodi was terrified beyond belief, she started shaking and crying, "what do
you mean? who are you people?!!, please let me go!!" the two women beside
her tightened their grip on the quivering girl .The woman went on..
"Be quiet!!, everything will be explained to you, in a moment you will be
taken to your carer, she will get you prepared for your regression ceremony,
and after that, she will be your full-time nanny, she will bathe you, feed
you , change your nappies and put you to bed etc. any sort of non compliance
with these rules and you will be spanked, is that understood?"
TO ME!!"
The woman looked sternly at Jodi,
"Do you want me to put you across my knee and spank you!!, you have been
chosen, as have a few women before you, you won't see any of them for the
first few years, at least until you have accepted your new life, only then
will you be able to mix with the other babies. As for your old life.. it no
longer exists, your flat has been sold, the money from it we have in our
banks, it will go towards your imprisonment, it was us that had you sacked
from your job, we have informed your friends and family that you have taken
your own life, your funeral will be taking place just as you are having your
ceremony tonight. We have thought of everything , no leaf has been left
unturned ,nobody will come looking for you and you can't escape, we will
condition you so well, that after a few years you won't want to escape, you
will eventually accept your new life and come to love it I'm sure, and its
no good screaming and asking why, as I've said, you have been chosen, there
is no way out of this so you'll just have to accept it!!" Then, signalling
to the two women beside her, she told them to take her away and get her
ready for the ceremony. Jodi was led away kicking and screaming, tears
running down her face, unable to understand what was happening.
The two women took her to a large room, in it was a dressing table, and a
large bath full of hot soapy water, it was a warm and comfortable room with
deep pile carpets. A woman came over to Jodi and introduced herself, "you
must be Jodi, I'm going to be your carer and nanny," she was an attractive
brunette of about 40, she had large breasts that seemed to be aching to
burst out of her tight fitting nurses type uniform which was white and quite
short. Jodi's mind was racing, maybe this was a bad dream, she was
desperately trying to think what to do when the nanny took her hand and led
her over to the bath, "lets get you prepared for your ceremony" the nanny
and the two blonde captures then started to undress her, her blouse and bra
were removed and then she felt her skirt being unzipped, and a hand pulling
down her panties, the nanny told the two women to take the clothes to the
incinerator, Jodi was too scared to put up any resistance and stood there
completely naked, crying with embarrassment. " Come on Jodi, you'd better
get used to this, after tonight your going to be bathed and changed all the
time, you heard what the mistress said...you're going to be a baby here for
the rest of your life, so you'd better get used to the idea!!" and with that
she placed Jodi in the bath and proceeded to bathe her. Then she produced a
razor and started to shave off all of Jodi's pubic hair telling the girl
that 'babies' don't have hair, and that it will feel nicer for her when
she's wearing a nappy.
After she had finished her bath, she was towel dried and led over to a
dressing table where she was dressed in an almost see through white dress
with pink satin tie-side panties underneath. Then the nanny put some
make-up on her while she reminded Jodi that these were going to be the last
adult clothes she was ever going to wear, "we want you to look nice for your
" What's going to happen to me?" Jodi said,
As the woman started to apply Jodi's lipstick she replied, "oh, you're going
to have a wonderful experience, they're going to give you your last ever
sexual encounter, they will pleasure you until you orgasm, that will be the
sign that you are ready to start your regression, once that happens , your
life as one of our babies will begin, and then, you'll be all mine.
"But why? I don't want to be a baby!! You can't do this to me!!" she cried,
The carers tone became more sinister as she said " oh but we can and we will
my dear, it is useless to resist, over time you'll get used to it, and we
have ways of making it easier for you, we lace our pacifiers with an
addictive drug, so that after a while you will WANT to suck your dummy
because you'll be addicted to them, and all the rooms in this institution
are kept at a really warm temperature, because most of the time you will
only be wearing a nappy, so you won't feel cold , and you won't be wearing
shoes anymore, that's why all the rooms have deep carpets." At that moment
the two women captures entered the room and informed them that it was time.


Jodi was led down a long corridor towards two big black doors, waiting at
the doors were four beautiful women, clad in white silk lingerie, stockings
& suspenders with white stiletto heeled shoes, white silk panties and bras,
their faces were expertly made up and their skin was smooth and tanned. Two
of them stood either side of Jodi and held her by the arms, one stood
behind, while the other, opened the doors and led them through.
Inside was a large hall, quite dark, with a raised stage in the centre,
on the stage was a large bearskin rug, and a spotlight shining down on it,
although everywhere else inside was hidden by the darkness, Jodi felt that
there was a lot of people there watching.
She was led up onto the stage by the four women, and placed into position
just in front of the rug, facing out into the darkness, the two women beside
her still holding onto her arms. Jodi's heart was pounding so hard she was
shaking, there didn't seem to be anything to do to stop what was happening
to her, it was all happening so quickly, clinically. Just then a voice began
to echo round the whole hall, " YOU ARE ABOUT TO WITNESS THE REGRESSION OF
With that, the woman behind Jodi stepped forward and began to undo the
buttons of Jodi's dress, Jodi started to struggle but was held firm by the
arms, once the buttons had been undone she slid her fingers under the fabric
and began to slip the dress off of her shoulders, soon, all four women were
pulling the dress down over Jodi's breasts, Jodi seemed to be surrounded,
she was looking about her, trying to see what was happening to her, she
looked down to see her dress being removed, she was now exposed, standing in
the spotlight naked except for her panties, the two women who were holding
her arms began to stroke and fondle Jodi's breasts with their other hands,
the one standing behind, began running her hands over Jodi's back, and neck.
The other woman, knelt down in front of Jodi and started to lick and kiss
her stomach while reaching around, and running her hands over Jodi's bottom
through the satin panties.
The hall was echoing with the sounds of heavy breathing, kissing and
licking noises, Jodi's struggles became less violent as she slowly became
seduced under the spell of the four lingerie clad women, her breasts were
being gently stroked and fondled, her neck was being kissed, and the woman
kneeling in front of her was slowly working her way down to the top of
Jodi's panties, her arms wrapped around her waist, her hands feeling the
firmness of her bottom through the satin, squeezing, stroking, every now and
again her fingers would slip under the panties and probe between her legs,
now she was licking Jodi's pussy through the material, her fingers pulling
at the fabric, Jodi's breathing became heavy, she started to go weak at the
knees, her legs were shaking, partly with fear at what was to come, and
partly to the sensations she was feeling.
Then, suddenly, the woman kneeling in front of Jodi got up, the women who
were holding her arms then started to pull Jodi down, Jodi softly cried out
, "no, please, let me go please." But her cries fell on deaf ears, soon she
was lying on the rug, the two women had let go of her arms and were now
sucking and licking her pert young breasts, Jodi felt her legs being spread
apart, a soft tongue was now pressing hard against the crotch of her
panties, she could feel the wetness of the material against her pussy. The
noises of her seduction were getting more intense, licking, kissing and
sucking, and now soft moaning could be heard ,then suddenly, she felt her
panties being untied, the ribbon ties were loosened, and they were pulled
out from under her, she closed her eyes, she could feel her naked pussy
being kissed, she felt a presence close to her face, seconds later she felt
soft lips touching hers, she was being kissed, a soft warm tongue found it's
way between her lips, writhing around in her mouth, she could taste the
lipstick on them as she responded, crushing her lips against hers, at that
moment another tongue pushed it's way into her pussy, Jodi felt herself
gasp, she felt totally conquered and possessed, she started to moan with
pleasure, she wanted to wrap her arms around her seducer but she was still
held down, the tongue in her pussy was working hard, writhing and licking
her to an explosive orgasm, at that moment she heard the sound of a gong,
and a voice saying , " IT IS TIME" .
Jodi was spent, her whole naked body was a quivering wreck, she felt
herself being lifted up, she was being carried over to another raised stage
that was lit by a spot light, on it was a sight that struck Jodi with fear,
there was a large changing table with a padded surface, a white towelling
nappy was folded on it, next to the table she could make out various other
things, a pair of plastic pants, nappy pins and bottles of baby powder, Jodi
franticly began to struggle as they laid her down on the table, "NO!!" She
screamed, " PLEASE, I DON'T WANT TO BE A BABY, NO, PLEASE!!" Her ankles
were then locked into two manacles hanging from chains on the ceiling, two
hands placed themselves onto her shoulders, pushing her down onto the
changing mat.
Then she heard the voice again, " YOUR ADULT LIFE IS OVER , NOW YOU WILL
Jodi was crying and struggling as one of the women produced a pacifier,
and placed it in Jodi's mouth, it tasted very sweet, and had a strange
effect on her as she sucked on it, she felt the chains on her ankles tighten
as her legs were raised, a woman then opened a bottle of baby powder and
sprinkled some between her legs, she picked up a folded nappy, and smiling
down at Jodi said, " now, mummy's going to put a nappy on you!" She placed
the nappy between her legs, and pinned it into position, it felt warm and
snug, and quite bulky, spreading her legs apart. Jodi looked down to see the
woman shaking out a pair of clear plastic pants, her ankles were released
from the manacles and placed into the leg holes, Jodi tried a last attempt
to stop what was happening, she kicked and struggled , but to no avail, she
started to cry as the plastic pants were worked up her legs and pulled up
over her nappy and snapped into place, a few probing fingers pulled the
elastic over the nappy to make sure it fitted snugly.
Thick silky mittens were slipped onto Jodi's hands and tied around her
wrists, preventing her from being able to pull her nappy off, she was then
laid down into a large cot, the bars were slotted shut, she felt a sharp
prick in her arm and drifted into a deep sleep.


Jodi didn't wake up until the next morning, she found herself lying in a
large wooden cot, she could feel the warm bulkiness of the nappy between her
legs and hear the 'crinkling' of the plastic pants as she moved, she was
also wearing a t-shirt that only reached down to her naval, thus leaving her
nappy in full view. She noticed that she no longer had her dummy and she
felt incredibly thirsty.
Within minutes, the woman who had got her 'prepared' yesterday came in and
undid the bars of her cot, and, reaching in, picked Jodi up and carried her
over to a leather armchair and sat her on her knee. She slipped a finger
underneath the leg of her plastic pants and checked to see if she was wet, "
You're still dry", She said, we'll have to do something about that won't
we?" She started to undo the buttons of her uniform as she said ,
" Mummy's going to feed you now, I'm going to give you a special treat", To
Jodi's horror, she realized that she was going to be breast fed, the nanny
finished unbuttoning her uniform and pulled her top down, revealing her
ample, firm breasts, she placed her hand behind Jodi's head and began to
pull Jodi towards her, Jodi tried to pull away but the nanny was too strong
and pulled Jodi's head right up to her breast saying, " if you don't do as
you're told, then I will give you a good hard spanking!!" reluctantly Jodi
pressed her lips against the nanny's breast, she was almost crying with
shame and humiliation as she began to suck on her nanny's nipple, tears ran
down her face as the warm milk began slip down her throat. As she was
feeding her, the nanny began to explain to Jodi what she would be doing to
her, " You'd better start getting used to this Jodi, you're going to be here
for a very long time, I'll be checking your nappy regularly, and changing
them whenever I feel like it regardless whether you're wet or not, unless
I'm punishing you, then I might leave you in wet nappies for a while, you'll
wear disposable nappies during the day because their easier to change, and
towelling ones with plastic pants when I put you to bed, and I'll put you to
bed when I decide, whether it be 2 o clock in the afternoon, or 7, any
complaints and you will be punished. For the first few months I will bottle
feed you, and go on to solids later, during the day you will be put in your
playpen, sometimes you will be aloud outside, you will never go outside
When she finished feeding Jodi, she buttoned up her uniform and then
placed a pacifier in Jodi's mouth, Jodi was beginning to enjoy the taste of
them and the feel of them in her mouth. Then she was placed in a play pen,
the nanny reached in, and again probed a finger under Jodi's nappy and said,
" I want you to wet your nappy!! , if it's not wet by 10 o clock, I'll put
you across my knee" Jodi felt utterly humiliated and ashamed, she started
to cry, she didn't want to wet her nappy, but she didn't want the
humiliation of a spanking either.
After a few minutes she began to feel as though she should pee, but no
matter how hard she tried she couldn't let herself go, her adult instincts
were proving too hard to change, just then her nanny returned, Jodi felt
nervous, she didn't want to be punished and she was still dry, her nanny
explained to her that when she did wet her nappy, she was to ask her to
change it for her. It was a little while later while she was playing with
some toys, that she was able to let herself go, she could feel herself
going, she felt her nappy becoming warmer and heavier, Jodi called out
"nanny!!" the woman came over, "I've wet my nappy, please can you change
me?" the nanny reached in and checked her, feeling the wetness she said,
"you're a bit late Jodi, it's 10:30, I'll have to spank you!" Jodi cried,
"NO PLEASE, I DON'T WANT TO BE SPANKED!!" but the woman took no notice of
Jodi's cries, and told her that she will be spanked at 11 o clock after she
has had a nappy change and a bottle feed . She picked Jodi up and carried
her over to the changing mat, Jodi was crying and protesting as she was laid
down on the mat, the nanny gave Jodi another pacifier and told her to suck
on it as she started to remove the plastic panties, she unpinned the nappy
and placed it in the pale, after a liberal amount of powder she reached over
for a large disposable nappy and placed it under the crying girl, Jodi was
utterly defeated, she felt so humiliated that she turned away from her
nanny's gaze as she tightened up the tapes on her nappy, it felt a lot
lighter than the towelling one and made a crinkling noise as she was carried
over to the leather armchair. " There" said the nanny, " now sit still while
I get your bottle," She came back and sat down next to Jodi and laid the
girl on her lap, she removed the pacifier and pushed the bottle into Jodi's
mouth, still snivelling, Jodi reluctantly began to suck on the bottle. When
she had finished, she was carried over to her playpen again and told to be
still. "I'll be back at 11 to give you your spanking"
11oclock came and Jodi was brought over to a chair which had been placed
in the middle of the room, the nanny stood Jodi by the chair as she sat down
on it, she pulled Jodi towards her by her hands and placing a dummy in her
mouth laid her across her lap, she casually undid the tapes of her nappy and
pulled it down, exposing Jodi's powdered bottom, she said nothing as she
started to spank Jodi, again and again, the smacks were hard, Jodi, still
sucking on her dummy began to wail and kick her legs, but the nanny kept on
spanking her. 'smack , smack , smack' on it went, Jodi's crying became
louder as the pain increased. When she did eventually stop, she reached down
to a pot of cold cream on the floor, and, while still keeping Jodi laid over
her lap, started to rub the cream all over her stinging bottom, that done,
she pulled up the nappy and refastened the tapes. She stood Jodi up and
adjusted her nappy, making sure it was nice and snug, she then carried her
over to the cot, saying, " I think it's time for you to go to bed".
As Jodi laid there, in her cot, sucking her dummy, feeling the bulkiness
of the nappy between her legs , and her stinging bottom inside them, she
realized that her life as a baby had well and truly begun.

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